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Izzy is one of the children attending Happy Tots Daycare Centre.


Much like her older self, Izzy is hyperactive, energetic and unpredictable, but still friendly. She is a huge daredevil and always gives into temptation to do crazy things if they sound like fun.

Total DramaRama

In Venthalla, Izzy is one of the kids who are brought to Chef's office where she watches him stashing Owen's new Uber ball in the storage locker and memorizes the keypad passcode in the process. Later, Duncan orchestrates a heist to break into the locker and take back the toys, bringing Izzy along because she had remembered the code. Once the locker is opened, Izzy find a toy gumball machine and eats all of the contents. She and the other kids have trouble returning back to the classroom and keep getting lost in the vents until Owen's nose is able to direct them back.

In Duck Duck Juice, Izzy falls head-over-heels in love with Chef's Rainbow Juice. Jude decides to Triple Dog Dare Izzy into drinking it, to which she returns the favor. The two of them each take a straw and consume the drink, but end up going on a sugar rush as a result. The other kids struggle to keep Izzy and Jude under control, while Courtney and Duncan buy a replacement Rainbow Juice before Chef realizes goes nuts. After Izzy floats about the daycare and wrapping up her classmates in toilet paper, she finally burns off the sugar rush and returns to normal.

In Free Chili, Izzy is recruited by Harold to capture the 'alien' chili dog and interrogate it, while always having to steal it back from Jude and Beth who want to free it.

In Cuttin' Corners, Izzy brought a rather large cake to school after begging her mother to bake one. Beth, Leshawna and Duncan want to have one of the four rather large corner pieces for themselves and try to be her best friends, hoping she will give them one of them. Oblivious to their plan, Izzy agree to play with her but her form of entertainment are too much for them; from scaring them with a scary clown outfit, shooting balls at them with a bazooka, jumping down the treehouse and performing a daredevil stunt with a car. Despite their efforts, Izzy doesn't give them any of the corner pieces, causing an enraged Beth to push her into the cake, ruining it. Instead of being disappointed, Izzy instead initiates a food fight.


Total DramaRama season 1

Total DramaRama season 2



  • Unlike her teenage self, Izzy's hair is tied up in a bun-styled ponytail and she has freckles present on the middle of her face.
  • While teenage Izzy wears a sarong, this Izzy wears a long skirt that covers her midriff. In addition, she wears two wrist bands and her top now has a drop symbol in place of the hole that showed her cleavage.


  • Izzy is shown to possess a photographic memory, which she demonstrates in Venthalla. This is consistent with Total Drama where it's elaborated several times that she has a high IQ and is secretly a genius.
  • Izzy's hairstyle slightly resembles Tulip from the 2016 animated film, Storks who Katie Crown also voiced.


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