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Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and had a cameo appearance in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon. She returned as a camper for Total Drama All-Stars, being placed on the Villainous Vultures.


Heather was Total Drama's first antagonist. Famously manipulative, Heather knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Her strategic smarts have proven effective, eliminating a record amount of contestants. She competes with her sights only on the prize money and not on making friends, using others at her advantage and only being kind when she may ultimately be benefited. This makes it difficult to differentiate her original, mean girl ways from her true heartfelt moments.

Such an example is in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, when a tearful Heather tells Harold that she doesn't like "being mean all the time" and it's not fun "being the one everyone hates". Hawaiian Punch, in which she becomes ecstatic at the thought of being the "good guy", confirms that there is at least some truth to her lament. However, even romance is not enough to tame Heather's desire for victory, as shown by her relationship with Alejandro.

Total Drama Island

Heather intimidates some of the campers from the moment she arrives at Camp Wawanakwa.

Much to her dismay, Heather learns that she will be spending her summer in a rundown camp and attempts to leave the competition only to find out she could never due to the fine print of her contract. Heather is placed on the Screaming Gophers and immediately gets in a conflict with most of her teammates, mainly Leshawna and Gwen. Heather refuses to jump off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, not wanting to ruin her hair. This leads to an argument between her and Leshawna which culminates in the latter throwing her off the cliff. Heather vows to get revenge on Leshawna, but during the final moments of the challenge, she insincerely apologies to her. When Lindsay questions her motives, Heather simply reveals that her intentions were to keep Leshawna's guard down, emphasizing the importance of "keeping your friends close and your enemies closer".

In order to find her victory, Heather convinces Lindsay and Beth to form an alliance with her in The Big Sleep, under the promise that she will bring them to the final three with her. In reality, she is simply using their naivety in order to further her own goals. During the challenge, Eva accidentally drops her MP3 player, which Heather steals, knowing that Eva would throw a tantrum and turn her teammates against her. The plan works, with Eva trashing the Bass's cabins and getting eliminated. With Beth and Lindsay's help, Heather easily takes up leadership over the Gophers, despite being disliked by many. In addition, the two are required to follow all her orders, including doing her chores. Heather, however, has a problem controlling Lindsay's growing attraction to Tyler, and repeatedly scolds her whenever she sees them together. When Lindsay leaves with Tyler for a date during Dodgebrawl, Heather angrily throws a kayak onto Tyler to keep them apart.

Heather reading Gwen's diary marks the start of their historic feud.

Heather's most noted enemy on the island other than Leshawna would be the Goth loner, Gwen. The two had a long, complicated rivalry that intensified throughout the series. Gwen is the primary victim of Heather's tormenting, and though the conflict is usually verbal, with Heather calling Gwen "weird Goth girl", they sometimes get physical. Though the two didn't have a good start on their first day, their rivalry begins in Not Quite Famous. After telling Lindsay to distract Gwen, Heather sneaks into the cabin and steals Gwen's diary. During the talent show, Heather reads out the contents of Gwen's diary to the entire world, including of her secret crush on Trent. Her actions disgusts everyone, even Chris and Courtney. After her team loss, Heather knows that she would be the primary target for elimination but is spared by convincing her alliance, Izzy, and bribing Owen with a cake, to vote off Justin instead. Gwen then got back at Heather by dumping Harold's red ant farm in her bed during the night. In the next episode, Heather vows to eliminate Gwen the next time they lose until she is calmed down by Trent.

Heather and Beth get into a fight after the latter leaves their alliance.

As Heather continues to run her alliance like a dictator, Beth slowly comes to realize Heather's true intents and begins to rebel against her. After risking her life to steal a bag of chips for Heather in Paintball Deer Hunter, Beth finally loses her patience. She deliberately disobeys Heather's instructions and eats the chips herself. Later, Beth confronts Heather and quits the alliance, causing a massive paintball fight between them and Leshawna. Watching their fight from afar, the Killer Bass use this opportunity to shoot them, leading to the second consecutive loss for the Gophers. Heather chooses to eliminate Beth for her betrayal but she is spared. Still angry over her betrayal, Heather continues to torment Beth in If You Can't Take The Heat... As before, Heather appoints herself as team leader but her constant bossing eventually make Leshawna snap and lock her in the freezer. When her team loses again, Heather discovers Beth's Tiki idol that she took during their previous trip to Boney Island and realizes that she is responsible for their losing streak. Because of this, Beth is eliminated, much to Heather's satisfaction. With Beth leaving the alliance, Lindsay is the only ally of Heather left in the competition.

Heather screams in embarrassment after being seen nude on international television.

For the next few episodes, Heather suffers from misfortune during the challenges. In Who Can You Trust?, she fails the second part of the challenge she participates in due to Lindsay, which lands her in the infirmary. In Basic Straining, she is among the last three members of her team left during the challenge but quits in order to escape from Owen's gas, only for Owen to fall on her moments after she landed. In X-Treme Torture, Heather volunteers to drive the jet ski for the Bass. Heather tries many attempts to shake Harold off, but the latter manages to grab all the flags despite losing his skis. As they slowly approach the finish line, Heather tries one final attempt to make sure the Bass doesn't win. She attempts to cut the rope Harold is holding onto, but a tree branch snags her top and leaves her completely topless. Despite the humiliation, Harold still fails to reach the finish line after being entranced by Heather's breasts.

Heather attempts to pull Bridgette into her alliance.

When the teams are divided into boys and girls in Brunch of Disgustingness, Heather attempts to convince Bridgette, the sole female Killer Bass remaining, to join her alliance, but her attempts are thwarted by Leshawna. Heather tries to act friendly towards Bridgette throughout the episode, including sharing her make-up, but ultimately, Bridgette decides to side with Gwen and Leshawna. Soon the teams are merged and Heather faces a returning foe, Eva. Fortunately for Heather, Eva has not discovered her actions that lead to Eva's earlier elimination. Heather initially decides to vote for Leshawna, but since she has immunity, she decides to vote off Eva again due to her temper.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Heather has trouble getting her key, as it is located inside Chef's freezer and guarded by Chef Hatchet himself. Nevertheless, Heather manage to retrieve her key with Lindsay's help. Later, Heather spots Gwen and Trent sharing a kiss and considers this a start of an alliance. In order to break them up, she enlists Lindsay's help to organize a situation where Gwen would find Heather kissing Trent on the Dock of Shame after telling numerous lies to Trent about Gwen. This incident breaks Gwen's heart and Leshawna would rally the others to vote off either Heather or Trent. Since Heather had invincibility, Trent is eliminated instead.

Heather betraying Lindsay in That's Off the Chain!

Lindsay continues to help Heather in many of the post-merge challenges and still believes that Heather is her friend. Heather, however, continues to use Lindsay to ensure her own safety. In Hide and Be Sneaky, although Lindsay is the one who discovers DJ and Owen's hiding place, Heather claims invincibility for herself and refuse to share with her. In That's Off the Chain!, Heather is able to trick Lindsay into building a fast bicycle for her and during the race, she instructs her to clear a path through the obstacle courses, allowing Heather to reach the finish line first with Lindsay coming in second. However, since they are the only contestants to cross the finish line, Lindsay is technically the last one to cross and is eliminated. Heather finally reveals she does not care for Lindsay, never intending to keep her promise and was using her the entire time. This revelation causes Lindsay to snap, giving Heather a hate speech including a string of expletives, along with a middle finger gesture.

Heather gets tranquilized by Izzy.

With Lindsay's elimination, Heather has lost all her allies and struggles in all subsequent challenges. By ignoring Gwen's advice in Hook, Line, and Screamer, she is easily captured by Chef while she is about to take a shower. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, she had the hardest animal to capture, a bear, as opposed to the others, who had to capture small animals. Duncan offers to help her but she initially refuses. By the end of the challenge, not only does she fail to complete her challenge, but she is shot by Izzy with a tranquilizer dart, putting her in a state of paralysis for the remainder of the episode. She is partnered with Owen in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, who is probably the only person left on the island who still treats her nicely, but after insulting Izzy in front of him, Owen snaps at her. Despite these disadvantages, Heather manages to survive to the final four due to others being eliminated as a result of poor performance in challenges, being too popular and accidentally being voted off by the eliminated campers and a parrot.

Heather finally meets her downfall in I Triple Dog Dare You!

Heather and Gwen continue to be at each other's throat in Camp Castaways, with Duncan getting caught in between. The three of them struggle to survive on a deserted island together until Owen returns and convinces them to get along. In Are We There Yeti?, Heather reluctantly teams up with Gwen in order to defeat Owen and Duncan. Using deceptive tactics, such as pretending to be weak, helpless girls, Heather and Gwen win invincibility and Duncan is voted off. Unfortunately for Heather, her luck runs out in I Triple Dog Dare You! as Gwen and Owen team up in order to eliminate her by forcing her to compete in every challenge they throw at her. Heather endures them all until she is faced with a challenge given by Lindsay. At first, Heather believes that Lindsay would not be smart enough to come up with a tough challenge, only for her to realize that she is required to get her head shaved off by Chef. Heather is torn between what to decide on as Chef inches closer with the razor blade, and kicks it out of Chef's hands before making a decision. The razor blade ends up landing on top of Heather and shaves most of her hair off anyway, leaving Heather's head a disfigured mess. Since she does not actually accept the dare, Heather is automatically eliminated. Frustrated over her defeat, Heather leaves the island and threatens to sue the show.

Heather scolding Owen in the finale, despite supporting him.

Now wearing a wig to cover her bald head, Heather chooses to support Owen in the finale. Heather goes through great lengths to ensure Gwen doesn't win, though most of her attempts end up backfiring, including the laxative-laced muffin that she gives to Gwen before the challenge, which Owen ate. Heather's pride is lost when Leshawna takes matters into her own hands and locks Heather in the confessional after Owen uses it. She remains there even after one of the finalists has reached the finish line. As the boys prepare to throw Chef into the lake after doing the same to Chris, Heather and Gwen have friendly banter with each other which ends with Gwen teasing Heather about her foul stench.

Heather prepares to hang-glide to the docks after betraying Harold.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Heather's past actions throughout the season have made everyone refuse to ally with her, and she is forced to resort to forming a team with Harold. After retrieving the briefcase, Heather betrays Harold and uses the hang-glider he built to fly to the Dock of Shame. However, it falls apart and sends Heather head-first into a beaver dam. In the process, the case falls out of her hands and into the water. Later, a beaten-up Heather, having finally escaped the angry beavers, encounters Harold yet again, as he pulls up alongside her by the river in a canoe. She at first doesn't want to be with him as she is angry at her misfortune throughout the episode. But Harold is determined to help her, thus having a heart-to-heart talk with her that Harold seems to understand. Harold forgives Heather and allows her to join him again, even offering to be her friend once they are done. However, Heather shakes her head to the camera with a grimace on her face, showing she does not wish to befriend Harold. In the end, the two end up in the lake with several other contestants and qualify for the next season.

Total Drama Action

Heather and Gwen's conflict continues.

Heather is forced to suffer the consequences of her antagonistic behavior in the previous season. She is still hated by the majority of the cast, with virtually nobody trusting her, with the only exception being Harold. And to add to her suffering, she spends the entire season bald, losing her beauty and vanity from last season. Jokes are made at her expense, she is endlessly hated by her peers, and Heather learns a thing or two about humility. Heather, along with the rest of the cast, debuts to Total Drama Action in Monster Cash, with the same wig she has in The Very Last Episode, Really!. As soon as she steps off the bus, she immediately is at odds with Gwen, who she had a strong rivalry with her last season. Everyone shows that they have not forgiven Heather for her actions last season, as she is forced to work alone during the challenge. When the monster catches her and throws her in the bounce house, her wig comes off. This becomes a running gag. Later, no one wants to share a bunk with her at the end of the episode. When the girls draw Lindsay's makeup brushes, they decide that the one who draws the shortest brush has to share a bunk with Heather. However, they have their math off, and Heather ends up getting a bunk all to herself.

Heather loses her wig forever in Alien Resurr-eggtion after she is shot by Chef Hatchet.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Heather still has no allies, especially due to the lack of teams. Once again, Heather has to participate in the challenge alone, since no one else wants to be with her. Lindsay and Beth also discuss Heather in the confessional, and how much they distrust her due to her manipulation over them last season. She ends up grouping up with Owen, Izzy and Harold. She is separated from them when they encounter Chef Hatchet, and Izzy tells them to make a run for it, as Izzy herself confronts Chef. Afterward, Heather is looking around when Chef ambushes and chases her, claiming that he is getting revenge on her for putting laxatives in his food in last season's finale. Heather is shot and her wig falls off and through the grates in the floor, becoming upset that her precious wig is lost forever. In the confessional, Heather talks about how, back home, she has tried many methods to grow her hair back. She talks about how she tried "traditional Burmese medicine", but spits it out, yelling "Loser Shaman!" At that night's Awards Ceremony, Heather receives her first Gilded Chris Award.

Harold is the only castmate willing to be friends with Heather.

When the time comes to choose the teams in Riot On Set, and Gwen and Trent are in charge of picking the teams, Heather believes that she will be picked very soon. To her shock, she is not. She begins to lose hope that she won't be the last one picked. Gwen, not sure who to pick, is reminded by Leshawna to "keep her enemies close", and tells Gwen to choose Heather instead of Izzy, which she reluctantly does, much to Heather's surprise. She is placed on the Screaming Gaffers. When the challenge begins, Heather believes that they should hand each other the supplies in relay fashion. Her team disagrees, and get her to be quiet. Harold comforts Heather, telling her to write down all her ideas and discuss them in the next team meeting, but Heather treats him rather harshly, calling him "trout lips" and telling him to jump in a lake. When her team fails to get their trailer to the top of the hill, Heather wonders how they are going to do makeup without proper vanity lighting. She ends up getting stuck on the cable of light, and Harold helps her down. Heather considers forming an alliance with Harold.

Heather is shunned by her "friends" from last season.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Heather continues to be shunned by her fellow castmates, bar Harold, who is the only one who attempts to reach out to her. Despite this, Heather coldly rejects Harold. She takes her breakfast, and smiles at Lindsay and Beth. However, they give her the cold shoulder, which forces her to find a new place to sit. Later, as Duncan bullies Trent, Trent throws some salt back to get rid of any bad luck. This salt ends up getting in Heather's eyes, becoming temporarily blinded. She then sneezes uncontrollably when she gets pepper up her nose, running away screaming. While she is not seen participating in the surfing challenge, Heather is seen working hard in the sandcastle building challenge, and even admiring Harold's work, the "Taj MaHarold". After her team loses and Chris forces the castmates to find firewood, Heather is the only one to question why they had to do so in the first place, because Chris already had made fire, only for Chris to show Heather his manicured hands.

Heather and Leshawna get into a fight during the first challenge.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Heather is bogged down by the intense heat, just like everyone else, and shares an umbrella with Leshawna for shade. Heather and Leshawna end up having to break the tie for their team. Both climb the ladder to jump onto the horse while insulting each other. One of the insulting topics thrown between each other is Heather mocking Leshawna for her weave, which poofs up due to the humidity. They also insult each other's fashion choices while climbing up the ladder. In anger, Leshawna pushes Heather off and is pulled down too because Heather grabs hold of her arm, but they both land on a roof ornament and hang by their pants. Leshawna's pants rip on the weather vane and she falls off, but she still misses the horse, while Heather is left hanging off the plank. Both teams are then tied with three points each. During the second challenge, Beth manages to successfully rope Heather when the Killer Grips play as the cowboys, and the Screaming Gaffers play the cows. After the challenge, when the castmates bathe in the barrels, Heather glares at Owen when he implies that he wants to use the bathroom inside the barrel before she bathes in it.

Gwen flatters Heather into helping the girls get out of the trailer by complimenting her figure.

Heather is brought up a few times in The Aftermath: I, during Geoff, and Bridgette's argument. As they discuss the Gwen and Trent drama, Bridgette states that Gwen stabbed Trent in the back and had him voted off to cover her own butt, and Geoff brings up Trent kissing Heather in Search and Do Not Destroy. Bridgette says that Heather tricked Trent into doing so, and Geoff calls Heather the "hottest girl" on the show, and claims that Trent would not have to be tricked into kissing her for that reason. Sadie brings it up again, when she states her reason for switching to "Team Gwen". In The Chefshank Redemption, Heather, among the rest of the girls, is surprised to find out that they are locked in their trailer. After Heather complains that the trailer is "as small as the space in between Lindsay's ears," she then gets talked into slipping through the roof by Gwen, who uses one of Heather's weaknesses: Shameless flattery, saying only someone as thin as a toothpick could fit through. She says that "surely the most athletic of us would want to show off her natural sleekness!"

Leshawna says that she trusts anyone more than she trusts Heather.

Once the first challenge ends, Lindsay reminds Gwen that she should have allowed the Grips to win. Heather, seeing Gwen talk to Lindsay, immediately confronts Gwen, and suspiciously asks what she was talking about to Lindsay. Gwen shoves aside Heather's suspicions and walks away, leaving Heather still very much suspicious. Gwen arouses more suspicions from Heather as she insists on pushing the cart for her team, followed by a wink to the Grips, signaling to them that she will be helping them win the challenge. Once the Grips pass up the Gaffers several seconds later, Heather's suspicions rise high enough for her to begin suspiciously questioning Gwen about why she had stopped and why the Grips kept mentioning Trent's name. In an effort to convince her team that she had stopped for a legitimate reason, Gwen attempts to fake a cramp. Heather, still suspicious, then tells Gwen to keep moving, despite her "cramp", and Gwen complies. Duncan and Leshawna give Heather flack for this, with Duncan stating that "if she's got a cramp, then she's got a cramp. We humans get them." Heather insists that she has "just the thing for cramps", and makes Gwen keep moving. When Gwen asks Leshawna to slow down her digging in the later challenge, Heather suspiciously asks Gwen why she is not being supportive of her team and questions whether she wishes to win the challenge at all. Gwen denies Heather's assumptions, saying she is only concerned for the well-being of her teammates.

Heather pushes Chris out of her way in order to mock Gwen about her elimination.

Before the end of the challenge, Heather begins to get excited about winning again. When Izzy arrives, she tells the Gaffers to follow her to the finish line, as she knows a "shortcut", which makes Gwen nervous. Heather, noticing Gwen's nervousness, provokingly tells Gwen how great it is that they had found a short-cut, knowing that she didn't want them to win. At the Gaffers' table, Heather taunts Gwen, saying that she will be voted off, to which Gwen asks her how she is so sure. Heather replies, saying that she had seen through Gwen's "stunt", assuring her that she knew that she threw the challenge. DJ then brings Gwen a dish of food, in order to "keep her strength up". Gwen then thanks DJ, and Heather looks on angrily. Later, the Screaming Gaffers are shown at the Gilded Chris Ceremony. At the ceremony, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, and Harold all receive awards, while Heather and Gwen continuously glare at each other. Chris then announces that Heather receives the last Gilded Chris. Heather then, excitedly, takes Chris's place at the podium by pushing him down, telling Gwen that she is not a winner and is, therefore, a loser, to which Gwen only glares. Heather is shown declaring that with the three votes for Gwen she knew of (her own vote, plus Harold's and Leshawna's), Gwen would easily be eliminated.

Heather complains about Izzy's return ruining their team's number advantage, insulting her team in the process.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Heather is the only castmate on her team who is not surprised about Gwen being a traitor, having known the truth all along. Heather can't believe Izzy returned, which ruined the Gaffers' number advantage, stating it is the only advantage they had. When Chris arrives and explains the challenge to everyone, Heather then protests that it is already very late, to which Chris just begins to talk about how "no medical school all-nighter is complete without pizza". When Duncan says that the pizza tastes good, Heather wonders how that is possible. As the Screaming Gaffers study in the crafts services tent, Heather becomes suspicious and wonders where DJ is after Harold tells Duncan to save some pizza for him. However, DJ manages to save himself by showing up just in time. Duncan and Leshawna decide to go to sleep, believing they do not have to win since it is a reward challenge. In the confessional, Heather is then shown talking about how she could have forced them to stay, but claimed that they couldn't help the team win unless the challenge was about piercings or plus-sized shopping.

Heather works well with DJ in the Visiting Hours challenge.

Leshawna discusses the prospect of an alliance with Heather, to get Heather off her back. She also believes they should watch their backs around her. When Chris asks the castmates if they are prepared for the challenge the next day, Heather claims that some are more ready than others, indicating Leshawna. Leshawna responds by saying that she made had own choice, while Chris grows excited over the tension between them, calling it his "favorite". When Chris reveals that only one castmate can enjoy the reward of the challenge, Duncan asks who "the one" will be. Heather says it will be "the person who most directly contributes to the win". In the confessional, Heather is shown talking about how she will be the one who will receive the reward. Heather performs well in the Visiting Hours challenge, working especially well with DJ. When Justin identifies symptoms of a disease in the textbooks, Beth says is "Mortatistical Crumples Disease" which she recalls is fatal.

Heather suffers seasickness from "Mortatistical Crumples Disease".

Adding to the fear and shock already in place from this news, Heather adds that is it also highly contagious. After the castmates find a sore on Owen, Heather then spots another sore on DJ. As Owen scrambles around the hospital set in his bubble, Heather calls him a "deranged pinball of death". Heather becomes a victim of Mortatistical Crumples Disease and suffers seasickness. Heather, writing her will, leaves all her awards and recognitions to her mother, having to vomit frequently. She continues her will, leaving nothing for her siblings, telling them to earn it themselves, referring to them as "lazy slackers". After Leshawna and Duncan win the challenge, she brings up the prospect of an alliance to Duncan and Harold again, saying she only wants to get Heather out of her face. When Chris shows the reward, Heather's mother is seen. When Leshawna starts crying crocodile tears in order to win the reward, Heather comments on how Leshawna truly does have a heart, sympathizes with her, and agrees with the rest of the team to let Leshawna have the reward.

Heather is forced to kiss Duncan in the challenge.

In The Sand Witch Project, Heather stops trying to befriend Lindsay and Beth, and insults them. She calls them "spineless followers", which causes Lindsay to take leadership of her team. Heather is part of the second part of the horror movie challenge. In her challenge, she is forced to kiss Duncan. Both are extremely disgusted by this. They pull apart quick after their kiss, and Heather says that Duncan "tastes like street", and says that her lips may never recover. When the "killer" finally arrives, Heather is too disgusted by the kiss to scream properly. After Chef Hatchet's interference in the challenge, DJ faints, and Heather slaps him to wake him up. After DJ says he needs to see Chef, Heather slaps him again, stating that he is still "talking crazy". In the second part of the challenge, according to the plan, Heather has to dress up as a police officer. Harold suspends Heather over the Grips, who manages to scare all of them, except for Lindsay (who is later scared by DJ's interference). Once the Killer Grips are gone, DJ walks toward the hanging Heather and sees the "conscience momma" telling him that he did a bad thing and she would never forgive him. At the end of the episode, she is shocked when she finds out that DJ was in an alliance with Chef all along.

"You're gonna pay for this, big. loud and proud!"

– Heather

In Masters of Disasters, Heather is surprised to find out that Beth has a boyfriend, and points out that Beth never mentioned she had any boyfriend before. When Harold talks about his surgical kidney swap and says he is a "rare case", Heather agrees, but in an insulting fashion. When she sees Owen devour the food, Heather states her theory that Owen's taste buds packed up and moved to France years ago. Heather performs well in the first challenge, being one of the only three castmates (the others being Duncan and Leshawna) to complete it. During the second challenge, as the water rises in the submarine, Heather, annoyed, mocks Leshawna's poofy hair, again, making a "big girl" joke about her, and the two get into a slap fight. Duncan manages to pull them apart. Heather becomes scared. She holds onto Duncan, which Duncan seems to enjoy. Heather is disgusted by this, and splashes water on him. When she finds out that Leshawna was crying crocodile tears to win the reward in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, she becomes furious, and exclaims "You're gonna pay for this, big, loud and proud!" After the castmates escape and Chris tells the Gaffers their reward for winning, Heather talks about her disdain of it on the confessional. In Full Metal Drama, Heather tries very hard to make sure that the Killer Grips don't hear Leshawna's farts during the challenge, singing "Hush little baby, don't you cry, if you do, we'll surely die."

Heather and Harold spend the entire episode at odds.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Heather watches Duncan carve pictures into the table of the crafts service tent with his knife, and calls him a vandal. Then, she turns to Harold and, frustrated, calls him a nerd. Harold replies by blowing a raspberry at her. After Leshawna tries to get everyone to get along, Heather gives her the cold shoulder with the rest of her team. Before the challenge could be started, Justin tells Chris that their team is missing a player right before Heather says the same, in a disinterested tone, that they are missing one, but they don't care. At the Gaffers' vault, Harold tries to unlock the vault, but Heather starts an argument with him by telling him that she needs to do it. Harold uses facts as to why he needs to be the one to unlock the vault, as he gained experience from being a captain of Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp. However, Heather slaps his hands so she can try. He then slaps her hand away, and they both get into a slap fight over who's the better lock-picker, forgetting all about the actual experienced criminal, much to his annoyance. Harold, seen brutally beaten, still seems to be trying to unlock their team's vault. Heather begins getting impatient and starts to tap her foot, as Harold says he needs silence.

Heather's team wins the challenge again.

Heather begins to think strategically as to what the code might be, as she thinks Chris was the one who made the combination. She believes that the combination could be about something that he loves; himself. First, she tries his birthday. Getting it incorrect, Harold makes a buzzer noise, as if they were on a game show. Heather then tries Chris' measurements, incorrectly, and gets another buzzer noise from Harold. Before she could even get her third suggestion in, the bar code number on Chris' favorite hair gel, Harold makes the buzzer noise, much to her anger, as she tells Harold angrily to stop making the noises. Heather comes up with another idea, using a bobby pin, which doesn't work. Eventually, Duncan and Heather decide to leave Leshawna. Duncan, Harold, and Heather then arrive at the bank-robbing site and actually beat the Grips, on account of Owen's hunger slowing them down. At the car site, Duncan, Harold, and Heather are seen working on the now-seen-to-be go-karts. When the Screaming Gaffers win the reward, they head back to the trailers, and Duncan dumps out the money, thinking that it's really money. Heather reads out that it is "non-negotiable Chris cash, accepted only in the Total Drama Action craft services tent towards the purchase of tap water".

Heather celebrates finally getting a lock of Courtney's hair, claiming that she is not crazy; she is bald.

Heather's inner conflict concerning her hair makes a return in One Million Bucks, B.C.. She becomes upset that Lindsay has hair, and she does not, when it is Lindsay's fault that she is bald in the first place. Meanwhile, she and Leshawna start fighting due to Heather leaving Leshawna in the vault in the previous episode, which she does not regret. When Lindsay gets a knot tied in her hair, Heather volunteers to brush it out, and does so very roughly, hurting Lindsay. At this point, Heather has become desperate for hair, but believes she is too smart to be "Lindsay blonde", and does not want "Leshawna's gross weave", or "Beth's pathetic ponytail". When Courtney enters, Heather sees Courtney's hair, and she becomes very interested in it. She holds and admires some of Courtney's hair while telling Courtney that it's great to have her "hair", but corrects herself with "here". Before the challenge, Heather asks Chris if he has any wigs. Chris then tells the castmates to dress up in loincloths and gives Heather a Flintstones-like wig. When the contestants line up, Courtney finds a claw in her loincloth. Heather, in an attempt to clip off some of her hair, is caught by Courtney and snips off the claw to cover it up. While Courtney is in the confessional, Heather manages to snip off some of her hair when she is not looking. In her own confessional, Heather laughs happily that she finally got a lock of Courtney's hair. She turns to the camera and says "I'm not crazy. I'm just bald."

Heather gets into a fight with a giant loon, and loses the challenge to Beth.

In the second round of the challenge, Heather fights against Beth. While Heather throws random strikes, a giant Monster Loon snatches her new wig and makes her fall forward, only to clings onto Beth's bone. Beth lets go of the bone, and Heather falls into the tar pit. When the Giant Loon comes back for its egg, Heather beats it up, and gets her wig back. Chris gets the last word in confessions, apologizing for the lack of plot development regarding Heather stealing Courtney's hair, explaining that due to Courtney's litigious nature; they literally "can't harm a hair on her head". In the exclusive clip of the episode, Heather, covered in tar, complains about how she thinks reward challenges are "such a waste of time", and that she really needs a makeover. She then excitedly pulls out the lock of hair she stole from Courtney earlier and sticks it to her head. However, a cameraman comes into the confessional and wrestles the hair from Heather. After he leaves, Heather puts on her red wig. She then realizes that the wig will not come off, and is excited because she finally has "hair".

Heather stands up for Leshawna after her backstabbing is leaked.

In Million Dollar Babies, Heather refuses to participate in the first part of the challenge, but Leshawna forces her into helping. The next challenge pits Beth against Heather in a game of badminton. Heather begins pummeling Beth, and it looks as though all hope is lost for the Grips. The Gaffers start trash-talking Beth, and Leshawna tells her that her "chances of winning are about as real as your boyfriend". Her comment sparks fury in Beth, and she transfers her anger into the game, easily defeating Heather for the second time in a row. When Courtney reveals all the bad things that Leshawna said about everyone during her trip to the spa, everyone becomes angry at her. Everyone except Heather, who says that she does the same thing, and wonders why everyone is so angry, despite Leshawna saying Heather is "mean, just for the sake of being mean." During Justin's slam dunk, he steals Heather's wig and dunks it. Leshawna returns the wig to its rightful place, on Heather's head. Before the cheerleading tiebreaker, Heather suggests that they make a cheer about her. In the actual cheer, Leshawna calls Heather "queen of mean", but says she has a "nice scalp for a groovin' teen."

Heather is eliminated, and befriends Leshawna before she rides the Lame-o-sine.

However, despite her and her team's efforts, the Screaming Gaffers lose. In the Awards Ceremony, Chris reviews everyone's reason for possibly going home, and Heather's is that she lost the badminton game to Beth. To Heather's major shock, she is voted off instead of Leshawna, as Duncan and Harold liked and accepted Leshawna's apology. At the end of the episode, Leshawna goes with Heather on the Walk of Shame, to the Lame-o-sine, telling her she can consider themselves friends. Heather then gives Leshawna her wig from the last episode as a farewell gift, so that Leshawna can use it when her real hair looks "as bad as it does today". In her exclusive clip, Heather surprisingly isn't mad at her elimination like last time, stating that she can now have the time to grow her hair back. She mentions that with her father being cheap, she might end up having a ponytail. Heather then comes up with a plan to cut her mother's hair while she is asleep and claims it as her own as her mother's hair has a nice volume. She ends the video saying the possibilities of how she will get a new set of hair are endless now that the show is over for her.

Heather enters the Aftermath studio with a new wig.

Heather makes an appearance in the Total Drama Aftermath in The Aftermath: III. She appears with a new wig this time, an afro wig. As soon as she is brought out for her interview with Leshawna, she is immediately put into the electric chair for "Truth or Electrocution". Leshawna is surprised by the chair, while Heather is indifferent. Heather starts off the segment, talking about how her parents attempted to use electrocution to make her nicer. She then says that they can shock her all they want and manages to lie on every question she is asked while being shocked every single time. She is proven to think that Courtney is a solid castmate, that Lindsay isn't as dumb as she seems, and that she thinks Beth may be a threat. They then stop questioning her, and Bridgette shows a never-before-seen clip of Heather playing with "num-yos" near Harold, allegedly taped with Courtney's camera.

Heather is electrocuted after she lies about her opinions of the remaining girls in the competition, by berating them.

During Leshawna's interview, she is first asked whether or not she considers Heather to be a friend. Leshawna responds positively, saying that Heather stood up for her, and states that it is worth a lot. Leshawna, after getting unstrapped, proceeds to Geoff, stating that he used to be a real nice guy, but now is "all kinds of nasty". Bridgette and Owen concur while Heather says that she is proud of Geoff's new attitude, due to it being similar to hers. Bridgette, Heather, Leshawna, and Owen all force Geoff into the electric chair for a change, in consent with Bridgette's idea. Heather asks Geoff about who does he thinks is the hottest girl in the show, which annoys Bridgette, but Geoff never answers her. The audience then laughs at her, as do Leshawna, Geoff, and Bridgette. Heather complains at Leshawna laughing at her, but she reminds them that they are still friends, though the video is still funny.

In The Aftermath: IV, when it is Heather's turn to ask Duncan and Beth a question, she instead complains about how she deserves to win the million more than them and rudely blames everyone else for her misfortune. In both endings, Heather is surprised along with everyone else when Beth's boyfriend, Brady, makes an appearance. Heather commented that not only she is shocked that Brady is real, she also admitted that Brady is really good looking.

Heather hosting the "Loser Gwen" show in order to mock Gwen.

By Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Heather's hair had grown back and is tied into a short ponytail. Celebrity Manhunt reveal that Heather and Gwen continue their feud long after Total Drama Action has ended. In response to one of Gwen's save the environment blog, Heather hosted a video blog of her own, wearing a wig resembling Gwen's hair and two sock puppets resembling Katie and Sadie, and mocks Gwen and even mention of her alleged crush on Duncan. Gwen retaliated by showing secret footage of Heather kissing her pet cat and spreading negative news about her. The two were brought to the Celebrity Manhunt studio for an interview, though after both girls insulted each other, they ended up in a fistfight. Heather reunites with the cast at the Red Carpet Show, only to discover that Chris is starting a new reality show. In an attempt to save her fame, Heather teams up with everyone to stop Chris. However, they are stopped when the bus is driven off a cliff. Heather is amongst the teens rescued by Chris and proceeds to Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour

Gwen and Heather continue to fight.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, it is made clear that Gwen and Heather still hate each other. Heather appears to have returned to her old cruel self. In the jet's cockpit confessional, Heather complains about Alejandro and Lindsay looking like real threats and states that she sees right through Alejandro's game. However, after Chef interrupts her confessional several times, she storms off. She then explains in the porta-potty confessional, that since she needs an alliance and nearly everyone hates her, her only option is to become friends with the "new girl". She tries to interact with Sierra a lot during the episode, she asks her opinion in which way they should go to reach the exit of the pyramid. She teams up with Cody and Sierra to get through the pyramid. At some point in the challenge, Sierra accidentally steps in a trap that shoots some spears at them, to which Heather notices and pushes Sierra down, along with herself. Sierra apologizes and Heather, trying to not lose control, accepts her apology with a fake smile. She even hugs Sierra and Cody at the end of the episode in a "group hug", although she seemed reluctant to do so. When Cody asks where Gwen is, Heather just looks at him. Heather also claims to recognize Alejandro's tactics during a confessional earlier in the episode and ends up on Team Amazon, along with Gwen, Izzy, Cody, and Courtney.

Heather and her teammates winning the first challenge.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, after Gwen talks about how shocked she is about Duncan quitting, Heather tells her that he probably can't sing, where Courtney corrects Heather saying he can do anything he sets his mind to. She gets really happy knowing this episode's challenge is a camel race and that they are the only team with a camel. Also, she's the first one to get on the camel and starts to boss her team remembering that it's a race in order to make them get ready faster. Cody is humiliated by her after he tries to impress Gwen. Heather begins to question herself about Alejandro, saying "he is just so... perfect", but quickly corrects herself. Heather and her team get lost during the challenge, but Izzy's communication with their camel got them to the third challenge. Heather sticks her tongue out at Alejandro, after Chris approved of Sierra switching sides with Izzy, and is shocked when Alejandro blows her a kiss back. After Gwen and Courtney see the benefits of having Sierra on their team, Heather tells them that they should listen to her next time around, but they just laugh at her and tell her that she has to do a lot more to win their trust. Unfortunately, she and her team weren't able to get the camel on the boat, until Alejandro, to make it fair, ordered Izzy to help the other team. Then the camel entered in their canoe and they crossed the Nile river, singing Rowin' Time. Team Amazon is the first team to cross the line and they spent the night in the first-class cabin.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Heather tries to remind Courtney that she isn't the only person in Team Amazon and says that her "friend" Sierra needs to have her opinion considered as well. But right away she almost gets sick, after seeing Sierra sniffing Cody's shoe, making her ask for a barf bag. Heather has a few solos in Before We Die. For the first challenge, she suggests that Gwen does it, since, as Heather stated, "Gwen's face could use some remodeling". Gwen responds by asking Heather to turn her "witch switch" back to off. Cody and Sierra ended up doing it, but they lose. Because of this, Team Amazon is the last to choose the props, which the team is unsatisfied by. While looking for props for their commercial, they catch a brief glimpse of Ezekiel's silhouette with glowing red eyes, which Heather is terrified by. Team Amazon wonders if it is really him, but he immediately disappears. Heather's idea for the challenge is for the candy fish to be swimming in the fish tank, before breaking out and playing basketball. Gwen and Courtney have different ideas and they start fighting, which ends in the three storming off. Despite this setback Team Amazon wins the challenge, thanks to Cody and Sierra finishing the commercial, containing the ideas from the three other girls. Sierra is delighted by this, and calls for a group hug, only to order everyone to "back off" so that she can just hug Cody.

Heather leading Courtney during the challenge.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Heather is sleeping (and drooling) in the winners' cabin. She gets angry with Chris when they reach the Yukon, and asks for jackets, to which he answers that he ordered them and that they would be ready in a couple of weeks. During the challenge, Heather and Courtney were the first two of Team Amazon to get across the ice, but since Courtney's name comes before Heather's name, Courtney has to pull the sled. Heather uses a whip on Courtney to make her move faster, and also because she thinks it's funny, much to Courtney's dismay. Heather's team came in last place, but since Bridgette isn't with Team Victory, Team Amazon comes in second place, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot comes in first.

In Broadway, Baby!, Gwen and Courtney are both willing to vote off Heather when the time is right, so Heather resorts to gaining Cody and Sierra's trust. Alejandro also tries to secure Sierra's trust, but Heather blows him off. Sierra appears to go along with Heather but secretly reveals she's aware of Heather's true intent having watched the past seasons many times. Heather also tells Sierra that she thinks that she should decide who goes up first on the ropes to climb the Statue of Liberty. Heather gets the carriage at the top to prove she is a good team member. Later, when Sierra pushes Chris too far, Heather realizes it is Alejandro's doing and gets back at him by swapping his team's carriage for a real baby carriage. This gives Team Amazon the win and makes Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot come in last. At the reward ceremony, Heather receives a meat grinder but throws it off the plane believing it to be a booby prize, despite Courtney's suggestion to keep it.

Heather loses her tooth.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Heather talks with Sierra in first class, where Sierra tells her that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot will start having troubles in the competition. Heather begins to notice that Alejandro is charming Leshawna, and she is disgusted by it. Later, before the meat-grinding challenge, her team (mostly Courtney) are angry at Heather for throwing out the meat grinder in the previous episode, which could have given them the upper hand. Also, due to them running low on meat due to Sierra, Heather has an idea to use the little meat they had and stomped on it to form a meat-snowboard. It worked until they went off a ledge and fell down the hill. During the second part of the challenge, Heather tries to warn Leshawna that Alejandro is trying to manipulate her, but she is ignored. During the first round of the dancing challenge, Heather goes up against Owen, which ends up being an easy victory for her. In the second round, she goes up against Leshawna, who ends up slapping her in frustration. She ends up with a bruised eye and missing tooth after the event. After the challenge, Heather confronts Alejandro to find out what he is up to, but he does not tell her and only flirts with her, to which she storms off in anger.

Heather finds out that the Zing-Zings are actors.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Heather is seen in the first-class section putting makeup on to cover her bruises. Courtney sarcastically remarks that she looks good, while Heather scoffs and closes her mirror. During the challenge, Heather and her team have to decide which path to take, Heather suggests Gwen should pick since she felt "lucky" and they could blame her if she got them in last place, Gwen retorted saying "Your parents must love this show, it gets you out of the house!" While going through the Amazon, Heather and her team come across the Zing-Zings and are captured by them. While Gwen looks through Cody's pants to find something to cut them out of the rope, rather, she finds x-ray glasses, Heather mockingly asks her what color Cody's underwear is, and Gwen checks. However, Cody doesn't have any underwear on, and she ends up seeing a lot more. When trying to contact Chris through the walkie-talkie, Chris makes them sing a song, and Heather has to end it with a solo. After Heather's solo, the Zing-Zings notice her missing tooth. Heather misconstrues their appall as an insult. They brush over some large leaves to reveal a tiki of a goddess with a gold tooth that resembles Heather. The two Zing-Zings give her a gold tooth in place of her recently lost one, pleasing her. Courtney tells Heather to get them to untie them, but Heather says that if she asked, they might use them as sacrifices.

Chef finds Team Amazon but is stopped by Heather who orders him to kneel down before the Zing-Zings. Chef disregards her and slices the ropes which tied Team Amazon and reveals that the Zing-Zings were two Peruvian actors. Heather is disgusted by the fact that they put a gold tooth in her mouth, and Sierra taunts her. Chef reminds them that they lost the challenge and must vote someone off. Heather notices Gwen and addresses her, and she wakes up and asks if they had won the challenge, giving her angry glares from Sierra, Courtney, and Cody. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Alejandro appears beside Heather. Less than thrilled to see him, he tells her to cheer up, as her departure will help him in the game. Heather lets him know that she knows of his plans which eliminated both Leshawna and Bridgette. Alejandro admits that even she couldn't resist him if he kissed her, but Heather quickly shoots down the thought. Chris begins the elimination ceremony, He then reveals the votes, which show that Gwen, Courtney, and Sierra all voted for Heather, Heather voted for Gwen, and Cody voted for Sierra. Heartbroken, Sierra sobs, in the confessional, she asks why Cody would vote her, after everything she did for him. Chris then reveals that the elimination was fake, and Heather wouldn't be taking the Drop of Shame after all. Everyone gasps at this, while in the confessional, Heather swears revenge on both her team and Alejandro.

Heather judging the models, along with Owen and Chris.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Heather is first seen teasing Alejandro for his unorganized team, to which he responds that her attempts to insult his team are cute, irritating her. Heather tells Alejandro that her team doesn't get distracted by anything, especially boys. Alejandro then points out Sierra, who is crying over a boy and Heather proceeds to drag her out of the economy class by her ponytail. During the statue challenge, she tells Cody to calm Sierra down while the rest of the team looks for the statue pieces. She is upset at Sierra's crying and Cody due to it interfering with the challenge. She talks in Paris in the Springtime and yells at Cody and tells him to take Sierra outside. She argues yet again with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot that they mixed up their pieces on purpose. But in the end, her team ended up winning the challenge, and once again gaining invincibility and being able to stay in the winner's cabin. She is one of the judges in the walk-off challenge. She dislikes Lindsay's design and likes DJ's, but dislikes Gwen as the model, calling her uninspiring and dull amongst other insults. She then picks DJ's design as the best.

Heather succeeds in making DJ sing.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Heather is first seen sneaking around in the vents attempting to sneak back into the losers section, in order to gain information, and form an alliance with DJ, before Alejandro does. Courtney and Gwen both suspect that her sneaking has something to do with Alejandro, and both girls mock her and accuse her of having a crush on him. After Courtney makes fun of her "dried up, black little heart" lighting up with love, Heather assures her that she does not have a crush on Alejandro, and explains why she is crawling in the vents. She continues on in the vent system, eventually reaching the economy section, where DJ admits that he wants to lose. Shocked, she falls out of the vent in front of everyone, nervously claiming that she just dropped her pen. When the plane crashes and the contestants are tossed out, she grips onto a cushion on one of the first-class cabin's sofas, forcing Chef to pull her off the sofa and toss her in the water with the cushion. Heather then rides on the cushion outside on the water, and when she sees DJ almost drowning, she gives it to DJ and then asks for an alliance. Alejandro mocks her strategy, stating that it would have been wiser to give DJ the cushion if he agreed to an alliance in the first place.

Heather gets splattered by an oyster muck.

In the confessional, she admits that Alejandro is "good" and romantically sighs. She then quickly demands the tape which hinted that she liked him, angrily pulling on the confessional's camera and wondering how to open it. After Chris explains that the contestants must paddle to the East Coast of Canada with boats, Courtney suggests to Team Amazon that they should swim in a "V-Formation", as they'll be faster. Heather agrees and asks if there are any objections. Gwen is shocked that Heather doesn't have an objection, but Heather states that the only objection she has is to lose. Before all the teams get in their boats, Courtney announces that she'll be at the front of the boat. Heather disagrees, stating that she should get point, though Courtney reminds her that she is a C.I.T., to which Heather angrily says that Courtney is more like a "B-I-T-C", before being cut off by Gwen.

Once all the teams get in their boats, Heather abandons her team to help DJ to the surface and leaves Courtney in charge of Team Amazon. Despite his best efforts, she winds up tricking him into singing a part in Sea Shanty Mix and winning the first challenge for him. When she finds out she has to deal with clams due to coming in last place, she is quickly disgusted and tries to worm her way out of it, as her team is not here. Chris tells her she has to do it by herself, which aggravates her. During the challenge, she manages to get DJ to drink the vinegar. This leads to DJ winning the first part of the second challenge. She also got DJ to win the second part indirectly. Finally, Heather tries to get DJ to win the third part, but DJ doesn't listen to her until Alejandro convinces him to kiss the fish. He does so, and ties with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. The rest of Team Amazon show up, discovering that they are in dead last place. Heather angrily questions where Courtney and the rest of Team Amazon were, and just when Courtney is about to blame it on herself, Gwen sticks up for her and states that it was her fault. Heather frustratedly says that she will vote Gwen off, though Chris announces that it was actually a reward challenge, causing Heather to get angry.

Heather snatches the gold from Alejandro.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Heather complains about the economy section, since the plane is leaking during the rainstorm. Heather is among those who screamed when the plane landed in Jamaica. During the cliff dive challenge, when Heather is about to dive off the cliff, when Alejandro compliments her diving form, trying to mess with her head. He catches her off guard with his comment and she accidentally falls flat into the water. When Alejandro pulls Gwen out of the water, Heather runs up to snatch the gold chains from his neck, unconcerned about her injured teammate. Later, Heather worriedly questions Courtney if her lawyers knew the show's contracts and wouldn't allow Chris to kill them. In response, Courtney jokes that her lawyers don't know what the producers put in Heather's contract, causing Heather to give a frightened look, just before their descent onto the bobsled track. Her team ends up winning the challenge and tells DJ that he had allied with the wrong team and that he should have aligned with her team instead.

Heather curses at her teammates for stretching her so hard.

In I See London..., Heather is annoyed that she has to sit back in the economy class with Team Chris, and is unsure why they are back there since they had won in Jamaica. Heather then becomes annoyed that Courtney and Gwen are bonding over bird poop. She wonders if she is the only sane one left, and confirms it after seeing Sierra typing on her pizza box, which she referred to as a computer. On the double-decker bus in London, she asks about Alejandro, who was kidnapped. Heather is worried about Alejandro's safety but plays it off around the others. Heather spends most of the time being ignored or made fun of by Gwen and Courtney. She forced Gwen to strip down the guard to look for the clue, though then Gwen tricked Sierra into changing the guard. She is picked for the torture device challenge, during which she curses out Gwen for stretching her too hard. She makes Gwen and Courtney go inside the dining room in the next challenge, while she impatiently waits outside. She is alone long enough for Jack the Ripper, to capture her. Later, she states that it was silly for everyone to be so worried, which makes everyone glare at her. She later exchanges smiles with Alejandro. Heather, and the others, are shocked to see Duncan back and were also shocked to find out that "Jack the Ripper" was really Ezekiel.

Heather taunts Alejandro before the race, claiming she is both fast and flexible.

In Greece's Pieces, Heather tells Alejandro that she hopes he looks good in silver since she looks great in gold. Heather is paired against Alejandro in a track-running challenge. Heather wins the gold medal for her team when Alejandro becomes too distracted with his bragging. When Courtney told Gwen she was going to be voted off, Heather told Courtney that she had her vote. While in first class with her team, Heather is shown comforting a crying Courtney with a hand on her shoulder, looking very sympathetic.

In The EX-Files, Heather is happy that everyone's anger is now directed towards Gwen, instead of her, stating she never felt so safe and after this, she thanked Gwen, in the confessional. When trying to find a way to get inside Area 51, a lizard climbs onto Heather's leg, which she initially thinks is Cody, but after noticing it's a reptile, all of Team Amazon scream and run away from it. But this leads them to get stuck in a minefield. Heather sings "Boyfriend Kisser" with Courtney and they got out of the minefield thanks to Cody using his candy and exploding the mines before they step into them. She also goes searching for an alien artifact with Courtney. She gets her head caught in some sort of alien portal machine, and Courtney pulls her out. Heather asks Courtney suspiciously why she broke the portal Heather got her head stuck in, unaware that Courtney was trying to make them lose. Back on the plane, Heather tells Courtney that they need to concentrate on getting the guys eliminated.

Heather crossed her fingers when she promised Courtney she'd vote for Gwen in Picnic at Hanging Dork.

As Gwen and Courtney try to get rid of each other in Picnic at Hanging Dork, Heather is left as the decisive vote between both sides (Cody and Gwen against Sierra and Courtney). First, Courtney tries to get Heather to her side, knowing her dislike for Gwen is as intense as hers. Heather only agrees if Courtney doesn't throw away the next challenge just to get Gwen eliminated. However, Heather crossed her fingers in the dark, since she didn't trust Courtney's word either. When Alejandro starts flirting with Courtney (according to the guys' plan), Heather instantly suspects about Alejandro's actions and figures out he's drawing a game plan again, so she starts flirting with Duncan as a counter-attack. During the emu race, Heather noticed Courtney was going slowly on purpose. She reached the top of her tolerance when Courtney asks her if she didn't have a problem with her flirting with Alejandro. After Heather denies having any interest in him, Courtney starts to respond with eagerness to him, which infuriates Heather and makes her decide to turn against Courtney. Heather again flirts with Duncan, causing Alejandro and Gwen to be jealous (although Alejandro denies believing it since Heather doesn't have passion for false flirting, but starts to doubt shortly after). During the second part of the challenge, Heather responds immediately that she isn't into Duncan, even before Gwen could actually ask, so then Gwen asks her about joining the alliance, to which Heather doesn't think twice and agrees. Heather is the lead singer of Shear the Sheep, with the other members of Team Amazon playing instruments. She fails to catch sheep at the last track and kept bouncing over the cliff. After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins, Courtney asks if she still has Heather's help, to which she nods, but her look says the opposite. Heather votes for Courtney and the result ends in tie-breaker, which Courtney wins against Gwen.

Heather and Courtney argue over the challenge.

In Sweden Sour, Heather becomes jealous of Courtney and Alejandro's flirting. She decided to flirt with Duncan to get Alejandro jealous. She fights with Courtney at the beginning of the building challenge and furiously chases Cody with a mallet when she sees that he used their materials to build a giant wooden statue of Gwen's head. In the end, she agrees with Cody and Sierra to vote against Courtney and is angry when Chris says it was a reward challenge.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Beth's challenge is to make a haiku out of one of Heather's qualities. After thinking a lot and struggling to find any good qualities about her, Beth finally says Heather has ten toes and is fast in the water.

In Niagara Brawls, in the "arranged marriage challenge", after Sierra tries to reject Alejandro for winning him as her "husband”, Heather goes up to him and helps him off the ground, pairing herself with Alejandro while they both smile at each other as they walk off. In the first part of the challenge, while Alejandro tries to give Heather directions to get to her wedding dress, Heather complains but eventually gets there. Once she does, Alejandro calls her "Chica" and she complains that he did not give her good directions as he was not quite specific enough. After Alejandro helps Courtney get to her wedding dress, Heather complains in the confessional that Alejandro is supposed to only have one bride, meaning herself with tons of jealousy. When Chris announces that Heather and Alejandro get a head start in the next challenge, Alejandro calls her "Mrs. Alejandro", while Heather calls him "Mr. Heather" in return. As they were about to cross the tight rope, Alejandro calls Heather his "better half" and Heather goes into his arms bridal style with a satisfying smile. Halfway across the rope, Heather and Alejandro fight on who to vote off next and she causes them to fall and lose the challenge, although Alejandro did it on purpose, when he moved his leg off the rope.

Heather pukes on Chris.

In Chinese Fake-Out, she decides to try and form an alliance with Cody, by getting rid of Sierra. She starts by advising him to stop being so nice to her so that she stops obsessing over him. In the race up and along the Great Wall, she tries to share the rickshaw with Cody, but Blaineley beats her out. She tries to grab the rest of the transport items, ending up with the wooden sandals. She makes it over the finish line, second-last to finish. In the food challenge, she was eliminated second, after failing to finish the live grub-worms faster than the others, throwing up on Chris's face upon him eliminating her. She spots the cheating of both Blaineley and Alejandro and confronts everyone about it, forcing both Alejandro and Blaineley to compete fairly, which makes them both vomit.

In African Lying Safari, Heather insults Alejandro for asking to work with her in the challenge. Later, she confronts a lion and realizes Alejandro stole her tranquilizer balls. She later works with Sierra to try to gain her trust. They accidentally tranquilize Alejandro and Duncan but are tranquilized by them, also. She later works with Alejandro to lure Ezekiel with Duncan as bait. At the elimination ceremony, she is shocked that Alejandro brings Cody into first-class and calls him a rat in the confessional.

Cody Jr. attaches himself to Heather, believing her to be his mother.

In Rapa Phooey!, Heather takes this time to befriend Sierra, due to Cody being in first class with Alejandro. She tries to use "girl power" to persuade Sierra to align with her. During the challenge, Sierra offers to weave an egg basket for Heather, which she readily accepts. The two walk through an underground cave together. Part-way through the challenge, one of Sierra's condor eggs hatches in Heather's hand, revealing a baby condor that resembles Cody. The condor forms a motherly bond to Heather, which makes Sierra jealous. For most of the second half, Cody Jr. sits in Heather's hair, which she isn't happy about. Although this turns out to be a good thing, as it allows her to win the challenge. Sadly, she does get knocked off the nest, knocking one of the giant heads over. She "strategically" chooses Alejandro to join her in first class, due to Sierra still being in the game.

Heather and her dinosaur.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, she spends most of the episode running from Sierra, who is mad at her due to Alejandro's manipulation. She builds a "Chris-ceratops" in an attempt to suck up to the host, but the winner ends up being determined through contestant voting. Although she tried to vote for Cody's first, the electric chair forced her to truthfully pick the dinosaur she actually preferred: Sierra's dinosaur. She explains her choice, admitting that she's a secret glitter-paste fan. For coming in second, she wins a pickaxe and shifting tray to search for the hidden oil barrels. She finds a barrel due to throwing her ax and piercing it. Before she could dig it up, though, a boulder traps her in her ditch. After much debate, Alejandro decides to free her in exchange for his safety. After Sierra is eliminated due to blowing up the plane, Heather nervously high-fives Alejandro and rushes back to burn the passport votes. She doesn't prevent him from discovering that she voted for him in time, though.

In Hawaiian Style, Heather only had Blaineley as her supporter in the peanut gallery. This causes Bridgette to force Eva, Leshawna, Justin, and Owen to support her.

Heather is the first person to get to Hawaii.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Heather admits in a confessional that she has to help Sierra because no girl should be bald referencing her baldness in the first season. She comments that they are in the middle of nowhere, but at least the GPS systems they were given work. She then argues with Alejandro when he reveals that he knew she voted for him. she continues to argue through her walkie-talkie and turns it off in annoyance. Later in the song I'm Gonna Make It, she fights with Alejandro, pushing him off the train and takes the lead in the race. She arrives in Hawaii first, securing a spot in the final two.

Ezekiel appears behind Heather.

In Hawaiian Punch, Heather is annoyed that no one in the peanut gallery supports her, and confronts them about it. She then takes this back, realizing that if there is a vote, she would want to be on everyone's good side. She is forced to enter a booth that rains golf balls in order to pick a tie-breaker challenge for Alejandro and Cody. She knocks a golf ball out of the booth that hits Tyler in the head, knocking him unconscious. She then leaves the booth and coughs up a golf ball she had accidentally swallowed. The challenge on the golf ball is revealed to be a fire dance challenge, which ends up angering Heather because she is tied to a pole. She then distracts Cody so he will lose the challenge because she thinks that she might win a vote against Alejandro. Cody loses and she tells a shocked Alejandro that he just eliminated the crowd favorite. However, she is angered when Chris tells her that there will be no vote and that there will be a challenge instead. She then asks Chris what the peanut gallery's role in this is, to which he responds by allowing her and Alejandro to pick two people to help them out with the challenge. Cody volunteers to help her, and then Harold volunteers too because Cody did. Near the end of the episode, Alejandro was just about to win, when Heather showed up and fell to the ground, crying that she was about to lose. Alejandro stops to go over to her and reveals that he has feelings for her. They then kissed, but Heather kneed him in the groin.

Heather wins Total Drama World Tour in her ending.

In Heather's ending, after knocking Alejandro off the volcano, she accepts the million dollars from Chris. However, Ezekiel appears behind her and steals the million dollars from her, though he fell down the volcano. She is then seen running away from the island and does not laugh when Chris's boat sinks. After everyone swims away, Heather rises from the water and asks if she still gets the million dollars. She starts swimming swiftly as a large flaming boulder flies towards her.

Heather loses Total Drama World Tour to Alejandro in his ending.

In Alejandro's ending, after knocking Alejandro down the volcano on an ice cube, Heather proudly threw the dummy made out of driftwood and pineapples into the volcano. Heather becomes excited, thinking that she has won the million dollars. However, Chris then reveals that she threw Alejandro's dummy into the volcano rather than her own. Heather becomes angry and dismayed at this. After the volcano starts to erupt, she runs with everyone else to the water and swims away from the island after Chris's boat sinks.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Heather in Alejandro's arms on the yacht.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Heather appears on the yacht with the other veterans. She is at the bow of the yacht, held in the arms of Alejandro (who is still in the Drama Machine), with an annoyed look on her face. Her hair is also back to its original length, which signifies that some time has passed between the third season and the fourth season.

Heather demonstrates the challenge.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Heather is first reintroduced at the beginning of the episode, disembarking from the massive blimp as Chris introduces her to the new cast. She seems dissatisfied when first meeting Zoey, labeling her as a "loser" and refusing to talk to her. She is promptly used to demonstrate the challenge for the day; flying through several flaming hoops, much to her dismay, before she crashes into the ground.

Heather throws Gemmie Awards at the contestants.

Later, as the cast puts the finishing touches on their vehicles, Heather uses one of Chris's Gemmies to knock both Chris and Chef out of the blimp that they are in, then hijacks it and steals the million-dollar case claiming that it was rightfully hers. Chris is visibly irritated and changes the next part of the challenge to stopping Heather and saving the case. The contestants' attacks by throwing eggs at the blimp prove to be completely useless and Heather retaliates by throwing more golden statuettes out the blimp at the contestants.

Heather with the million-dollar case.

Eventually, Lightning crashes through the blimp's front windows and begins fighting Heather for the briefcase. Heather fakes a surrender at first but quickly starts beating Lightning down with the case. The two begin to struggle for the case, but Lightning eventually lets it go, since he saw Cameron's rocket heading straight for them. However, Heather doesn't see it coming and remains aboard the zeppelin when the rocket crashes into the cockpit and explodes. She apparently remains aboard the zeppelin during the explosion and while the zeppelin crashes into the lake.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heather is completely shocked to find out that Alejandro is inside the Drama Machine.

Heather returns in Heroes vs. Villains, as she is one of the seven original contestants competing the season. She is placed on the Villainous Vultures and is proud of her villain status. Throughout the episode, she is annoyed by the Drama Machine that is also on her team whenever it tries to get close to her. What she didn't know is that the robot actually contains her former flame, Alejandro, who is still recovering from his injuries at the end of season three. Upon finding out that Alejandro is in the robot suit, Heather screams in horror. With his body finally recovered, their love to hate relationship continues where it left off at the finale of Total Drama World Tour.

Early in the season, Heather and Jo often argue on who should be in charge of their team.

Because of her overbearing and controlling personality, Heather immediately bumps heads with a fellow teammate; Jo who also wanted to take charge of the team. Things between the two get more tumultuous in Evil Dread when they incessantly argue about who should be the team leader, and how they should maneuver the challenge. It eventually gets physical between them when Heather drops one of their puzzle piece on Jo's foot, who retaliates by pushing Heather into the crab pit. After their team lost, the two spend the night arguing about their loss and blaming one another for losing the challenge in Saving Private Leechball. Heather grows to be even more displeased with Jo because their team would have benefited from Lightning in the leech shooting challenge. Meanwhile, in order to secure her own safety, Heather decides to pull her long time rival, Gwen into forming an alliance with her before either Jo or Alejandro could, knowing that "where Gwen goes, Duncan follows". In the end, their team loss again and Heather is in the bottom two with Jo but she is ultimately declared safe while Jo is eliminated.

Pretending to be under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon, Heather started to act nice.

Things have not been any easier, and any less complicated with Alejandro during her duration in the season. Both are irritated that the other did not contact them between seasons, and she starts to feel bad when she believes that her past actions have made his legs paralyzed. They would continue to fight over little things, but would unintentionally show small signs of affection and attraction for the next few episodes. He deems her the official leader of the team in Food Fright, which annoys their new teammate Courtney, and Heather takes the role without any issue. She would be shocked at Alejandro's irritation with her behavior in Moon Madness, calling her "typical", which she soon vent about in the confessional. When the extremely rare Blue Harvest Moon appears, Heather becomes her polar opposite, a bubbly, kind, and happy-go-lucky person who hugs the animals and cares about everyone. Her sudden change in personality creeps her teammates. However, it turns out that she is only pretending to be under the effects of the moon in order to play with Alejandro's mind. Once the moon returns to normal, Heather stops her act and returns to her usual mean self.

Heather realizes that Alejandro had stolen her idol, moments before she is eliminated.

Upon seeing that Gwen easily bonded with their new teammate, Cameron, Heather realizes that she and Alejandro are the odd ones out, and offers him to join a temporary alliance in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, which he agrees to. This, however, turns out to be it's actually just a ploy to gain his trust and to get him eliminated since she still does not trust him. As the challenge proceeds, she convinces her team to vote him off, lying that he is trying to vote off either Scott or Cameron. At one point, Heather discovers the McLean-Brand Chris Head and hid it behind a rock until the challenge is over. After the challenge ends, Heather soon returns to get her idol, only to find out that it is gone and immediately accuse Chris for stealing it. Regardless, Heather believes with everyone's help, Alejandro's elimination is guaranteed. However, Alejandro not only reveals to her that his legs had recovered long ago, he is the one who took the Idol. Since Alejandro is immune, his sole vote against Heather is the only one that counts, devastating Heather. As Heather is placed into the Flush of Shame, Alejandro suggest that they should resume their relationship but Heather rejects him and push him off the giant toilet before she is flushed. The exclusive clip shows that Heather ended up in the Yukon and was attacked by a polar bear, after she ends up being stuck to a pole similar to Bridgette. In the exclusive clip of The Obsta-Kill Kourse, recently-eliminated Alejandro also ended up at the Yukon and is reunited with Heather. Still angry at him, Heather slaps him, but the two quickly reconciled and leave together on a snowmobile.

Alejandro and Heather making out in the finale.

In the season finale, The Final Wreck-ening, Heather, along with Alejandro, is chosen by Mal to help him win the finale. After her and Alejandro's respective eliminations, they have finally become a couple and spend most of their time making out, much to the disgust of Chris. At one point, Mal attempts to throw Heather into the toxic waste but is stopped by Alejandro, who comes up with an alternate plan. She and Alejandro finally get across using a canoe. Near the end, Chris became frustrated with all the contestants kissing each other in some way and proclaims that anyone is capable of winning the million dollars if they pull out the sword first. Upon hearing this, Heather and Alejandro start fighting again, not wanting to lose a chance to get the prize money. After laughing at Alejandro being chased by Fang, Heather is hit in the head by Gwen. Eventually, either one of the original finalists still manages to pull the sword out first, frustrating Heather. However, pulling out the sword also leads to the destruction of the island. Heather is angry that she is cheated out of the million dollars again, and sarcastically calls the consolation prize of Alejandro "great". She and Alejandro are last seen being chased by Fang.

Total DramaRama season 3

Heather makes a brief cameo in A Hole Lot of Trouble alongside Alejandro and Jasmine, competing against Izzy, Cody, Courtney and Lightning inside Izzy's imagination.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total DramaRama season 3

Audition tape

View this video for Heather's audition tape.

Heather's audition; she promises high ratings if she is chosen.

Heather walks out of the shower in the bathroom with a towel on. She starts talking about how she will not be nervous if she is picked to be on the show, and says that she would be extremely comfortable being on national television. She also talks about how great she looks, as opposed to other girls who may have issues with their bodies, and says that maybe they are just not as pretty as her. Then, she adds that if they pick her, she promises high ratings for the show. She then walks away and throws off her towel, off-screen.

Video log

View this video for Heather's video message from home.

Heather's parents.

On Cartoon Network, like the parents of the other campers, Heather's parents send Heather a video about how much they miss her. However, the video makes it clear that they do not.

The video starts off with her parents dancing with party hats on until they realize the camera is rolling. They then tell their daughter how much they miss her, but their cover is blown when a group of movers carries her belongings past them.



  • Heather, along with Beth, Lindsay, and Blaineley, is one of the only female contestants from the first generation cast who has not yet appeared on Skatoony.
  • Heather is one of only five contestants to have competed in four seasons of Total Drama; the others are Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, and Lindsay.
  • Interestingly, despite her major role in the series as an antagonist, Heather was one of the last characters created for the show. She, Courtney, Izzy, and Noah are the only characters to not appear in either the Camp TV trailer or in production images whatsoever. However, aspects of her character were taken from other characters in the pilot.
    • Gwen's original name was "Heather".
    • Her personality was taken from Lindsay's original characterization.
    • Eva's original design bears a strong resemblance to her.
  • She is one of seven females to have more than one boy attracted to her, with the others being Anne Maria, Bridgette, Carrie, Courtney, Gwen, and Jasmine.
  • Heather and Sugar are both labeled as "Queens", and each have a mostly one-sided conflict with a "Princess" whom they eventually eliminate. They also both place third in the first season they compete in.
  • She is one of nine characters who has appeared bald, with the others being Chef, Chris, Ezekiel, Sierra, Alejandro, Staci, Dakota, and Dave.
  • Heather along with Jen, Gwen, Sierra, and Tom, are the only characters known to have created a blog.
  • Heather, Izzy, Beth, Leshawna, and Jo are the only female contestants to show nudity on the show.
  • Heather and Duncan appear in more episodes than any other contestant, with 75 each.


  • Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Owen, Scott, and Zoey are the only contestants to reach the final four more than once and (along with Owen and Zoey) one of three contestants to reach the final three twice.
  • She is the first main antagonist of the series to reach the final two, as she did in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. She was followed by Alejandro in the next episode.
  • Heather is the first contestant in Total Drama to win a season in the United States, but not in Canada.
    • She is also the first and only female to win a season in the United States.
  • She has won six individual challenges (seven, counting her ending of Hawaiian Punch), the most out of any Total Drama contestant.
  • She is also one of only four contestants to win individual invincibility in more than one season, the others being Courtney, Alejandro and Gwen. She achieved this in Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour.
  • Counting Heather's ending, she is the only competitor on Total Drama who has beaten every contestant in the first three seasons.
  • Every team that Heather has been placed on is the first to win a challenge.
    • Furthermore, Heather and Gwen are the only contestants who compete in four seasons and always play on the superior team.
  • Heather is responsible for more eliminations than any other contestant in Total Drama, having played a part in fourteen eliminations over the course of the series.
  • She sings twenty songs in Total Drama World Tour, the most out of any contestant.
  • Total Drama All-Stars is the only season in which Heather does not achieve a single-digit ranking.


  • Heather has had her ethnicity confirmed. According to Todd Kauffman, she is Asian.
    • Additionally she is one of four characters to have their ethnicity confirmed as Asian, the others being Devin, Emma and Kitty.
  • Lindsay was originally intended to be the antagonist in Camp TV until Heather was created and replaced her.
  • Heather is the last female to make a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • She and Duncan have appeared in more Total Drama episodes than any other player, both appearing in seventy-five episodes overall.
  • Courtney's voice actor, Emilie-Claire Barlow, revealed in an interview that she originally auditioned to voice Heather.
  • Heather has suffered several mishaps and near-death experiences, making her one of the most unfortunate contestants.
  • She has had ten hairstyles, more than any other character.
  • Until Sierra's debut, Heather was the tallest female character of the original cast.
  • Interestingly, although Heather has no counterpart in Total DramaRama, most of her traits are given to two of her arch-enemies, who are potrayed rather differently than their main counterpart.
    • Beth takes on most of Heather's bad traits such as her selfishness and rudeness towards others. Interestingly, Beth's bee costume is a pun to Heather's label, the Queen Bee.
    • Leshawna actually acts more like Heather than her original self, acting both as a bully and a spoiled, mean-spirited rich girl who likes it when she is referred to as queen, a reference to Heather's label, the Queen Bee. Leshawna also mentions in several episodes that she has plan of taking over the world, a reference to Heather's plan to take over England in her biography.


  • Heather's name may be a reference to the 1988 American film Heathers, which revolves around a group of three popular and mean high school girls all named Heather.
  • The reality show she wants, "The World According to Heather," is a reference to the song "The World According to Chris" from Carrie: The Musical.


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