Irene is DJ's pet fish during Newf Kids on the Rock and Jamaica Me Sweat. DJ considers Irene his lucky charm until he realizes that Alejandro is using her to trick him.

Total Drama World Tour


DJ and Irene in the confessional.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Irene is given to DJ when he is instructed to kiss a cod for the final challenge. He refuses to do it at first, because he is trying to eliminate himself due to his "curse," which has led to the continual injuring of animals, to end. He also believes that he will bring harm to the cod if he makes contact with it because of the "curse." Heather then points out that the fish has an Egyptian symbol on it, telling DJ that the fish might be able to end the curse. DJ refuses at first but finally listens to Heather when Alejandro agrees with her and says that DJ should do it for the good of animals all over the world. DJ then kisses Irene, and ties with Tyler and his team in the challenge of this episode. It is then revealed that, afterwards, he goes two hours without hurting an animal. This convinces him that the curse indeed is broken and that Irene is his lucky charm. This also leads him to believe as long he has her, his curse no longer takes effect. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Alejandro had painted the Egyptian symbol on Irene to gain DJ's trust.

DJ relaxing while holding Irene in first class.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, DJ is seen carrying Irene with him in a bowl throughout the episode. He takes her everywhere he goes, including the confessional, and when he participates in the challenge. In the first challenge, DJ accidentally knocks Irene off a cliff into the shark and eel infested waters, but jumps off the cliff and saves her before she lands. Due to DJ being too preoccupied with Irene's safety, he fails to gain the advantage in the second challenge.
Alejandro betrays DJ

DJ discovers Irene hasn't helped with ridding his curse after all.

During this second challenge, DJ goes through the bobsled course with Irene and finishes with the two times being faster out of everyone. Before the third and final run, Alejandro tells Tyler quite conspicuously that he painted the Egyptian symbol on the fish, intending for DJ to hear it. Upon hearing this, DJ loses his confidence and believes that he's cursed once again. Due to this, DJ loses focus, causing him to hit many animals on the course. He loses the challenge and is eliminated from the competition. From that point forward, Irene does not appear in Total Drama again.


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