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Chris in the helicopter.

The helicopter is a red round helicopter with yellow stripes on the side. It is often used by Chris when he needs a good aerial view of something. The helicopter is one of the few vehicles that has appeared in every season of Total Drama thus far with twelve appearances, the most out of all the vehicles, excluding the RCMP's helicopter.

Total Drama Island

In Up the Creek, the helicopter first appears when Chris flies over Boney Island to observe the two teams as they build signal fires. When Izzy tosses her fire-starter into the fire, the instant explosion blows the helicopter aside by the force; however it does no damage, and Chris declares the Screaming Gophers the winners of that challenge.


Chris's Helicopter is blown back by Izzy's massive explosion in Up the Creek.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Chris uses the helicopter to rudely wake up the six remaining contestants, then does a recap of the last sixteen eliminations, although for Owen, who was having a dream about donuts, cheese, and other sweets at the time, the sound plays right into his dream for a moment when he sees the helicopters carrying massive donuts beneath them.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Chris uses the helicopter to observe the campers' actions from the air. In the beginning of the special, he watches as Lindsay, Beth, Geoff, and Bridgette walk right under the case while it was hanging from a tree branch and fail to notice it (although Ezekiel did see the case, Lindsay and Beth ignored him). As Bridgette and Geoff were making out underneath the case like it was a mistletoe, Chris is seen leaning out the side of the helicopter while Chef Hatchet was flying it, and exclaims, "Okay, this is ridiculous!" Later, when Owen, Cody, DJ, and Tyler did see the case, Chris, still in the helicopter, yells, "Finally!" At the very end of the special, after fourteen of the campers ended up in the lake and the case is eaten by a shark, the helicopter, still being flown by Chef, swoops down over the Dock of Shame to drop off Chris before taking off again.

Total Drama Action

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, towards the end of the episode, when Duncan, Gwen, and Trent are the only ones who make it out of the alien ship set with alien eggs, Chris swoops in overhead in the helicopter, declaring that he was the "military" who had to prevent them from getting the eggs back to base camp. He then presses a button that dropped two huge missiles full of slime right into the set that they were in, which exploded on impact and sent slime all over the place. Chris barely avoids getting slime on himself by closing the door just as the wave of slime that had flown up into the air splatters all over the helicopter. He successfully hits Duncan, but Gwen and Trent survive the blast and walk away slime-free and with the eggs.

The helicopter was not seen again until the final episode of the season. When the entire Total Drama cast (along with Sierra and DJ's mother) is chasing after Alejandro's bus in their bus, Chris and Chef decide to follow them in the helicopter, filming the chase the entire way. When the cast's bus flew off a cliff, Chris considered calling for help, only for him and Chef to laugh hysterically and leave. However, Chris ultimately decided to save them after all, and returned later by himself, attaching a cable to the overturned bus and carrying it all the way back to the abandoned film lot with Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Harold, Courtney, Cody, Tyler, Noah, Ezekiel, and Sierra all inside. Thus, these sixteen cast members all got to participate in Total Drama World Tour, along with Alejandro.

Total Drama World Tour

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, during a flashback clip, a helicopter is shown crashing into an iceberg that a polar bear stands on.

Chinese Fake-Out (6)

Chris watches the race from inside the Helicopter in Chinese Fake-Out.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Chris uses the helicopter to monitor the contestants' progress as they race along the Great Wall of China. For the second time in the series, the Helicopter narrowly misses a massive explosion during the challenge; this time, it was from a land mine that Courtney ran over, which sent a charred Courtney flying past the Helicopter at one point.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, the helicopter is Chris's "Emergency Kit" for when the Total Drama Jumbo Jet is accidentally blown up by Sierra. He and Chef Hatchet boarded the helicopter, much to the chagrin of the final three when it is proven to only be a two-seater.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Chris and Chef continue to follow the progress of the final three (along with "cling-ons," Sierra and Ezekiel) throughout the episode. At one point in the episode, Cody and Sierra's makeshift hot air mobile nearly crashes into the helicopter from behind, but the helicopter ducked just in time. Cody angrily told Chris and Chef to watch where they were going. When a sudden hail storm hit, Chris and Chef were kept perfectly safe and unharmed by the hail due to the glass covering of the helicopter, while the contestants were mercilessly pummeled.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, after the larger, more luxurious cabin is blown up by the Mutant Maggots, the helicopter appears overhead, dangling the other original cabin from a mechanical claw below it. It dropped the old cabin down onto the spot where the new one had been, much to the campers’ chagrin.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, the helicopter was used again when Chef and Chris swoops in over the two teams as they arrived at the beach and declared the Maggots to be the winners of the first half of the challenge. A newly-mutated Dakota tries to jump up and grab the helicopter so that she could attack Chris, with Chef barely managing to pull up before she could reach them. They also used it to block the Rats' path long enough to give them their handcuffs as their penalty for losing, and monitored the teams' progress from the helicopter for the rest of the challenge.

Drop it like it's hot

Chef releases the weight to destroy the Mutant Maggots cabin.

In Grand Chef Auto, Chef flies in the helicopter to drop a massive block of cement onto the former Maggots' cabin, smashing it and forcing all of the contestants to share one cabin due to the merge occurring. Chris grabbed onto a rope ladder that Chef dropped down just as he flew off, with Chris smacking into the block of cement as he flew off.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, the helicopter, piloted by Chef, flew in low over the stadium and dropped the pile of junk for Cameron and Lightning to use in the final challenge.

Total Drama All-Stars

The helicopter is seen in the season's opening sequence, with Chef and Chris in it, while Chef lands it on Camp Wawanakwa.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Don helicopter

Don in the helicopter as he informs Ellody and Mary that they've been cut from the race.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Don takes a helicopter back to the Calanque de Maubois, in order to inform the Geniuses, who are still struggling with the challenge that they have been eliminated from the race.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, after Devin gets injured and is put in a fullbody cast, he and Carrie leave the show in a helicopter.

The RCMP's helicopter


The RCMP Helicopter arrives to take away Izzy.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Helicopter appears in Up the Creek, when the RCMP arrive to arrest Izzy. It is a large blue and white helicopter, with red and orange stripes, equipped with a searchlight and loudspeaker. It chases Izzy away, effectively eliminating her from the game and possibly sparing Lindsay from elimination that night.

The RCMP helicopters return in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, approaching the island due to Chris being under suspicion for dumping toxic waste. In the finale of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, when a few of them flew in low over the dock and declared that Chris was under arrest for hosting a competition in a dangerously contaminated area.


The chinook is a large beige helicopter, with two propellers and Chris's face, similar to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's logo, in a star. This helicopter first appears in Heroes vs. Villains, as the vehicle that brings the contestants to Camp Wawanakwa for the new season. As the contestants get introduced by Chris, Chef throws them out of the helicopter, one-by-one, dropping them into the water.

TDAS Helicopter

The chinook, as seen in Heroes vs. Villains.

The chinook appears again during Scarlett Fever, when Chris uses it to evacuate the island that was close to its self-destruction. It is revealed to have an anchor, which Chris holds onto as Chef flies it away. It is revealed to have a rather luxurious interior, resembling Chris's quarters on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. It later reappears in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize as it drops off Dave and Jasmine after they are chosen as Shawn's and Sky's helpers. At the end of the episode, it appears again, hovering over the island, with Chris, Chef, Shawn, Sky, and Jasmine all onboard as Chris signs off the season, but leaving Dave behind on Pahkitew Island.

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