The thirteen teams travel to Dubai, where they go through some of the harshest challenges yet that challenge their abilities in the sky. A duo works together to form the ultimate alliance between their teams, while a successful duo finds themselves losing their luck as they lose the podium to a weaker duo. Two participants continue to show problems in associating with their partners, but in the end a quick diversion ends up leading to the end of a rekindled bond.


Love the group pics

The teams that choose the tennis challenge face terrible problems.

The episode starts with the last leg's winners, the Surfer Dudes, taking the first Travel Tip. Brody reads it out, and has trouble pronouncing "Dubai". Don takes over, and begins to describe Dubai, saying it is their next destination. After arriving, the teams must take a bus to Burj Al Arab. Six teams get on the first flight while the rest have to wait for the next one. For winning the last leg, the Surfer Dudes earn themselves the luxury of first class, which makes Jacques jealous, but Josee assures their next victory with help from her good luck lava rock. Meanwhile, as the other seven teams book themselves on the second flight, the Daters give each other the silent treatment after their harsh break-up in the previous episode. On the first flight, Kitty suggests that they form an alliance with Reality TV Pros, due to their experience with reality TV. However, Emma rejects the idea, not liking Noah's snarky attitude. On the second flight, Mickey gets a nosebleed along with an ear infection due to his fear of flight, despite not even departing yet. Meanwhile, Taylor is still upset about learning the truth of her past achievements. Kelly is forced to sit next to Father and Son, due to Taylor demanding that she needs more space. Kelly explains her family issues to Dwayne, who believes this is a perfect opportunity to form an alliance, even though Junior doesn't approve.

Tennis meance

The Tennis Menace, the world's toughest tennis ball launcher.

Back on the first flight, Noah and Emma have a friendly talk with both Owen and Kitty watching. Kitty explains that Emma is still upset about her break-up with Jake. Owen and Kitty agree to help turn Noah and Emma into a couple. The first flight arrives to Dubai as the teams receive an Either/Or challenge. In this Either/Or, teams have to either serve one ball each to one of the toughest ball launchers in the world or clean a section of the Burj Al Arab's windows from top to bottom. The Reality TV Pros and Sisters both choose the Squeegee while the Surfer Dudes choose Serve. The Surfers are confident, believing that the challenge is child's play until they discover the difficulty in serving. On the second flight, Dwayne tries to give advice to Kelly but ends up angering her after he accidentally insults Taylor, stating she is spoiled rotten. The second flight arrives in Dubai and the teams unanimously choose to Serve after noticing the Sisters sharing a near-death experience. Mickey gets another nose-bleed after getting hit by the Tennis Menace, but the Twins still do Serve because of their dislike of the sound of squeegees streaking on windows. Father and Son, along with Daughter and Mom, switch to Squeegee after noticing the dangers of the Tennis Menace. Despite the Adversity Twins doing badly on their first attempt, they decide to stick with it.

Kitty tennis beast

The Sisters ultimately face both challenges.

While the Ice Dancers are confident at first, due to Jacques' successful hit, Josee gets distracted by a seagull and is struck by one of the balls. They also agree to switch to do Squeegee. Kelly is jealous of Dwayne's parenting skills after watching him get along with his son. Ryan's teasing angers Stephanie, who manages to knock the Tennis Menace off the building and onto the Sisters' platform, which causes Emma to free fall.


Noah saves Emma from certain death.

Noah notices and manages to catch Emma, which results in her restating her previous expectations on Noah, and an attraction ensues. The Reality TV Pros and Sisters finally agree on an alliance due to this. Owen then uses his body as a squeegee, which helps himself and Noah along with the Sisters complete the challenge. It also causes Jay to pass out after hearing the streaking sound, which helps him hit a ball along with Mickey, allowing them to be the first to complete the challenge. The next challenge is to find the Chill Zone in the Gold Souk. Back at the Serve challenge, the Tennis Menace is severely damaged, which makes the challenge easier for the teams to complete. However Carrie becomes upset when Devin constantly mentions Shelley. Mother and Daughter finish washing the windows, but Kelly finally loses her patience with her daughter's disrespectful behavior when Taylor rubs bird poop from her boot onto Kelly's sleeve. Kelly gives Taylor a time-out by hoisting her up the window lift, which results in them in losing their lead.

Kelly Taylor happy

Mom and Daughter reconcile.

At the Gold Souk, the Reality TV Pros and Sisters make it to the Chill Zone. Noah allows Emma and Kitty to reach the Chill Zone first, which causes Emma to develop feelings for him. However, she tries to hide this from Kitty. Josee rages once again when she finds out that she and Jacques have placed fourth place, behind the Twins, who feel that their bad luck is being absorbed by another team. More teams arrive until only the Best Friends and Mom and Daughter are left. Taylor finally apologizes (rather halfheartedly) after her mother reveals the Chill Zone is at a mall full of gold. However, they forget to check-in before going shopping, allowing Carrie and Devin to finish before them and Mom and Daughter to be eliminated. The two aren't upset by this; with Kelly being glad they are leaving the Race with something much better than the prize. She then mentions that she's cancelling her daughter's allowance, which shocks her.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Darren Frost Chet
Jeff Geddis Devin
Neil Crone Dwayne
Stacey DePass Emma
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Lyon Smith Jay/Mickey
Julie Lemieux Josee/Kelly
Jacob Ewaniuk Junior
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Carlos Díaz Lorenzo/Ticket Clerk
Carter Hayden Noah
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicki Burke Stephanie
Bryn McAuley Taylor
  • Crimson, EnnuiMacArthurRock, Sanders, and Spud appear; however they do not speak, although they say sherve in uhfh9u
  • The Tennis Menace speaks; however, it is unknown who voiced it.



  • Pictures of Chris, as well as Gilded Chris Award statuettes, appear at one store in the mall, while the store where the Chill Zone is located has Chris and Chef bobbleheads for sale, as seen on the dashboard on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.
  • This is the first time the Ice Dancers are placed in a position lower than third place.
  • The ones who do the "Squeegee" challenge are the Reality TV pros, Sisters, Ice Dancers, Mother and Daughter, and Father and Son teams. All the other teams choose "Serve".
  • When some luggage falls on Jacques, Bridgette's blue bag that is sometimes seen in Total Drama Island can be seen.
  • This is the only elimination episode to feature an Either/Or challenge.



  • The name of the episode is a play on "Hello and Goodbye".
  • The tennis menace is a parody of the Daleks from Doctor Who. It even chants "Participate" in a similar manner to the way Daleks say "Exterminate".
  • The teams playing tennis on the rooftop helipad of the Burj Al Arab is a reference to a 2005 publicity stunt by the hotel in which professional tennis players Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a match on the hotel's helipad.
  • The landmarks in Dubai are related to some World Record Breaking structures:
    • The Burj Al-Arab is the world's first 7 star hotel.
    • The mall is in reference to The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping structure on Earth in reference to size (not retail space.)
    • The Gold Souk is a traditional Arab marketplace which almost exclusively deals in gold and jewelry.
    • The Burj Khalifa as seen in the postcard is the world's tallest tower, standing at 828 meters.


  • Before the Sisters and Reality TV Pros complete the Squeegee challenge, Owen rips off his shirt. However, when they finish, it's intact when Kitty hands it to him.
  • After Mickey gets hit with a tennis ball for the first time, he doesn't have the gap in his teeth.
  • In French is an Eiffel Language, Kitty says what Emma broke up with Jake two years ago, but in this episode, when Kitty talks to Owen, she says what they broke up three years ago. However, it's possible that it became three years ago between that episode and this one.
  • When Brody says "tennis ball is like a wimp sport", half of his hair splits from his head for a split second.
  • Even though the sides of each window lift move separately, Kelly raises the lift despite only activating one lever.


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