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This article focuses on the interactions between Harold and Leshawna.


A fearful Harold jumps into Leshawna's arms on a whim, much to her displeasure.

The attraction between Harold and Leshawna is very brief in Total Drama Island. Since they are on opposing teams, the two have very few opportunities to interact and become a couple right before Harold's departure in X-Treme Torture. Their relationship is off to a rocky start in the first episode when Harold calls Leshawna "big and loud." But later, when Harold gets eliminated, they share their first kiss. Their relationship soon ends in the special, when Leshawna admits to Harold that their kiss was just in the heat of the moment, saying that they moved way too fast. However, they remain friends.

Leshawna personally thinks that their love is not meant to be. Harold, however, is still madly in love with her, almost to a delusional point. Duncan resumes picking on him relentlessly occasionally over his infatuation towards Leshawna. Much to her chagrin, she takes notice of Duncan's actions, and continuously defends Harold, and will have his back. Despite claiming not to approve of Harold being picked on, she has sometimes been seen laughing at him when he falls victim to misfortune. Harold is also angered and deeply hurt at Leshawna for lying in One Flu Over the Cuckoos and is equally frustrated when she insults all the other contestants on her spa trip with Leshaniqua. Harold eventually forgives her, claiming that he is a "slave to love" and joins Duncan in voting off Heather instead of Leshawna at the Gaffers' final Award Ceremony as a team. Courtney manipulates him into voting her off at the next opportunity.

In Total Drama World Tour, Leshawna becomes attracted to the newcomer Alejandro instead of Harold. Their up-and-down attraction is hinted mainly through the beginning of the season, but both face elimination relatively early. Harold even writes a song for Leshawna around this time. At one point, Leshawna does learn about Alejandro's twisted intentions, but only after he eliminates her. As she falls from the Drop of Shame, Leshawna is notably apologetic towards Harold for snubbing him in favor of Alejandro. In the Aftermaths, Leshawna is much more tolerant of Harold's advances on her. Towards the end of the season, the attraction is still referred to, as Harold still has feelings for her, but Leshawna's reciprocation (or lack thereof) remains vague (with there being a few hints), such as referring to Harold as better than a typical man in Sisters.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Harold and Leshawna hit a rocky start, when Harold inadvertently offends her.

Leshawna waves to the campers who have already arrived and Harold begins gaping at her out of sheer disbelief that someone like her exists in real life. When she asks him to explain himself, Harold says she is "real big" and "loud," which sets Leshawna off. She almost starts a fight with Harold, though she is held back by DJ and Bridgette. Chris stops the quarrel, and they both assume their positions at the dock for more campers to arrive. Leshawna straightens out her shirt and looks at Harold with discomfort. Harold notices her, but he smiles. The earliest sign of Harold's attraction to Leshawna occurs.


Harold's "wicked skills" fail to impress Leshawna.

When Harold announces that he is about to unleash his "wicked skills" during the first round of dodgeball, Leshawna dares him to prove himself. Harold takes a stance and then spikes the ball against the ground hard enough to make the arena shake, but it simply rolls to Leshawna's feet. With the ball now in her arms, Leshawna throws the ball with great force at Harold, sending him flying face first into the wall.

Not Quite Famous

Despite being on different teams, Leshawna and the rest of her team are impressed by Harold's beat-boxing skills and cheer for him.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

When Harold wakes up to find himself naked, Leshawna greets him and laughs at him, along with the rest of the girls.

X-Treme Torture

Harold and Leshawna's first, and only kiss right before Chef pulls Harold away.

Gwen and Bridgette find a love poem in the form of a haiku, and they try to find out who wrote it and who it was for, thinking it might be for one of them from their crushes (Trent and Geoff, respectively). Eventually, they find out that the poem was for Leshawna. Harold is the one voted off the island in this episode, but before he boards the Boat of Losers, he admits to writing the poem, insisting he meant every word of it. Leshawna is touched that Harold did this, as she had been getting love poems from him anonymously throughout the competition. She rushes towards him on the Dock of Shame and the two embrace. They finally kiss before Chef drags Harold onto the boat and off the island. When Leshawna realizes that Heather accidentally flashed her breasts at Harold earlier that day she attacks her, and Heather runs screaming off with Leshawna following her.

Haute Camp-ture

At Playa Des Losers, Harold expresses his feelings on the relationship, telling the viewers that at first, he thought she was very loud, but now knows that they were meant to be together. Later, when all of the campers are sitting around the pool, Harold wishes for Leshawna to win (as she is in the Final Five at this point). When Courtney accidentally votes for Leshawna to be voted off, Harold attacks her, believing she's voting for her only to spite him (due to him getting Courtney voted off earlier on in the season), which leads them to get into a catfight.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Harold tries to impress Leshawna.

Harold is seen flexing his (virtually nonexistent) muscles for Leshawna. Which she doesn't have the heart to tell him he has no muscle whatsoever, so she goes along with it and asks if he had been working out. He is flattered that she noticed, and jumps into her arms while handing her flowers. However, Leshawna tells him that she thinks their relationship moves way too fast and the kiss on the dock was just a fleeting emotional moment due to Harold's elimination. She ends her relationship with him from here. Harold asks if they can still be friends, to which Leshawna reassures him that they are very close friends.

Harold leaps into Leshawna's arms.

Unfortunately, Harold misinterprets this as her still being in love with him and promptly asks if she would like to make out with him behind the bushes. An irritated Leshawna angrily asks if he was even listening to her, and then leaves to join her other friends. Harold calls out to Leshawna that he'll win her over eventually, saying he is still in love with her. In the confessional, Harold tells the viewers that he and Leshawna will likely hook up after the show and move in together in his mother's basement when they're thirty years old. After Lewshawna drives an ATV at Heather (and inadvertantly Harold, who has teamed up with Heather) a highly-frazzled Heather announces that Leshawna is crazy; Harold happens to find the situation "awesome." They both end up in the water and qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Leshawna reminds Harold that they have a challenge to win.

When the contestants get off the bus, Gwen bumps into Harold, causing him to bump into Leshawna. He apologizes, but Leshawna says no harm was done. Later, during the race to the trailers, Leshawna comes across Harold hiding in an umbrella. She tells him to come out, as they have a challenge to win. The monster catches them and drops them into bouncy cage. As they bounce, Harold exclaims that he loves her, to which she replies, "Say what now?!" in an irritated tone.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Harold and Leshawna are walking side-by-side when suddenly, something frightens Harold and he leaps into Leshawna's arms. He remains frightened for a moment, then realizes where he is and smiles at her. In the confessional, Leshawna tells the audience that he's just "having a hard time getting over the lusciousness that is Leshawna," and that their relationship wasn't meant to be. Harold, on the other hand, does not feel at all the same and says that Leshawna is not yet over him (although she broke up with him in the first place), and claims that he's seen the way she looks at him. Harold seems to be delusional over the matter, thinking she's actually undressing ("romancing" in censored version) him with his eyes. He then swoons over her eyes, calling them beautiful, like chocolate almonds.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Harold tries to impress Leshawna with his "muscles".

Harold tries to impress Leshawna with his "ten-pack" during the surfboard challenge, which failed as Leshawna simply shook her head in disbelief. She later complains when Harold boldly takes charge of the sandcastle challenge, and didn't understand or care about Harold's source of inspiration.

Leshawna is a little put-off by Harold's attempt at leadership in Beach Blanket Bogus.

She is impressed with the large and detailed sandcastle Harold ended up building for their team. When Leshawna is in the dance contest against Trent, Harold is the only castmate on the Screaming Gaffers team to not make fun of her dancing. He even called it "funky", and said that he loved it.

3:10 to Crazytown

Throughout this episode, Duncan is constantly picking on Harold. Leshawna says in a confessional that she looks out for her friends and that Harold is one of them, saying she'll keep an eye on Duncan. Later, after the Screaming Gaffers win the challenge, Duncan ties Harold up with his rope, and Leshawna is seen glaring (although Duncan and Harold are off-screen). After Duncan pushes Harold over while he is bathing in the barrel, Leshawna angrily asks in the confessional why Duncan is picking on Harold. This episode shows that while Leshawna still may not have any romantic feelings towards Harold, but she has become protective of him and still thinks of him as a good friend.

The Chefshank Redemption

Harold cheers Leshawna on when she digs her team underground in the prison-film challenge. At one point, after Gwen hits Harold on the head with a golden shovel, Harold begins to have a crush on her, though he doesn't want anyone else to know. Leshawna gets overly concerned and protective of Harold, and suspicious of Gwen. In the confessional after Gwen was eliminated, Leshawna said that she regretted voting Gwen off, but she was angry at Gwen for hitting Harold with a shovel, and voted her off to stick up for him.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

Leshawna treating Harold.

Throughout the episode, Leshawna shows more of a protective, motherly side towards Harold. She sticks up for Harold when Duncan continues to harass him, and tries to calm him down. She attempts to form an alliance with Duncan and Harold, but she feels unappreciated when they both utterly refuse. Harold assures her that if it were an alliance with simply Leshawna, that he would definitely accept, once and over again, but because Duncan was involved there is no possibility of it happening. At one point, most of the cast begin to feel sick, including Harold, and Leshawna tries to comfort him. Harold in the confessional booth says that he was cured of most diseases that he contracted, but nothing can cure his love for Leshawna.

The Sand Witch Project

When Leshawna states that she knew something was wrong with Chef interfering in challenges (due to Chef's Illegal Alliance), Harold compliments her by claiming she was like Albert Einstein, only with better hair and "girly bits."

Masters of Disasters

As the contestants watch Owen being taken to the hospital after breaking his jaw, Leshawna is seen tenderly standing next to Harold, and holding onto him. Later on, during the second part of the challenge, Harold states that he knows how to pick a lock, and Leshawna admits that Harold has "mad skills," which Harold responded to by awkwardly thanking her, as if he was embarrassed. Not long after, the water begins to rise dangerously high, and Leshawna begins to panic because she believes that it might really be the end. Harold comforts her, putting a hand on her shoulder, telling her that she doesn't have to cry, assuring her that he would save her. Leshawna snaps at him for assuming she cried, claiming that she never cries. It is then brought to Duncan and Heather's attention that Leshawna was only pretending to cry to get the reward in the previous episode, and they try to fight with her, swearing revenge. Harold isn't mad at Leshawna at all and reminds everyone of how Leshawna is always there to listen to everyone's stories and how supportive she is. He swims in front of her to stop Duncan and Heather from hitting her. He then remembers that he has a stash of bendy straws in his pocket. Leshawna helps him make a snorkel with them, and Harold saves everyone's lives thanks to her help.

Full Metal Drama

Leshawna and Heather laughing at Harold.

At the beginning of the episode, Leshawna offers Harold her place to go to the bathroom, which Harold accepts, unlike the other Gaffers, who still hold a grudge against Leshawna. During the challenge, however, she is among the people who laugh at him while Duncan makes fun of him, and tells him that the team is better off following Duncan's plan over his. Despite this, Harold attempts to comfort Leshawna when she has digestive issues. Though, he does become annoyed with her as her farts fill up their hideout with noxious gas, and almost costs them the challenge.

The Aftermath: II

During "That's Gonna Leave A Mark," Leshawna hits Gwen with a spoon after she hits Harold with a shovel, leaving a swollen bruise on Gwen's forehead. The sight of it causes Harold to faint.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Harold said in the confessional that ever since One Flu Over the Cuckoos, he's known that Leshawna was a "Bad, selfish person" who only looks out for herself. He starts to trail off, however, talking about how "bad" she is in a soft, lovestruck tone. Duncan and Heather later convince Harold to leave Leshawna in the vault, where she stays (much to her chagrin) for the entire episode.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Leshawna was the only one to save Harold from prehistoric beavers. She constantly calls him pet names such as "baby" and "sweetie" throughout the episode, hinting that there is some romantic feelings. In the second challenge, she tries to calm him down when the prehistoric beavers come back. Both tried to cook the egg Chris gave them as a consolation prize together at the end of the episode, by her holding Harold up, since the sticky fluid causes him to hold the egg over. While cooking the egg, Leshawna calls Harold "sweetie.”

Million Dollar Babies

Leshawn does a cheer for Harold, which wins him back.

Harold was deeply hurt by what Leshawna said behind his back once Courtney shows everyone the video. Leshawna says that Harold is still sweet on her, but he is not getting any play, comparing him to a cassette tape in a world of MP3 players. He called her "Leraitor" and "Le-Benedict Arnold," and would have come up with more, but he was so hurt that he could not. He later forgives Leshawna after she did a cheer and says that she still has her eye on Harold. Harold admits he is still hooked on Leshawna, and as a result, spares Leshawna from being eliminated, as he was a slave to love. He had teamed up with her and Duncan to vote out Heather.

Dial M for Merger

During the episode, Leshawna tries to convince both Harold and Duncan to form an alliance so they can make it to the final three. However, her attempts fail before Harold agrees to form an alliance with her and Duncan while in the tower.

Super Hero-ld

Harold turns his back on Leshawna's new alliance along with Duncan when they and Justin forms the new guys' alliance. During the superhero challenge, Leshawna is thoroughly impressed by Harold's performance and quick timing, and mentions feeling light-headed, though she can't decide if it's due to that, the hot weather, or Harold's farting. Later, the boys, with help from Courtney, trick Harold into voting Leshawna off, a decision he deeply regrets when she is subsequently eliminated. Harold literally begs on his knees for forgiveness, and Leshawna shows no hard feelings whatsoever against him, instead scooping him into a hug. She leaves the show telling Harold to have confidence, to stand up for himself, to kick Duncan's butt, and that she would root for him on the sidelines. The exclusive clip of her Lame-o-sine ride also shows her getting enraged and tearing apart the vehicle's interior because she believes Duncan threatened Harold.

The Aftermath: III

Leshawna admits to still having feelings for Harold, after a video was shown of her fawning over him. She says that she finds his "little man biceps" irresistible, although when she says she has no feelings, the shock chair didn't shock her. Despite saying that, she likes him. Leshawna says that she has no interest in a real relationship despite her feelings for him, and only wants to be friends. Geoff laughing about Harold's "little man biceps" is the tipping point for Leshawna to confront him on his new Chris-like personality.

The Princess Pride

Harold made a burrito resembling Leshawna.

Harold creates a burrito in the shape of Leshawna. During the first challenge, he shouts that it was for her, as he was charging across the bridge. He asks Chris for one of Princess Courtney's CD's, saying that the song reminds him of Leshawna. When listening to it in the confessional, he receives a note from Leshawna, saying if that song reminds him of her, she will have to kill him.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Harold compares a snail to Leshawna.

Harold's love for Leshawna seems to have hit a delusional high point in this episode. After releasing the snails that Duncan put in his bed, Harold finds one that reminds him of Leshawna. He later lists all their shared qualities, saying that both have beautiful eyes and a hard shell. He names the snail Leshawna Jr.. and puts it in a matchbox next to his bed. During the training portion of the challenge, Duncan tries to bring out Harold's anger by saying he kissed Leshawna. Harold becomes so angry that he punches through the punching bag. During the bonsai challenge, Harold splashes Duncan's water in his face, and then punches him in the face after he made fun of Leshawna. He also releases Leshawna Jr. when he thinks that she tells him to, unlike how he was unwilling to let Leshawna go when she said that they were meant to be friends.

2008: A Space Owen

Even though Beth starts to develop feelings for Harold, Harold says that it would never work because he "couldn't do that to Leshawna and Heather," implying he believes both are attracted to him.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Leshawna gets uncomfortable around Harold in the special.

Leshawna donates her bra to help along Harold's plan to slow down the Total Drama Dirtbags bus, and tells him he has game. While waiting for Geoff to come back with help, Harold and Leshawna are seen sleeping back-to-back. Harold and Leshawna both advance over to Total Drama World Tour. As the two were in the confessional together, Harold heads over to Leshawna to hug her, but she gets uncomfortable, and she pushes him over and asks him why he did that. Harold said that he only did it to form an alliance with her, to which Leshawna angrily rejects.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Harold wants to know how he can win the four person hot tub because his "fair Leshawna" loves hot tubs. Both Harold and Leshawna team up for the pyramid challenge, along with DJ, and they make it cross the finish line first. They are later placed on Team Victory, along with DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette and Ezekiel.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

A scared Leshawna jumps into Harold's arms.

When Harold was upset that their team color was yellow, Leshawna calms him down by saying it was the color gold, which symbolizes their chances of winning challenges. Leshawna jumps into Harold's arms at his mention of sand snakes, to which he strains to hold her up and says he will protect her. She and Bridgette jump onto Harold when Chris releases the scarabs. She calls to Harold as their canoe begins crossing the Nile, and cringes when he lands painfully.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Leshawna scolding Harold for being a smart mouth.

Leshawna begins to fall for the charms of Alejandro in this episode, similar to how easily she was swooned by Justin in Total Drama Action. When Alejandro starts flirting with Leshawna, Harold shockingly doesn't seem bothered. Harold tells DJ that he prefers to "leave the ladies wanting more," to which DJ responds "Oh, she wants more all right, more Alejandro." When the contestants land in the giant rice bowl, Harold comments on how he knows everything about Japan, their destination. Leshawna scolds Harold, stating that what he "knows" got them thrown out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. Harold's attitude and bossiness during the challenge starts to get on his entire team's nerves. When Team Victory's commercial is shown, Leshawna says that the team should have done Lindsay's idea, angering Harold. After losing the challenge prior to the elimination ceremony, Alejandro advises Harold that the best way to impress girls like Leshawna is to show them the honor that he still possessed, akin to a Japanese samurai. Leshawna considers voting for Harold or DJ, but as DJ is supposed to be eliminated, there is a good chance she voted him off. When Harold quits the show, he says that he'll miss Leshawna more than anybody else, but she seems not to mind.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Leshawna is shown to miss Harold, as she is seen sentimentally holding a pair of Num-Yos he left her, however, when the plane lands in the Yukon, Leshawna hugs Alejandro for warmth. While DJ was pulling the sled, Leshawna tells Lindsay of all the compliments Harold gave her.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

During Harold's interview, his relationship with Leshawna is brought up, and Harold still fully believes in his love for her. He later sings Baby, along with Justin and Trent, in dedication to Leshawna and all of the positive traits she has.

Slap Slap Revolution

Leshawna starts to fall for Alejandro's charms during the song Eine Kleine, and she apologizes to Harold, showing that she still does have some feelings for him.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

Harold smiles at Leshawna's singing.

Leshawna waves to and greets Harold when she gets on stage, and he stands up to clap for her. She also sings Sisters and during her song she says that Harold is an exception when it comes to lying men. While she was singing, Harold joins her, along with Bridgette, as a back-up dancer. When Leshawna is done singing, Harold compliments her dancing, saying "You nailed it, Le-Goddess." Leshawna responds by saying " You know it, Ginger Baby-cakes."

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Early in the episode, the both of them give each other high-fives after Leshawna wins a bet against Trent to see whether or not Lindsay can remember Tyler or not. Leshawna dedicates her boxing match against a kangaroo to Harold, but when telling him so, she is caught off guard and knocked out. Harold tries to regain her honor, but loses quickly too.

Hawaiian Style

Harold imagining Leshawna on his surf ride in I'm Winning This.

During the surfing challenge, Harold nominates himself in order to impress Leshawna with his surfing. Harold sings about thrilling Leshawna in the song I'm Winning This. In an exclusive clip that was cut from the episode, Leshawna and Harold, along with Tyler, Lindsay, Gwen, and Duncan (these four are already in a confirmed relationship), are seen relaxing on the beach together.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

When the old cast appears on a yacht, Harold and Leshawna are dancing next to each other, along with DJ.


  • This is the first couple to break up.
  • They have both mentioned each other in songs during Total Drama World Tour. Harold sang a song about Leshawna in Baby and mentions her in I'm Winning This, whereas Leshawna mentions Harold in Eine Kleine and Sisters.
  • Despite breaking up with him, Leshawna often relies on Harold in times of need and when she's scared, such as jumping into his arms at the fear of sand snakes and scarab beetles in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.
  • This is one of the three couples to consist of a female member of the Screaming Gophers and a male member of the Killer Bass, with the others being Lindsay and Tyler and Duncan and Gwen.
  • They both placed fifth in a season:
    • Leshawna in Total Drama Island.
    • Harold in Total Drama Action.
  • While Harold is a parody of Napoleon Dynamite, Leshawna is most likely a reference to another character from Napoleon Dynamite named LaFawnduh Lucas, who has a similar personality and appearance.
  • This is one of two couples from the original cast to have both members participate in Skatoony, with the other being Izzy and Owen.
  • They are the only members of the Screaming Gaffers and Team Victory to not make an additional cameo appearance in the fourth season.
    • They are also two of the only three contestants from the original cast who competed in the first three seasons, yet did not have a cameo appearance, the other being Courtney.
    • They are also the only couple from the original cast to not have any of its members make a second cameo appearance.
  • Both of them, along with Courtney, are the only contestants who compete in all of the first three seasons but do not make an individual cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Both have earned the ire of their teammates during episodes of Total Drama Island for leaving their laundry lying around.
  • They are the first couple to share a kiss as one member is facing elimination, though it is cut short by Chef Hatchet. All subsequent attempts to kiss during an exit have been interrupted up until Jasmine and Shawn, five seasons later, with the exception of Bridgette and Geoff kissing as they are eliminated together.

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