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Jay was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Adversity Twins with Mickey.


Jay and his identical twin Mickey have dealt with adversity every day in their life since they were born, with allergies, phobias, accidents, disorders and ailments being just some of the many obstacles that plague them on a regular basis. They don't believe that they're cursed; they believe that they're whatever comes before being cursed. Because of this, they are ridden with anxiety, but have developed an impressive "never give up" attitude which helps them push past their daily servings of tragedy and setbacks. Jay doesn't seems to trust others much as he believes that people will take advantage over him and his brother easily because of their meekness.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Adversity Twins land on the Stepbrothers after taking a zip-line.

Jay is introduced in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 with his twin brother, Mickey. The two explain that they have faced a variety of adversity and misfortune in their life, giving them a multitude of ailments and a will to survive. When they arrive at the CN Tower, they choose "Stairs" for the Either/Or, due to Mickey getting nosebleeds from heights, and they gain an early lead in the challenge. However, their low athletic ability slows them down and Jay supports Mickey as he becomes delirious from exhaustion. Eventually, they reach the top and catch the third flight to the next location. In the next episode, as Jay and Mickey wait for their flight, the LARPers approach them with an alliance offer, but Jay gets an allergic reaction from the confetti thrown by Tammy. They run into trouble at the spice kiosk, where Jay sneezes after smelling the spices, and the two violently choke on a cloud of cinnamon. They eventually complete the challenge and arrive at the Chill Zone in twelfth place. Despite their multiple handicaps and bad luck, the twins do well in the race and go on to place twelfth for three consecutive episodes, and along the way, the two reveal and discover more and more ailments and phobias to add to the list.

The Adversity Twins's crash landing.

The twins have a rough start in Brazilian Pain Forest, when their close proximity to cows on the livestock plane somehow affects their lactose intolerance, and they fall behind the other teams. During the challenge, however, their luck changes slightly as they easily get the next tip from the Botch or Watch. Later, despite falling into the gorge, they encounter yet another tip immediately after climbing back up. While making a Carnival costume for the All-In, the twins overhear the Sisters talking about them, and after some convincing, the two teams form an alliance. However, their misfortune causes them to crash into their new allies while hang-gliding and both teams agree to end the alliance upon landing on the Chill Zone together.

Jay tries his best during the gymnastics challenge.

Upon reaching Transylvania in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, the twins are terrified by the spooky mansion. After struggling to complete the first challenge, the two hear what they believe to be a werewolf and grow more terrified. During the next challenge, as his brother cheers him on, Jay struggles to the gymnastics routine, holding onto the balance beam in fright. Jay eventually passes the challenge and the twins secure eleventh place in the episode. Later on in Hello and Dubai, Jay and Mickey choose to play tennis since they can't handle the sound of the squeegees for the window washing portion. During the challenge, Jay is extremely discomforted by the streaking sound of the squeegees, which leads to him passing out and accidentally hitting the ball along with Mickey. This allows them to complete the challenge first and the two come in third place, putting them in the top three for the first time. Upon hearing this, the twins are amazed, and comment that their bad luck must have been absorbed by another team.

Jay and Mickey panic on stage.

In I Love Ridonc & Roll, the twins do fine in the sauna challenge, due to possessing a rare condition called "temperature dyslexia". However, their luck falls short in the air guitar show. Mickey makes many attempts to perform, but fails each time, and eventually, they end up in the bottom two with Noah and Owen. Fearing Noah would be eliminated, Emma decides to sabotage the twins by telling Mickey the air guitar was covered in germs, giving him a panic attack. Jay attempts to help Mickey but is overcome by stage fright. This causes them to lose the challenge and the twins are eliminated from the race. After this announcement, the twins state that they are not surprised, and are proud of themselves for being able to overcome so many challenges. However, their parting words are interrupted as Mickey spots a spider and the two run around in panic before crashing into each other, right as Don signs off the episode.

Jay and Mickey reappear in the finale, along with the other eliminated contestants, watching the final outcome of the race. After the winner is declared, he and Mickey join the others for the final group shot.





  • The Twins are one of three teams that were eliminated without reaching the Chill Zone in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.
  • The Twins place twelfth for four consecutive episodes, as well as this being their placing in the season and the number of episodes they appear in.
    • The Twins' association with twelve was foreshadowed in the first episode when they state that they're "Whatever's right before cursed"; twelve comes right before thirteen, a number associated with bad luck.
      • Additionally, they place third in Hello and Dubai, three comes before four, which is also a unlucky number in several countries.


  • Both Jay and Mickey's designs are recycled from Cameron's Total Drama Reloaded design, with the core differences being that the hoodie is now blue instead of red, and they wear pants instead of shorts.
  • He shares the name with one of Geoff's friends that he mentioned in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon.
  • Jay is confirmed to be the older twin.


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