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Harold is glad that Owen returns in Rock n' Rule.

Owen and Harold's interactions are limited in Total Drama Island, due to being on different teams, and Harold's elimination right before the merge. However, there are several indications that the two are friends. In Total Drama Action, they have little chance to interact pre-merge as the two are once again on different teams, but they become much closer upon Owen's return. However, their friendship gets challenged when Owen is hired by Chris to become a spy and Harold discovers the truth, leading to Harold's elimination. Harold and Owen have little to no interaction in Total Drama World Tour, due to Harold's early elimination and being on different teams yet again. However, based on the minimal interaction they share, it appears Harold has forgiven Owen for the previous events and never mentions their brief conflict again.

Total Drama Island


At the start of the episode, when Harold enters the main lodge with a mustache drawn on his face, Owen joins everyone in laughing at him. In the challenge the two are pitted against each other, as the last two standing members of each of their teams. Harold is at first nervous after realizing he is facing Owen (who performed exceptionally well before), however Owen apologizes to Harold wanting to point out that he is just doing it for his team, and not because of how he feels towards Harold. Harold gains confidence after this and performs some ninja moves before motioning Owen with a bring-it-on gesture.

Harold vs. Owen during the final moments of the dodgeball challenge.

Owen charges towards Harold and throws three very fast shots at him, but to everyone's surprise, he acrobatically evades all of them. Now an angered Owen puts a lot of spin behind his final ball and launches it at Harold, but he leans backwards and it passes over him (to everyone's amazement). After returning from a timeout, where the Killer Bass explain to Harold he needs to catch the ball, Owen once again throws a power-shot at Harold, which causes him to smack into the wall. Owen grins in satisfaction, but Harold then holds out his hand and reveals he succeeded in catching the ball. Owen is distraught by this and collapses to his knees, screaming "WHY!?", while Harold is now his team's hero and is carried out on their shoulders.

Not Quite Famous

Owen (along with everyone else) is amazed by Harold's beat-boxing skills and cheers for him, even though they are on different teams.

X-Treme Torture


Harold gets ready to revive a choking Owen.

Harold noticed Owen is choking from the marshmallow he was eating and helps him to get it out by whacking him on the back.

I Triple Dog Dare You!


Owen eagerly accepts the dare to chew Harold's gum.

Owen has no problem in accepting the dare to chew Harold's pre-chewed gum, despite Chris' warnings, as he believed it was special since Harold had been keeping it. He complimented the gum's taste, especially the crunchy inside, to which the camera switches to the photo of Harold picking his nose.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Harold was one of the ten contestants who sided with Owen even before his announcement that his party would be on a yacht. Harold cheers for Owen when he won in his ending, and Owen excitedly hugs both Harold and Ezekiel tightly around the neck.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Both of them (along with Izzy) are reluctant to team up with Heather, but agree to, so long as she didn't try to form an alliance. They then go and search for alien eggs together.

3:10 to Crazytown

Owen can't catch Harold

Owen confirms Harold's statement that he couldn't catch him.

During the final challenge, involving the Killer Grips lassoing the Screaming Gaffers, Harold runs from Owen while mockingly calling "can't catch me". However, an exhausted Owen slowly approaches and agrees with Harold's statement, before collapsing on the ground. Harold then slowly backs away.

The Chefshank Redemption

At the start of the episode when the boys discover they have been locked in the trailer, they remember that Owen had beans for dinner last night and try not to wake him up as this might cause a "toxic gas leak." However their efforts are in vain as Owen awakens anyway and does indeed start to fart, to everyone's annoyance. When Owen tries to squeeze through the roof of the locked trailer, Harold tells him he'll never fit. Owen misinterpret this however, and become hostile towards Harold for insulting him but after Duncan calms him down, Owen hugged Harold and the others and says he loves them.

Masters of Disasters

Harold and the rest of the contestants show concern for Owen when he was sent to the hospital after his jaw was broke by Chef Hatchet and angrily glare at Chris for not caring.

Full Metal Drama

When Harold enters the only toilet available, he is terrified to see Owen using it inside.

Rock n' Rule


Owen hugs Duncan and Harold when he returns.

When Owen returns to the competition, he excitedly hugs Harold and Duncan at the same time. After the challenge has ended, Harold tells Owen how he is glad to have him back in the competition, while they are on their way back to the trailer. They also converse with Beth and Lindsay on who to vote off. All of them agree to vote for Duncan, except for Owen due to his friendship with him and still being bitter over Courtney for eliminating him the first time.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Owen, now hired to be Chris' mole, has been tasked with stirring up some drama by sabotaging the teams. In the first challenge, Owen is instructed to give one of the teams an unfair advantage. He watches both teams training and takes notes, surprised by Harold's killer left hook. However, during the challenge, he is unable to decide which team to help as he feels guilty. He warns Harold (and Duncan) about Beth's killer kick, but he's unable to stop himself from giving the girls some information as well.


Harold thanks Owen for giving him and Duncan some information.

Having won the first round, the boys move onto the next challenge, in which Chris tells Owen to accompany them and continue his sabotage. When Harold discovers the challenge involves climbing a mountain, he asks Owen to look after his pet snail Leshawna Jr. for him. By this point, Duncan and Harold had ended their usual conflict and decide to agree to cooperate, where they both work very well together. Owen has a very hard time trying to break them apart. He tries to convince Duncan and Harold to betray each other, reminding Duncan of how fun it would be to prank Harold, while telling Harold that Leshawna Jr. is telling him to attack Duncan. After several failed attempts, Owen finally sees an opportunity when Duncan finds Harold's attraction to Leshawna funny. He asks Harold to explain what he likes about Leshawna which Harold is happy to do so. However, Duncan cannot stop himself from making fun of Leshawna's weight, which finally angers Harold enough for him to punch Duncan, knocking him out. Having finally succeeding in breaking part their truce, Owen accompanies Harold for the remainder of the challenge where he steals the bonsai tree from Sasquatchanakwa; however, he runs off afterwards leaving Owen to be mauled by the purple yeti. At the end of the episode, Owen serves Harold a banquet prepared by the girls.

2008: A Space Owen


Harold confronts Owen for being a traitor.

Harold notices that Owen wasn't present when the alarm went off, and correctly deduces that Owen was brought back to the competition as a saboteur. At the end of the challenge, Owen approaches and greets Harold as "H-Man", only to be angrily confronted for being a traitor. Harold's accusations make Owen nervous and he begins to fart uncontrollably, forcing Harold to leave. At the Award Ceremony, both of them try to vote each other out, but ultimately it was Harold who received the most votes. As he is dragged to the Lame-o-sine by Chef, Harold continues to attempt to warn the others about Owen's role. In the exclusive clip, Harold expresses his anger that Owen is still in the competition.

Total Drama World Tour

Hawaiian Style

Buddies H&O

Harold swings his arm around Owen during the song.

During the challenge, the two, along with Courtney and Blaineley face off in the challenge while singing I'm Winning This. At the beginning of his solo, Harold wraps his arm around Owen in a friendly manner which Owen happily accepts.


  • Both have been members of one of the guys' alliances, though in different seasons:
  • Both are known for certain bodily functions that disgust others:
    • Owen is infamous for his farts.
    • Harold frequently picks his nose.
  • They are two of only three characters to have their weight revealed, the other one being Cameron.
  • Both were eliminated in the thirteenth episode of a season.

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