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Izzy was a camper on Total Drama Island, and was originally placed on the Killer Bass, before switching to the Screaming Gophers in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. She was a cast member on Total Drama Action and was placed on the Killer Grips. She also competed on Total Drama World Tour and she was originally placed on Team Amazon before switching to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and had a cameo appearance in Finders Creepers. Izzy did not qualify for Total Drama All-Stars, but had a brief cameo in Suckers Punched.


Izzy, in Noah's own terms, is as "nutty as a ten-ton bag of pecans smothered in peanut butter, encased in a cashew the size of China". She is fun, but hard to handle and to the other contestants, more trouble than she is worth. Izzy has extraordinary athletic and fighting abilities, and also sticks herself to the wild environment. She is also number eight on the RCMP's "Most Wanted" list, presumably for accidentally blowing up a kitchen, but it is unclear whether she was telling the truth. As a running gag in the series, she will leave in an unusual way after being eliminated, such as her departure in a puff of smoke in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!. In Total Drama Action, she frequently changes her persona to another that she has created for her own amusement. She has also been shown to enjoy plotting bizarre solutions to various situations. Despite her strange ways of showing it, Izzy does care about others (mainly Owen) and means well even if her results don't reflect it.

Total Drama Island

Izzy slams her chin painfully against the Dock of Shame upon her arrival.

Izzy is the final person to arrive on the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, where she slams her chin on the dock due to slipping while running off the boat. A concerned Courtney comes to check on her, with Izzy assuring her that she's feeling great (in an excited voice, which creeps everybody out). Izzy is originally placed on the Killer Bass, but offers to switch places with Katie in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, so that the latter could be on the same team as her best friend Sadie. Thus, Izzy ends up joining the Screaming Gophers. Izzy performs well in the challenges, fearlessly jumping off the cliff and helping her team open the box with her teeth.

For most of her time on the island, Izzy is shown to be wild and unpredictable, as well a having a tendency to make up tall tales about herself. One time, she claims that she became rich and famous after selling maple syrup named "Izzy's Happy Sap". She also states that she once dated Justin, but they broke up after she discovers he is a liar. She splits from her team in The Sucky Outdoors while Owen is telling a story and returns to scare them in a bear costume. This earned her a scolding from Heather after their team were attacked by an actual bear and had to stay at the top of the tree for the entire night. She reveals in Phobia Factor that she and Owen share the same fear, being on an airplane. For the challenge, they are locked inside an airplane with Chef Hatchet piloting it. They manage to stay in the plane until it lands, earning two points for their team.

Izzy's past catches up with her, but she won't go down without a fight.

In Up the Creek, it is revealed that Izzy is an AWOL, following an explosive accident she had caused while serving in the reserves, and is thus wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She is partnered with Leshawna, who is uninterested in her story for most of the challenge. While attempting to start a fire, Izzy uses a home-made fire-starter made from tree sap, causing a massive explosion. She indirectly causes her team to lose the challenge after giving advice to the Killer Bass on how to return to camp without oars. This greatly frustrates Leshawna who attempts to beat her with a paddle. During the Campfire Ceremony, Izzy is in the bottom two with Lindsay, but before Chris could hand out the final marshmallow to either of them, a helicopter shines a searchlight down upon Izzy, announcing that she is under arrest. It turns out that Izzy is indeed a wanted criminal and most of the stories she told to the others are actually true. Realizing that her past has caught up with her, Izzy runs off into the night, laughing and screaming in a maniacal way. Due to this unexpected turn of events, Izzy is deemed eliminated by Chris. So Lindsay gets the final marshmallow to herself.

A few episodes later, Izzy is one of two contestants to be brought back to the competition, much to the dismay of the other current contestants. She claims that she never left the island and has been living with a family of beavers while running away from the RCMP. However, Eva points out that her story is fake at the end of the episode, though Izzy cuts her off before she completes her sentence by changing the subject and suggesting everyone to party in Leshawna's new trailer. Izzy appears to join Heather's alliance in Search and Do Not Destroy though she did not take part in her plot to break up Gwen and Trent. Her craziness is seen once again in this episode as she doesn't mind being covered in bees to collect Lindsay's key and had a snake as it later wrapped around her head while collecting hers. Izzy insists that the snake is friendly, even though at this moment it bites her and she passes out.

Izzy's first battle with Chef Hatchet.

Izzy's long rivalry with Chef begins in Hide and Be Sneaky. Instead of finding a hiding spot, Izzy follows Chef from behind and mimics his every movement. Eventually, Chef found Izzy hiding in the rafters of the main lodge after Izzy sneezes. This marks the first time the two of them engage in a duel. Despite his overwhelming size, Izzy is able to keep up with Chef's attack and finally kick him in the face before escaping. She runs through the island, trying to avoid him. She jumps for safety to the lifeguard chair. Chef sprays her but misses. Unfortunately, she slips on the dock and is captured. When Heather suggest that they eliminated Owen, Izzy objects. In That's Off the Chain!, Izzy is able to build her bicycle quickly and offers to team up with Leshawna. The two ride haphazardly all over the island and misses the challenge. By the time they stop, the challenge has already ended and Lindsay had been eliminated.

Izzy leaves the show again, this time shrouded in smoke.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Izzy unexpectedly forms a relationship with Owen. After splitting away from the other campers, the two begin making out behind a bush, despite knowing the dangers of doing so when a killer is on the loose. They are soon found and cornered by the escaped convict. In an act of cowardice, Owen pushes Izzy to the killer and run away on his own. Much to his surprise, the entire encounter was part of the challenge and they were not at harm at all. However, Izzy doesn't take this lightly and punches Owen when he attempts to flirt with her. Izzy still doesn't forgive Owen in Wawanakwa Gone Wild! and refuse to talk to him. Armed with a tranquilizer gun, Izzy is supposed to hunt a deer but ended up shooting a horse, a plane and Chef. She finally notices a deer behind a bush but it turns out to be Heather wearing fake antlers. In retaliation for shooting her, Heather voted off Izzy with Duncan's help. For Izzy, she isn't disappointed at being eliminated again and disappears in a puff of smoke from a smoke bomb.

Izzy is shown swimming in the pool at Playa Des Losers in Haute Camp-ture with the other campers who have been eliminated. Izzy is still up to her usual antics, such as biting people underwater and teasing Noah about the fact that he kissed Cody. She also urinates in the pool which disgusts some of the contestants. When Trent brought up about his feelings for Gwen, Izzy doubts his sincerity and adds that says that if she were Gwen, Trent "would be seriously maimed" for kissing Heather. She also joins several contestants to tease Courtney about her feelings for Duncan. At the end of the episode, Izzy along with other contestants accidentally mention "Leshawna", leading to Leshawna's elimination.

Izzy and Lindsay help Owen win the season.

In the season finale, Izzy is among those who supported Owen even before he announces about the party he is going to held. She follows Owen most of the time, giving him words of encouragement that borders between cheering and scaring him. Near the end of the challenge, Izzy came up with an idea to make sure Owen wins by bringing up some brownies and uses a giant fan to blow the scent to attract Owen. Depending on the ending, Owen knocks into Izzy and either reach the finish line or land a few inches away from it, allowing Gwen to win. If Owen is the winner, he happily hugs Izzy and kisses her.

Izzy gives out orders to Noah and Eva to take down Justin.

In the special, Izzy seems to have forgiven Owen though their relationship is still ambiguous as Izzy vomited when Owen declares his love for her. During the special challenge, she teams up with Eva and Noah who are willing to tolerate her odd antics. At one point, Izzy decides to rename herself as "Kaleidoscope" or "E-Scope" for short. Izzy manages to retrieve the case from Courtney after falling into her and quickly runs away with her team. En route, they encounter Justin who uses his "powers" to manipulate them into giving him the case. Angered at being manipulated, Izzy rallies her team in order to exact their revenge. After Eva and Noah threw buckets of chum at Justin, Izzy steals the case from him after dumping another bucket at him. However, Izzy drops the case and is caught in the stampede of contestants. She, along with those who fell into the lake, are qualified for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Izzy fights Chef Hatchet for the second time in Alien Resurr-eggtion.

Upon her debut into the season, Izzy is adamant about sticking to her new nickname "E-Scope" and refuses to respond to anything else. She is immediately drawn into the first challenge, with Owen struggling to keep up with his hyperactive girlfriend. Izzy is the first to be captured by the robotic monster controlled by Chef. While the contestants await Owen's return, Izzy goes on a date with the monster. She appears to genuinely care about it until it smashes the girls' trailer, where she proceeds to laugh off her affections with no trouble. Izzy reveals in Alien Resurr-eggtion that she has been abducted by aliens many times and also has a broken tracking chip in her neck which activates whenever she hiccups. She duels with Chef during the challenge using large paintball cannons creating a fight but ends up being defeated as she lays dead. When Chef shows concern, she suddenly jumps back up and shows that she is completely unharmed, and the two have a friendly laugh about it.

E-Scope getting dragged to the Lame-o-sine by two interns after her first elimination in Riot On Set.

Izzy is the final member chosen for Trent's team, the Killer Grips, in Riot On Set. She begs the team to allow her to play the role of the old lady in the acting challenge, insisting that she is the reincarnation of her great-grandmother, Mavis. They agree to her request in order to appease her. Due to Chef's mix-up with the scripts, Izzy winds up delivering a painful portrayal of a gangster, forgetting her lines, and instead of telling the viewers she can flip her eyelids. This gaffe causes the Killer Grips to lose the first challenge and she is voted off that night. At first, she refuses to go, claiming she is not Izzy but actually E-Scope. Chris then changes her name on the voting results sheet and she is escorted to the Lame-o-sine, where she shouts out that she will get a star on the Walk of Fame one day.

Izzy comes on the new Total Drama Aftermath show as a special guest along with Trent in The Aftermath: I. Her activities range from swiping crackers and grapes from the green room to talking about her ex-boyfriend named Graham, who issued a restraining order against her. She also reveals that she has an electric chip placed in her neck that goes off at the first sign of dishonesty. She tells Bridgette and Geoff that Chef wanted to make a secret alliance with her, but she declined his offer. When Bridgette gets mad at Geoff for calling Heather "hot", Izzy takes over as host for a while. In a rare display, she appears emotional when Trent sings about his breakup with Gwen.

Izzy's wacky return to Total Drama Action.

Izzy makes an unexpected return into the competition in The Chefshank Redemption. She claims that she's been living in harmony with prairie dogs and assists the Screaming Gaffers in their effort. She rejoins her former team, reasoning that it's better to be on the winning team. The Grips attempt to dispute her return, but Izzy points out that they previously voted out "E-Scope" and "Izzy" herself is technically still competing.

Izzy's newly revived relationship with Owen becomes strained in The Sand Witch Project, as she is immensely irritated by his inability to take her seriously. However, they reconcile during the challenge when the two fulfill the requirement of making out without question. As a result, they lose the challenge for the Grips as the distraction prevents them from being scared. Their relationship is shown to be back on track by the next episode. Izzy is the first at Owen's side when Chef's unpublished manifesto breaks his jaw. In addition, she confesses that Owen is "her buddy" and is the only one who truly understands her. During the submarine challenge, Izzy quickly figures out that the number Chris provided to the Grips is the code for the hatch's combination lock. She becomes frustrated with Lindsay's inability to realize the same thing and runs off screaming when Lindsay and Justin take her figure of speech literally. Izzy returns to her fun-loving self by Full Metal Drama as she creates an explosive-obsessed, male alter ego named "Explosivo". She performs the first challenge for the Grips as she loses to Duncan for the second time. Later, Izzy denies finding Justin attractive, leading him to orchestrate her elimination in retaliation, by manipulating Beth and Lindsay into voting her off.

"Esquire" on a stealth mission, swinging on a vine in The Aftermath: II.

Izzy returns yet again in The Aftermath: II, now seated in the VIP section with Trent. Later in the episode, Izzy falls out of her seat after an intern bumps her with fan mail which later found out to be a standee. The real Izzy then swings in on a vine, attempting to reclaim her guest spot, to no avail. She refers to herself as "Esquire" now. Bridgette calls in Chef to take her away, but Izzy escapes after dunking him into a piranha tank intended for Gwen. In The Aftermath: III, Izzy is so ecstatic to see Owen again that she jumps onto his shoulders and remains there for a small portion of the interview. She steals a drumstick off his tray and somersaults back to her seat. In the finale, Izzy tells the audience that she currently has a fascination with break-dancing since renting a DVD. She offers her vote to the finalist who can dance the best. However, she ends up voting for her alter ego "Explosivo", cackling maniacally when Chris call out her name.

Izzy interrupts Sierra's interview.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it's revealed that after Total Drama Action, Izzy's acting skills landed her a major career starring in a large number of Hollywood movies. However, her career ended when she went on a profanity-laden tirade against her director of photography one day on the set. Since then, she has been feeding longtime Total Drama fan, Sierra, secrets about her cast mates in order to pay off the RCMP. Izzy volunteers to let the cast into the Gemmie Awards. She uses her exceptional skills to infiltrate the building, but instead of giving the others access into the show, she comes out with popcorn, and the door closes behind her. Izzy and the cast board DJ's mother's bus to race the Total Drama Dirtbags to an interview in New York. The bus ends up falling off of a cliff, with Izzy pondering Noah's role as Chris's assistant rather than being concerned about the situation at hand. Izzy chooses to stay behind rather than go find help, a decision which leads to her rescue by Chris and entrance into Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour

Izzy exits the pyramid carrying her undead friend.

Izzy is the thirteenth contestant to be introduced in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. Immediately after she leaves the bus, she jumps on Ezekiel's shoulder, causing both of them to tumble to the ground, eventually also tripping Bridgette and Tyler in the process. They were there to help back up by newcomer, Alejandro, who Izzy shows a little attraction for. In Egypt, Izzy teams up with Noah and Owen and enters the "scary mummy" corridor. After wrapping her in mummy bandages per her request, Noah and Owen lost sight of Izzy. Because of her appearance, she frightens Heather, Cody and Sierra when she ran into them. Eventually, Izzy finds her way out of the pyramid, carrying the mummy that Owen and Noah encountered earlier, who turns out to be Ezekiel. She is placed on Team Amazon and immediately takes a liking towards her team's camel who she named Ruby. Because she appears to understand "camel talk", Izzy help her team to guide Ruby In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. The others' however, mainly Courtney are skeptical about her claims, and after a while, they were lost. However, Izzy manages to get Ruby back on track and reach the Nile River. While the contestants are weaving their basket boats, Izzy chats with Sierra and agree to switch teams in order to be with their respective love interest. Now being on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, Noah forbids Izzy to help her former team when Courtney request her to talk to Ruby. She eventually did it after Alejandro tells her to do so. Because of this, her team came in second place.

Izzy emerges from a radioactive box in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better.

Izzy isn't as active in challenges in this season as she was in the previous seasons. She doesn't help much in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, standing out in the first challenge and later messing up her line while filming the commercial in the second. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, she easily crosses the lake and reaches the sleigh after Tyler. She mistakes the radioactive box on her team's sleigh as a radio and jumps in, leading her to get exposed to radioactive waste that tints her skin green for the duration of the episode. She was supposed to alert Tyler if she sees any of her teammates but isn't helpful. After a close call at a cliff, her team wins for the first time of the season. In Broadway, Baby!, Izzy is able to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty easily and later grabs her team's baby stroller without a problem. Everything went smoothly but the team lost when their baby stroller, along with Noah inside of it, was switched with an actual baby stroller by Heather. Fortunately, the challenge is for a reward, meaning no one from her team is eliminated.

Izzy catches the mummified dog.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Izzy enters the cockpit while Chef Hatchet is piloting, messing with the plane's flight pattern by pressing all the buttons. She later pretends to be Chef while speaking through the speaker. As a result of her handiwork, the plane made an emergency landing on the river in front of the Eiffel Tower. Upon landing, Izzy is launched out of the plane after activating the ejection seat. Her lack of participation begin to get on Alejandro's nerves and in order to focus on the challenge, he told her that Chef is winning the challenge. Upon hearing the name of her archenemy, Izzy removes the painting of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" off her head and runs off, yelling Chef's name. Later, she manages to save the mummified dog that DJ had dropped, she then hurls it at the ground like a football, yelling "Touchdown!” effectively breaking it, and then doing a victory dance. In Newf Kids on the Rock, Izzy manages to catch a lobster and a large fish while her team is paddling to Newfoundland. There, she and Owen are required to drink an entire bottle of apple cider vinegar. While Owen is able to drink it down with pleasure, Izzy doesn't take to the taste so well but is still able to drink it.

After becoming a genius, Izzy ends her relationship with Owen and is removed from the competition.

Despite their relationship started out strong and remain the same throughout the season, Owen begins to grew tired of Izzy's odd antics in Jamaica Me Sweat and thought of breaking up with her after she accidentally kicked him in the "kiwis". Just as he is about to do so, the plane begins to fall and both are sucked out of the plane door though Izzy manages to grab a parachute before jumping off. Izzy and Owen manage to land safely on the beach but the plane crashes on them and they had to be sent to the infirmary. Owen is the first to regain consciousness and was sadden about Izzy's condition and regret trying to end their relationship. Suddenly, Izzy wakes up and begins talking about the solution to time travel. The doctor reveals that the crash had fixed a clog in her brain, turning her into a genius. The military took an interest of her new intelligence and decides to take her away. In a twist of irony, it was Izzy who ends her relationship with Owen, explaining that they are incompatible. With her departure, Izzy became the first member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to be eliminated. To express his sadness of Izzy's departure, Owen sang Oh My Izzy with Gwen.

After another blow to her head, Izzy returns to her usual self.

Izzy's new genius persona continued in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, being introduced as "Brainzilla". Aside from wearing Izzy's regular outfit, Brainzilla wears a pair of half-rim eyeglasses with a lime-green optical tint and wears her hair up in a bun. In addition, she refers to people as "carbon-based life forms", and she refers to herself in third person. In a last-ditch effort to raise $1,000,000, Geoff sets Brainzilla up to play a brand-new aftermath segment, Brain-Blast. She is "blitzed" with skill-testing questions that are harder depending on the size of the donation. One wrong answer and her straps will unlock, sending her into shark-infested water. Brainzilla answers all of her questions correctly but after several turns, the wheel breaks off and rolls off-set with Brainzilla still attached to it. The resulting crash struck another blow on Izzy's head, returning her to her usual self when Bridgette came to check up on her. She is put into an another challenge, defuse a bomb blindfolded with the peanut gallery suspended above the shark-tank. As she is unable to see it, Izzy takes out a hammer and hits the bomb, causing an explosion that sends her, the co-hosts, the peanut gallery and sharks everywhere. Izzy herself is knocked through the plasma screen, with her silhouette in plain sight.

Izzy appears in Aftermath Aftermayhem, now seated in the peanut gallery. While the contestants are lining up for the Second Chance Challenge, Izzy jumps onto Eva's shoulders. She manages to grab a can but it contains normal peanuts, meaning she is not qualified. Izzy is not disappointed however and simply eats her peanuts.

In Hawaiian Style, she supports Cody as a majority roots for him. Afterwards, Izzy disappears midway in the episode. In Hawaiian Punch however, she appears to be supporting Heather as she is seen cheering for her after she won in her ending. When the volcano begins to erupt, Izzy and the other contestants quickly swim away from the island after laughing at Chris and Chef.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Izzy's cameo appearance in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, being hanged on a lifesaver.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Izzy appears on the yacht with the other veterans in route for Camp Wawanakwa. She is seen hanging upside-down over the edge of the yacht with one life preserver on her head and twirling another one in her hand while Noah watches her with a dull appearance.

Izzy's brief cameo appearance is in Finders Creepers, dressed up in a spider costume, stalking the new contestants. Eventually, she catches eight of them, but Cameron becomes infuriated and attacks her out of self-defense, eventually destroying the costume and revealing her identity. Later, during the elimination ceremony, Chef was absent and it is revealed that she has kidnapped Chef and is repeatedly shooting him with small plungers from a bow, while dressed up as a Native Canadian.

Total Drama All-Stars

Izzy revealing herself to be "The Spider".

Izzy appears in Suckers Punched, still dressed in the same spider costume she wore in Finders Creepers. She was intended to be the opponent for Cameron but Chris promised a random chance, so she fought Mal (Mike) instead. Izzy was able to sense something odd about Mike and describes him having a sweet center with a poisonous outside. She also manages to hear Mike from inside Mal but is swiftly defeated before she can figure out his secret.

Total DramaRama

View this page for her Total DramaRama counterpart.

A teenage Izzy makes a cameo in Space Codyty. She, Chef, and Cody accidentally enter a wormhole when she and Cody become teenagers while Chef becomes a baby. Teenage Izzy appears again in A Hole Lot of Trouble along with Cody, Courtney and Lightning when the children enter a portal.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total DramaRama Season 2

Total DramaRama Season 3

Audition tapes

View this video for Izzy's first audition tape.
View this video for Izzy's second audition tape.

Izzy in her first audition tape.

Unlike the other contestants, Izzy had two audition tapes. In her first audition tape, she is hanging upside down on the monkey bars and is speaking in backwards sentences ("Izzy is name my!, freaky being enjoy I!" would be "My name is Izzy!, I enjoy being freaky.") She flips onto the ground and says she can roll her eyes up in her head and double joint her elbows (she reveals during the talk show of Total Drama Action that she is double jointed after a critical injury to her elbow). She then says she can wrap her tongue around her head before the camera falls over. Izzy then picks it up and says some last words before her mom calls her and Izzy yells back at her.

Izzy in her second audition tape.

In Izzy's second audition tape she stated that she was loyal and smart (maybe even a genius, according to her) and then started twirling a fire baton. However, it sets off the sprinklers and the smoke detector. She then apologizes to her mother.




  • Izzy along with Gwen, Owen, and Cody are the only contestants to never be seen taking the Boat of Losers.
    • In addition, aside from the finalists, Owen and Gwen, Izzy is the only contestant who didn't walk the Dock of Shame.
  • Izzy, along with Heather, Alejandro, Sierra, and Cody, is among the contestants on Total Drama World Tour to not take the Drop of Shame. In addition, she is the only one who didn't take the Drop of Shame that did not make it to the final four.
  • Izzy is the only contestant to be the lowest ranking member of a team she was not originally on.
  • Izzy is the only contestant to be voted off the same team twice.
  • Izzy has ranked three placements lower in both seasons after Total Drama Island.
  • Izzy is the most randomly occurring character, constantly leaving and then returning, and being on five teams during her time competing.
  • She is the first veteran contestant to make an individual guest appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Izzy, having returned both times after her first departures in seasons one and two, has so far re-entered the competition more than anyone else. She is also the fastest returning contestant in the series; in Total Drama Action, she returned only three episodes after her first elimination.
    • Izzy's return in Total Drama Action marks the first time a person who returned or debuted on/to the show did not make it to the merge. The second person was Dakota who also was eliminated prior to the merge.
  • Izzy has been the first female to be eliminated from her team every time she has competed.
  • Izzy is one of four contestants to be eliminated in an episode of the same number more than once, being eliminated in the eleventh episode of both Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. The others are Ezekiel, Geoff, and Leonard.
  • Izzy was the seventh contestant eliminated in all of the first three seasons.
  • Izzy has been eliminated either directly before or directly after DJ in all of the first three seasons. She was eliminated after DJ in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action but was eliminated before DJ in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Three of her personas caused her eliminations:
    • In Riot On Set, she was voted off because her team was annoyed at her insisting that she be called E-Scope.
    • In Full Metal Drama, "Explosivo" makes her want to blow up things, losing the first part of the challenge for her team.
    • In Jamaica Me Sweat, the army takes "Brainzilla" away for treatment, thus permanently removing her from the season.
  • Izzy is the first of the original contestants to meet the new contestants in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Izzy's elimination in Up the Creek marks the first time a contestant is eilminated without being voted off.
  • Izzy is the only contestant to compete in each of the first three seasons to be eliminated before the merge all three times, although she returned post-merge in Total Drama Island after her initial elimination.


  • Izzy is responsible for causing Total Drama Action, as she dropped the case, causing it to fall into the shark's reach.
  • Izzy has taken on multiple personas during the show:
  • Izzy is the only character to wear a swim cap.
  • She has had more boyfriends revealed than any other girl on the show:
    • She claimed to have dated Justin off-screen after her first elimination in an extra, but she broke up with him because, according to her, he was a liar, and she mentions that she hates liars.
    • She and Owen had an on-off relationship in various episodes until Izzy dumped him in Jamaica Me Sweat.
    • She had one date with the mechanical monster. However, after he stepped on the girls' trailer, she broke up with it.
    • Before Total Drama Island, she claimed to have a relationship with a boy whom she nicknamed Graham Cracker, from whom she received a restraining order.
    • She also breaks up with people more than any other contestant.
  • According to Bridgette in The Aftermath: I, Izzy is ranked number eight on the RCMP's Most Wanted List.
  • Izzy appears to be of Scottish descent, as shown in Riot On Set.
    • She also claims she is one eighty-seventh Cherokee in Up the Creek.
  • Izzy is shown to be quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat, usually shown by her battling Chef, first shown in Hide and Be Sneaky.
  • Izzy and Chef have fought at least once in every season that she competed in.
  • As confirmed on the official Total Drama World Tour website, Izzy's favorite foreign language is "Camel", meaning she can speak to camels, as seen in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.
  • When referring to her level of fighting power on Total Drama Online, Chef compares Izzy to "between five and seven men".
  • In an interview with Jennifer Pertsch, it was revealed that Katie Crown improvises most of Izzy's lines.
  • Izzy has a habit of describing herself or any of her alternate egos in third person.
  • According to Gwen in Newf Kids on the Rock, Izzy believes in the existence of elves.
    • In the same episode, Heather stated that Izzy sings "Pop Goes the Weasel" when she goes to the bathroom.
  • The knot on Izzy's sarong changes position throughout the series.
  • Some of Izzy's favorite pastimes include impersonating her parents' friends, burning things and making up stories that scare people.
  • It was revealed on Total Drama Online that Izzy curls her hair with half-eaten corn cobs and that she only wears slippers because she thinks shoes are "out to get her".
  • Izzy is the only contestant in the series to have more than one audition tape.
  • Izzy's ethnicity is Irish, as revealed by Fresh TV.
    • This is also hinted at in her design as red hair and the use of the colour green are commonly associated with Irish stereotypes.


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Total Drama World Tour Contestants
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