When one of the kids get the hiccups, a schemer decides to help treat them by taking advantage of them. Meanwhile, another kid goes through desperate measurements in order to receive a can of soda.


One morning at the daycare, Chef is doing the dishes in the kitchen when Bridgette comes in asking for help. Moments ago, when she attemped to slide down the treehouse head first, Bridgette accidentally swallowed a worm on the way down. Chef opens to fridge to look for something to get rid of the worm taste from her mouth and finds a can of orange soda at the back, an item that is forbidden by Chef unless they are as tall as him. Bridgette begs Chef to let her drink the soda, hoping it can get rid of the disgusting taste. Chef initially refuses but eventually relents under the condition Bridgette finish the can fast. The sound of Bridgette pulling the soda tab can be heard by the other kids outside the daycare and they all become zombies who want the soda too. Chef tries to hold back the "zombies" as long as he can until Bridgette drinks finish the soda. The kids eventually break in but Bridgette gives out a loud burp that breaks them free of their state of stupor. Owen begs Chef to give him a can of soda too but Chef refuses and will only gives him if he too ate a worm.

As Bridgette is talking with Gwen about the loss of the taste of worm in her mouth, Bridgette suddenly begins to hiccup uncontrollably. As the hiccups become unbearable, Bridgette begs Gwen to find a way to treat her. Gwen suggests Bridgette to hold her breath but Bridgette refuses. Chef then tells her to feel surprised, something that he and his brother often did to each other when they were kids whenever one of them got the hiccups. Chef uses a scary jack-in-the-box in order to surprise her but it didn't work as Bridgette admits that she saw it coming. Izzy then tells her to close her eyes and pull her to the other end of class to show her a surprise; an early Christmas celebration, complete with gifts, decoration and out of tune Christmas carols. While Bridgette is surprised by this, it fails to cure her hiccups. Disappointed, Izzy and the other kids clean out the decorations, take back Bridgette's gift and take out the tree.

Meanwhile, Owen is trying to find a worm for him to eat and notice a bird feeding its hatchlings. Owen pretend to be a bird so the mother can feed him but the bird and its hatchlings avoid him only for the persistent boy to keep following them, somehow even flying to the roof of the daycare. Back in the daycare, Bridgette's hiccups persists and this attracts Noah's attention. Noah tells her that because of her hiccups, her parents will send her to Hiccup Island, a place with no food, water or Wi-Fi where kids are sent where they will break rocks forever. Not wanting to be sent to such a place, Bridgette begs Noah to cure her. Noah agrees to help her under the condition she follows exactly what he says. The tasks Noah asks her to do however are mainly for his own amusement however such as pushing his swing, making a pile of leaves for him to jump onto and doing his art project.

Back to Owen, he continue to follow the birds back to its nest. The mother bird finally gives up and gives him the worm. Owen realizes how disgusting the worm is and is then attacked by the hatchlings. Meanwhile, Bridgette is fanning Noah as part of her treatment only for her condition to persist. As it is the end of the day, Noah gives up on the treatment and sarcastically says goodbye to Bridgette. Upon noticing that her mother has arrive, Bridgette breaks down of the stress from all her problems and the being sent to Hiccup Island. Bridgette suddenly realizes that she had stop hiccuping and thanks Noah by hugging him. In the confessional, Noah admits that there is no such thing as Hiccup Island and his plan was to scare Bridgette as fear is a good cure for hiccups. As Chef is watering the plants, he notices Owen being carried by the birds and throw him to the window. Despite the pain, Owen asks Chef for a can of soda only for Chef to tell him that the can Bridgette drank is the only one. Owen realizes that everything he did is for naught and he should have know about it earlier in the morning.


Beth shows off her plate twirling skills first performing with one plate, then one on each hand, and then balancing three plates with one hand while standing on one hand.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Lilly Bartlam Gwen
Darren Frost Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Cory Doran Noah
Scott McCord Owen



  • Chef is shown to have a brother in this episode. It is unknown whether or not his brother exists in the main universe.
  • During Bridgette's flashback, Izzy is seen holding a toy snake that resembles the snake DJ has to touch in Phobia Factor.



  • The title of the episode is a reference to the expression "Hip Hip Hooray!"
  • The hockey mask Chef wore in the flashback is a better depiction of Jason Voorhees' iconic mask, unlike the Killer.


  • When Beth, Cody, Leshawna and Harold stop embracing after Izzy tells Bridgette she never knows when Christmas is coming, one voice is heard saying "Huh?", however, two characters (Cody and Harold) seem to say it at once.


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