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Owen and Izzy making out with each other in the The Sand Witch Project.

Due to both of them being misfit campers in Total Drama Island, Izzy and Owen quickly bond, as they share similar interests and opinions. Due to Izzy's early elimination, the two don't participate in as much romantic interactions as other relationships, until her return. While their romantic relationship is often inconsistent from episode to episode, as well as Izzy's personality in general, several references have been made to their status as a couple (mostly from Owen) well after they broke the platonic barrier in Hook, Line, and Screamer. As of the first season's special, they seem to still be "very well together" (through Owen's eyes, mainly), going as far as Owen admitting he loves her.

As of Total Drama Action, Owen immediately realizes and admits his feelings for Izzy during one of the earlier episodes. However, due to Izzy having yet another early elimination and the appearance of her new alias Kaleidoscope, the relationship doesn't prosper that well. However, just like in Total Drama Island, Izzy returned once more, causing Owen to become overjoyed and the relationship to resume. This is very short-lived, as Izzy gets eliminated again a short time afterwards.

Their relationship is surprisingly consistent throughout Total Drama World Tour, due to both competing once again, with several hints in numerous episodes of the season. However, by Jamaica Me Sweat, Owen starts to have second thoughts about their relationship, due to the pain she caused him recently, both physical and mental. He made several unsuccessful attempts to break up with her, resulting in more injuries to the both of them. Eventually, however, it is Izzy who breaks up with Owen first, due to her newfound intelligence after a freak head injury, in which she described them as "incompatible." Owen immediately begins to long for Izzy's romantic advances, and openly expressed his sorrow to his friend, Gwen in the song Oh My Izzy. As of now, their relationship is still broken up, even though Izzy has returned to her usual crazy self in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

After Izzy arrives at the island, she talks rapidly about many topics which involve paper maché, if she is at a summer camp, and asks if they're having lunch soon. Owen quickly agrees with the lunch question stating that it is a "good call."

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Owen is afraid of leaping off the cliff into the lake, Izzy in particular enthusiastically yells at him to "Do it!", and shows delight when he accomplishes the feat.

Not Quite Famous


Owen's reaction to Izzy locking eyes with him while she performs her dance.

The challenge of the day is a talent contest. When Owen demonstrates his ability to burp the alphabet, Izzy merely rolls her eyes up, not quite showing the same disgust as the other females on the Screaming Gophers. As Izzy shows off her talent, "The Dance of the Rattlesnake," which seemingly has hypnotic powers, she focuses exclusively on Owen. As she performs the dance, Izzy maintains eye contact with Owen the entire time. This seems to greatly flatter Owen as he remarked on how "she's good" to Trent. This is the first clear sign of an attraction between the two.

The Sucky Outdoors

As they start the challenge, Owen talks to Izzy about how it would be funny if they made bear sounds and a bear showed up. Izzy comments on how it would be funny, and he starts roaring like a bear. Izzy is appreciative of Owen's fishing skills, and is the only camper not appalled by the shark-bite on his butt, stating that it is "awesome". When she goes missing, Owen is very worried, and starts shouting to find her. He is even entertained by her convincing prank. The two speak to each other about their bad sleep in the morning, before Heather yells at them for their actions the previous night; Owen for his exaggerated stories of bear hunting, and Izzy for dressing up as a bear to scare everyone for fun. As the Screaming Gophers enjoy their reward in the hot-tub, Owen asks her for some of her "Chocodiles", and it becomes clear the two have become good friends.

Phobia Factor


Owen and Izzy having the ride of their lives.

Coincidentally, Owen and Izzy are sharing the same fear; being in an airplane. Like all of the other campers, they have to face their fears head-on and overcome them to give their team the win. Though they are terrified (and rightfully so, as the airplane they were in is badly damaged to begin with), Owen and Izzy survive the entire plane ride, and score two points for the Screaming Gophers. When they both got out of the plane, full with relief, they both kissed the ground multiple times.

Hide and Be Sneaky

The girls find out about the guys' alliance. Knowing this male alliance aimed to pick off the girls one by one, they attempt to decide to vote as a group. Of the six girls remaining, Gwen, Leshawna and Bridgette want to vote off Duncan, while Heather and Lindsay want to vote off Owen. Heather attempts to convince Izzy to vote with her and Lindsay, but Izzy clearly hesitated, saying he is the nicest guy she knew on the island (who would even play canasta with her). Heather pressured her to join them, regardless of the fact Leshawna and even Lindsay stated she would just dump Izzy afterwards. This is one of the first direct signs of the two's relationship.

Hook, Line, and Screamer


Izzy jumps into Owen's arms following the horror movie.

Izzy happily jumps into Owen's arms when the movie ended when the killer got away. Owen slyly replies to Izzy that he also loves scary movies, making Duncan and DJ give him thumbs up for the comment. After the movie, the campers witness Chris and Chef Hatchet abandoning the island on the boat of losers, having left behind a fake newspaper reporting that a psycho-killer is on the loose. Gwen took charge of the survival mission, but before the group could arrive at the campfire, Izzy drags Owen off to walk in the woods together (in the dead of night). Despite the spooky atmosphere, Owen and Izzy have a casual conversation in which they refer to themselves (and each other) in third person. Izzy is notably impressed with Owen's accomplishment of eating 200 hot dogs in an eating contest. Suddenly, while Izzy piggyback-rides on Owen and drums on his head, Owen feels that something is wrong. Owen then remembers that the elements of the horror movie they just watched (a couple alone in the woods, getting killed by the psycho killer after making out), realizing that he and Izzy are emulating the exact same scenario. Izzy then points out that they are not making out. Owen feels awkward until she asks if Owen would like to make out with her. Throwing caution to the wind, Owen agrees happily, and Izzy pulls Owen behind a bush as they begin to make out. Shortly after, the The Killer finds the couple and the chase is on.

Izzy pulls Owen behind a bush so they can make out.

Even after Izzy follows Owen through a series of painful landings off a cliff to rejoin him, Owen thoughtlessly sacrifices Izzy to The Killer while he used the opportunity to run for his life. As a result, Izzy is caught by The Killer, who simply turns out to be Chef in disguise. Owen coincidentally finds the hiding base of Chris and Chef after running for a long time, and Izzy is taken to the same place where they are the first people to learn about the challenge of surviving a "real-life scary movie,” which they both failed. On the positive side, they have the privilege of watching the other campers succeed or fail surviving the same scenario. However, Izzy remains bitter about the fact that Owen selfishly left her for dead before realizing the situation is a hoax. This is something Izzy would not easily forget; she even punched him for attempting to flirt with her instead of apologizing.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Izzy Owen GoneWild

Owen tries to appeal to Izzy after leaving her with the killer.

The opening scene is Owen trying to appeal to Izzy by giving her a bouquet of wildflowers. Izzy, however, is not as easily swayed as she reminds him exactly of what he did to her in the previous episode, to which Owen assures her he would never do again, though Izzy seems to remain unconvinced. After Izzy gets voted out, Owen offers Izzy a make-out session to cushion the blow before she disappears in a poof of smoke, disregarding the offer. The status of their relationship is unknown until the season finale, where they are reunited.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

Um okay

Owen seems to really miss Izzy.

Before the season finale, Owen still shows affection for Izzy. In a challenge where he is handcuffed to Heather, they must make a totem pole of carved wooden heads of all the eliminated contestants in the order of when they were eliminated. When Heather happens upon a wooden head of Izzy, she begins to ruthlessly insult her right in front of Owen, not caring how he feels for her. She ignores Owen after he repeatedly tries to get her to stop her anti-Izzy tangent and focus on the challenge, and eventually Owen snaps, demanding Chris to give them a "wimp key" which would open their handcuffs, resulting in them losing the challenge. Later, in the confessional, Owen cusses at Heather to her face for all of the horrible things she said about Izzy. After this, there was another confessional stall segment that showed Owen making out with one of the carved wooden heads of Izzy, proving that he still had feelings for her and regretted what he had done to her in the past.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Owen is excited to get a dare from Izzy, and tells her to bring it. The dare is to give a purple-nurple to a sleeping bear. Owen performs the dare himself, and is attacked by the bear as a result.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Izzy owen finale

Izzy cheers and scares Owen to victory.

In the season finale, it seems that Izzy has forgiven Owen, seeing as she is a huge part in why Owen ultimately wins in his ending. She is on Owen's side from the very beginning, including before he bribes people to his side. She, along with Lindsay, is one of the few people to be helping him throughout the challenge. When Owen is running, she begins cheering for him and commanding him to run. Owen admits he appreciates the support, but is slightly frightened by her. Izzy and Lindsay both find a batch of brownies and an electric fan in order to tempt Owen to run faster by the smell. With this, he passes by Gwen and officially wins the 100,000 dollars in his ending. However, in Gwen's ending he fails and only lunges towards the brownies, crushing Izzy in the process. Owen hugs and kisses Izzy repeatedly during the celebration, which is indicative that Izzy had forgiven Owen after all and gave him another chance at having a relationship.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


Owen suddenly proclaims his love for Izzy.

Izzy, Owen, and Eva are all seen dancing and eating together in the after-show celebration at Playa Des Losers. After eating ninety-seven marshmallows, Izzy lets out a monstrous belch. Owen, star-struck, falls to his knees and took Izzy's hand, proclaiming his love for her. Izzy at first seems shocked and pukes, only to just as quickly recover and return with some hot dogs. Izzy's reaction is vague at best; it is not certain whether or not she was put off and/or grossed out by Owen's proclamation of love or if she was merely suffering from indigestion. In the confessional, Owen reaffirms his love for Izzy, rhetorically asking how he could not love a woman who "can barf like a guy and come back for more.”

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Izzy refuses to ride with the other castmates until they refer to her by her new "name," Kaleidoscope (or E-Scope for short). Owen yells for Izzy to hurry up and join the others, but then remembers Izzy's unofficial name change, calling her Kaleidoscope to get her to join. When they are being chased by the gigantic animatronic monster (controlled by Chef), Owen screams for Izzy to duck, only for her to misunderstand the warning, and thinking of it as a Duck, Duck, Goose game. This causes her to be the first person captured by the monster. Later on, it is revealed that she went on a romantic date with the monster, which leads to Owen venting his frustration and jealousy in the new confessional make-up room. He says he still finds Izzy amazing and loves her, but is unsure to what extent he loves her. Owen feels threatened by the "competition," since the monster is taller than him, but after crushing the girls' trailer, Izzy claims that she is "over" the monster.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Izzy Owen KO

Izzy throws Owen to the ground.

During their alien mission, the group of Izzy, Owen, Harold, and Heather are ambushed by Chef in an alien costume. Owen swears to Izzy that he will protect her, while putting his hand on her shoulder. Izzy puts her hand on his and smiles, and then flips him over on his back because he did not refer to her as E-Scope, and then demands that he calls her as such.

Riot On Set

Owen and Izzy are both recruited into Trent's team: the Killer Grips. Izzy is shown cheering for Owen while riding the trailer as Owen hauls it up the steep prop mountain. He shockingly has no reaction when she is eliminated at the end of the episode.

The Chefshank Redemption


Owen and Izzy flirting in The Chefshank Redemption.

As Izzy returns, Owen seems happy to have her on his team. In the cafeteria, they flirt with each other, with Owen comparing Izzy to chocolate-covered chocolate and Izzy comparing him to a banana split with 27 bananas and a "whole lotta split". Due to the slight flirting at the end of the episode, it looks like Owen and Izzy's relationship has gone back to normal for the first time since the beginning of Hook, Line, and Screamer.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos


Izzy recalls many things from the last time she was on the Total Drama Action film set, as Owen stares at her.

Izzy and Owen's flirting continues with Izzy calling Owen the sweetest thing ever, and compares him with a caramel-covered marshmallow. Owen calls Izzy magnificent as she eats the pizza without using her hands, but panics when he noticed she was eating all of his pizza. Nonetheless, in the confessionals, he describes Izzy's return as a combination of pizza and Christmas, or "Pizz-Mas", as he calls it.

Izzy frees Owen by popping his quarantine bubble.

While being overly-excited during the challenge, Izzy bites Owen's arm and Owen seems to take it as a romantic gesture, looking to Izzy suggestively, saying "Hubba hubba". After Izzy notices Owen has a sore on his arm, she finds out he had a fever and was burning up, 'just like her passionate soul,' before passing out by Owen burping in her face. Izzy seems to be the most worried out of everyone when Owen is afflicted with a "life-threatening" disease. Owen had been put in a quarantine bubble to prevent him from infecting other castmates, and once the disease is declared a fake Izzy pops the bubble, despite warnings from others about releasing Owen's flatulence.

The Sand Witch Project

Owen called Izzy cute

Izzy glares at Owen every time he calls her "cute".

Izzy glares at Owen a number of times due to him gushing over her cuteness, probably because she feels she isn't being taken seriously as a contestant. Owen and Izzy read the script and find that they have to make out, and both enthusiastically do so. Beth, the killer, comes up behind them, and "threatens" them with a knife. Owen and Izzy don't even acknowledge her presence until she clears her throat with annoyance. They remember why they are making out, feign screams, and go back to making out. Later on, when their teams are moved to the dining hall, Owen remarks that it isn't so bad considering all the memories he has of the food. Izzy finds leftover cheesecake under the table, and Owen says he thinks he loves her. Unlike the special, Izzy does not have a bad reaction at Owen saying he loved her, and actually smiles about it.

Masters of Disasters


Izzy immediately rushes to Owen's side when Chef breaks his jaw.

When doing the first challenge of the episode, they compliment each other on how they did in the beginning of the challenge, and courteously insist that the other should climb over first before climbing over the wooden wall. Owen climbs over the wall and is hit square in the jaw with Chef's unpublished manifesto, breaking it thoroughly. Izzy is devastated, rushing to him immediately. In the confessional, Izzy reveals that Owen is her buddy, and the only person that truly understands her. She says that without Owen, she has to go back to her imaginary friends, whom she thinks she should have ditched years ago. In a rare moment of uncharacteristic seriousness for her, Izzy shows genuine concern for Owen's well-being and asks Chris how he is doing. She is the one least amused when Chris tries to make a joke about his condition. Izzy becomes extremely snippy and miserable towards the others for the rest of the episode, partially due to Owen's unknown fate.

Full Metal Drama


Izzy assures Owen that she thinks he's super-cute.

Owen's jaw is still wired shut, but he can still talk to the others, including Izzy. After the failed attempt to get the chest, and a conversation with Justin about his fading powers he once had in his good looks, Owen asks Izzy if she thinks he is cute. She says she does, but her new alter ego "Explosivo" only cares about bombs. When Izzy is eliminated, Owen says he will miss her and before they are able to kiss, she is dragged to the Lame-o-sine. Owen looks disappointed at the turn of events. Throughout the episode, Izzy refers to Owen as "Big O”. Owen refers to Izzy as "Iz" when she was eliminated the second time.

The Aftermath: III


Owen and Izzy share a snack on the Aftermath.

Izzy is shown with a big smile on her face when Geoff and Bridgette introduce Owen. She jumps out of her seat and onto his back. She remains there for a short period of time, stealing a drumstick from his tray of food and saying it was "sweet of him to plan something so special". She then leaps back to her seat, where she is silent for the rest of the episode.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

When the cast are successfully stopping the Total Drama Dirtbags bus, Owen and Izzy hug each other. As the bus falls down a cliff, they talk to each other while floating in mid-air. Both of them qualify to compete on the third season of Total Drama.

Total Drama World Tour

Opening sequence

Owen izzy tdwt theme song

Izzy sitting on Owen's shoulder in the opening sequence.

Izzy sits on Owen's shoulders when the contestants form a human pyramid, with the two of them at the very top. While they are singing the opening sequence, the two smile at each other. When Chef gets furious and jerks the plane, forcing everyone to fall, Izzy is still on Owen's shoulders when they land.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

During the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, Izzy asks Owen and Noah to dress her up like a mummy. Noah and Owen later end up losing Izzy, and coming across Ezekiel as a mummy. Thinking the mummy is Izzy, Owen comments on how she looks really cute as a mummy and attempts to kiss her, only for Noah to scream that it's not Izzy, since he thought it was a real mummy.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Sierra tells Izzy she and Owen could be the "power couple" of the season now that Duncan has left. Izzy replies that Owen is "magic" and when he breathes, it's to the tune of the Canadian National Anthem through his nose, which is soon proven to be true. Izzy also compliments Sierra's team because they have Owen on it, calling her "lucky”. Izzy swaps teams with Sierra so Sierra could be with Cody and Izzy with Owen.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is picking a costume for the second challenge, Izzy wants Owen to be the adorable monster. Then she hugs him and Owen seems happy about it. While they are filming the challenge, Izzy refers to Owen in a monster suit as, "So hot".

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

After Izzy's team pick Owen up, he and Izzy talk about the world's biggest cake being built in Russia, something both are interested in.

Broadway, Baby!

While relaxing in first class, Izzy watches Owen sleep and comments on Owen's fear of flying by calling it so "adorable”. Also, Owen is later shown to be impressed by Izzy's moves, when she goes to get their team the baby carriage.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Owen tries to cheer up Tyler about missing Lindsay by trying to explain that he, too, has problems when Izzy is gone for too long, though he speaks like he is unsure. Noah interrupts Owen by talking about how nutty Izzy is. Noah also calls Izzy Owen's girlfriend, and Owen shows concern when he does realize Izzy isn't with them, which grows when he finds out she is in the cockpit with Chef. During the scavenger hunt, Owen chuckles when he sees Izzy messing around with the American Gothic painting.

Newf Kids on the Rock

Although their relationship is not directly addressed, Alejandro asks Izzy to retrieve Owen in the net, and she calls him "Big O" again, as she does so and gets him into the boat. She also hands Owen the lobster she catches, although Alejandro insists he doesn't eat it. During the third challenge, they're both picked to drink the vinegar for the first part of the relay - Owen actually enjoys it, although Izzy is visibly disgusted.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Despite generally good interactions during the season before this episode, Izzy and Owen's relationship comes to an end in this episode.


Owen singing about his relationship with Izzy in Oh My Izzy.

Early in the episode, after Izzy kicks Owen in the groin, he tells Noah that he's considering breaking up with her, but also says that he still likes her. He then sees her hanging on the oxygen mask, and is glad that she's happy. Soon after, the plane starts to crash and he tries to tell her, but she jumps out and the force pulls Owen out after her. Owen lands on the beach quickly, while Izzy lands safely after him because she was wearing a parachute, but unfortunately, land on Owen's groin. A moment afterwards, the plane lands on them and they are sent to medical care. Once he awakes, Owen blames himself for Izzy getting hurt, and says that he should never have considered breaking up with her. After he says this, Izzy wakes up and has seemingly become a genius after the impact fixed a blockage in her brain, by testimony of the doctor. She claims to have figured out a formula for time travel, before the military comes to take her "home". The soldiers say they like Izzy's new smartness, so they take Izzy out of the competition to assist them. Owen then tells Izzy he was thinking about breaking-up with her before she leaves, and that he regrets it. Izzy, with her new-found intelligence, then tells him they're not compatible and leaves; as Gwen mentions later, Izzy broke up with him. Owen then sings Oh My Izzy, because of how much he already misses her, with Gwen trying to support him. As of Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, it is unknown what their current situation is since the two have not been seen talking since the break up.


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