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Jasmine was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.


Raised in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback, Jasmine is an expert survivalist and a very outgoing, intimidating, but also kind leader. She can "make the oddest scraps useful, find water in unlikely places and make shelter at a moment’s notice." She is quick to take charge and can seem commandeering and intimidating. While not as aggressive like most examples, she can be competitive and harsh at times. She shows kindness to the people that show her respect, and can be quite encouraging, motherly, and loyal to them. She has also been shown to be stubborn, holding a grudge for a substantial amount of time. According to Jasmine herself, people are intimidated by her for both her bossiness and her height, and as a result, she does not have many friends. She does not take pride in her stature and attitude, sometimes worrying about how she comes across to others. Her ability to make friends has also been hindered by this. As displayed in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Jasmine will not place the prize money over her closest relationships, even if she has been angered by them.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Jasmine meets Amy during her debut.

Upon her first appearance, Jasmine immediately leaves a strong impression on others. From her staggering height, which startles the likes of Amy, to her skillful leadership where she takes charge of her team. Her efforts secure the first two wins for her team, as well as giving them an amazing shelter to reside in. She also gains the affection of two boys, but only returns her feelings towards the former. After discovering in I Love You, Grease Pig!, that they share common ground of being wilderness survivalists.

Jasmine encourages Samey to stand up to her abusive sister.

Jasmine also develops a close friendship with Samey, who accompanies her each morning to forage for food. Jasmine also acts as a surrogate big sister to Samey, after witnessing her mistreatment at the hands of her real sister. Jasmine constantly comforts Samey, and encourages her to stand up to Amy. By Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine becomes directly involved in the twins' conflict, and supports Samey throughout their exchanges. This reaches a point where Jasmine joins in a fight Amy and Samey over a paint-filled balloon during the challenge. However, during the struggle, the balloon bursts, covering all three of them in paint and costing their team the challenge. In the end, Jasmine and Samey triumph over her sister, where Samey manages to trick Chris into eliminating Amy. Following Amy's departure, Jasmine continues to help Samey (now posing as Amy), and keeps reminding her to act more like Amy. During the "Truth or Scare" challenge, Samey is at risk of having her identity exposed, when she is forced to confess she hates "Amy" during an interrogation. So Jasmine covers for her by reassuring her that she wasn't at fault for Samey's failures.

Jasmine gets knocked off the dock by Shawn.

After noticing Shawn's absence in A Blast from the Past, Jasmine becomes increasingly worried about him and gets distracted during the challenge. Nonetheless, she continues to help Samey to maintain her cover as Amy, while reminding her to act meaner. Once Shawn is brought back, Jasmine becomes relieved, however she is also worried that Shawn would face elimination if his team lost. She decides to let him win, and when the two of them charge at each other with jousting sticks, Jasmine intentionally misses, only for Shawn to brutally knock her into the water (believing she was a zombie thanks to Dave). Jasmine does not take to this well, feeling she made a "big mistake" in liking Shawn. Shortly afterwards, Amy makes a surprise return, which Jasmine immediately notes "could be trouble". After the challenge, Jasmine confronts Shawn, where she refuses to accept his attempts to explain himself. She informs him that she is at risk of elimination because of him, and declares she never wants to see him again. In the end, Jasmine does not end up being eliminated, as Amy and Samey are eliminated together, much to her surprise.

Jasmine loses her temper with Max after he insults her.

Jasmine's resent towards Shawn carries on into Mo Monkey Mo Problems, and she continues to reject his apologies, batting away a bouquet of flowers he offers. Her bad mood also sparks a conflict with fellow teammate Max, where she responds to his insult by hanging him from a tree by his underwear and then leaves him behind. Jasmine and the team run into trouble in the challenge, when the monkey their pursuing climbs into a tree full of monkeys. However Scarlett devises a solution to their predicament, by resorting to playing "monkey see, monkey do". By having the monkeys copy their actions, the team manages to trick the one monkey to throw the coin in the air. Upon obtaining the coin the team rushes back, only to get caught in a trap set by Max. Jasmine at first believes it to be Sky's doing, but Max foolishly takes credit for the deed. This further escalates Jasmine's hatred for Max, and she informs him that he would be certain of being the next one eliminated. After finally escaping from the net, Jasmine rushes back to Chris with the coin. Just when she is about to reach the vending machine, Sugar manages to throw her team's coin into the slot, and snatches victory much to Jasmine's shock.

A claustrophobic Jasmine hugs Topher in terror.

Jasmine's dispute with Max continues in This Is The Pits!, where they proceed to continue insulting one another at the beginning of the episode. Shortly after, it's revealed that the challenge this time involved both teams each squeezing into two giant balls. However Jasmine is revealed to be claustrophobic, and is unwilling to participate. Being unable to force her in, Chris resorts to pretending to counsel her about her fear, which turns out to be a trick that allowed Chef Hatchet can throw her in while she's distracted. After the balls are kicked down a into the pit and the teams emerge, a distraught Jasmine has another panic attack and slams her fists on the walls of the cavern. Her immense strength causes a cave in, and the teams are forced to rush into the tunnels, and Jasmine ends up being stuck with Topher. Topher frequently annoys Jasmine with his obsession over the reception his phone is getting. They come across a seemingly "bottomless" pit. A fearful Jasmine hugs Topher tightly, causing him to suffocate, and sends them tumbling forward. Once Topher awakens he uses the amount of reception he got on his phone in order to find a way out. The exit turns out to be an even narrower tunnel inhabited by gophers, which Jasmine breaks out of using Topher as a battering ram.

Following from the end of last episode, Sky has now switched teams with Max, and Jasmine greets her at the start of the episode. After Sky is awakened by Scarlett, Jasmine dismisses the latter's odd behavior, while offering her some fruit. Throughout the challenge, Jasmine is willing to awake the dangers to the opposite team, and does so by alerting a snake on them. She also reminds Sky that she is no longer on the other team and tells her to stop helping Dave since he is now the "enemy". However she eventually loses her patience, and declares Sky is either with her or with them. Sky is hesitant but she decides to side with Jasmine and betrays Dave to affirm her allegiance, leaving him depressed and injured. Despite having a lead, the team are slowed down by Topher, who continuously tries to show off his talent and upstage Chris. Jasmine and the others finally lose their temper with him after he costs them the challenge, and proceed to vote him out that night.

Shawn holds Jasmine, after climbing up a tree.

The merge takes place in Hurl and Go Seek, and for the celebratory challenge Chris has everyone consume the nausea inducing "Juggy Chunks", followed by a game of hide-and-seek. Shawn once again meets up with her and attempts to make amends, even offering her his hiding spot, but she bluntly states he would probably expose her. Eventually, Jasmine and Shawn are the only contestants who haven't been tagged, and by this stage all of the contestants have begun experiencing the effects of the expired drinks, and have developed a sickly, zombie-like complexion. As Jasmine begins to flee, she trips and twists her ankle but Shawn manage to save her just as the "zombies" approach and pull her to the top of a tree. However, they discover the "zombies" are also capable of climbing as well. Shawn decides to sacrifice himself, in order to save Jasmine. He bids her farewell before jumping down the tree and knocking all the zombies off. The moment Shawn defeats the "zombies", the challenge has already ended and Chris declares Jasmine the winner. At the elimination ceremony, Jasmine finally forgives Shawn and kisses him on the cheek, making their relationship official.

Jasmine retrieves her hat from underneath the closing door.

When the island begins to go haywire in Scarlett Fever, Chris sends all of the contestants into the island's interior to shut it down, before it self-destructs. Jasmine teams up with Shawn, and they head to an entrance located in shark infested waters. After making their way into the island, Shawn and Jasmine accidentally set off the island's security, due to them making out while they're in a field motion lasers. The island's defenses activate and it sends robotic animals after all the contestants. After Scarlett takes over the island, she tricks Jasmine and the others into a room full of Chris Promo-bots, and programs them to finish off the contestants, and narrowly thanks to a combat-mindset Shawn decimating the robot legion. They are then given the task to take back control from Scarlett, where they trick her into opening the door. After subduing Scarlett they discover the self-destruct countdown is still proceeding, to which Jasmine suggests rebooting the computer using "Ctrl-Alt-Delete", which is a success and saves everyone.

Jasmine about to be fired from the Cannon of Shame.

Now officially in a relationship, Jasmine and Shawn go on a romantic picnic in Sky Fall. Jasmine discusses forming an alliance and splitting the money, which Shawn is hesitant about but reluctantly agrees to. The challenge involves climbing up Mt. Chrismore. Jasmine and Shawn have a clear lead at first, however Jasmine ends up slipping and fall back down several levels, but tells Shawn to go on without her. Jasmine attempts to make up for the progress she lost, only for Sugar and Sky to catch up. The three girls race to the finish line, however Sugar pushes a tree on top of Jasmine. Despite this, she continues to go on with the tree on top of her; much to the amazement and horror of Sugar. But she only manages to take a few steps before Sugar gets ahead and she takes the third spot, and Jasmine who came last is automatically eliminated. Before Jasmine departs, she shares one final kiss with Shawn and tells him to win it for them, before she is fired from the Cannon of Shame.

Jasmine turns into Shawn's hinderer in the finale.

Jasmine is brought back as Shawn's helper in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, where they are delighted to see each other. She was mentioned earlier by Shawn as he listed people who would be helpful in the finale challenge. Jasmine is eager to aid Shawn, and proves to be very helpful, easily pass through most of the obstacles with little trouble. However when she brings up splitting the money again, Shawn has second thoughts about selecting Jasmine. Shawn tries to make the excuse that he wasn't allowed to split his winnings, but when Chris verifies there is no such rule, he's forced to go along with it. After the second part of the challenge, Chris then takes the liberty to show Jasmine all the footage of Shawn mocking Jasmine's idea for the money in the confessional, causing her to once again lose trust in him. Now that Jasmine no longer supports Shawn, she is made into his "hinderer" (along with Dave, who was shown video footage of Sky), and if they manage to stop Shawn and Sky, then they can split the money. Jasmine and Dave are given remotes, and for the rest of the challenge they control the island's terraforming to slow the finalists down. However Jasmine finds herself being concerned about Shawn. When Shawn and Sky get buried in an avalanche, she is no longer be able to contain her feelings and rushes forward to rescue Shawn. In Shawn's ending she pulls Shawn out of the snow first, where he gives her a flower and offers to share the money with her if she still wants to. In both endings, she departs with the finalists in a helicopter, once again reunited with Shawn.

Total DramaRama season 3

Jasmine's cameo with Alejandro and Heather.

Jasmine makes a brief cameo in A Hole Lot of Trouble, alongside Alejandro and Heather, competing against Izzy, Cody, Courtney and Lightning inside Izzy's imagination.


Audition tape

View this video for Jasmine's audition tape.

Jasmine talks about her home country, Australia, and her cat Whiskers, in her audition tape.

Jasmine is seen in her room, where she describes some interesting facts about her home country, Australia. She explains that it is home to eleven of the world's deadliest creatures, and that toilets there do not flush backwards. She is satisfied that she's covered everything, but then her pet cat, Whiskers, jumps onto her shoulder. Jasmine introduces her cat, before it bites her, causing her to fall over. However, she dismisses it as Whiskers being playful.



  • Jasmine, along with Alejandro, DJ, Eva, and Justin are the only contestants confirmed to be born in another country. In her case, she is from Australia.
  • Jasmine shares many similarities with Manitoba Smith.
    • They are both always shown wearing fedora hats.
    • Both are expert wilderness survivalists.
    • Both have Australian accents.
    • Both are rather authoritative in personality.
    • Both are a reference or have been used to reference Indiana Jones.
    • Both are partially inspired by members of the Irwin family; Manitoba by Steve and Jasmine by his daughter, Bindi.
    • Jasmine's audition tape also features Manitoba's theme music, of a didgeridoo, playing in the background.
  • Jasmine is the tallest contestant of the third generation and the tallest contestant in general (not counting Dakota’s mutated form).
  • She is the third contestant to assume their elimination and attempt to leave the competition prior to the official elimination announcement. The first was Gwen in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon and the second was Cameron in The Enchanted Franken-Forest.
  • Jasmine is one of fourteen contestants never to be voted out normally, the others being Amy, Anne Maria, Cameron, DJ, Ella, Max, Mike, Scarlett, Shawn, Sierra, Sky, Sugar, and Zoey. In her case, she was the last to reach the top of Mt. McLean which resulted in her being disqualified.
  • Jasmine is one of the seven female contestants to have more than one boy attracted to her, the others being Anne Maria, Bridgette, Carrie, Courtney, Gwen, and Heather.
  • She is one of four contestants known to own a cat, with the others being Heather, MacArthur, and Topher. In this case, her cat's name is Whiskers and he has an aggressive personality.
  • Jasmine is one of three characters that are claustrophobic, the others being Gwen and Josee.
  • Jasmine is one of the eleven contestants to wear a hat as a part of their design; the others are B, Chef, Ezekiel, Geoff, Junior, Laurie, Leonard, MacArthur, Shawn, and Tammy.


  • She shares the same name as a friend of Leshawna's, seen in her video message clip from home.
  • To date, Jasmine is the final contestant overall in the original series to use the confessional.



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