This article focuses on the interactions between the Ice Dancers and the Police Cadets.


Fight, slap, kick

The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers face off in Shawshank Ridonc-tion.

Very early on in the game, the two naturally competitive teams develop a rivalry with each other. MacArthur, in particular, shows immense hostility to the Ice Dancers, also having a habit of trash-talking them. For several episodes, both fiercely compete with each other and are determined to come out on top. The conflict escalates over the course of the season when the Ice Dancers begin to play dirty, causing MacArthur to hate them with a passion. For some time, Sanders is undecided on the Ice Dancers, but after being betrayed by them in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, she finally makes up her mind.

Similarly, Josee's hatred for the Police Cadets escalates to the point where it exceeds her desire to win. She declares she won't be satisfied until getting revenge on them. From this point on, both teams take every opportunity to sabotage one another, plot each others' eliminations, trash talk each other, and on occasion physically fight. Even a forced alliance between them and the Daters in Ca-Noodling, as well as MacArthur's code of honor, forcing her to save Josee's life in Bahamarama, doesn't do anything to extinguish the feud. If at all, it leads to Josee continuing to break their brief alliance with the Cadets and heats up their rivalry more. The conflict between the two teams continues to the finale, with both teams trying to keep up with one another. Despite several setbacks as well as Sanders's injuries, the Cadets finally triumph over the Ice Dancers by making it to the midpoint Chill Zone first, eliminating the Ice Dancers once and for all.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1

The two teams race each other up the high staircase during the first challenge, with MacArthur yelling "Coming through! Cadets for the win!", to which Jacques, coming right behind, replies "Not for long!"

None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2

Cadets or the ice dancers

The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers race to the Chill Zone.

The Cadets and Dancers race neck-and-neck for second place. The Dancers initially have the lead after overtaking the Cadets but crash into a tree, allowing the Cadets to regain the lead. However, the Ice Dancers quickly recover, and the two teams fiercely race to the Chill Zone. In the final moments MacArthur, while carrying Sanders, takes a huge leap and reaches the Chill Zone before the Ice Dancers do. Josee is very upset about this and throws her first tantrum of the season.

French is an Eiffel Language

Ice Dancers and Cadets

The Police Cadets are surprised the Ice Dancers have caught up.

This episode marks the true beginning of the conflict between the two teams. As the teams are driving to the airport, the Ice Dancers overtake the Cadets while incessantly smiling at the camera. Seeing this, MacArthur ponders over whether the Ice Dancers smile all the time. Fixated with curiosity, MacArthur vows to find out, with her lack of knowledge frustrating her. Upon reaching Paris, the Police Cadets and Ice Dancers continue their rivalry, with MacArthur crashing her cab into the Ice Dancers' cab to slow them down. After exiting the catacombs, the Cadets are the first to reach the giant cheese, with the Ice Dancers right on their tail. The latter team immediately grabs their cheese and rides it down the river. Josee mockingly bids farewell to the Cadets but MacArthur counters by announcing they had forgotten their oars. The Police Cadets take the chance to paddle ahead only to see the Ice Dancers using their feet in place of oars to propel forward moments later. Despite The Ice Dancers being the first to reach the Louvre, they lose some time waving to their fans, causing The Cadets to overstep them. In the end, it's a race between the two teams for first place, with the Cadets emerging victorious, much to the anger of Josee.

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

Despite the results of the previous leg, the Ice Dancers attempt to take the lead but are stopped by the Cadets at the last minute. In an interview, MacArthur vows to keep a close eye on the Ice Dancers, stating she does not trust them and if they're not careful enough, the Dancers might end up winning the race.

Bjorken Telephone

MacArthur vs Ice Dancers

MacArthur argues with the Ice Dancers just before the bus pulls up.

While waiting for the bus, the Ice Dancers see that the Cadets (and some other teams) have caught up to them at the bus stop. The two of them and MacArthur get into an argument which is on the verge of becoming physical until Noah steps in and points out that the bus has arrived.

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

Mud games

The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers tangling in the mud.

While the teams are racing up a hill, MacArthur passes by the Ice Dancers and Josee retaliates by pushing Sanders down. This leads an angered MacArthur to tackle the Ice Dancers, sending all of them tumbling to the bottom. MacArthur and Josee engage in a struggle, with both holding on tightly and refusing to budge.

Shawshank Ridonc-tion

Say something nice

Josee forces MacArthur to compliment the Ice Dancers in exchange for their help.

The conflict between both teams reaches a new level in this episode. Upon hearing about the Boomerang, MacArthur is determined to use it on the Ice Dancers, even though Sanders wants to give it some thought. As the teams are locked in Geelong maximum security, the Ice Dancers and Cadets are coincidentally placed in neighboring cells. The Cadets annoy Josee with their constant bickering, and she asks them to keep it down because they are trying to think, to which MacArthur replies with a mocking pun. After the Ice Dancers successfully escape from their cells, Sanders begs them to let them out, with the promise that they'll owe them. Josee agrees under the condition that MacArthur compliments the sport of ice dancing and by saying that she's the best at it. MacArthur initially refuses, but after some convincing from Sanders, reluctantly obliges. However, the Ice Dancers immediately break their promise and leave them in their cells. This enrages MacArthur, while Sanders concedes that MacArthur has been right in not trusting the Ice Dancers. MacArthur's rage towards the Ice Dancers is strong enough to help her tear the mattresses to two halves, break the toilet and rip off a piece of the wall, finding a way out in the process.


The Ice Dancers and Cadets in a Mexican Standoff.

After breaking out, the two police-in-training catch up with the former Olympians at the next Don Box. After a small mud fight, Josee and Sanders draw out their respective Boomerangs, aiming at each other. Seeing that neither of them would benefit from this Mexican Standoff, Sanders proposes that they tear up the Boomerangs at the count of three, to which Josee agrees to. However, neither of them do so and both end up using their Boomerangs on each other, forcing both teams to repeat the previous challenge. The two teams form a temporary truce in order to escape their cell and once they are done, they compete fiercely with each other, with the Ice Dancers reaching the Chill Zone first after Josee whacks the Cadets off their raft. Fortunately for the two cops, it is a non-elimination round, giving them the chance to exact their revenge on the former Olympians.

Down and Outback

Josee is still bitter at the Police Cadets for daring to use the Boomerang on them in the previous episode. No longer satisfied with simply winning, she vows to exact revenge on them. During the challenge, Josee applies makeup on a bunny, disguising it as the rare albino rabbit that allows teams to skip to the next challenge. Upon seeing the rabbit, MacArthur gives chase and drops the sack of rabbits she already has. After chasing the rabbit for a prolonged period, MacArthur finally acquires the rabbit after it falls into a lake. However, the makeup washes off, revealing the rabbit to be a fake. MacArthur realizes she has been duped and immediately suspects it to be the Ice Dancers' doing.

Maori or Less

The Ice Dancers tease the Cadets and some other teams that they have reached the Chill Zone in first a long time ago. Frustrated that the Ice Dancers beat them again, the Police Cadets vow to bring them down, with Sanders adding they would be having the Ice Dancers for breakfast.

Little Bull on the Prairie


The Ice Dancers and Cadets engage in some road rage.

While driving to their destination, the Ice Dancers ram their truck into the Police Cadets' truck, causing the Cadets to run over a rock and burst a tire. This allows the Ice Dancers to overtake them, where Josee proceeds to taunt them by calling them "wannabe coppers". MacArthur retaliates by speeding up her truck and slamming into the Ice Dancers, causing both trucks to go off-road and fall off a cliff's edge. Later, the Ice Dancers are annoyed due to MacArthur completing the bull riding challenge before them.

El Bunny Supremo

Take that you ice skating freaks

MacArthur is victorious over her rivals.

During the burro riding challenge, the Ice Dancers pass the Police Cadets, due to MacArthur experiencing difficulty with her burro, which collapsed. However, the Ice Dancers end up losing their burros due to having trouble with Loki, the Goths' rabbit which the Ice Dancers have kidnapped. As a result, Sanders reaches the Chill Zone first, follow by the Ice Dancers but since they arrive without their burros, they received a 10-minute penalty. In the end, MacArthur manages to carry her burro to the Chill Zone before the penalty is over, allowing the Police Cadets to claim first place. MacArthur proceeds to taunt the Ice Dancers, calling them "ice skating freaks". In an interview, Sanders adds that the best part of winning is that the Ice Dancers lose.


They still hate each other

Josee and MacArthur are forced to work together as part of the Superteam challenge.

At the start of the episode, the Cadets taunt the Ice Dancers for their previous placement. Upon reaching the Mekong River, the Ice Dancers are initially in the lead but MacArthur tackles them, allowing Sanders to reach the Don Box first. Much to their surprise, both teams have to work together for the first Superteam challenge of the race much to their reluctance, with the Haters filling the third position. Though Josee reluctantly agrees, Sanders has to pep talk MacArthur into working with their sworn enemies. However, Josee and MacArthur continue to clash with each other throughout the challenge. Eventually, Sanders loses her patience and points out that one of them will be eliminated if they continue to fight. Josee and MacArthur finally call a temporary truce and decide to sabotage the other teams by tricking Devin, who suffers from blurry vision since the previous episode, into catching a crocodile. After Jacques catches the fish with the Zip-It ticket, the three teams reach the Chill Zone first. Sanders then proposes keeping their alliance, dubbed the "the Axis of Evil" until the final three to which everyone agrees. However, the two teams (as well as the Daters) are simply lulling the other into a false sense of security before striking them when the moment is right.

How Deep is Your Love

At the start of the leg, both the Cadets and Ice Dancers emphasize that their alliance is only temporary during their respective interviews at the beginning of the episode. Throughout the episode, both teams admit that they are going to target the other team in order to get them eliminated. At Siberia, the two teams continue to clash again with Josee throwing the first punch by "accidentally" pushing MacArthur to the ground, causing MacArthur's tongue to stick onto a trash can. Shortly after, Josee proceeds to sabotage the Cadets' ice yacht by unscrewing the braking mechanism. As the Ice Dancers take off in their ice yacht, Sanders calls them for help, only for her request to fall on deaf ears.

Darjeel With It

CARE1008271500006409 006 640x360

Sanders refuses to help the Ice Dancers to sabotage the Sisters.

During the tea leave picking challenge, the Ice Dancers approach the Police Cadets and feign sympathy at their mishap in the previous episode. Josee then suggests they join forces to take down the Sisters, which at first MacArthur is on board with. However, MacArthur had made an agreement to listen to Sanders, who decides against this, not wanting to risk a penalty. Josee is angered and warns them that once they have dispatched the Sisters, they would target the Cadets next. When the Ice Dancers are waiting out their one-hour penalty for sabotaging the other teams, the Police Cadets claim second place and MacArthur blows a raspberry at them. MacArthur explains during her interview that despite not getting first place, she is happy to place higher than the Ice Dancers.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires


The Ice Dancers and the Cadets race to the Chill Zone.

While on their way to their destination, Sanders states that she really wants to get rid of the ice dancers to which MacArthur agrees and tells Sanders that she should leave them to her since she knows "how to make people hurt". The Police Cadets, along with the other contestants, are very annoyed that the Ice Dancers complete the tango challenge with ease. Later on, after both the Ice Dancers and Police Cadets acquire their emus, both teams fiercely race to the finish line. After the Ice Dancers narrowly come in first, Josee mocks the cadets, much to their annoyance.


The Ice Dancers continue to clash with the Cadets throughout the episode, with Josee throwing a tantrum after they, along with the Sisters and Surfer Dudes reach the airport before them, while Jacques erupts about how sick they are of the Cadets. As she looks for a treasure map, MacArthur laughs when Kitty nicknames the Ice Dancers "ice dunces". While searching, MacArthur throws a crate at Jacques. Once the Cadets spot one of the maps they are looking for, the two teams have a tug-of-war over it. Sanders then cleverly tells MacArthur to let go, which at first she refuses. However, her grip slips and the momentum sends the Ice Dancers tumbling backward into a heap on the ground. The Police Cadets take their map and rush off victorious. However, because of Sanders' injuries, she is unable to drive their jet-ski properly, allowing the Ice Dancers to overtake them.

For the Random Botch, Josee begins to freak out that she needs to swim into an underwater cave due to her claustrophobia. She initially wants to sabotage the Cadets but Jacques rejects her idea, not wanting to get penalized again. As Josee whimpers in fear, MacArthur easily overtakes her, giving Josee the strength to be mad enough to tail her slowly. Eventually, Josee runs out of oxygen in her tank and is forced to take refuge in a small air pocket area. MacArthur spots her along the way and proceeds to taunt her before continuing the challenge. However, being a police-in-training, MacArthur cannot bring herself to leave Josee behind. Returning to the air pocket, MacArthur reluctantly allows Josee to share her oxygen and helps her to reach the surface, though she also uses the justification that if anyone's going to take Josee out of the race, it's her. The two teams and the Sisters continue to race to the Chill Zone but as the Cadets overtake the other teams, Josee throws a coconut at MacArthur. Luckily for the Cadets, they manage to come in third place. MacArthur then confronts Josee for being ungrateful though Josee feels no remorse over her actions.

A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.23.34 AM

The Police Cadets ram the Ice Dancers' cab and flip them over.

During the race to the Empire State Building, the two teams are neck-and-neck with each other and every time when one overtakes the other, the leading team mock the other. After all three teams acquire their briefcase, the Ice Dancers steals the Cadets' taxi after the Surfers stole theirs. The Police Cadets arrive just in time to see the Ice Dancers take off in their taxi and give chase. To keep them from falling behind, they commandeer a hot dog van where they continue pursuing the Ice Dancers. Upon catching up, MacArthur rams the hot dog van into the taxi, causing the Ice Dancers to flip upside down and the Police Cadets to take the lead. As the Police Cadets are about to reach the Chill Zone, the wind blows their Travel Tip out of MacArthur's hand and down a drain, forcing them to go back for it. At this point, the Ice Dancers have almost caught up and see they still have a chance. Sanders manages to retrieve the tip using her broken arm. Just in time as the two teams race to the Chill Zone, the Police Cadets narrowly take second place, while the Ice Dancers take third place and are finally eliminated. Still sour from their defeat, they give zero points to both teams.


  • This is one of the first conflicts to be formed in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and one of the main focuses in the season.
  • Counting the Cadets' ending, these two teams came in first place more than any other teams:
    • The Ice Dancers have the highest count, finishing first eight times.
    • The Police Cadets finished first five times.
    • Counting the season premiere where the Ice Dancers came in first, plus adding the fact that they both finished first in Ca-Noodling, the two teams reached first thirteen times total, which makes up half the episodes in the season.
  • Both teams were saved from elimination due to non-elimination rounds in back to back episodes.
  • Both are the first team to utilize a Boomerang as well as being used on by one.

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