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Heather generally has no respect for Harold whatsoever.

Despite their minimal interaction in Total Drama Island, the two are forced to join forces in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island when everyone else has already selected a partner. Despite Heather betraying Harold at one point in the episode, he becomes more understanding of her after she shares information about her past and the two form an unlikely association.

In Total Drama Action, both contestants are placed on the Screaming Gaffers, where they share moments of genuine friendship and mutual irritation. Harold, among others on the team, is generally annoyed by Heather's bossiness, and Heather often considers Harold nothing more than an annoying geek. Despite this, Harold seems to get along with her more consistently than the others.

In Total Drama World Tour, the two have a minimal amount of interaction due to the two of them being placed on different teams, and Harold's early elimination. However, their lack of conflict does become key during the final challenge of the season. Harold chooses to side with Heather since the newly eliminated Cody (who Harold supported) was siding with Heather as well. Both of them help Heather out in the final challenge to attempt to achieve victory over Alejandro, whom they had a greater conflict with. In Heather's ending, Harold, along with most of the other contestants, cheers when Heather defeats Alejandro.

Total Drama Island


Heather laughs at Harold when he enters the main lodge with a mustache drawn on his face.

Paintball Deer Hunter

When Bridgette objects to playing paintball, Harold reminds her that Heather is a deer. He encourages her to hit Heather with a paintball and the two grin about this together. Later, Harold joins Bridgette and Geoff in firing paintballs at Heather and several other Screaming Gophers.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Heather and the other girls tease Harold when he awakens naked on the dock.

X-Treme Torture


Heather screams after her breasts are shown to Harold.

During the final land-skiing challenge, Harold serves as the flag-catcher for the Killer Bass, while Heather is selected as the driver for the Screaming Gophers. Before they even start, Heather calls Harold "alpha-geek" and tells him he's out of his league. Heather drives roughly in an attempt to sabotage Harold and manages to topple him over, dragging him along the ground. Despite this, he does not lose his grip and succeeds in retrieving every flag. Seeing the finish line in sight, Heather attempts to cut Harold's tether to prevent him from winning, but a low-hanging branch snags her top off, exposing her bare breasts.

Harold is distracted by Heather's wardrobe malfunction and crashes into a rock, costing his team the challenge. Despite losing, Harold appears to be satisfied with what he saw, repeating the word "boobies" several times in the episode. Harold ends up getting voted off, and before leaving, he announces to everyone that he saw Heather's breasts. This enrages Leshawna, Harold's love interest, and she confronts Heather after the elimination. Heather dismisses this as an accident, and remarks she would never intentionally show her breasts to a "dweeb" like Harold.

Haute Camp-ture

Harold says that Heather was definitely the "scariest female" on the island, but insists that he can handle her.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

When the cast begins to split up into teams, all of the campers find partners, except for both Heather and Harold. At first, Heather refuses to team up with Harold, but as she becomes extremely desperate for a partner, she reluctantly agrees to take him, only on the condition that he would not talk to her. She is militant about this rule, often shutting him up once he starts to talk. Harold manages to steal away the briefcase from Owen, Tyler, DJ, and Cody, which Heather is impressed by. However, Heather quickly betrays him and hits Harold in the groin with the case, and takes off on his hand glider by herself, effectively breaking their alliance, but while in mid-air, the glider falls apart and Heather falls head-first into a beaver dam. Harold looks down in disappointment, saying the hand glider was not his best work rather than showing any concern for Heather's well-being.

After some time, Harold rows next to Heather, who is once again alone, and she tells him to go away. Harold says that Heather does not need to be so mean, which is why no one wanted to partner with her. Heather tearfully admits to Harold that she never wanted to be the person everyone hates, and Harold seems to empathize with her. He offers her a ride back to camp, since the beavers, which attacked her earlier are still out to get her. He wonders if the two will be friends after the show is over. Heather said that they will definitely be friends but quickly looks to the camera that indicates that she was not sincere. After being chased into the lake by Leshawna, Harold is seen helping Heather out of the water, only to be knocked back into the lake just in time to qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion

As there are limited paths to take in the alien egg challenge, Heather is with most of the group, much to their chagrin. When it comes down to herself, Harold, Owen and Izzy, Heather proposes they follow her to their intended goal. Everyone is hesitant at first, and Izzy reminds Heather that they dislike her, so Heather clarifies that they follow her with no intention of forming an alliance, and simply reaching their intended goal for themselves.

Riot On Set

When Heather says they should pass the film equipment up like batons, Harold is the only one to agree with Heather, saying it is a good idea, and that she should bring up her ideas at the next team meeting, where he will second her. Despite this, Heather calls him "trout lips" and tells him to jump in a lake. When the Screaming Gaffers try to pick a person to play a "tough guy" for their act, Heather states that Harold is as tough as butter. Later, Heather's foot is trapped in a light cord, hanging her upside down, she yells for help, and Harold arrives calling her "M'Lady" and helps her down, to which Heather weakly mutters thanks. In a confessional shortly after, Heather states in the confessional that Harold would be an easy person to form an alliance with while Harold admits that he's been working on his courting skills.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Heather ignores Harold

Heather ignores Harold and walks away.

When Harold starts talking about his culinary skills at the beginning of the episode, Heather ignores him and walks away. When Harold prides himself on his buttocks, he says he has to appease his lady fans as an excuse for not participating in the surfboard challenge, to which Heather says out loud that when Harold refers to his "lady fans," he really means his mother. She is also seen laughing at Harold after his painful landing during the first challenge.

The Chefshank Redemption

Harold reveals he's slightly attracted to Gwen, and begs that neither Leshawna, Heather, or Gwen find out, proving that he is still willing to be friends with Heather.

The Sand Witch Project

When Harold was assisting Heather in the illusion of a 'Ghost Rent-a-Cop', he refers to her as his charming assistant.

Masters of Disasters

In the beginning of the episode when Harold is explaining how he had a kidney swap surgery as a child, he adds that he is a rare case in a medical context, only for Heather to retort that he is indeed a "rare case", using the term as an insult.

Full Metal Drama

Heather laughs at Harold, along with the rest of the Gaffers, when Duncan mocks him and invokes pain upon him with Harold's "Num-Yos." She also says he was a chem nerd and chooses Duncan to be in charge of the bomb challenge. During the second challenge, Heather helps Harold comfort Leshawna while she's bloating with gas.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine


Heather and Harold fighting with each other.

When Heather calls Harold a nerd, he blows a raspberry at her. After Heather insults Leshawna's hair, "You could write a tell-all book about her hair, called "Weave Got Problems," Leshawna asks if anyone is going to argue against Heather. Harold chooses not to, saying, "Sounds like an interesting read," as Heather smiles at his response. While trying to get the vault open, Harold and Heather fought several times. They first argued over how to open it, which resulted in both of them getting into a slap fight. Heather then proceeds to wrap her arms around his neck and put him in a chokehold, while Harold reaches up and sticks two fingers into her mouth. Lastly, when Heather thinks about combinations that would be important to Chris and would probably open the safe, Harold imitates a game show buzzer each time she guesses wrong, and Heather orders him to stop. They later call each other pathetic when Heather tries to pick the lock with a bobby pin, and continue fighting until the Killer Grips free Owen before they could open it, at which point Duncan tells them both that continuing to try to free Leshawna would be an even greater waste of time, since they don't need her or the props stashed in the safe to rob a bank. When Duncan starts to break Harold's deodorant, Heather tells him that there are limits, as she didn't want Harold to smell disgusting. When Duncan crashes the go-kart through a clothing rack, Heather laughs with him at Harold when it is revealed that he had accidentally snagged a bra onto his chest.

Million Dollar Babies

Harold votes Heather off in this episode along with Duncan after Leshawna made an apology cheer for making some rude comments about all of the other contestants coming from a video on Courtney's personal digital assistant.

The Aftermath: III

When the never-before-seen clip of Heather using her own pair of Num-Yos after watching Harold was revealed, she quickly tried to deny that the moment had ever happened, and said that the footage must have been altered somehow.

2008: A Space Owen

Harold shows worry that he would upset Heather, as well as Leshawna, if he were to date Beth.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water


Heather knees Harold in the groin.

In a video showing Harold's time during Total Drama Island, there is footage of various moments where Heather was seen to not stand him: she knees him in the groin as he talks trivia about cricket, and is later seen holding a wooden baseball bat and glaring at him while he explains the square of "111,111,111."

Hawaiian Style

Harold, like many of the other contestants, sides with Cody over Heather and Alejandro, knowing he is the lesser evil among the final three. After Duncan says the title of "Total Drama Cockroach" should go to Ezekiel over Heather, Harold suggests Heather is "Total Drama Lichen", because she lasts forever. 

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Harold doesn't seem to be happy when Heather manages to secure a spot in the final two.

Hawaiian Punch

Versus 19

Harold helps Heather build an effigy of Alejandro during Versus.

Along with everyone else (except Bridgette and Geoff), Harold laughs at Heather when she is being pelted by golf balls. However, after Cody lost, Harold and most of the contestants joins Team Heather, where he quickly volunteers to be Heather's second helper (though he says it's because he's still loyal to Cody, who volunteered asHeather's first helper). In Versus, he raps in favor of Heather and mentions that she is "cool" and will put Alejandro through a shredder. As one of Heather's helpers, he continues to support her on her way up the volcano, defending Heather against Courtney and Lindsay trying to release booby traps. When Heather begins to lose confidence, Harold joins Cody in encouraging her not to lose hope. In Heather's ending, Harold claps and says "sweet!" while cheering with the rest of the contestants (except Courtney). 


  • Both have been the last contestant eliminated before the merge in a season.
  • Both have suffered the most injuries out of their gender.
  • They both played a part in each others' eliminations, with Heather accidentally distracting Harold which cost him the challenge, and Harold voting Heather off in favor of Leshawna.

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