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Harold is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Like his older self, he is nerdy and awkward. He studies and takes being a ninja seriously to the point of believing he should be the only one in the daycare.

Total DramaRama

In Free Chili, Harold mistakenly believes Owen's chilli dog with a walkie talkie inside is an alien invader. He and Jude fight over what to do with the alien, with Harold recruiting Izzy to interrogate it and keep it away from Jude.

In A Ninjustice to Harold, Harold has an identity crisis


Total DramaRama



  • Harold has a gap in his teeth, something his older self lacks.
  • Unlike his older self, Harold doesn't have freckles on his face.
  • Harold's back hair isn't spikey like his older self.
  • Harold's eye color has been changed from black to green.
  • The hamburger on his shirt doesn't have the small details or the stars on it.



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