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Jasmine encourages Samey to stand up for herself against Amy.

Jasmine and Samey are put onto the same team, in which they quickly become friends after becoming the only members of their team who scavenge for food. Jasmine also feels sympathy for Samey, as she is treated poorly by her sister. Under these circumstances, Jasmine becomes a surrogate older sister of sorts to Samey, where Amy fails to do so, also frequently encouraging and supporting her to stand up to her real sister. With Jasmine's help (and the fact they both dislike Amy), Samey eventually does and succeeds. Afterwards, Samey tricks Amy into her elimination by letting Amy take the manchineel fruit that she learned about from Jasmine (and Shawn) in I Love You, Grease Pig!. Jasmine continues to support Samey by helping maintain her cover while posing as Amy, until her elimination.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?

During the challenge, when Samey comes up with an idea, Amy quickly interrupts her, claiming it as her own. Jasmine compliments Amy's idea, being unaware that Samey was the one who actually spoke first. During the second part of the challenge, Jasmine orders Amy and Samey to work harder.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Samey is sent by Amy to forage for food with Jasmine. When they are within the forest and out of Amy's earshot, Jasmine calls Samey the "underdog". She adds that underdogs have "a lot of fight and honor in them", and suggests she should channel that inner strength. She looks over at Samey as she expresses delight in finding an apple. Jasmine knows what the "apple" truly is and takes action quickly, picking up a stick, piercing the fruit to a tree, and the swift action startles Samey. She tells her that she would have shared if she had asked and Jasmine apologizes. She and Shawn go on to explain it that the apple is actually a Manchineel fruit, which would have made her mouth and throat blister if she had taken a bite. Jasmine dismisses Samey from foraging to treat the rash that has covered her palm. During the challenge, Samey begins to consider following Jasmine's advice when Amy insults her. She later is amazed by Jasmine's handling of the grease pig, with the latter responding she learned it in Australia.

Twinning Isn't Everything

The two once again go foraging for food. It is here that Jasmine tells Samey that she doesn't have to help her every morning just because Amy tells her to. Samey then asks Jasmine if she doesn't want her help, to which Jasmine replies that it should be her choice if she wants to help her forage for berries, not Amy's, and then encourages her more to stand up to Amy. Samey then asks if they are friends, and she quickly adds that Jasmine doesn't have to be, because she doesn't have many friends anyway. Jasmine then says she considers Samey a friend, and that she has a hard time making friends as well, due to the fact that people find her intimidating. When Shawn approaches the duo, Samey temporarily leaves to give them privacy. She returns not long after and asks if the two were talking about zombies, which Jasmine states is a running inside joke. Later on, Jasmine approaches Amy and Samey after Samey hits Dave directly with her balloon, and says that she can distinguish between them and knows that Samey threw it when Amy tries to take credit. The three of them then go to track Shawn down, and Jasmine tells Samey to hit him with the balloon. Samey is reluctant as she believes she will miss, but Jasmine encourages her. However, Amy tries to steal the balloon from her, wanting to hit Shawn herself. The three then struggle over the balloon, causing it to pop and spill paint over all three of them. In the confessional, Jasmine rhetorically comments it was lucky Amy and Samey weren't Siamese twins, or Amy would've eaten her by now. After the elimination ceremony, Jasmine congratulates Samey's trick of pretending to be Amy in the confessional.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

Jasmine amy

Jasmine covers for Samey.

Samey, thinking Jasmine may be going foraging without her, calls after her as she leaves the tree house. Jasmine refers to her as Amy, and suspiciously points out that she's never gone foraging with her before. Samey remembers her situation and responds by insulting Jasmine's shorts. The latter compliments the remark, beckoning her to come with her. Samey says in the confessional that, due to their friendship, she is okay with Jasmine knowing the truth, but no one else. In the forest, Samey tells Jasmine that Shawn's quick retreat is a way of declining her offer to pick berries with them. During the challenge, Samey is forced to tell the truth that she hates Amy. This confuses her teammates, who take it as her saying she hates herself. Before Samey can reveal what's really going on, Jasmine plays it off as "Amy" blaming herself for "her sister's shortcomings". She assures her that it isn't her fault, and the secret is protected with the team agreeing with Jasmine.

A Blast from the Past

Samey and Jasmine

Jasmine tells Samey to pretend she's facing Amy in the challenge.

Jasmine once again reminds Samey to act more like Amy, when she slips back into her own personality and asks Chris why he enjoys torturing them. During the challenge, Samey suggests Jasmine go first. Though when the latter doesn't respond due to being concerned about Shawn, she tries harder to get Jasmine's attention and calls her the unofficial team leader. When it's Samey's turn against Sugar, Jasmine tells her to imagine Sugar is Amy to motivate her. Later in the episode, Amy comes back to the island by popping out of the lake. Jasmine then states that isn't a good thing and their secret has been exposed.


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