Intern cliff

The Canadian intern testing out the final challenge in Total Drama Island.

Interns are people hired by Chris and the producers to aid in the production of the show. They perform a variety of tasks, such as testing out challenges, researching info to aid in a challenge, and even pampering Chris. Occasionally, Chef Hatchet is forced to serve as an intern by Chris.

Throughout the Total Drama series, Chris frequently subjects the interns to getting injured, some even dying. A running gag throughout Total Drama is having interns test out challenges to ensure that they are safe enough, only for them to die or get severely injured during testing. Nonetheless, Chris will consider the challenge as safe, regardless of the state the interns are after testing it.


Most of the interns are prototype designs of the contestants, mainly the ones of Duncan, Cody, DJ, and Tyler. Each season has its own featured intern(s) who appear(s) the most throughout the season.

Featured interns

For Total Drama Island, the main intern had an orange bandanna, long brown hair, a white shirt, baggy green pants, and orange sandals. The intern's appearance was the prototype design for Duncan, which was later used for Cody in the original promo (right after Camp TV had been changed to Total Drama Island) and then recycled again into an intern. He first appears as a pizza delivery man in The Sucky Outdoors and last appears as a cameraman for Celebrity Manhunt. This intern also appears on the cover of a tabloid magazine Chris holds up in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. He also has several appearances in Total Drama Action and is one of the only interns to appear in more than one season.

For Total Drama Action, the main intern had Tyler's original design, with blonde hair, a white sleeveless shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals. A second intern, featured in both seasons, is DJ's original design. He is a large man with a goatee, red cap worn backwards, a tan and red jacket, and matching shorts. He most prominently appeared in Total Drama Action but had a very brief cameo appearance in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.

For Total Drama World Tour, there are three main interns. Two of them are noticeably very large and well-built. Both of their outfits also resemble Chris' outfit with shorts and sandals, except one wears a light blue shirt and is blonde, while the other is darker-skinned, has shorter hair, and wears a red shirt. The third one is also tall but fairly leaner, and initially seems to be simply a taller version of the main intern of Total Drama Action. His outfit also resembles the outfit worn by Chris and the other two interns.

For Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, there are five main interns. Three of them are male, another one is female, and eventually, Dakota wound up becoming an intern at the end of Ice Ice Baby. All of the interns except for Dakota have pale skin and black hair. Interns of this season also wear special outfits unlike in previous seasons, which consist of red shirts (again, similar to Chris' outfit), and either khaki shorts or pants. One intern is a short, large intern with glasses and short black hair; one is a tall, skinny intern with a goatee and long black hair (including bangs that cover his eyes); one is a fairly well-built intern with spiky hair; and the female intern is short and skinny with headset braces and a shirt that is dramatically wrinkled due to not fitting her well. Although the spiky-haired intern (named Josh) is mutated in The Enchanted Franken-Forest and never returns again and Dakota also noticeably disappears after the fourth season, the remaining three interns are also featured in Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Total Drama Island


Chef being forced to work as an intern.

Owen mentions at the beginning of the first challenge that shows like Total Drama Island have to have interns test the challenges to make sure they are "survivable." They then show a clip of Chef reluctantly testing the challenge, where Chris says that all of their interns are "in the hospital already."

In The Sucky Outdoors, Chris mentions that he "lost a couple of interns" to the bears living in the woods of Camp Wawanakwa. In addition, the bandanna intern appears as a pizza delivery guy who arrives at the Screaming Gophers' campsite with a pizza and has a brief line when he asks who the pizza is for. The Gophers then find out that it's only for the camera crew, much to their dismay.

In Who Can You Trust? during the cooking challenge, the bandanna intern jumps from the ceiling of the main lodge, spins in mid-air, and lands behind the podium like a stunt double. Immediately after, Chris pops up and the intern crawls away showing who was doing the impressive jump.

In Camp Castaways, Chris mentions the number of interns he had lost for a specific project, namely moving his sets into place. Also, while having fun with Chef, Chris considers sending the interns that are in the hospital a picture of them having a good time to insult them.

Snapshot 2009-02-09 16-31-47

The intern from the version of The Very Last Episode, Really! that aired in the United States.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, a new intern is needed to test the final challenge, as Chris claims that all of their other interns had already died. However, while he is testing the challenge, he falls off and gets attacked by sharks.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the bandanna intern has his hot air balloon hijacked by Courtney. Courtney also sees a man in a drive-through who later becomes an intern/cameraman. Both interns return in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

In Riot On Set, two of the cameramen (the bandanna intern and the large intern) quit after the names of Gaffers and Grips are made fun of by the contestants. The bandanna intern speaks once more, angrily declaring, "I'm tired of getting no respect around here!" They do, however, return by Masters of Disasters. In Full Metal Drama two different interns (both of whom are apparently twins and dressed as orderlies) drag Izzy to the Lame-o-sine after her elimination and roughly throw her in.

In 3:10 to Crazytown when Chef is shown testing the horse-jumping challenge, the intern's hands are only shown on screen, but his screams are heard as Chef pushes him off of the platform. He was most likely injured or killed. In Masters of Disasters, the two cameramen from Riot On Set return despite apparently quitting and get close-ups of Owen after his jaw is broken.

Aftermath intern

An intern who has appeared in three of the Aftermath Episodes.

Starting with the The Aftermath: I, a new intern (who is actually Tyler's prototype design) is introduced and becomes the second season's most prominent intern. He is most commonly seen in all of the Aftermath segments with the exception of the final one. In the first, he is shown in a never-before-seen clip to be frightened of Izzy after she kicks Chef. Later in the same episode, he flees the stage when she reveals that she would hurt him the same way she hurt Chef.

The same intern is seen again in The Aftermath: II with a wheelbarrow of Trent's fanmail. Also in the episode, the large intern and the bandanna intern are seen in the rafters above the stage attempting to drop a spotlight on Geoff when he criticizes the lighting on set.

The blond intern has a line in The Aftermath: III when he is backstage telling Owen that he was supposed to be onstage. The intern also appeared in Mutiny on the Soundstage controlling the Monster that Duncan had to face in that episode. He does not appear in The Aftermath: IV, making that the first and only aftermath he did not appear in.

In Get a Clue, the two interns seen in Riot On Set and Masters of Disasters return once again very briefly, and both play zombies in Chris's badminton movie when both Lindsay and Duncan are watching it as a reward.


The intern in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.

Several interns from past episodes return in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, and are seen to serve several different purposes. In the introduction for Celebrity Manhunt, several interns are seen, including the Canadian intern from The Very Last Episode, Really! even though he had supposedly died, as well as the large intern. On the set for one of Izzy's movies, the blond intern from the aftermath episodes returns and apparently is a director of photography. Izzy then goes ballistic (for apparently "no reason") and curses at the intern. He ends up running away crying. It is revealed by Josh and Blaineley that this intern had to go to therapy for months after this incident. In the first half of the special, the intern with the bandanna is a cameraman for Celebrity Manhunt and gets his own camera shoved onto his head by Eva during one of her outbursts at the paparazzi. In addition, he rides a skateboard all the way to Ezekiel's home on the farm. While there, he is heard speaking once again when he gives Ezekiel a little advice on how to be a true gangster. Later on, he is seen to supposedly be one of the contestants in Total Drama Dirtbags before it was revealed to be fake.

Also, the intern with the bandanna briefly appeared in an exclusive clip from Total Drama Action. Taking place after the events of One Million Bucks, B.C., Heather had successfully stolen a lock of Courtney's hair and, in the confessional, attempted to stick it to her head using some of the tar she had fallen into earlier. However, the intern suddenly rushed into the confessional and started wrestling Heather to get the lock of hair back, as the show had to obey Courtney due to her suing them. Although Heather resisted strongly, the intern eventually wrestled her down off-screen, snatched the lock of hair, and walked away.

Occasionally, the arms of interns are seen applying makeup to the contestants during their confession. In One Million Bucks, B.C., an intern applies bandages for Harold after he was attacked by giant beavers. In Dial M for Merger, an intern knocks Harold out cold with a nightstick while he is hiding the confessional.

Total Drama World Tour

Intern fanning chris egypt

An intern fanning Chris.

Starting this season, it seems that all interns wear an outfit similar to Chris's (with different colors) if they are not in a special costume for a challenge.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, two interns appear when the cast arrives in Egypt, carrying Chris and treating him like a pharaoh. Later, one of the interns fans Chris with a giant leaf. The intern that is doing this looks like the intern from the aftermath shows in Total Drama Action.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, the two interns were still treating Chris like a pharaoh, such as letting Chris sit on one of them like a chair. When Chef drops the urn full of scarab beetles, one intern runs away, while the other gets eaten alive by them. Later, when both Chris and Chef are at the finish line on the other side of the Nile River, Chris is seen with his feet on the dead intern's skeleton and using it as a footrest while Chef is similarly resting his feet on the back of the other intern who is still alive.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, two interns downstream get frozen in the icy Yukon river waters, as they were supposed to rescue contestants that fell into the water.

In Broadway, Baby!, a new intern is seen massaging Izzy in the first class compartment. The intern has blonde hair, a unibrow, green khaki shorts, and a shirt, very similar to the one that Chris wears but in a lighter tone.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, a brand new intern is seen along with the one from the previous episode. He is wearing the exact same outfit as the other except he wears a red shirt and brown shorts. They restrain Blaineley after she throws a temper tantrum and force her out of the aftermath show. These two interns are seen to be very strong and powerfully built, as both are tall, have gnarled faces, and were able to withstand Blaineley's brutal blows (one was kicked in the groin, and the other was punched in the face, but neither seemed fazed).

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, a new intern appears painting Lindsay's toenails. His hair is brown, and clothes resemble Chris's.


A female intern serving Chris and Chef.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, an intern tested the "Bobsled of Death" track, but Chris said he would be "out of commission" for ten months. He then briefly appeared in the infirmary along with Gwen and Owen, completely wrapped in a full body cast. His size and body shape made him appear to be the same intern from the Total Drama Action Aftermath episodes (and most likely was), even though he was mostly covered. He lied on a hospital bed moments before the heart monitor started issuing a long, monotone beep, implying that his heart stopped and he died opening his eyes upon hearing it.
Greece chris interns wrong information

Chris is upset that the interns gave him the wrong information in Greece's Pieces.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, several interns appear to work in the infirmary, pushing Gwen in on a gurney. Outside, a female intern serves drinks to Chris and Chef. Her design is based on Katie's original design and the female avatar from the Best. Game. Ever. In Greece's Pieces, two interns are blamed for Chris being misinformed about the origin of the Olympics - which they are recreating - being in Italy. One is the intern who was seen in both the first Aftermath and Jamaica, and the other appeared to be the same one from the Total Drama Action Aftermath episodes, except much taller. Chris tells everyone to grab on to something except for the darker-skinned intern, the one who was apparently more responsible for the misinformation and was promptly thrown off the plane. The other intern is told to go gather some information from Greece, which is their new destination, and stands next to Chris the rest of the episode only to take the Drop of Shame at the end, as he was "eliminated" by Chris's choice. The Total Drama World Tour website only lists him as "This Intern," as similarly stated by Chris right before he pushed the intern out the door.

In The EX-Files, Heather talks to a bored looking intern in first class. This intern is identical to the one eliminated in the previous episode.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, the same two interns from Greece are alive and well and back on the show once again. They bring in the emus for the first challenge. An emu pecks one intern's head and he glares at it in response. Later, two identical interns come in to take an injured Sierra away on a stretcher.

Two interns capture Blaineley and drag her with her luggage off to the next destination after she wins the second chance in Aftermath Aftermayhem.

In Niagara Brawls, interns were seen dragging contestants into the cargo hold so they could be ejected over the Niagara River.

Africa intern

An intern is shot by Chris as a demonstration.

Two interns appear in African Lying Safari. The first one is shot by Chris with a tranquilizer ball, to demonstrate its effects. He was later attacked, then dragged off by Ezekiel. The second was a cameraman, accidentally hit by Duncan while trying to capture Ezekiel.

In Rapa Phooey!, the two burly interns help Chef lift up the Easter Island statue that was knocked over by the plane's landing. However, when Chris calls Chef for assistance on the walkie-talkie, Chef drops the rope tied to the statue, causing it to fall back over and crush both interns.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Chris scolds the interns for accidentally burying the jet's oil supplies instead of the barrels of snakes and spiders they were supposed to dispose of. As punishment, Chris tips the barrel onto them, sending snakes and spiders all over the terrified interns.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, two of the interns load up the truck with the animals rounded up.

In Hawaiian Style, the dark-skinned burly intern ties up the Doberman to Team Heather's platform right before the challenge begins. Also, he and the other burly intern (the blond one) bring in the wheelbarrow and baby carriage that were won by Team Alejandro and Team Cody, respectively, after the challenge is over. Both interns are in the final group shot at the end of the episode when Bridgette signs off.


An intern is splashed by lava in Hawaiian Punch while testing out the challenge.

In Hawaiian Punch, an intern in a heat-resistant suit put out the fire on the platform Cody and Alejandro fought on. He then sunk into the water on the sinking platform. Either this same intern or one in an identical suit threw a sample effigy into the volcano, getting splashed by the lava and running off screaming. He last appeared after the commercial break, bandaged head-to-toe and pushed in a wheelchair by Chef. Additionally, one more held up one of the large ice cubes on his back so that its coolness, blown by a fan, could keep Chris and Chef cool.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Intern 1 and Chris

The first intern to appear in season four.

The interns were changed with a different group this season that consisted of three males and one female, with Dakota temporarily working as an intern after her return in Ice Ice Baby.

Several interns appear in the opening sequence of this season, carrying a totem pole similar to the ones seen in the first challenge with Chris on top and whipping them to move faster. Also, an intern cleans the camera lens after Dakota kisses it.

The first intern of the season appears in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. This intern is wearing long khaki pants, a shirt like Chris's, but in red, and has spiky hair. Chris then takes the coconut juice that the intern is holding on a tray as a giant tentacle rises out of the water and smashes down onto the dock, taking the intern with it.
Toxic rat

The intern gives Lightning his team's animal.

In Truth or Laser Shark, a male intern gives Lightning his team's animal, the toxic rat. In Ice Ice Baby, Dakota returns to the competition due to her father bribing Chris into letting her return, but as an intern. It seems that all the interns in this season, including Dakota, wear the same outfit, which consists of a red shirt and green pants.

Chris with Dakota as an intern.

In Finders Creepers, Jo discovers a skeleton wearing an intern uniform in the cave. It is unknown if it is a deceased intern or simply a skeleton dressed in a intern uniform.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, when Chris is doing a recap of what happened in the previous episode, the female intern is seen cleaning the catapult for the Hurl of Shame. Ordered by Chris, Chef Hatchet pulls the crank and catapults the intern. Another intern is angry at Chris, who defends himself by saying that the "elimination" in this episode was totally surprising.


Josh a few seconds before his mutation.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Chris gets stuck in the communal washroom thanks to one of Scott's traps, giving the interns a chance to take some revenge on him for his years of abuse. They ignore his pleas for help and then torture him further by messing with the septic system.

Josh right after he's mutated after falling into a toxic sinkhole.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, the spiky haired intern, revealed to be named Josh, is seen holding a boom stick and running but accidentally falls into one of the toxic sinkholes and flies out a few seconds later mutated.

Total Drama All-Stars

In Heroes vs. Villains, an intern with physically the same appearance as the Canadian intern from The Very Last Episode, Really! appears as the demonstrator for the challenge. When he does the challenge, he gets scared of the shark-infested waters but Chef forcefully kicks him off the cliff. As he goes to the carriage, he has a bunch of scars on him. When he walks towards the carriage and falls in it, the intern from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island that has long black hair appears, moving the carriage to the left.

After Chris explains the challenge, the chubby intern from the same season is seen, driving Chris away from the contestants.

In Evil Dread, the female intern from the fourth season appears massaging Alejandro.

In Saving Private Leechball, the Villainous Vultures accidentally shoot leeches at a new blonde intern through a cannon.

In Food Fright, the chubby intern appears controlling the "Salad Spinner" in the challenge. He also appears in Moon Madness where he flees into the hotel from a moon-crazed bird that charges through the door. In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, he tries to help Chef fix the monitors after Chef accidentally spilled his drink on them. Before the commercial break, the intern speaks for the first time saying "... on Total Drama ..." before he is cut off by Chef.

Josh makes a brief cameo in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition as one of the mutant inhabitants in the Fun Zone The long haired intern can be seen briefly in Suckers Punched where he is being attacked by Sierra's mutant pet.


Chris holding the hungry interns.

The male intern with long black hair over his eyes and the female intern with a ponytail appear in Sundae Muddy Sundae having been starved by Chris when he "forgot" to feed them. Chris refers to the male intern as "What's-his-name" and the female intern as "Whozzit." The contestants were given the task to prepare ice cream sundaes for the interns to eat. In a twist at the end of the challenge; however, Chris says that the contestants have to eat their own sundae. One of the famished interns collapses onto the ground.

Several interns appear in The Final Wreck-ening. The first intern is ordered by Chris to bring the un-shot contestants down; however, they get blown away just before he can do so. The interns last appear floating on a table out of the main lodge when the island sinks.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

The interns from season four (except Josh) are the main interns again for this season.

While Chris is introducing the season in the first episode, the chubby intern cleans the outhouse confessional. He then passes out from the stench once he finishes.

In Three Zones and A Baby, the interns drop down babies from a hot air balloon to the contestants at the beginning of the episode. At the final zone, the long-haired intern is in charge to collect the babies back.

In Hurl and Go Seek, the long-haired intern holds an umbrella for Chris while he and Chef are drenched from the rain.

The interns try to defrost Sasquatchanakwa.

At the beginning of Sky Fall, the chubby and long-haired intern are seen trying to defrost Sasquatchanakwa after he was frozen in a block of ice as a result of the events in previous episode.

In Pahk'd With Talent, the chubby intern is forced by Chris to put all the money back into the case after he accidentally dropped it. After he was done, he serves as one of the judges for the talent show alongside Chris and Scuba Bear. However, after Scuba Bear knocks the case off him he is replaced with the female intern. Like Scuba Bear, she gives high points to both Sky and Shawn but dislikes Sugar's performance and runs away when she jumps on the judges' table.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


The fate of a Ridonculous Race intern named Andrew.

Don also has his own group of interns who he forced to test the safety for challenges. An intern named Andrew ended up falling to his death in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, while testing the zip-line challenge, to which Don sends his condolences to the intern's family after explaining his fate.


  • Overall, there have been nineteen different interns shown on-screen in the series so far. These interns are:
    • The intern with the orange bandanna, wavy brown hair, green and white shirt, baggy green pants, and orange sandals.
      • He is Duncan's Camp TV design and was later recycled into Cody's design before being recycled again into this intern.
    • The large intern with the goatee, red baseball cap turned backwards, red and tan jacket, and matching shorts.
    • The blonde intern with the white tank top and khaki shorts.
      • He is Tyler's Camp TV design.
      • Many interns later in the series, particularly throughout Total Drama World Tour, seem to resemble this intern, leaving it unclear as to if any of these interns are actually this one.
    • The two interns who dragged Izzy to the Lame-o-sine in Riot On Set.
    • The one that Chef kicked off the diving board, and most likely killed, in 3:10 to Crazytown.
    • The intern with the white tank top, cowboy hat, sunglasses, and blue shorts; seen in the Canadian version of The Very Last Episode, Really!.
    • An intern with similar clothing to the above intern (minus the cowboy hat and sunglasses) but with dark skin seen in the American version of the aforementioned episode.
    • Two interns that appeared in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better frozen in the water.
    • In Jamaica Me Sweat, a female intern appears for the first time, as the vast majority of interns are male.
    • The three interns in Total Drama World Tour, who have been shown to have outfits that look like Chris's, are different colors. They are also shown to not have Chris's pants and shoes, but the alternative, which are shorts and sandals.
      • The blonde burly intern with a unibrow, light blue version of Chris's shirt, and green shorts.
      • The dark-skinned burly intern with a red version of Chris's shirt and tan shorts.
        • The outfit he wore was the same one that was used in the entire fourth season.
      • The one that Chris "eliminated," who initially has the exact same appearance as the Total Drama Action Aftermath intern, except that he is taller and has a different outfit.
    • In Hawaiian Punch, an intern was seen wearing a HazMat suit that completely covered his body, performing dangerous tasks such as putting out a fire and demonstrating dropping a dummy into the volcano. First, he appeared to die when the wooden platform he was on sank into the shark-infested waters. Later, he appeared demonstrating how the final two would have to drop a dummy into the volcano, only for the backsplash of lava to cover him completely. He was later seen being pushed away in a wheelchair, his body completely bandaged up by Chef.
    • Four interns are continuously seen in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and later seasons.
      • An intern, named Josh, with tanned skin and spiky black hair. He was no longer seen after The Enchanted Franken-Forest.
      • A female intern with braces, black hair tied into a ponytail, and a uniform that doesn't seem to fit her very well.
      • A chubby intern with glasses and black hair.
      • A tall intern with long black hair that goes over his eyes.
        • These interns seem to be the most defiant as many times they are seen disobeying orders and shows signs of hating Chris.
    • Dakota, after the events of Ice Ice Baby, becomes an intern until she officially returns as a contestant at the end of A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste.
  • The one episode of the series that features the most amount of different interns is the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, with five: The bandanna intern, the large intern, the Total Drama Action Aftermath intern, the blonde burly intern, and the Canadian intern from the Total Drama Island finale.
  • All three of the major interns are seen to have two or more different occupations on the show:
    • The bandanna intern is seen as an intern, a cameraman, a pizza delivery guy, a stunt double on Total Drama, and a cameraman for Celebrity Manhunt.
    • The large intern is seen as an intern and a cameraman.
    • The blonde intern is seen as an intern and the director of photography during one of Izzy's movie shoots and is the aftermath's main intern.
  • An intern was forced to take the Drop of Shame for the first time during Greece's Pieces.
    • This makes that intern the first non-competing human to get eliminated.
  • Each season has its "main intern," the one intern who appears the most in the season:
  • Currently, Total Drama World Tour features the most amount of interns of any season of the Total Drama series so far, as it featured seven interns.


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