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Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. He was also a cast member on Total Drama Action as a member of the Screaming Gaffers. He later competed on Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Victory. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


A skinny, awkward-looking guy, Harold takes immense pride in his numerous "mad skills". Although he isn't much to look at and is often disrespected by many of the other contestants, including his own teammates, Harold is actually an incredibly resourceful young man of many talents and has won several challenges, both for himself and his various teams, impressing others in the process. Harold's geeky interests, his somewhat poor personal hygiene and his know-it-all personality often make him an outcast among his fellow contestants and a perfect bullying target for Duncan, although he still gets to make many friends during the competition, even showing himself willing to befriend Heather when everyone dislikes her. Although Duncan hates Harold for his uncool ways and Harold hates Duncan for his bad attitude, it appears the two have a begrudging respect for one another at the same time. A telling confessional Harold makes in One Million Bucks, B.C. points out that both are willing to put their differences aside when forced to work together.

In Total Drama Island, Harold develops a crush on Leshawna, and although she is initially put off by the strange boy, she eventually comes to see him as a true and loyal friend. He has an interest in music, as evidenced by his skills in beatboxing, keyboard, and rapping. Harold is one of four boys to be in The Drama Brothers and sometimes interrupted the songs in Total Drama World Tour to add his own hip-hop section. Harold is also known to be very confident in his knowledge and will not hesitate to correct other contestants, or even Chris if they present information that is false or inaccurate.

Total Drama Island

Harold does not have a good start with Leshawna.

Harold is the ninth person to arrive at Camp Wawanakwa in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. Unlike other contestants who are disappointed by the island, Harold is satisfied, claiming that it is "more favorable to his skills". When Leshawna arrives, Harold's social ignorance leads him to accidentally make an insensitive remark about her appearance and behavior, calling her "really big, and loud". Leshawna misinterprets this as an insult and promptly tries to attack him, but gets restrained by DJ and Bridgette. Harold is placed on the Killer Bass, where he is immediately met with hostility from Duncan. Misfortune favors Harold throughout the first challenge, where his turn at diving off the cliff leads him painfully land on his crotch. His foul luck continues in the hot tub building challenge, where he continuously gets accidentally hit by objects when his team is working. Harold's team ends up building a faulty hot tub and loses the challenge.

Harold has a tendency to surprise his team with his resourcefulness.

Deemed the team's weak link due to his poor physical skills, Harold is constantly blamed for his team's losses by Courtney. Such instances include The Big Sleep where Courtney belittles him for coming in last, as well as scolding him for snoring too loudly in Dodgebrawl and keeping everyone awake. During the dodgeball challenge, after displaying poor ball-handling skills, Courtney forces Harold to sit out for the majority of the game. Harold is finally given a chance to play by Geoff. Eventually, in the end, he ends up being the last standing member of his team and is faced against Owen, one of the strongest dodgeball players on the Gophers. To everyone's shock, Harold manages to evade all of Owen's power throws, thanks to his figure-skating skills. Renewing his team's hope, they instruct him to catch Owen's ball, since he's terrible at throwing and is the only chance to win. Harold succeeds, securing the ball and the first win for the Killer Bass, earning their respect. Harold's surprises don't end there, with him proving his worth yet again in Not Quite Famous. After the Killer Bass experience a series of misfortunes that prevents their designated talent from performing, the only one remaining is Harold. Left with no choice, Courtney and Bridgette reluctantly send Harold out as their final act. To everyone's amazement, Harold lets off an incredible beatbox display that even impresses the Screaming Gophers. His efforts earned him a perfect score of nine from Chef Hatchet, winning the challenge for the Bass for the second time in a row.

Harold being pranked by Duncan, DJ and Geoff.

Harold's conflict with Duncan escalates over the season, where he finds himself repeatedly targeted by the bully for torment and pranks. This conflict reaches a peak during If You Can't Take The Heat...., due to Harold's disgusting habit of leaving his dirty clothes around the cabin, Duncan recruits DJ and Geoff to teach Harold a lesson. When the challenge begins, Geoff secretly takes all of Harold's clothes, before signaling DJ, who spills a bucket of water on Harold. The latter is forced to change out of his wet clothes, and upon returning to the cabin he finds all of his pants gone. All he finds is thong underwear and is forced to wear this without any pants over them, earning laughter from his teammates. A while later, Geoff claims he has returned all of Harold's clothes to the cabin, so Harold goes back to change, unaware that the guys have soaked his underwear in hot sauce. After putting them on, Harold experiences an intense burning sensation in his nether regions and jumps into the lake to cool off. With no other clothes left, Harold enters the kitchen wearing his pajamas, and tells the guys this was his last resort and if they wanted to see him naked they could go ahead. The guys explain all they want is a confession of Harold's guilt and the pranks will stop, but Harold continues to deny responsibility for leaving his clothes on the cabin floor. Geoff then offers Harold a sandwich, which he accepts due to being hungry, only to discover the sandwich was made from his own underwear. Once night falls and Harold falls asleep, the guys play one last prank on him and carry his bed to the docks while he's asleep naked. Harold awakens the next day to discover he's stark naked outside, in plain view of several girls swimming in the lake. Harold finally submits and confesses his crime, while promising never to leave his clothes around the cabin again. Satisfied, the guys throw his clothes back to him, and he runs in the cabin to get dressed.

A recording shows that Harold rigged the votes against Courtney to get revenge at Duncan.

Despite having taught him a lesson, Duncan and Geoff don't leave Harold alone and persist with their pranks throughout Basic Straining. His torment includes: having his underwear made into s'mores, hooking his underwear to deliver a wedgie, drinking kitchen grease which he thought was orange juice, and finally having his bed smeared with peanut butter. Meanwhile, Duncan had won over Courtney's affection with Harold witnessing their kiss through a window. After the Killer Bass lose the challenge, Harold finds himself in the bottom two with Courtney. To everyone's shock Harold receives the final marshmallow and Courtney is eliminated, even though Duncan protests there were at least three people who did not vote for her. A flashback reveals Harold was the one who rigged the votes to eliminate Courtney, in order to get back at Duncan for his bullying.

Harold and Leshawna kiss before the former takes the Boat of Losers.

In X-Treme Torture, Harold is selected for the mud-skiing challenge, with Heather as the driver. He quickly loses balance and is dragged along the ground, but is still able to grab all of his team's flags. Not wanting the Bass to win, Heather tries to cut Harold's cord using a knife. However, while her back is turned, a low-hanging tree branch snags her top and rips it off, exposing her bare chest for Harold to see. Heavily distracted by this sight, Harold loses focus and smashes into a rock and costs his team the challenge, though Harold is very pleased with having seen "boobies." Meanwhile, Bridgette and Gwen had earlier discovered that Leshawna had been receiving anonymous love poems. That night, Harold is eliminated for his performance, and before departing he states he "loved, lost and saw boobies." He then reveals he was the one who had written the poems for Leshawna, and that he was in love with her. Touched, he and Leshawna share a kiss before Harold is taken away on the Boat of Losers.

Harold hiding from a furious Courtney at Playa Des Losers.

In Haute Camp-ture, during his stay at Playa Des Losers, Harold's actions of rigging the votes to eliminate Courtney have been discovered, and he is shown hiding from Courtney who is hunting him down. Feeling hungry and unable to come out into the open, Harold begs Trent for some bologna. Eventually, Courtney finds Harold behind a bush and proceeds to beat him with a lamp post before wrapping him with it. While describing his opinion on the final five, Harold explains that he is frightened by Heather, dislikes Duncan and in love with Leshawna. While he wanted to support Leshawna, he is blackmailed by Courtney to support Duncan. When Courtney accidentally votes for Leshawna, Harold becomes angered, thinking that she's just voting her off to spite him. The two then begin slapping each other before falling into the pool.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Harold is among those who root for Owen, even before he announced the party he is going to hold. When Owen wins in his ending, Owen hugs both Ezekiel and Harold.

Harold having a heart-to-heart talk with Heather.

During Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Leshawna broke up with Harold, saying their relationship went too fast and the moment on the Dock of Shame was just a fleeting, emotional moment. Harold seems to have accepted the breakup, though afterward, he promises he will win her over eventually. When the contestants begin to form teams on their own to find the case containing the million dollars, Harold finds it hard to find a partner and wound up teaming up with Heather, who also has no partner due to her actions throughout the season. Harold offers to make Heather his friend, though she rejects him. After acquiring the case, Heather betrays Harold and uses the para-glider Harold built to glide to the docks herself. However, the glider falls apart mid-flight and she crashes into a beaver dam. Despite her betrayal, Harold meets up with Heather again and offers her a ride on his canoe. After a heart-to-heart talk, Harold allows Heather to team up with him again. Upon reaching the campsite, the two of them were chased by Leshawna on an ATV and into the lake. Just as they are about to climb out of the water, they were caught by the stampede of contestants and fall into the lake again. Due to this, Harold is among those who qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Throughout the season, Harold attempts to win Leshawna back to no success.

From the beginning of the season, Harold attempts to make a big impression on his fellow castmates. He is chosen by Gwen to be on the Screaming Gaffers after claiming he is into movie-making and movies in general, though Gwen only so to make him stop talking. As a running gag, Harold often mentions having a skill he learns from camps owned by a man named Steve. While he's still clumsy like before, Harold is very eager to help his team out. Despite their break up last season, Harold still holds feelings for Leshawna and is determined to win her over. However, Leshawna continues to ignore him, though it is hinted that she still has feelings for him, as shown by how she is willing to vote off her friend Gwen in The Chefshank Redemption for smacking Harold on the head with a shovel.

Duncan and Harold continue their conflict from the previous season.

Meanwhile, Harold's conflict with Duncan escalates as Duncan had found out that it was Harold who rigged the votes last season against Courtney and caused her elimination. Duncan has also intensified his bullying towards Harold, which includes calling him by his embarrassing middle name "Doris" and mocking his failed attempts to impress Leshawna. It is because of their feud that both boys refuse Leshawna's offer of forming an alliance. When it is discovered that Leshawna had lied to the entire team in order to claim the reward of a previous challenge, Harold is the only person defending her but it still hurt to see her being selfish and stood so low to claim a reward.

Harold's "mad skills" save everyone from drowning in Masters of Disasters.

Harold proves his worth in Masters of Disasters by unlocking the hatch of the submarine during the second challenge, using the skills that he had picked up a "Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp." This saved the entire cast from drowning during the challenge as the whole thing had gone horribly wrong. In Full Metal Drama, Duncan and Harold clash heads to see who is the better teammate. When the Killer Grips are regrouping to plan their next assault, Harold forces Duncan to admit that he has respect for him deep down to which Duncan did in order for them to escape. Outside their base, the Killer Grips prepare their final assault on the Gaffers but they are thwarted by the combined efforts of Harold and Duncan by using Leshawna's severe gas to attack them. As a reward, Chris allows Duncan and Harold to take a look at the contents of the Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets but to their surprise, the trunk is empty.

Harold as Captain Alberta in Super Hero-ld.

As the season progresses, Harold continues to clash heads with Duncan and Heather. Despite their arguments, they have one thing in common; they still hate Leshawna for her lying to the point that they leave her in the vault for the entire challenge in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. Even so, Harold continues to defend Leshawna at times. This changes in Million Dollar Babies when the contestants discover that Leshawna had been bad-mouthing them, calling Harold's attempt to win over her pathetic. Absolutely heartbroken, Harold ignores Leshawna for most of the episode until she gives an apologetic cheer to everyone. As a result, Harold and Duncan forgive Leshawna and vote for Heather instead. When the teams are merged in the next episode, Leshawna finally manages to get Duncan and Harold into an alliance by forcing them to work together. In Super Hero-ld however, the two of them team up with Justin and vote her off, though it takes some convincing from Courtney to make Harold vote for her. During the elimination ceremony, Harold tearfully begged Leshawna to forgive and she accepts.

Chris comforting Harold in Rock n' Rule.

Harold's alliance with Justin and Duncan continues in The Princess Pride with the three of them completing the first challenge with ease. After Justin falls in love with Courtney, he enlists Harold's help to defeat Duncan to which Harold agrees. However, Harold was later betrayed by Justin and proceeds to mock Harold, claiming that Harold would have done the same if Leshawna is the prize. Ultimately, Justin lost the challenge and is eliminated with Harold and Duncan the only people who bid him farewell, albeit mockingly or in an annoying tone. Without any more alliances holding them back, Harold and Duncan continue their feud in Get a Clue, with Harold trying to catch Duncan with a complicated trap in order to steal his prints and DNA only for his plan to backfire on him. Later, Harold accuses him of being the culprit behind Chris' "murder" after finding one of Duncan's hair next to Chris's corpse. In Rock n' Rule, Harold teams up with Lindsay and Beth to eliminate Duncan in hoping that it will make Courtney lose focus on the competition. However, Duncan is declared safe that night after Lindsay accidentally voted for herself.

After an entire season together, Duncan and Harold believe it is time to bury the hatchet.

Harold and Duncan partner up again in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, during the first kung-fu challenge, with Harold being the student and Duncan being the master. Under Duncan's tutelage, Harold undergoes odd and extensive training such as waxing all of Chris's cars, doing push-ups with Duncan and a moose on his back and catching bees with a pair of chopsticks. While training with a punching bag, Duncan manages to bring out Harold's true strength by telling him that he kissed Leshawna. After defeating the girls, the two are pitted against each other for the final challenge. Despite having the opportunity to do so, both they refuse to sabotage the other and even help one another to reach the top with the promise of sharing the reward together. However, Owen, under orders from Chris, tricks Harold into punching Duncan by telling him that Leshawna Jr. (the snail that Harold adopted earlier in the episode) to do so. Although Harold initially refuses, Harold ultimately punches Duncan after he insulted Leshawna and wins the challenge. As he enjoys the feast prepared by Courtney and Beth, Harold releases Leshawna Jr., to his dismay.

Harold gets his last revenge on Duncan for the season by pantsing him.

With his newfound confidence, Harold begins to give Duncan a taste of his own medicine by putting rocks underneath his bed in 2008: A Space Owen, giving Duncan a backache. When Harold questions Beth about the existence of Brady again, she mistakenly believes that Harold has a crush on her. Throughout the episode, Duncan's pet tarantula, Scruffy, often winds up on Harold, even in the Vomit Comet. The last encounter killed Scruffy, devastating Duncan. After the challenge has ended, Harold found out that the true purpose of Owen's return and then confronts him for betraying them. He attempts to vote off Owen but he is eliminated instead by Owen and Duncan (for killing Scruffy). After his insult, Harold pulls Duncan's pants down before Chef Hatchet tosses him into the Lame-o-sine. Before being driven off, Harold continues to warn the others to watch out for Owen.

In The Aftermath: IV, when the finale ended up in a tie, Harold suggests that Duncan and Beth played a contortionist challenge but this too ended up in a tie. Harold's question involves the finalists to draw a fictional animal. He is impressed with both Beth's "Haricorn" with wings and Duncan's samurai sword/fighter plane, even though the latter isn't an animal.

Harold as "H-Bomb."

After Total Drama Action has ended, Harold joins Trent, Justin, and Cody into forming a band known as The Drama Brothers, with Harold as their beatboxer under the alias "H-Bomb." It wasn't long that the band broke up and Harold decides to go solo after Trent insults his beatboxing talent. It is shown that Harold also wrote his own biography but it appears that the book was poorly reviewed to the point a fan even throws a copy back at him. He reunites with the band before the Gemmies and joins the other contestants in stopping Chris from hosting his new show. Harold, crediting his time at pirate camp, comes up with the plan to slow the Dirtbags' bus by using Leshawna's giant bra as a slingshot to launch Owen's chocolates at their windshield. After the bus flies off a cliff, Harold qualifies for the next season as he was among those to stay behind while Geoff and Trent led a group to search for help.

Total Drama World Tour

DJ, Harold and Leshawna are the first to exit the pyramid.

When Harold arrives at the airport in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, he begins to comment on Owen's aerophobia, which annoyed Noah and prompts him to make a sarcastic comment. Like Courtney, Harold is one of the few contestants to be excited about the idea of singing in the season. At Egypt, Harold is partnered with DJ and Leshawna and are the first to make it out of the pyramid, albeit with some difficulties such as being attacked by scarabs and DJ breaking a mummified dog. They are soon joined by Lindsay, Bridgette, and Ezekiel and are dubbed Team Victory. For the next challenge in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Harold mainly serves as his team leader. While his teammates complain of receiving a stick as their reward, Harold believes he could use it as a weapon to defend them from sand snakes though he accidentally poked Ezekiel in the eye. After his team got lost, Harold found out that the stick is actually a divining rod and uses it to guide his team to the Nile River. During Rowin' Time, Harold tells Ezekiel to fend off the crocodiles but he loses the stick in the process, causing their team to lose. Blaming Ezekiel for their loss, Harold angrily stamps Ezekiel's passport several times.

Harold stars as a samurai for his team's commercial.

As before, Harold is still in love with Leshawna, even when she rejected him several times. He shows jealousy when Leshawna fawns over the newcomer, Alejandro. In addition to this, Leshawna has to seem to become less patient with Harold, frequently scolding him. At the beginning of Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Harold correct Chris on mixing Chinese and Japanese culture despite their destination being Japan. Annoyed, Chris orders Chef Hatchet to slice open the plane's door, sucking out the contestants out of the plane. When Harold and the others land in the giant rice bowl, Harold is excited to be in Japan and claims to know everything about it. This earns Harold a scolding from Leshawna, who says that what Harold "knows" about Japan just got them thrown out of the plane. Right before the second challenge, Alejandro tells Harold that he has "superior leadership and visionary skills," leading Harold to assume leadership of his team. He demands that they call him "Sensei" and make an expressive, artistic commercial. However, Chef is unable to understand his commercial and his team lost the challenge. Before the elimination ceremony, Alejandro tells Harold that he still has his honor and adds that women like Leshawna are impressed by men with honor. This prompts Harold to quit the competition before DJ is eliminated. Harold then "stabs" himself with a toy lightsaber and takes the Drop of Shame, albeit without a parachute, which Chris throws to him after he falls. A deleted scene shows that Harold successfully caught and used the parachute, but landed inside a sumo wrestler's loincloth.

Harold sings Baby to Leshawna in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Harold is the first contestant introduced by Geoff despite Blaineley's protests as she wanted to bring in Bridgette. Wanting to bring Bridgette on stage quickly, Blaineley shows a tribute video of Harold during his time on the show though this is limited to him saying one word per scene and the video lasted only a few seconds. Harold demand that Blaineley show the audience another video of him, prompting Blaineley to show another video of him being beaten up by the other campers and animals for giving them trivial knowledge that none of them are interested in. When his feelings towards Leshawna were brought up, Blaineley requested that Harold sing a song with Trent and Justin serving as his backup and Sasquatchanakwa filling in for Cody, teasing a reunion of The Drama Brothers. Harold sings Baby which is dedicated to Leshawna. After the commercial break, Eva reveals that Harold and his bandmates were chased out of the aftermath studio by their fans though Harold manages to return while Trent has been kidnapped.

At the beginning of Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Harold and his fellow Drama Brothers play back up for Bridgette and Geoff while they sing Save This Show. Unfortunately, they did not receive much money and among their first donation was from Harold's mother after Harold promises to clean the garage. When Leshawna was introduced, he happily applauds for her. Prior to being eliminated, Leshawna realizes that she was manipulated by Alejandro and apologize to Harold for her rude behavior to which Harold accepts. He and Bridgette serve as Leshawna's dancers while she sang Sisters to express their hatred for Alejandro. In the end, the telethon is a success though Harold is left injured after Izzy destroy the studio. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold and the Drama Brothers help Geoff to humiliate Blaineley by playing back up for him while he sings Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley after she sent Bridgette to Siberia. Later, Harold watch as Leshawna participate in the Second Chance Challenge and was devastated when she was easily knocked out by a kangaroo. Wanting to avenge her defeat, Harold jumps into the ring and challenge the kangaroo himself and is also swiftly defeated with a single punch.

Harold surfs in an aftermath challenge to help Cody.

When Bridgette returns in Hawaiian Style, Harold calms Bruno by giving him some Kava tea. As the majority of the contestants, Harold chooses to support Cody as he is the only left in the competition who isn't evil. He volunteers to compete in the challenge on behalf of Cody, wanting to help him win and also show Leshawna his "mad surfing skills". When he is asked to choose an animal to represent Cody, he chooses a deer, which amuses the other contestant though Harold explains his reasons. In the surfing race down the river, he sings I'm Winning This alongside Courtney and Owen. While he is mostly neck-and-neck with Courtney during the race, he came in second place after the deer eats his lei and wins a baby carriage for Cody to use in the final challenge. In the deleted scene, Harold is shown relaxing with Leshawna at the beach alongside other couples.

Harold and Cody help Heather during Versus.

In Hawaiian Punch, Harold continues to support Cody and is disappointed that he lost to Alejandro in the tie-breaker. Seeing that Cody is willing to help Heather to defeat Alejandro, Harold is supportive of him and joins him. At the lava river, Harold single-handedly fends off both Lindsay and Courtney until Cody manages to trick Lindsay into leaving. Believing that Heather now has a chance, Harold taunts Courtney only for her to kick him in the groin. Harold remains on the ground in pain but manages to give some support to Heather and tells her not to give up. After the winner is declared, Harold and the rest of the contestants run away from the island as the volcano begins to erupt. He is last seen swimming away from the island with the rest of the contestants.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Harold's cameo in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Harold appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is seen dancing alongside Leshawna and DJ.

A possible reference to Harold is made in Truth or Laser Shark. The contestants must complete the "Mad Skills" obstacle course (a phrase Harold often uses to describe his abilities) while wearing green glasses that resemble his own.

Total DramaRama

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Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Harold's audition tape.

Harold in his audition tape.

Harold is standing in his room wearing a boy scout uniform. He then goes on to talk about the badges he has earned, such as bass fishing, basketry, model making, farm mechanics, rabbit raising and stamp collecting. Harold then says that he has a master badge in compass reading and exhales deeply. He then pulls out his keyboard and starts to play it, but it falls over. The screen then has static and fades to black, ending the video with only Harold's wheezing being heard.

Camp TV

Harold's Camp TV design.

Like many other characters, Harold was originally included in Total Drama Island's prototype version, Camp TV. He was seen once in the promo, and he was seen with Beth and Cody. He has a small role in the promo when he asks where his ant farm is, only to say "Never mind" once Lindsay is running off and screaming while being covered by the ants. Harold's voice is different and is like Barney Rubble's from The Flintstones. Interestingly, the fact that he owns an ant farm is carried over into Total Drama Island. Harold's design doesn't differ from his current appearance today. The only differences in his appearance are that his shirt says "Middle Earth Rocks" on it instead of the hamburger picture, his pink undershirt loosely hung out from the bottom of his blue shirt, and he had a pink collar instead of the small green turtle neck that he currently has.




  • Harold has been eliminated back-to-back with Courtney in two seasons.
  • Harold is the highest-ranking male contestant of Total Drama Action to not make any sort of appearance in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Harold is the highest-ranking member of the Killer Bass not to qualify for Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Harold has been on the same team as DJ in every season they compete in.
  • Harold has been kissed in two of his three elimination episodes.
  • He's one of two contestants to rig the votes (the other being Mal in You Regatta Be Kidding Me), and the only one to do so successfully.
  • Harold is only absent in one episode of Total Drama Action and is still featured in the recap. Uniquely, he appears in more episodes than his two immediate successors, as both returned to the competition after their last elimination.
  • Harold is one of four campers who has competed three times to only make the merge once, along with Bridgette, DJ and Izzy.
  • Harold is one of only three former Killer Bass members to reach the final five, and is the only one to do so once.


  • Harold's guilty pleasure music includes Devo, Barenaked Ladies, and Blondie as confirmed by his voice actor.
  • Throughout the series, Harold alludes to having many medical conditions and ailments:
    • He has numerous allergies, though the only confirmed ones are crab apples and gummi slugs.
    • Harold once mentions that he has contracted over three hundred diseases and been cured of most of them.
    • Harold once stubbed his toe and waited in the Emergency Room for thirteen hours until a doctor finally told him that he wouldn't have to amputate, to which his brother called him an over-exaggerating, melodramatic fret-bucket.
    • When Harold was born, his kidneys were in the wrong place, as his left kidney was where the right one should have been, and vice versa.
    • In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, he mentions to Chef Hatchet that he gets hypoglycemic if he does not get enough sugar daily.
  • Harold seems to know some form of martial arts, having performed several poses throughout Total Drama Island, although during the said season, he appears mostly inept at it. He apparently has some kind of strength at it, though, as shown in Monster Cash (he knocks out Trent with a karate chop). His combat skills are even further improved thanks to the training he received from Duncan in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen whereby the end he was capable of knocking out Duncan with a punch, and overwhelming Sasquatchanakwa with kicks to the face. He has also shown proficiency with a few weapons, such as his nunchucks and yo-yos.
  • Harold has learned several of his skills from camps owned by a man named Steve at various camps. To date he has mentioned:
  • Harold has 43 confessionals in Total Drama Action, the most out of everyone.
  • It is interesting to note that, in Total Drama Action, Harold has helped vote off all three girls that he has a possible attraction to.
  • Confirmed on the official Total Drama World Tour website, Harold's favorite skills are all of them. It also hints that he believes in aliens, as he believes that keeping tin foil on one's head keeps them away.
  • Harold revealed in a confessional that he owns a teapot collection and wears a wizard's cape while playing solitaire.
  • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Harold is shown to have a knowledge of Egyptian language, or at least the numbers.
  • During Before We Die, Harold states that he wants to be a ninja with throwing stars.
  • Harold was the first contestant on Total Drama Island to leave with his luggage.
  • Harold is the only contestant to have some sort of role in every Total Drama Aftermath song.
  • Harold considers his first job to be a paper route where he would deliver photocopied journal pages of facts he found on the internet, called the Harold Herald.
  • Harold has been kissed in two episodes he was eliminated in.
  • The number five has something to do with all of Harold's eliminations:
  • Interestingly, in every season he competed, Harold always left in an episode with the number three:


  • Harold appears to be a parody of Napoleon Dynamite sharing many similarities with him in terms of appearance, personality, and interests; such as both of them being considered sci-fi geeks, believing aliens, and knowing how to use nun-chucks. Harold also frequently says phrases like "Idiots" and "Gosh", which are reminiscent of phrases said by Napoleon.
    • His relationship with Leshawna could also be a reference to the romance between Napoleon's brother, Kip, and his girlfriend LaFawnduh.
  • Harold's H-Bomb outfit is very much like Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G character's.


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