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This article focuses on the interactions between Jasmine and Shawn.


Jasmine and Shawn begin to bond very early in the season.

Jasmine and Shawn bond early on during their morning routines of foraging food for their respective teams. It is during this time that Jasmine begins to feel attracted to Shawn, and he reciprocates these feelings. However, he is reluctant about pursuing the relationship, due to worrying that if Jasmine turns into a zombie, he will be unable to kill her due to his emotional attachment. Jasmine, on the other hand, thinks that Shawn is joking about his fear of zombies whenever he brings it up. In A Blast from the Past, during the challenge, Dave tricks Shawn into believing that the Pimâpotew Kinosewak has all been turned into zombies. As a result, Shawn ends up hitting Jasmine with his jousting stick, making her lose the challenge and straining her attraction to him. This is the point where an infuriated Jasmine decides that the game is more important than a boy. This upsets Shawn, who tries to make it up to her.

Jasmine shares one last kiss with Shawn before she is eliminated in Sky Fall.

Shawn makes numerous unsuccessful attempts to make it up to her in the next few episodes. In Hurl and Go Seek, he comes face-to-face with his fear again and decides to learn from his past mistake, this time not leaving Jasmine behind. He ends up sacrificing himself to save Jasmine, regaining her trust, and they become an official couple. In Scarlett Fever, the two share their first kiss and Jasmine follows it up by officially referring to Shawn as her boyfriend. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, their relationship is threatened again as Chris exposes past confessionals made by Shawn, in which he voices his disdain in splitting the prize money, and bad mouths Jasmine's idea to spend her winnings. This is fueled by his own desire to build a zombie bunker, which he states requires every dollar. In reaction, a furious Jasmine tries to keep him from winning, but finds she doesn't like the immense threat to his safety. All is forgiven in both endings, with the couple sharing a kiss when all is said and done.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Opening sequence

Jasmine and Shawn in the opening theme.

Jasmine and Shawn appear in the same tree together. Later, the two are seen gazing at each other by the bonfire, before Chris, wearing a zombie mask, pops up and scares them. This makes Shawn run off in fear, while Jasmine has a confused look on her face.

So, Uh This Is My Team?

As the contestants fall from the zeppelin, Jasmine has a parachute, while Shawn's pack is full of hot dogs. Jasmine catches him by the ankle, along with Leonard, on their way down to the island, for which he gratefully thanks her.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Jasmine and Shawn get to know each other.

Jasmine and Samey meet Shawn, who sleeps in a tree all night. He explains that the apple Samey tries to eat is a poisonous Manchineel fruit and advises her on how to treat the resulting rash. Jasmine is impressed by Shawn's knowledge of flora and fauna, and compliments him by saying he's "quite the outdoors-man". She then asks why he slept in the tree, to which he explains it's so he's out of reach from zombies. Jasmine compliments him and playfully punches him in the arm. In the confessional, she states she finds him to be "cute" and funny. She laughs at his zombie paranoia, but is unfortunately unaware that it is his true belief.

Twinning Isn't Everything

Jasmine and Shawn are noticeably attracted to each other, both blushing when she and Samey meet him while foraging again. Picking up on it, Samey goes off to leave them alone. Jasmine asks him about zombies, and in the confessional, Shawn gushes about her looks, survivalist abilities, and concern about zombies much like his own. During the challenge, Shawn is amazed at how quiet she manages to be even with the sensitive ground. He reveals privately that he is hesitant on starting a relationship since, in zombie movies, the girlfriend will always turn into a zombie, and the boyfriend would not be able to destroy her due to his feelings for her. Jasmine later leads Amy and Samey to Shawn's hiding place and directs Samey in how to throw her balloon at him.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

While foraging, Jasmine and Samey, disguised as Amy, come across Shawn in the forest as usual. Unlike the previous two times, though, he does not stop to share a friendly conversation. He instead simply walks away, pulling his companion Dave with him. Shawn again mentions his anxiety about her turning into a zombie in the confessional. Dave also observes the attraction Jasmine is growing for Shawn, in the process implying that he thinks it's "weird".

A Blast from the Past

Shawn observes Jasmine as she sleeps on a tree branch, and admits in the confessional that she is the perfect girl for him. However, he also thinks that liking her means he has to protect both her and himself from zombies. Shawn calls this point a "deal breaker" for their relationship. When he notices a "zombie" walking through the woods, he runs without waking her up. Jasmine is later concerned when she realizes Shawn does not show up for the challenge. She plays it off to her team but contemplates if she really cares about him like that. She also gulps as Chris announces that Shawn will be eliminated if Chef does not find him in the forest. Jasmine believes that there's no way a survivalist like him could get lost, speculating that something strange is going on. Meanwhile, Shawn feels guilty for not waking her up. He now thinks that there's nothing else he can do and is out to protect himself.

Shawn hits Jasmine, believing her to be a zombie.

Jasmine worries constantly about Shawn during the challenge. She even gets knocked into the water by Dave while she is distracted. She is exceedingly happy when he is located and brought back to the beach unharmed. Following his recovery, it is Jasmine's turn and Shawn is required to perform for Maskwak. She reasons that should she use her full skill, his team will lose and he will be eliminated. Dave talks to Shawn and tells him that Kinosewak has all turned into zombies in order to motivate him. Shawn is saddened that he failed to save Jasmine. He then sighs, stating he knows what he has to do now. Jasmine throws the round by purposely missing so Shawn can be safe from elimination. However, he viciously hits her with his jousting stick and knocks her into the water. When Shawn hears Jasmine speak normally, he realizes she is not, in fact, a zombie and immediately feels he made a "big mistake".

Jasmine angrily lifts Shawn up.

Jasmine is furious that he could do such a thing and feels she made a big mistake for orchestrating Kinosewak's loss. After the challenge, he meets up with her and tries to explain it was a big misunderstanding. However, he muddles up his words, which ends in Jasmine grabbing him by the shirt and lifting up before he finishes. She angrily reveals she purposely missed her shot to spare him elimination, to his surprise. In the confessional, Jasmine believes that he isn't into her, and vows to start thinking with her head instead of her heart. Shawn, on the other hand, is touched that Jasmine intentionally missed for him, and considers listening to his heart from now on. Shawn watches the elimination ceremony from the top of a tree, elated when he finds out Kinosewak has elected to let Jasmine stay.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Jasmine refuses to accept Shawn's apologies and flowers.

Shawn cries when Dave asks him if he would give up the million dollars to be with his "true love". Inspired by his friend's romantic gesture towards Sky, Shawn runs to fetch her, vowing to then go tell Jasmine how he feels. He brings her a bouquet of flowers but Jasmine, still livid over the previous episode's events, knocks his flowers away and tells him to stay away from her. She evaluates his behavior in the confessional and states she is tired of the mixed messages he's sending. She adds that if all Canadian boys flirt as Shawn does, then she would hate to see how they propose.

This Is The Pits!

Shawn thinks it's ridiculous that Jasmine lets "one irrational fear", her claustrophobia, keep her from performing in the challenge.

Three Zones and A Baby

Jasmine warns her new teammate, Sky, not to trust Dave anymore, bringing up how she used to like Shawn before the incident in A Blast from the Past. Sky is in disbelief when she hears this as Jasmine tells her that she "ended it" between them. Shawn observes the conversation from a tree and thinks the high-five they share is sealing an agreement to double date; Jasmine with him and Dave with Sky. He does acknowledge that Jasmine is still mad at him and is determined to win her back. Shawn talks to Dave about the bonding their love interests are doing. He assures him that now that they are on the same team, the girls will soon "come crawling back" to them. During the challenge, Shawn meets Kinosewak at the start of the second zone. He tells Jasmine that he doesn't doubt she would be okay, and she responds to "save his flattery for someone who cares".

Hurl and Go Seek

Jasmine's anger towards Shawn finally lifts.

Shawn tries to encourage Jasmine during the eating challenge, but she snaps at him yelling that she doesn't need his help. He later finds what he believes to be a great hiding spot and offers it to her. Jasmine walks off heatedly, suspecting he is going to come back to eliminate her when Sugar catches him. Shawn waits out the night in his place up in a tall tree. He immediately reacts when he hears Sugar calling Jasmine's name and the latter nearly being caught by the other contestants. Shawn mistakes their food poisoning as them having been turned into zombies. He recalls the last time he neglected to help Jasmine, fiercely resolving that it's not going to happen again. He uses a vine to get down to her and attempts to pick her up, but her weight causes them both to fall. Jasmine begs him to go on without her, but he refuses. Shawn then brings her up the nearest tree with him. He believes they will be safe until morning but is proven wrong as the contestants start climbing up the tree. Shawn and Jasmine continue to go higher until they reach the top. The competitors are unwavering in their efforts despite their ill conditions. As he holds onto Jasmine, Shawn tells her to save herself at her first opportunity. He mentions the word "zombies", which startles her. He leaves her to jump down the tree, knocking the contestants down with him. His move allows her to claim immunity for the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Jasmine thanks him for saving her and admits she was wrong about him, calling him a "good guy". She goes in for a kiss, but Shawn recoils begging her not to bite him. She kisses him on the cheek, which makes him blush.

Scarlett Fever

During a crucial moment, Jasmine and Shawn kiss for the first time.

When Chris suggests that everyone pair up for the challenge, Jasmine and Shawn run off together without even questioning their status as a team. In the confessional, they are shown to each believe their partner is almost perfect, the only exceptions regarding zombies, Jasmine believes Shawn needs to get over his fear from zombies while Shawn thinks Jasmine should start believing in them. She hopes that he will get over his obsession while he wants her to develop one of her own. Before they take the underwater route to the control room, she offers worried Shawn advice on how to deal with the sharks should they interfere with their progress. Eventually, they reach laser security and they both use exceptional physical skills in navigating through them. The problem comes when they accidentally come face-to-face with one another.

Jasmine and Shawn are confronted by robotic animals.

Shawn insists that Jasmine goes first, to which she comments that it's "his move" as they share their first kiss. They set off the alarms, which unleashes an army of "killer robot animals". They narrowly escape with their lives and move on to locate the control room. When Scarlett traps everyone in a room containing Chris "Promo Bots", Jasmine says Shawn's trigger word: "zombies". He reacts by savagely and single-handedly destroying each one. She says in the confessional that she needs to stop complaining about her boyfriend's fear and accept him for who he is. She later sighs romantically as he annihilates the "Scuba Bear" robot.

Sky Fall

Jasmine and Shawn strike a deal to split the million dollars when they go against each other in the final two. Throughout the episode, although he doesn't admit it to her face, Shawn insists that he needs every dollar to build a zombie shelter. Despite this, they end up working together in the challenge. When the crocodiles combined with his fear of zombies causes him to freeze, Jasmine kisses Shawn on the cheek, which brings him back to reality. They even save each others' lives while crossing the 150-foot drop. The climbing portion initially starts well for the couple, but Jasmine falls and gets caught on a branch. Shawn goes to help her, but she demands that he move forward and win. Shawn complies, ultimately winning immunity. Jasmine ends up getting eliminated after Sugar pushes a tree onto her, preventing her from reaching the top of the mountain. At the elimination ceremony, she tells him that she hopes he wins. They share one last kiss before Jasmine is loaded into the cannon and fired away from the island, with Shawn sadly waving goodbye.

Pahk'd With Talent

Shawn is forlorn as he looks over at Jasmine's abandoned tree branch. He says that while he wasn't happy to see her get shot out of the cannon, he is relieved that now he can have the money for himself (instead of splitting it with her) to finish building his zombie bunker.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

Shawn randomly selects Jasmine as his helper for the final challenge. The two are overjoyed to see each other again, sharing a hug. Jasmine is confident that winning against Dave and Sky will be simple. As always, their work together proves effective, though she is doing the most between them. When Jasmine brings up their deal, Shawn states that he had forgotten about it. He regretfully laments that she is the worst choice for a helper. He attempts to discourage splitting the money by explaining it would be against the rules. Chris disputes this, exciting her.

Following the first part of the challenge, Chris shows some footage from the respective finalists' confessionals. Jasmine watches Shawn's confessionals, where he badmouths Jasmine's plan for the money and is reluctant to share with her. At the time, he feels his zombie safe house takes precedence. After hearing what he had said, she loses her trust in him again. However Shawn protests that he had changed his mind since then, as Jasmine did most of the work, but Chris does not show this confessional. Jasmine then takes up the role as a hinderer to Shawn and Sky in the last challenge. If she and Dave succeed, they would get to share the million. Jasmine admits she wants him to pay for his betrayal. However, she doesn't want him to get too severely injured and is concerned about him throughout the challenge. When it appears that Jasmine and Dave are going to receive the money after all, Shawn states he is happy for her. Jasmine is especially worried after a tree falls on him and Sky, as well as when they both slide to the finish line buried underneath the snow. In both endings, Jasmine is overwhelmed when the winner sticks their arm out and she frantically runs to help Shawn. In his ending, his hand is holding a flower for her. She goes over, shoves Chef aside, and picks him up. He gives her the flower, apologizing and offering to split the money if she's still okay with it. To which Jasmine responds by kissing him. Alternatively, when Sky is the winner instead, Jasmine pulls Shawn out of the snow and forgives him before the two share a kiss. After the winner is declared, the couple leaves the island together with Chris and Sky via helicopter.


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