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The five remaining teams head for Russia for some ice yachting and traveling deep beneath the Earth's surface. When someone continues to try and connect with another, a partner tries to keep them focused only on them instead; while someone decides to sabotage another team's run, leading to a penalty but still securing victory in the end. The rivalry between two contestants leads to one becoming overly reckless, ultimately leading to their partner paying the price; while the team comes in last in a non-elimination, they decide to stay in the game despite one's injury.


The "Axis of Evil" are the first to grab the tip.

The teams must now take a flight to Siberia, Russia to find their next Travel Tip. The Axis of Evil start by getting their tips and feign trusting one another, but are secretly planning to let the other teams think they're loyal to their alliance. MacArthur plans on targeting the Sisters due to them being the least threat, as compared to the other teams. In the Sisters' taxi, Emma tells Kitty that they have to make sure that The Axis of Evil targets the Best Friends instead of them, while Kitty isn't sure if she wants to do that because of their alliance and her friendship with Carrie. In the Best Friends' taxi, Devin tries to confess his feelings for Carrie, but instead ends up unintentionally telling her he loves unibrows.

All of the teams get booked on the same flight to Russia, due to the pilot over the speaker talking slowly and by saying "uhhhh" as much as he did, much to Josee's anger. After landing, the teams must ride ice yachts while wearing their swimsuits to the Kola Borehole. The Police Cadets fall behind after MacArthur's tongue gets stuck to a trash can, due to Josee pushing her. To make matters worse, the Ice Dancers mess with the Cadets' yacht, resulting in it malfunctioning. Carrie and Ryan refuse to sabotage one another's teams because of their friendship, much to the annoyance of both their partners. Emma refuses to help the Best Friends, due to them not being in last place, despite their alliance. After arriving at the Kola Borehole, one of the teammates from each team must now be harnessed and cranked down a 7-mile hole by their partner. Once they're down there, they must find a red ball in order to proceed to the Chill Zone.

Ryan teases Stephanie in retaliation to her anger.

The Ice Dancers have a bit of trouble during the challenge due to Josee's claustrophobia, but after some motivation from Jacques, she gets a thought of sabotaging the Sisters when she sees Kitty's flashlight. Jacques then lowers Josee down to where Kitty is. Josee begins by asking Kitty if the balls are in plain sight or hard to find. Kitty then tells her that it's pretty easy with the helmet light. Once Josee hears this, she quickly punches out Kitty's light, steals her ball and tells Jacques to pull her back up. When she gets back up, Emma sees this and calls the Ice Dancers "cheaters." When Kitty starts to get lowered back down, she tells Emma that she can't see anything due to Josee smashing her helmet light. Emma then tells Kitty that she'll just have to feel around for another ball, as she believes her team still has a chance as the Cadets didn't show up to the challenge yet. Once the Ice Dancers get the ball, an outraged Emma angrily wishes them that someday they'll get what they deserve. Unfortunately for Emma, the Ice Dancers secure themselves in first place despite the thirty-minute penalty they incurred for not doing the challenge completely. When the Police Cadets finally make their way to the challenge area, they then realize they can't brake, caused by the Ice Dancers. MacArthur then tells Sanders to tie a rope to the front of the yacht and MacArthur jumps out with trash can and manages to stop it from falling down the hole, also separating her from the trash can.

MacArthur lets Sanders fall at full speed to make up for lost time, leading to the latter's broken arm.

Meanwhile, Kitty sees that Ryan has come down the hole and asks if he can help her since it's dark down there. A still enraged Stephanie tells Ryan not to help Kitty. Though Ryan suggests maybe he could help if he finds two balls in the same spot, Stephanie pulls him back up immediately. While the Haters make their way to the Chill Zone, Carrie helps Kitty with the challenge, since they are in an alliance from the previous episode. In the interview confessional, Stephanie demands Ryan to argue with her again, believing that they'll be eliminated from the competition, but he's been poking fun at her by agreeing with everything she says, making her angrier. As more teams complete the challenge, MacArthur lets Sanders fall down the hole to speed things up and ends up breaking her arm. After MacArthur talks about how bad she feels about what she did to her partner, the Cadets arrive at the Chill Zone in last place. However, Don reveals it's a non-elimination round, to which MacArthur tries to hug Sanders but she accidentally hurts her broken arm instead. Due to Sanders's injury, she is given the choice of whether or not to continue in the race, in which she agrees to under the condition that MacArthur listens to her now. Don then signs off the episode.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Jeff Geddis Devin
Stacey DePass Emma
Scott McCord Jacques
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie
  • The Siberian Sasquatchanakwa is heard groaning, but it's unknown who voiced him.
  • The pilot speaks, but it is unknown who voiced him.


     First Place •      Racing •      Eliminated     Last placer on a non-elimination episode
     Saved from elimination •      Season winner •      Season 2nd place
Josee&Jacques (RR).png
 1st place 
Josee & Jacques
Ice Dancers
Stephanie&Ryan (RR).png
 2nd place 
Stephanie & Ryan
Devin&Carrie (RR).png
 3rd place 
Devin & Carrie
Best Friends
Emma&Kitty (RR).png
 4th place 
Kitty & Emma
Sanders&MacArthur (RR).png
 5th place 
MacArthur & Sanders
Police Cadets
Geoff&Brody (RR) bw.png
Brody & Geoff
Surfer Dudes
Ennui&Crimson (RR) bw.png
Ennui & Crimson
Noah&Owen (RR) bw.png
Owen & Noah
Reality TV Pros
Dwayne&DwayneJr (RR) bw.png
Dwayne & Junior
Father & Son
Rock&Spud (RR) bw.png
Rock & Spud
Lorenzo&Chet (RR) bw.png
Lorenzo & Chet
Mickey&Jay (RR) bw.png
Jay & Mickey
Adversity Twins
Kelly&Taylor (RR) bw.png
Kelly & Taylor
Mother & Daughter
Tom&Jen (RR) bw.png
Tom & Jen
Fashion Bloggers
Laurie&Miles (RR) bw.png
Laurie & Miles
Ellody&Mary (RR) bw.png
Ellody & Mary
Gerry&Pete (RR) bw.png
Gerry & Pete
Tennis Rivals
Leonard&Tammy (RR) bw.png
Leonard & Tammy



  • The English version doesn't include a scene where Kitty shivers due to feeling the cold after she says "First place and not frozen to death... yet."
    • This marks the second time where a scene is deleted from the English version. The first was in Broadway, Baby!.
  • This is the first and only episode in the season where one team suffers a penalty but still comes in first.
  • This is the first episode since Noah's elimination in which he is not mentioned by Emma at all.



  • The episode's title references several songs with this title, the most notable being the Bee Gee's song from the soundtrack to the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever.
  • The name of the episode is similar to Calvin Harris song, with the same name.


  • Although the Kola Superdeep Borehole is introduced as being in Siberia, it is actually located in the Murmansk Oblast in Western Russia, which is not considered part of Siberia.
    • Additionally, Don wrongly refers Siberia as a province when introducing the destination.
    • The Kola Superdeep Borehole also looks nothing like how it really looks, as for the real one only being 9 inches wide.
  • When Stephanie and Devin hug after seeing the hole, Stephanie's top is as longer than usual.
  • Kitty is supposed to be at the bottom of the pit when the Police Cadets arrived but Emma can be seen still turning the wheel when MacArthur manages to remove her tongue from the trash can.


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