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Lindsay finds out that Heather has been using her throughout the entire first season.

Lindsay, along with Beth, are easily tricked by Heather into making an alliance with her. Lindsay is oblivious that Heather is just using her, and thinks of her as a friend. Throughout Total Drama Island, Lindsay helps Heather move farther into the game, and continues to support her even after Beth leaves the alliance. Lindsay eventually finds out that she is just a pawn for Heather when she betrays her in That's Off the Chain!, and begins to hate her. There is still a lot of tension between the two girls in Total Drama Action, as they would often make fun of one another. Despite this, their interactions were more subdued, due to them being on different teams, and Heather not making it to the merge. In Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, the two barely interact at all, due to them being on separate teams, and Lindsay's early eliminations in both seasons.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Lindsay and Heather fall in love

Lindsay sides with Heather when the latter doesn't want to jump off the cliff.

Lindsay seems to automatically attach herself to Heather. During the first challenge, she sides with Heather when she doesn't want to jump off the cliff, as the two girls smile at each other in agreement. Later, she comments that Beth being too frightened to jump is "so lame". She looks at Heather for support, to which Heather agrees. After Heather lies to Leshawna about being friends, Lindsay asks her if she truly meant the compliment she gave "Lefawnda". Heather verifies that she didn't, and vows to bring her down eventually. When asked, she also tells Lindsay a trick to surviving a show like Total Drama: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Heather says that she and Lindsay are friends, but only for the moment, not really knowing what Heather means. When Lindsay declares that the Screaming Gophers had won the second challenge, Heather embraces her in a celebratory hug. Heather later stares at Lindsay in shock after the latter screams "No!" when Courtney says her team should vote off Tyler.

The Big Sleep


Lindsay and Beth are tricked into joining Heather's alliance.

Lindsay joins Heather's alliance, along with Beth, because they believe that Heather will actually help them reach the final three. Heather sees Lindsay as "dumb enough" to be with her, and to be manipulated. Later, when Lindsay expresses feelings for Tyler, Heather says that she cannot date him, due to him being on the other team. In the confessional, Lindsay expresses that she will continue to like him against Heather's wishes.


Heather explains the alliance rules at the beginning of the episode, making clear that she gets to make the rules and take any of Lindsay and Beth's things without asking. The former says she is unsure about the latter rule. Heather states that she can change it, and also find other people to take to the final three with her. Lindsay and Beth immediately dismiss this idea. During the challenge, Heather looks for Lindsay, and when she sees her, she throws a canoe on top of Tyler when he distracts her from serving their team in the dodgeball game.

Not Quite Famous

Heather whacks Lindsay with her hair after she sees her wave to Tyler, leaving a strand of her hair in Lindsay's mouth. She later forces her alliances members to approve her as a representative for the Gophers in the talent show. When the team disperses to take a short break, Heather calls Lindsay to find out what Gwen is up to. After Bridgette vomits on Tyler, Lindsay tells her to "puke on her own boyfriend". Heather angrily asks her to repeat her statement, and Lindsay quickly retracts, excitedly responding she "didn't say boyfriend".

Paintball Deer Hunter

Heather instructs Lindsay to gather berries for her and, later, smacks them out of her hand. She also steals her gun and refers to her as "Lindsiot".

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Heather puts Lindsay and Gwen on the dessert for the Gophers' meal. When Heather comes by their station to check on their progress, Lindsay says that their dish "won't flambé". When the latter figures out that she never even tried to light it, Heather irritably compares talking to Lindsay to conversing with an eggplant. Later, Lindsay accidentally burns Heather's eyebrows, and helps to lock her in the fridge. The girls discuss Lindsay's betrayal in the cabin before the night's vote. Heather decides to let it go because she let her out of the fridge, but threatens that she'll cut off all her hair while she's sleeping if she ever allies with Leshawna again. In the confessional, Lindsay admits that she's tempted to vote Heather off, but apparently doesn't.

Who Can You Trust?


Lindsay fails to catch Heather.

Heather and Lindsay are paired together for one of the blind challenges, requiring blindfolded Heather to trust Lindsay to catch her. Lindsay tells her when it's okay to jump, but makes a mistake and is too late to correct it. Heather falls into the jellyfish-filled water. On her way to the infirmary, she says she regrets trusting her.

X-Treme Torture

When Lindsay gets in her new bikini for the challenge, Heather pessimistically predicts that her team will lose the challenge, believing that Lindsay's stupidity would cost the Gophers immunity. Nevertheless, Lindsay wins the challenge for her team.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Heather and Lindsay are one of the "cliques" established in the Screaming Gopher cabin, now where the girls are living. When Heather tries to persuade Bridgette into joining their alliance, she steps on Lindsay's foot twice to silence her every time she intervenes. Both of the girls are locked out of the cabin at the end of the episode.

No Pain, No Game

Lindsay accidentally hits Heather while trying to swat a fly, so Heather starts to call her something, but is cut off by the yacht's foghorn. When Lindsay votes off Eva she says that Eva is even scarier than Heather, "Laquisha", and Gwen combined.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Lindsay is most likely forced to help Heather to get her key during the challenge. However, she accidentally causes her to drop her key, and almost get caught by Chef after being scared by a bug, and letting the rope slip. When Lindsay is late to the Dock of Shame with Trent, Heather claims that she can't trust her. Lindsay also assists Heather in breaking up Gwen and Trent by putting the fake love letter on Gwen's bed, and later alerting Heather when Gwen is coming by watching from a tree.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Lindsay wants to hide with Heather, but she refuses.

On the steps of the girls' cabin, Heather gives Lindsay grape soda from the immunity basket she received in the previous episode. While Lindsay indulges in drinking it, Heather complains about her shredded clothes, courtesy of Leshawna. Lindsay counters that it is her own fault for breaking up Gwen and Trent, to which Heather snatches the soda and tosses the bottle aside after taking a sip in retaliation. In the confessional, Lindsay excuses her treatment of her as being what friends do. Heather, on the other hand, expresses how uncaring she is about friendships. She also calls her a sheep, says her flip-flops "have more brains than her", and that she will dump her once she has outlived her usefulness. During the challenge, Lindsay eagerly follows Heather thinking she will let them hide together. This is not the case, and Heather further proves her disloyalty by shoving Lindsay in front of Chef after he discovers them. Later, when Heather discovers DJ and Owen, she refuses Lindsay's suggestion to give one of them to her to turn in to Chef, thus granting them both invincibility. While discussing the final vote, Lindsay makes a snide comment about Heather's backstabbing ways. This makes Heather carelessly shove her aside, knocking her to the floor and spilling her limited edition nail polish. It is this incident that finally causes Lindsay to rethink how she sees Heather as a good friend.

That's Off the Chain!


Lindsay becomes enraged and curses Heather after she betrays her.

In the beginning of the episode, Lindsay is seen trying to swat a fly, but she accidentally hits Heather with the fly swatter. Heather then takes the fly swatter and hits Lindsay's nose with it. When Lindsay suggests that they try forming a girl's alliance again, Heather swats her in the face with the fly swatter again in disagreement. Heather then talks Lindsay into building her bike for her. Later, Lindsay finds an ugly doll with pretty hair in the Arts and Crafts Center, and tells Heather that it looks just like her. During the challenge, Heather forces Lindsay to clear a path for her. Lindsay lets Heather win the challenge and is eliminated by a technicality, since Owen and Duncan wiped out. This makes Lindsay the last one to finish. When she sees that Heather isn't even sad, she confronts her about her indifference. Heather reveals that she was only using her, that she was never her friend, and openly states that she never liked her. Infuriated by this, Lindsay unleashes a profanity tirade along with a middle finger gesture, which surprises most of the witnesses. She states that she is done with Heather, and that she would rather spends a day staring at Owen's butt than go shopping with her. She finishes her rant by saying that her shoes are tacky, shocking Heather. Frustrated, Heather tells her to jump into the piranha pool. Before leaving, Lindsay tells her that she hopes she gets "everything her karma owes her".

Haute Camp-ture

Lindsay says that Heather is really mean, and displays amusement at the thought of Gwen infesting Heather's bed with red ants Not Quite Famous. She also comments that she learned a lot on the island with Heather, one of those things being "if you're going to have a best friend who makes all of your decisions for you, you should make sure they're not a total jerk".

Camp Castaways

When Heather is left alone on the island by Duncan and Gwen, Heather says to Lindsay in the confessional that she's sorry if she hurt her feelings, and "ditto" for Beth, claiming that they are "BFF's forever!" This was only an act of desperation on her part.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

After several painful dares, Heather finally receives Lindsay's and remarks that Lindsay is too stupid to come up with "anything bad". To her horror, Lindsay dare is to get her head shaved by Chef. Heather rejects this out of fear, but after knocking the razor out of Chef's hand, it lands right on her hair and makes her practically bald. Despite being shaven, she did not officially accept the dare, and is thus finally eliminated.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Lindsay accidentally blows off Heather's wig with a fan. The latter yells angrily calling the other contestants, including Lindsay, "fools" and implies they can't do anything right.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Lindsay forgets Heather's name for the first time ever by calling her Hannah. Heather is also insulted when Beth and Lindsay side with Ezekiel over her, as he was previously unpopular with the girls. Lindsay laughs at the happy face drawn on the back of Heather's head drawn by Leshawna.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Tell her! We don't like her!

Lindsay tells the monster no one likes Heather.

When the monster roars at Heather, Lindsay comes out of hiding and says, "Yeah! You tell her! We don't like her!" When the contestants choose beds, Lindsay, just like the other girls, is desperate not to share a bunk with her. She also says Heather's mean-ness might reach down when she's sleeping, because she thinks it's contagious.

Riot On Set

In a confessional shown before she has an idea to ask Tyler for help in the challenge, Lindsay says she's happy to be free from Heather due to being on different teams this time.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Beth and Lindsay ignore

Beth and Lindsay ignore Heather and walk away.

When Heather approaches Lindsay and Beth to sit next to them for breakfast, they ignore her and sit next to Justin instead. Heather is taken aback at this refusal, since it signifies that she is really at the bottom and has no power.

3:10 to Crazytown

When Beth and Lindsay are standing at the top of the diving board, Lindsay asks Beth not to let Heather have her hair if she dies.

The Chefshank Redemption

While the girls are locked in their trailer, Heather says that the trailer is tighter than the space between Lindsay's ears, but Lindsay mistakes it for a compliment.

The Sand Witch Project

DJ sandwich heather

Heather calls Lindsay and Beth "spineless followers".

Heather states that she doesn't need Beth and Lindsay by calling them mindless sheep. Also, Lindsay calls Heather "some Eggs Benedict" (referring to her as a traitor) and complains about the "contagiousness" of her mean attitude. Heather also calls Lindsay and Beth pathetic, spineless followers, and that she will be glad to watch both of their eliminations. Lindsay decides that she has had enough and assumes the leadership role on the Killer Grips. Lindsay, proud of her authority, later appears in the confessional stating, "How do you like me now, Heather?"

One Million Bucks, B.C.


Heather purposely causes pain to Lindsay by brushing her hair in One Million Bucks, B.C..

In the beginning of the episode, Lindsay asks Beth to help her with a knot that is in her hair, which Heather immediately offers to do it herself. Heather makes Lindsay scream in pain by violently brushing her hair twice. In the confessional, Heather also makes it clear that she blames Lindsay for the loss of her hair during the previous season. While debating whose hair she wants to go after, Heather says that she is "way too smart" for Lindsay's blonde.

Million Dollar Babies

After Heather stands up for Leshawna, Lindsay states that Leshawna called her mean and nasty. Heather responds that "she can live with that".

The Aftermath: III

When Geoff straps Heather to an electric chair during one of the Aftermath segments, he demands to know if she thinks Lindsay is as dumb as she looks. She says yes, but is zapped anyway, showing that she believes Lindsay to be not as dumb as she seems.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Heather refers to Lindsay as "Lindsiot" once again in the confessional, as she talks about about starting another alliance.

Slap Slap Revolution

Lindsay cheers for Leshawna when she is slapping Heather.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Heather is chosen to be one of the judges for the walk-off challenge, in which Lindsay designs an outfit for her model, Tyler. Heather states that she "didn't know what Lindsay was thinking", and that she feels nauseous from all the surrealism Lindsay used in her outfit. She votes for DJ's "design" instead, causing Lindsay's elimination.

Hawaiian Style

Lindsay chooses Alejandro's side over Heather or Cody when the contestants choose the side of their favorite finalist.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Despite their conflict, Lindsay is seen smiling when Heather reaches Hawaii first over Alejandro and Cody.

Hawaiian Punch

Lindsay takes Alejandro's side over that of Heather or Cody's. She is seen laughing when Heather is hit by golf balls. She, along with Courtney, helps Heather's opponent, Alejandro, in the dummy-constructing challenge. However, Lindsay is seen to be cheering for Heather along with the other contestants (except Courtney) when she wins Total Drama World Tour in her ending.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs Villains (6)

Lindsay taunts Heather missing her "honey bunny".

Heroes vs. Villains

Lindsay and Heather briefly interact as they arrive on the island, where Lindsay teases Heather about her "honey-bunny", Alejandro, to which Heather replies she is glad that he is not back before pushing Lindsay to the ground. 


  • This is the first conflict in the series that involves a "Queen" (Heather), and a "Princess" (Lindsay) in their respective labels, the second one being Ella and Sugar.
  • This conflict has a direct connection to the conflict between Beth and Heather and the friendship between Beth and Lindsay.
  • Both have ranked ninth place in back-to-back seasons.

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