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The two teams compete in a cooking challenge. Three campers decide to teach one person a lesson about hygiene because of his passive attitude. Meanwhile, on the other team, two people's conflict reaches a boiling point when one takes the leadership role for the challenge. The girls of a cursed team end up locking the mean girl in the refrigerator, causing them to lose to the better-organized team due to their carelessness in the challenge. In the end, one camper is voted off the island for cursing her teammates, while another discovers the importance of listening to his roommates.


Duncan, Geoff, and DJ team up to get back at Harold for leaving his underwear all over their cabin.

The episode begins with most of the campers still sleeping. Duncan quickly wakes up and begins doing a few push-ups, but after smelling something repulsive, he stops and recoils in disgust. He quickly recognizes the odor as Harold's filthy underwear, which is inches from his face. He pulls back and tells Harold not to leave his 'crusty' underwear around the boys' cabin. Harold denies the accusation, despite the fact that his mother sewed his name on the label and that he is the only one who wears briefs, as DJ and Geoff point out. Therefore, the trio decides to teach Harold a lesson when Harold leaves to take a shower.

Later, Chris informs the gathered campers that the challenge for both teams will be to prepare a three-course meal, with a head chef from each team serving Chris for tasting and judging. Geoff examines the available ingredients and proposes an Italian-themed meal for his team, earning him the position of head chef. Heather proposes herself as the team's chef.

TDI Heather.png

I had to take the leadership role. Hello, we’re on a losing streak! And really, everyone else on the team is pretty useless.

The Killer Bass team is divided into three duos — Bridgette and DJ for the pasta, Courtney and Duncan for the dessert, and Harold and Sadie for the antipasto — despite Courtney's reluctance to working with Duncan.

TDI Courtney.png

He's totally unmotivated! And he never washes his hands! He's so obnoxious! [sped up] He's completely delusional. [normal speed] Owning sunglasses doesn't automatically make you cool. [sped up] If you're gonna wear sunglasses, at least get some stylish ones. He's such a poser! [normal speed] People like that are so annoying! I mean, honestly, who does that?! And don't even get me started on his hair!

Back in the guys' side of the cabin, Geoff sneakily picks up one of Harold's used briefs with a stick before returning to the kitchen and signaling DJ, who then intentionally spills a bucket of water on Harold, causing him to insult DJ. Geoff then instructs Harold to change his clothes. He returns to the cabin to change, as the Gophers struggle to prepare their dinner, with Leshawna and Heather arguing over what to cook. Harold returns to the guys' cabin and changes into a pair of revealing thong underwear.

Owen tosses the crate of oranges right at Trent's face, knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Owen is returning to the kitchen with a crate of oranges when he bumps into Heather, causing him to wobble. He trips and spills all of his oranges all over the room. Heather instructs Owen to return to the truck to retrieve more oranges, which he does reluctantly. While getting the oranges, Owen attracts bees from a nearby hive above him, which attack him viciously. Geoff attempts to make small talk with Bridgette in the Killer Bass' kitchen, but fails miserably by comparing her to his friend's mother. Bridgette shakes her head disapprovingly as DJ quickly pulls him away. Owen, who is covered in red welts from the bees, enters the Gophers' kitchen and tosses the crate of oranges at Trent, hitting him in the head and knocking him to the floor.

TDI Heather.png

Things are going perfectly except for Owen’s hornet stings and Trent’s concussion, which means he’s out of today’s challenge. But still, this challenge is totally ours.

The guys make Harold a dirty underwear sandwich.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Duncan are insulting each other, but they're interrupted when Harold enters, wearing only his thong underwear and asking who took all of his shorts. Chris walks in and shudders as he sees Harold in his thong underwear, and he reminds them they have three hours left. On the other hand, Leshawna and Heather soon start bickering again when Heather complains about the way Beth is slicing the pineapple, ordering her to switch places with Leshawna, who states she believes the sliced fruit looks fine, but Heather says she isn't head chef for poor presentation, which Leshawna argues she only got it because she called it and that she isn't fooling anyone just for wearing an apron. Heather claims Leshawna isn't being a team player, and Leshawna says she actually is but she is also allergic to pineapples, to which Heather seems to not care by asking her to slice the pineapples anyway. As Leshawna angrily does what Heather ordered her, her allergic reaction is visible in her arms, so she asks Heather what she should do about it. Heather dismisses it by telling her to get back to work.

As Harold slices up some sausage in his underwear, Harold is instructed by the guys to return to the cabin for a pair of underwear and shorts, but he is unaware that his underwear has been soaked in hot sauce by the guys. He screams "My biscuits are burning!" when he puts them on, then dives into the water, which, while relieving him of the burning feeling, wets his shorts and makes them useless.

Back in the kitchen, Heather notices something wrong with Lindsay's dessert, asking what is wrong. Lindsay explains that they used all the flambé start but it won't flambé. Heather asks if nothing happened to the dessert when she lit it, to which Lindsay reacts in surprise, revealing she forgot that step.

TDI Heather.png

(about Lindsay) It's like talking to an eggplant.

Heather demonstrates how to make a flambé dessert to Lindsay and Gwen, but she badly burns it due to the two girls pouring too much flambé starter on the dessert, and Heather's eyebrows are burned off. Heather looks at her reflection in a pan and notices her eyebrows are gone, screaming and ordering Owen to get her makeup bag from the cabin. Leshawna taps Heather's shoulder asking for a bathroom break, and Heather complains by saying she needs eyebrows, adding she feels that she is in a team of morons.

TDI Leshawna.png

(about Heather) Oh, that is it! Someone’s gotta teach this girl a little respect.

Leshawna and Owen are satisfied with their team's meal, both in look and scent.

On the Killer Bass' side, Harold enters the kitchen in his pajamas but refuses to admit he is the one who left his underwear all over the cabin. Harold accepts Geoff's offer of sandwiches, commenting on how it tastes like sweat and lotion, but he later finds his underwear in the sandwich. Geoff says they'll return his clothes when Harold admits to what he's been doing.

Outside, Owen, who was sent by Heather to get her make-up bag, steps on a rake in an attempt to escape the bees, falls down, and is stung by the bees several times. A few minutes later, Owen, swollen and bloated from the stings, tosses the bag in Heather's direction, but Leshawna intercepts it. She throws it to Beth, who in turn throws it to Lindsay. "In the fridge!" Leshawna exclaims to Lindsay, as Heather extends her hand for Lindsay to hand her the bag. She disobeys Heather and throws the bag into the walk-in freezer, which Leshawna shuts behind her and locks her inside.

Back in the Bass' kitchen, Duncan and Courtney squabble about small specifics of their dish, with Courtney claiming that Duncan isn't putting an equal amount of custard into each tart. Duncan tells Courtney that she would be fun without a "pole up her butt," to which Courtney responds she is the most easygoing person she knows. Duncan mockingly says she is "totally laidback" as he squeezes the custard from the pastry bag, spilling it over Courtney's face. She responds by throwing a full bowl up Duncan's head, laughing.

TDI Duncan.png

Man, that girl creases me. I dig that in a chick.
TDI Courtney.png

Duncan and me? Right. As if! I’m so sure! Not in a million years. Please. When pigs fly. [Leshawna: Yo! You still busy protesting in there or can someone else have a turn?!] Like I was saying, not gonna happen.

A short time later, Chris prepares to judge the meals, with Beth setting the idol she took from Boney Island on the table during preparations as decoration. Even as Heather shivers in the fridge, attempting to draw thick eyebrows with makeup, Owen is ordered by his Gopher teammates to guard the food before it is served. Owen's hunger overpowers his reasoning, and he consumes the majority of the rib platter.

Heather is angry with her team after their loss.

Elsewhere, Chris gives the meal prepared by the Bass a score of fifteen. However, the Gophers' meal elicits a score of two points for the tiny scrap of ribs Chris is left to consume thanks to Owen. This leaves the Bass with a score of fifteen to eleven. The Bass' dessert earns six points and the Gophers' dessert nearly results in Chris choking to death. A moment or so later, Lindsay remembers they left Heather locked in the freezer and runs off to let her out. Chirs looked at the Gophers like he was wondering why they left Heather. Leshawna told Chris that Heather was making her team trip. When Chris and Owen saw Heather, it was a horrifying moment that they saw. Heather enters, her body blue from head to toe, and Chris announces the Bass team win the challenge twenty-one to twelve. Heather notices a tiki idol on the table, and Chris points out that Beth shouldn't have taken it from Boney Island. Chris goes on to say that the Bass will be rewarded with a five-star dinner under the stars. As the Bass celebrate their victory, Duncan embraces Courtney until she demands to be put down.

DJ, Geoff, and Duncan riding in a canoe and looking at Harold, knowing that their prank worked.

The Gophers mull over whom they will vote off that night, with Heather assuring Lindsay that all is forgiven as long as she votes for whomever Heather tells her to vote for that night, threatening to cut off all of her hair if she ever steps out of line again. In confessionals, Heather says choosing someone to vote for is difficult with so many losers to choose from, Lindsay laughs over locking Heather in the freezer, and Heather and Owen are shown voting for Beth, with Owen belching her name.

At the campfire ceremony, it comes down to Beth and Heather for the final marshmallow, with Beth being sent to the Boat of Losers. After the ceremony, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ drag Harold's bed to the dock while Harold is sleeping. Harold wakes up naked on the dock the next morning, surrounded by all the girls swimming in the water, who are giggling at him. Harold shrieks with embarrassment and covers himself with a pillow. As the three pranksters paddle in a canoe, Harold eventually accepts and promises that he'll never leave his underwear around again and asks for his clothes back. After that, his clothes are returned to him after being thrown at him by DJ, Duncan, and Geoff, and Harold flees to the cabin to get ready.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Clé Bennett DJ
Drew Nelson Duncan
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Scott McCord Owen
  • Gwen, Sadie, and Trent all appear, but they did not speak. Gwen can be heard laughing in two scenes and Sadie can be heard cheering when the Killer Bass win. When Owen threw a crate of oranges in Trent's face direction, he grunted.

Elimination Ceremony

9th Elimination Ceremony:
Screaming Gophers
Status Contestant
TDI Leshawna.png

TDI Owen.png

TDI Gwen.png

TDI Trent.png

TDI Lindsay.png

Bottom Two
TDI Beth.png

TDI Heather.png

TDI Beth bw.png


Voting Confessionals

TDI Heather.png

(voting against Beth) Today's vote was really hard, but only because there were so many annoying people to choose from. Leshawna is a royal pain in the butt, and Owen completely screwed up everything for us. I vote for Beth.
TDI Lindsay.png

I can't believe we locked Heather in the fridge! That was so cool! She's not going to see this, is she? Her eyebrows look so bad. I'd kind of like to vote Heather off, but . . .
TDI Owen.png

(burping) Beth.

Still in the running

TDI Ezekiel bw.png
TDI Eva bw.png
TDI Noah bw.png
TDI Justin bw.png
TDI Katie bw.png
TDI Tyler bw.png
TDI Izzy bw.png
TDI Cody bw.png
TDI Beth bw.png
TDI Killer Bass.png
TDI DJ.png
TDI Duncan.png
TDI Geoff.png
TDI Gwen.png
TDI Harold.png
TDI Owen.png
TDI Sadie.png
TDI Trent.png



  • Starting with Justin and ending with Beth, there's been a male-female pattern with the previously voted off campers: Justin (male), Katie (female), Tyler (male), Izzy (female), Cody (male), Beth (female).
  • It is revealed that Leshawna is allergic to pineapples.
  • In the initial storyboard for this episode, the Killer Bass engaged in a food fight while cooking, but it did not make it into the final episode.


  • This marks the third consecutive loss for the Screaming Gophers, making this the first time ever that a team has lost more than two challenges in a row.
  • Heather receives the final marshmallow for the second time consecutively, and the third time overall.
  • Heather's own fate from a future episode is foreshadowed on two occasions in this episode, when the Screaming Gophers are deciding whom to vote out:
    • Leshawna says: "Dear curse, please, hit Heather next and, if possible, hit her upside the head."
    • Heather threatens to cut Lindsay's hair off.
      • Coincidentally, Lindsay is indirectly responsible for the incident.
  • This is the last episode where Sadie appears without Katie.
  • This is the last episode where Heather is seen with a long ponytail until "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
  • This marks the last time that the Screaming Gophers lose to the Killer Bass.


  • This episode title references the phrase, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
  • Harold calls DJ "Dorkahontas," a reference to Native American legacy Pocahontas.
  • Harold says, "Hit me with your best shot," and "It wasn’t me," which are all the references to the songs of Pat Benatar, Shaggy and Rik Rok.


  • The beehive that appeared on the cabin was yellow when Owen came to get Heather's makeup bag. When Owen knocked over the bottles, the beehive was white, and after Owen stepped on the rake and screamed, the beehive that fell on him turned back to yellow. Also, when Owen is getting oranges, the box is knocked over, but in the next scene, the box is upright again.
    • Also, when Owen first disturbed the hive, it was hanging from a tree branch. However, when he accidentally disturbed it a second time, it was hanging on the side of the cabin.
  • When Owen goes to get Heather's makeup bag, his hornet stings disappear.
    • Also, when Leshawna asks him to guard the food, he returns to normal form, after being stung twice.
  • In the morning, Duncan is seen in his boxers, but when Geoff first talks, he is wearing his normal shorts.
  • When Heather shows up outside the fridge after Lindsay frees her, Trent can be seen in the group of people Heather is yelling at with no ice pack or noticeable injury whatsoever. He was supposed to be sent to the medical tent due to a concussion. However, during the campfire ceremony, he is seen with an ice pack.
    • Also, during the campfire ceremony, Trent is holding an ice pack to his head, but after his name is called and he goes up to get a marshmallow, he returns to his seat with no ice pack.
  • When Heather appears before the Gophers after being freed from the fridge, Gwen is next to Leshawna. However, when Heather starts yelling at them after they are declared the losers, Trent is in Gwen's place.
  • The food that Owen carries out of the van is ribs, but when they go into the kitchen, he is carrying oranges while Trent carries the ribs.
  • After Harold eats Geoff's "underwear sandwich," Bridgette's laughter is heard, though it should be Sadie's.
  • When Trent is hit by the crate of oranges, the top of his hair is flattened on the side as if it were being hit also, yet nothing is touching it.
  • When exiting the truck, Sadie is seen holding a bag of flour, Duncan is holding a ham, DJ is holding a box with various canned goods and baguettes, and Geoff is holding boxes of tomatoes and baguettes. However, when they arrive in the kitchen, DJ is holding Geoff's box, Sadie is holding DJ's box, Duncan isn't carrying anything, and Geoff is holding a single can; which makes it unknown what happened to Sadie's bag of flour. Bridgette is the only camper who carries the same thing off the truck and into the kitchen.
  • When Heather blows up the flambé cake, she looks at her incinerated eyebrows in a frying pan covered in grease; however, in the next shot the grease is gone.
  • When the pasta dish is placed in front of Chris, Courtney is shown to be holding the dish. However, only DJ and Bridgette were present at the tables.
  • Heather's height has been shown to be bigger. The first time when she calls being the head chef and the second when she gets mad at her team for losing.
  • Chris does not eat the Screaming Gophers’ pineapple skewer appetizer and instead skips to eating their "ribs”.
    • Strangely, however, the dish is calculated into the Gophers’ final score of twelve. If one subtracts the score of two from the "ribs” and the score of one from the flambé cake, this means their pineapple skewer appetizer received a score of nine.
    • Additionally, Chris does not score the Killer Bass’ antipasto dish nor is it calculated into their final score simply saying that they "passed”.
  • When Leshawna tells the Screaming Gophers that they might win the challenge, the pineapple skewers on an orange plate, yet when Leshawna scolds Owen for eating the ribs, Beth is seen carrying them in a large blue bowl.
  • When the Killer Bass are watching Heather and Leshawna argue about Leshawna's pineapple allergy, Harold is wearing his normal pants. However, he was wearing a red banana hammock at the time.
    • Sadie is also absent during this scene.
  • The bottle that Trent takes off the truck is said to contain molasses, but Lindsay is supposed to use it to ignite the flambé. Molasses contains no alcohol, and thus, would not ignite a flambé.
  • When Owen finished eating the ribs, he had barbecue sauce all over his body and his hair is messed up, but when Leshawna told him out, he only had barbecue sauce on his shirt and his hair was fixed.
  • When Geoff throws Harold back his clothes, his line of "Pleasure doing business with ya!" was in Duncan's voice.
  • When Leshawna is suggesting another recipe rather than pineapples with mango dip, she suggests pineapple chutney happily. When Heather tries make Beth switch her job of slicing the pineapple with Leshawna's job, Leshawna says she can't do it because of pineapple allergies despite her willingness to make a different dish with pineapples in it.
  • When the Screaming Gophers are retrieving their ingredients from the truck, Heather is reading the list of what they need. In the order she said it, the campers already retrieved the ingredients by the time, or before, she dictated them.
  • When Heather was talking to Lindsay, her regular eyebrows were seen. However, in the confessional immediately afterward, her fake eyebrows were seen.
  • When the Killer Bass are cheering after they are declared the winner, Sadie's voice is heard even though her mouth didn't move.
  • At the end of the episode, Harold was seen sleeping in the East Cabin, which belongs to the Screaming Gophers.


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