This article focuses on Heather's alliances which were created in Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars by Heather.

Total Drama Island

Lindsay and Beth join Heather's alliance in The Big Sleep.

The first alliance is created by Heather in The Big Sleep. She chooses Lindsay and Beth as the first official members of the alliance, due to Beth's desperation towards finding a popular friend, and Lindsay's overall lack of intelligence. Heather tells them that she will take them to the final three if they obey her commands. She makes up some rules - always do what she says, she can take whatever she wants from Beth and Lindsay, but her stuff is off limits, and no dating anyone on the other team (which might lead to them giving away their weaknesses), especially in the case of Lindsay's attraction to Tyler. Beth and Lindsay are excited to be in the alliance, both being oblivious to Heather's true intentions, although Beth is shown to be more aware than Lindsay, wondering what would happen when the alliance got to the final three. Lindsay thinks that Heather is her best friend, even though Heather always tells her what to do, and treats her with very little respect. Despite Heather's bad treatment of her, Lindsay sticks by Heather's side at all times.

In Not Quite Famous, the alliance makes its first major move, eliminating Justin. After the Screaming Gophers lose the challenge, Heather decides to manipulate Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, and Owen into voting for Justin to save herself, after she reads Gwen's diary to the world, giving Justin the majority of votes no matter how the others vote.

Beth quits Heather's Alliance in Paintball Deer Hunter.

Despite it seeming like Heather had complete control of the alliance, it began to fall apart in Paintball Deer Hunter, when Beth is pushed over the edge by Heather's bossiness, arguing with her about how she is being treated unfairly. She then fires a paintball at Heather, after seeing Leshawna hit her. Heather was furious, and takes Lindsay's paintball gun and fires back. She gives Beth multiple chances to rejoin, but Beth refuses. Beth is later eliminated for cursing the Screaming Gophers in the next episode, after taking a tiki idol from Boney Island.

Lindsay, however, remains an ally to Heather out of loyalty to their supposed friendship, and naivety to her meanness, but soon starts thinking that Heather isn't very nice after all. After the teams are dissolved in Brunch of Disgustingness, Heather tries to get Bridgette in the alliance (which later caused a conflict), but she refuses.

In the episode Search and Do Not Destroy, Izzy seems to become a member of the alliance, often standing next to Heather, and listening whenever she explains their next move to Lindsay. However, she still seems to be a relatively minor and perhaps unwilling member, never openly voicing her support for the alliance, and presumably leaving on her own will by the next episode, never again mentioning her involvement in the alliance.

Heather causes Lindsay's elimination, due to crossing the finish line before her.

In That's Off the Chain!, Heather demands Lindsay to build her bike, and clear a path through the obstacles so she would win. When Lindsay lost the race and eliminated by a technicality because of Heather, Lindsay finds out that Heather was just using her this whole time, she gets angry and curses her out. After Lindsay was eliminated,

Duncan attempts to form an alliance with Heather.

the alliance was dissolved for a few episodes until Duncan joins voluntarily because he knew that he has to get on her good side, and his own guys alliance seems to have disbanded around the same time. Heather eventually joins, as she needs another alliance to rely on. However, after Duncan's plan to catch the Bear for Heather goes awry, Heather is shot in the rear end with a tranquilizer dart, courtesy of Izzy. Heather then proceeds to lose the challenge and has to wash the communal bathrooms, however she gets Duncan to do it for her. This brief alliance is never brought up in future episodes.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, she is left without a partner while all the other partners and groups search for the case with a million dollars inside. Most noticeably, she tries to approach her two former alliance-mates, Lindsay and Beth, shortly after they formed a team with Ezekiel. However, they both reject her, with Beth saying that they had enough people already, and Lindsay halfheartedly apologizing and wishing her luck anyway. She eventually teams up with Harold as he was the only one who accepted her. Heather opened up to Harold about why she is so bad, but was still somewhat disdainful towards him. However, Harold was very tolerant. The two ultimately lost the case, but both qualified to compete in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Heather thinks Harold would make a great ally.

Since the conclusion of the first season, Heather finds it exceedingly difficult to arrange a new alliance with her teammates, as they are all familiar with her ways, and now want nothing to do with her. She attempts multiple times to convince Lindsay and Beth to rejoin her, but they reject her every time. As a result, Heather does not wield the influence she once had on the show. However, in Riot On Set, when Harold lets Heather down from the tangled wires, Heather states in the confessional how she believes that Harold would make an easy-to-persuade ally; however, she was never seen actually allying with him. The only elimination Heather orchestrates is in The Chefshank Redemption, where she successfully votes Gwen off the set. However, the only reason Heather was able to do this was with Harold and Leshawna's help, due to Gwen taking her claustrophobia too far, and breaking a shovel over Harold's head. Gwen also votes herself off, so this is nearly just mere luck.

Heather's alliance is not materialized again, simply because the circumstances between her and the other contestants prevented that from happening. As a result, Heather has no choice but to actually cooperate with the people she once terrorized. She does not engage in any crooked activities or plotting against her teammates, but not without great contempt for her team. However, due to her elimination, the alliance is never established again in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama World Tour

Heather pretends to be nice to Sierra to gain her trust

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Heather notes how close Alejandro and Lindsay are getting, and also remembers that Beth isn't in the season. This results in Heather's decision of wanting to start an alliance with Sierra (mainly because she is her only option). Sierra ends up nearly getting Heather killed in the pyramid when she sets off a booby trap, but Heather reluctantly forgives her. Heather is put on Team Amazon, while Sierra ends up on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Therefore, it was unlikely an alliance will be formed until after the merge.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, however, Heather is satisfied when her team switches Izzy for Sierra, but she didn't mention the alliance in the episode. Alejandro, however, may have noticed that Sierra would make a good alliance member, and was annoyed that he lost her to Heather.

Heather tells Courtney that Sierra is her "friend" in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. However, Heather is disgusted when Courtney points out the fact that Sierra was going through Cody's backpack, and smelling his shoes, causing the lace to go up her nose. She then coughs it out of her mouth.

Heather tries to win over Cody and Sierra's allegiance in Broadway, Baby!

In Broadway, Baby!, Heather establishes her new alliance with Sierra, and tries to win over Cody as well. Sierra reveals in the confessional that she knows Heather is using her, and explains that she herself is using Heather for her own advantage.

In the confessional towards the beginning of Slap Slap Revolution, Sierra say that whenever she thinks Heather is using her, she makes a notch in her belt. They also talk about how a team that keeps avoiding eliminations for a long time, eventually has to lose.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Heather tries to make an alliance with DJ, since he is the last member of Team Victory. She helps him with the challenge, but DJ ends up trusting her enemy instead.

After the love triangle drama is discovered in Greece's Pieces, Heather aligns herself with Courtney and Sierra, targeting Gwen. However, after a couple of episodes, she switches to Gwen and Cody´s side instead, since she is upset with Courtney trying to lose challenges on purpose. She votes for Courtney in Picnic at Hanging Dork, but her ally Gwen is eliminated after a tie-breaker challenge.

Heather and Alejandro team up against Duncan

After the teams merge, Heather has a hard time finding a stable alliance. She allies with Cody in Chinese Fake-Out. And then with Alejandro during African Lying Safari, and they successfully vote out Duncan. They have a plan to make it to the final two. In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Heather joins Sierra and Cody and betrays Alejandro, but he is safe from elimination due to Sierra´s disqualification. He no longer trusts Heather in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, officially breaking their short-lived alliance.

Total Drama All-Stars

In Saving Private Leechball, Heather attempts to take control of the team by eliminating Jo. She decides to do so by getting Gwen on her side, knowing that "where Gwen goes, Duncan follows". At the end of the episode, she is able to get Jo eliminated.

Courtney tries to form an alliance with her in Food Fright to get rid of Gwen. Heather accepts, but she has her fingers crossed. The alliance is never mentioned again. However, two episodes later, Courtney follows Heather´s warning to vote for Alejandro, and even tells Gwen to do the same.

Alejandro and Heather form an alliance, intending to betray each other eventually.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Heather proposes an alliance with Alejandro, to counter the growing friendship between Cameron and Gwen. However, they reveal in their confessionals their true intentions to have the other eliminated. Heather takes advantage of the bonds of Courtney and Scott, as well as Cameron and Gwen to eliminate Alejandro by telling lies that he wants to eliminate Scott and Cameron. Heather's plan at first succeeds; however, Alejandro uses the immunity idol (to which he stole from Heather) to save himself, subsequently eliminating Heather and ending their "alliance".


Heather's alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
Beth The Big Sleep Paintball Deer Hunter
Lindsay That's Off the Chain!
Duncan Wawanakwa Gone Wild! Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
Izzy Search and Do Not Destroy Hide and Be Sneaky
Alejandro Niagara Brawls Awwwwww, Drumheller
Cody and Sierra Awwwwww, Drumheller Awwwwww, Drumheller
Courtney The EX-Files Picnic at Hanging Dork
Alejandro No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition



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