Jo was a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She was originally on the Mutant Maggots, but switches to the Toxic Rats in Runaway Model. She later returns as a competitor in Total Drama All-Stars on the Villainous Vultures.


If one is looking for a friendship, Jo is not the person to run to. She is competitive to an enormous extent, strategic, and overall has a harsh personality that is difficult to break through. Jo believes that she is the strongest competitor and most deserving of the million dollar prize. She will turn anything to a competition, from breakfast to recovering from an unexpected event. She will even not hesitate to sacrifice the life of another if she deems necessary. Jo is power-hungry and lusts for control. She will fiercely fight for the position of team leader if she has to. She also views herself as being better than others, often looking down upon her teammates. Jo appears to be a tomboy, as shown in Runaway Model, in which she is completely disinterested in hair and fashion.

Despite this, Jo has implied that she actually does want such things as feeling beautiful and finding love. A few examples are when she takes on the responsibility of seducing Sasquatchanakwa and flirts with him. Additionally, in her biography she says that the craziest dream she ever had is when she willingly let a guy win because she found him "attractive," and in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, she laments to Lightning that she's never had her first kiss, and since she is about to die, she regrets it. A running gag with Jo involves her using nicknames for the other contestants, generally as insults towards them or for an easy way to describe them. Such examples include "String bean" for Cameron, "Dud-can" for Duncan, "Ale-handwalker" for Alejandro, and many insults mocking Brick's pants wetting habit.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Jo makes her debut with Scott.

Jo makes her debut in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, along with the rest of the second generation cast. She is the first second generation contestant ever introduced, being introduced along with Scott. Her first lines are her telling Scott to stay out of her way. After Chris blows up the yacht, Jo fights her way to the shore. She appears to have reached first, and begins to cheer for herself. However, to her surprise, Dawn arrives before she does, leading Jo to wonder how Dawn did so, that too without getting wet. Jo is actually the first contestant to complete the first challenge of reaching the forest, and Chris places her in the Mutant Maggots. For her reward, she wins a trampoline for her team. When the challenge begins, Jo attempts to use the trampoline to win the challenge, but fails and lands in the water. Due to her failure, Cameron calculates how Jo should jump, and balances the equation according to her weight and height. When Anne Maria uses it instead, Jo kicks the trampoline away to stop her from bouncing around repeatedly. Due to her efforts, Jo and her team win the first challenge of the season.

Truth or Laser Shark (7)

The beginning of Jo and Brick's rivalry in Truth or Laser Shark.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Jo and Brick are seen on a morning run. At first, they are separated, but soon they crash into each other, as a mutant squirrel watches carefully while eating a chocolate bar, and laughs when they crash into each other. Jo's competitive side shows when she and Brick compete over who has a harder morning drill. Jo tells Brick that she just completed her morning five kilometer run, and Brick replies that he did an eight kilometer run. Jo changes her story, saying she did an eight kilometer warm up, then did five kilometers at a full sprint. When Brick tries to one-up Jo by saying his warm up was up a hill, Jo says she did the same but with her eyes shut. She then questions why Brick would use earplugs while running after the latter claims he did so. Jo says that the Mutant Maggots are ready to have them, and they are going to be the ones who carry the team to victory, judging by how they "won" the challenge for their team in the previous episode. In the confessional, Jo reveals that she is going to carry her team to victory, and she is only being nice so that "Aptly-Named Lump of Cadet Meat" will be loyal to her. She says "but when the time comes...", and snaps a twig, resulting in her getting a splinter. As Jo walks to the site of the challenge with Cameron, the latter tells her that he hopes this challenge is more academic. Jo replies by saying "I bet you do", while calling him "Toothpick".

Jo competing

Jo competing in the Mad-Skills Obstacle Course.

She insults him, saying she is surprised that his scrawny neck can support his giant head. When Cameron says that his greatest strengths are mental, Jo tells him he is "mental" if he thinks he can win Total Drama without getting physical, then tells him to stay out of her way. During the "Getting to Know You" challenge, Chris asks a personal question about Brick, concerning him wetting his pants on the first and last day of school. Jo figures it out, and tells Brick to put his team before pride, helping her team to score a point. When Mike refuses to do the challenge, Jo slaps him back down onto his seat, referring to him as "Pointy", earning a negative response from Zoey. When everyone quits the challenge, Jo grumpily calls them quitters. As the Mutant Maggots walk to the site of their new challenge, Jo once again mocks Cameron by implying he wears diapers, embarrassing him in front of the team. As Brick finishes the Mad-Skills Obstacle Course, Jo calls him "Soggy Pants" and tells him to hurry up. Jo has to race against Scott in the challenge. Jo takes the maggot and immediately heads off. When she gets hit by a cannonball, she uses it to jump and catch up to the Toxic Rats. She hands the maggot off to Zoey when she finishes. Jo helps her team win the challenge again.

Jo Anne Maria spray

Jo manipulates Anne Maria throughout the episode to give their team an edge.

In Ice Ice Baby, the show focuses on Brick and Jo's rivalry again, this time showing the two competing while eating breakfast. They compete over who can finish their food first, which causes Brick to choke on his spoon. Jo punches Brick's throat to dislodge the spoon from his throat, and hits Mike with it by accident, causing him to change into Chester. During the challenge as the contestants climb Mount Looming Tragedy, Jo gets mad at Mike and Zoey as they have a moment. She snaps at them, yelling at them to focus on the challenge. Jo then tells Brick that her parents used to make her climb walls. Brick then replies that he also climbed in his sergeant boot camp, and that he dislocated his head while trying to get his obstacle course badge. He then tries to show Jo his head, but dislocates his arm as well. As Jo competes with Lightning for who can get to the top, she mocks him by telling him he is going to lose to a girl, again. Lightning misunderstands, due to thinking Jo is a boy. Later, in order to get Anne Maria to complete the challenge, she uses reverse psychology on her and succeeds. Anne Maria becomes provoked by Jo, and climbs up the mountain to get to her. In the confessional, Jo says that a good leader knows how to use her team to her benefit. When B manages to win for his team by making a rocket couch, Jo is angered, due to her reaching the summit first. In the second part of the challenge, Jo is put in charge of the snowballs. Jo tells Mike to do his "Svetlana" act in order to win the challenge. During the challenge, Jo manipulates Anne Maria yet again to give their team an edge.

Finders Creepers

Jo, once again, takes charge of her team.

In Finders Creepers, Jo takes charge of her team again, telling them that she has a plan. Her plan turns out to be hiding behind a bush and following the Toxic Rats, who have the lead, and follow them to the souvenir. When they arrive at the "spooky tree", and Cameron finds out that the souvenir is in there. Jo decides to send in the team's most expendable member, and declares Cameron the most expendable. Brick is offended by this statement, retorting that no one on the team is expendable. Jo is angered by this offense to her authority, and yells at Brick. Then, she grabs Cameron and throws him into the knot-hole. Her plan succeeds when Cameron finds the first souvenir. Then, Jo insists on pushing forward and continuing the challenge. Brick opposes this, telling her that Zoey had gone missing. Jo manages to convince everyone, including Brick, that Zoey left them, and they need to continue. When Brick falls into a grave at the haunted pet cemetery, he then screams for help. Jo reaches down to help him out of the grave, and then slaps him to make him regain composure. When Brick disappears, Jo is indifferent, staying that Brick was only "dead weight". This enrages Anne Maria and Mike, and the former says that Brick is still a person who matters.

Jo one-shot

Jo serves as the mutant seagull shooter for her team.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Jo once again taunts Brick, this time with both being on opposite teams after the previous episode's team switch. As he and Dawn talk to each other as the latter reads his aura, Jo makes fun of him and then says that she is whipping her team into shape, while mentioning being a "champion squat-thruster". Apparently, she is making Cameron learn how to do push-ups. Later, she finds out that her whistle was stolen by an unknown thief. During the pre-challenge, Jo dives for her team's jet skis, competing against Brick. Due to Zoey stepping on the pump, Jo is unable to get any air while underwater, but is saved by Anne Maria, who shoves Zoey off the pump. Before the second challenge begins, Jo tries to persuade Zoey to use her anger to the team's advantage. In the second challenge, Jo is put in charge of shooting the mutated seagulls. Jo tries to slow down the Rats ahead of them, with the mutated gulls. She hits the back of the Rats' driver, Lightning, and he passes out by the venom of the gull. The boat then steers out of control and into weeds, allowing the Maggots to catch up. However, due to Dawn taking charge of her team and helping them catch up, Jo sees and shoots another seagull at them, however her team's cannon malfunctions. Continuing her stance that Cameron is the "expendable" member of the team, she decides to make him take one for the team, and throws him at the last mine. Due to her quick thinking, her team wins yet another challenge. Later, as Scott tries to defend himself to his team, he claims Jo only had a "lucky shot". Dawn also mentions her in her confessional.

Runaway Model (58)

Jo flips her hair in the confessional in Runaway Model, indicating that she does want to look beautiful.

Jo is seen right at the beginning of Runaway Model, in the bathroom along with Anne Maria and Zoey. When Anne Maria uses her hairspray again, Jo coughs with Zoey. Anne Maria and Zoey discuss hair, as Anne Maria mocks Zoey's hair. Jo, meanwhile, is uninterested in their superficial matters and mocks them for their interest. She pulls out a razor, and the camera pans out to Anne Maria and Zoey's disgusted expressions. However, it is never shown what part of her body Jo is shaving. As Chris explains the challenge, which happens to be a fashion challenge, Jo comments on how fashion is a waste of time. Anne Maria retorts by making fun of Jo's sweatpants. Later, after Sasquatchanakwa captures Lindsay and takes her to the top of the scaffolding on Boney Island, Lindsay comforts him on his "hairy body issues". Jo claims she can relate to this, but quickly covers this up. Jo decides to make a "sacrifice" and tells her team to beautify her with makeup, however she indicates that she does want to be beautiful, even flipping her hair in the confessional. The Mutant Maggots, specifically Anne Maria, get busy making Jo look pretty.

Runaway Model (66)

A "beautified" Jo punches out Sasquatchanakwa, and wins yet another challenge of her team.

However, when it takes too long, Mike turns into Chester who ends the beautification process by "just adding a bit of rouge". Jo, believing she looks beautiful, sets off to seduce Sasquatchanakwa and distract him so that her team can save Lindsay. Jo makes it to the top and makes an attempt as Sasquatchanakwa, only to be laughed at by him and Lindsay. Jo becomes angry upon hearing her being mocked, and punches Sasquatchanakwa across the island, winning yet another challenge for the Maggots by saving Lindsay. She also swipes Lindsay's pocket mirror, and looks at herself on it. Seeing how ugly she looks, she starts throwing barrels at Chester, who has already turned back into Mike, and is confused. At the elimination ceremony, Chris asks for two volunteers, and Jo is one of them, along with Scott, and switches teams. Brick welcomes Jo to his team. Jo grabs his hand, and pulls him close, saying "No. Welcome to my team", and hurts his hand. Lightning begins cheering about how the Rats are still an all-male team, only to get poked in the eyes by Jo and told to get an eye check.

Guy's Pact

Jo forms a "Guys' Pact" with Lightning in order to vote off Brick.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Jo's first appearance is in the confessional. During her confessional, she speaks directly to Chris. She says that no matter how hard he tries, he cannot break her. She says that now that she's the only girl on the Toxic Rats due to the last episode's team switch, she can work out and exercise the way the original Olympians intended: naked. Her shadow is then seen in the cabin, causing a bird to vomit at the sight of her in the nude. When the contestants reach the mine for the challenge, Brick goes first, and Jo throws him the jar of fireflies. Brick catches the jar with both hands, and begins to fall swiftly down the shaft. He is able to slow himself by using his legs, but Jo and Lightning land on him, allowing the fireflies to escape. Jo and Lightning chase after them, leaving Brick all alone in the dark. Later, Jo manages to capture the fireflies by trapping them over Lightning's head. After their badges change color again, Jo and Lightning state their regrets; Jo's regret is that she never kissed a guy. This confuses Lightning, who says he "don't judge", once again mistaking Jo for a boy. Later, when Cameron tries to revive Mike, he decides to be like Jo to force Mike to wake up, succeeding. Later, when the Toxic Rats get captured by the mutant gophers, Jo throws the fireflies at them to distract them and save her team. When Chris reveals that the backpacks contain dynamite, Jo yells at him, shouting "too far, McLean!" However, her team loses. She enlists Lightning's help and forms an alliance, which she calls a "guys' pact", with him in order to vote off Brick, who betrayed the team during the challenge by saving Mike, Zoey and Cameron, claiming he has become too "large and in charge".

Jo wins

Jo wins another challenge for her Toxic Rats new team.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Jo and Lightning are left as a two-person team. Jo, being no-nonsense as she usually is, throws Lightning into the water when she finds out that both of them are stranded out on the lake. She jumps off her team's raft, and starts pushing the raft. When a giant squid attacks the team. Jo uses the team's signpost to attack it and attempt to save Lightning. While swimming to shore, they end up coming in second place, as the Mutant Maggots arrive first. When Chris forces them to use the "penalty belt", equipped with a metal detector, Jo questions how they could possibly use that as the chest they need to find is made of wood. Chris replies that it is not supposed to help, as it is a penalty, and sets them off. Later, Jo is tricked by Scott's arrow, and goes into the swamp. Lightning sees Dakota fighting and brags about how he could do the same, which Jo mocks as more alligators show up and start attacking him. Jo then says that maybe she shouldn't have left Lightning behind. Just then, Lightning appears, covered in scars and bruises. Lightning falls over, and the metal detector beeps when it is on top of a rock. Jo then lifts it up and finds two keys under the rock. One is for the penalty belt's lock, and the other for the chest. Jo then hears Gwen screaming underground, takes the metal detector off of Lightning's back, starts digging while using the metal detector as a shovel, and manages to find Gwen, winning another challenge for her team, and the second one for the Rats overall.


Jo crosses out Cameron's tag with her own.

Jo manages to make it to the merge in Grand Chef Auto. She is happy that the competition has become every contestant for themselves, and decides to keep Lightning as her ally. She rejects Cameron's offer of having his brains compliment her brawn, saying she already has her "quarterback". When she sees Lightning having trouble counting to ten, she starts to reconsider. During the pre-challenge where the contestants have to find their keys, Jo finds hers in the trash. When she sees that Lightning found her key before Jo found hers, in the confessional, she says "to the boss go the spoils, and I'm the boss! Therefore, he should be spoiling me!" When Cameron throws his pack of nuts to avoid the mutant squirrels, he ends up making them chase after Jo, Lightning and Chef Hatchet. Eventually, Chef manages to capture Jo and her ally, Lightning, and puts them in a prison guarded by Fang. They immediately try to devise a plan to try and escape. After Lightning pulls the bars apart, Jo leaves him behind with Fang, betraying him. Jo manages to catch up to Cameron, who took too long with making his art. Jo crosses his painting out, telling him that it is a race, not an art contest. Later, her go-kart breaks down, and Lightning manages to pass her. When Scott gets to choose who is eliminated, Lightning exclaims that he should vote off Jo, calling "him" a traitor.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (36)

Jo scams Cameron's smoke machine reward from him.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Jo decides to take Cameron up on his offer for an alliance from the previous episode, more or so forcing him into it. Rather than doing so out of respect for Cameron and his abilities, she does so because her alliance with Lightning was dissolved when she betrayed him in the Grand Chef Auto challenge. When the contestants pick which vehicle they have to build, Jo receives the "hot air balloon". Jo uses Cameron to her advantage in order to know what to do to get her hot air balloon working. Lightning also asks Cameron for advice, but as Cameron starts listing off the parts Jo stops him, telling Lightning to get his own nerd. While Lightning tries to start his project, he finds items Jo needs for her air balloon. He hides them behind a giant fan and a motorcycle, which he then realizes are the things that could help him build a helicopter. After Cameron finishes Jo's air balloon, she tells him before he goes off on his machine, he must sabotage Lightning, giving him a shovel to knock junk on his machine. Cameron tries to do so, but fails and is flung by the shovel to a rocket engine. Jo tries to see what is taking Cameron so long and finds him completing his rocket. In the confessional, Cameron praises Jo, but the camera pans out, revealing that Jo is forcing him to praise her.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (74)

Jo is eliminated and takes the Hurl of Shame.

Jo forces Cameron into giving him the smoke machine he receives as a reward. She is the first to get off the ground, and into the air to stop Heather. In the confessional, Jo admits that she likes the way Heather plays, but is unimpressed with her "girly short-shorts". The mutant goats begin to attack Jo's aircraft, and she tries to persuade them to attack Heather instead. Heather, enraged at Jo targeting her, starts throwing Chris's Gemmie Awards at her. Meanwhile, Lightning tries to tell Cameron that Jo is only using him. Jo then attempts to use Cameron's smoke machine to slow down Scott. However, Cameron reveals he had implanted a bomb in the smoke machine, just in case Jo was indeed using him, and blows it up while it's in Jo's possession. This causes her balloon to catch on fire and she plummets to into the lake. At the Campfire Ceremony, Jo ends up in the bottom two with Lightning. Jo appears to be confident, and is shocked when she receives the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. Jo goes over to Cameron and calls him a backstabber, but compliments him on his clever tactics, stating that he learned from the best; her. As she is dragged to the Hurl of Shame, Jo then turns to Lightning, calls him an idiot, and says that he couldn't even tell that she was a girl, which was news to Lightning.

Entitled to win

Jo complains about Lightning winning the money in his ending.

Jo returns among the rest of the contestants of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. Jo is not thrilled with having to root for either of the finalists, but chooses Lightning over Cameron after Chris threatens to release Fang. When Lightning attacks Cameron, Jo is the only one who cheers for him, unlike everyone else. When the mutant animals go on a rampage, Jo and a few others are attacked by Larry until Cameron saves them. In Cameron's ending, Jo isn't delighted to see Cameron winning, but is happy when he announces that he is sharing the money with everyone. She expresses her delight and being able to finally open her own gym. In Lightning's ending, she demands ten percent of the money when Mike asks what Lightning is going to spend it on. Jo rants in the confessional that she should have won the money instead of Cameron or Lightning, since she "carried these morons" to the finale, and claims that she was robbed and got ripped off. She is last seen laughing at Chris when he is arrested by the government.

Total Drama All-Stars


"Nobody tells me what to do, goth-ball!"

- Jo

Jo is one of the returning contestants from the second cast considered as an All-Star and returns to compete for the new season. She is the seventh contestant to be introduced and is placed on the Villainous Vultures. She immediately noticed that her team has one less member than the opposing team and demands that Chris provides the Villainous Vultures with an extra member to make up for the difference. Like last season, Jo immediately usurps herself as the team leader, claiming that she is better than all of them and deserves to be their leader. This puts her in conflict with Heather and the two clash multiple times. She also gets into a conflict with Gwen and even brings up her "boyfriend stealer" status by calling her "New Heather." She volunteers to be the pusher of the baby carriage for her team. As she pushes Lightning on the carriage, she makes a deal with him to stay out of each other's way until the merge. Her teammates are unable to find the correct key for a long while, rendering her extremely tired as she runs to-and-fro from the beach. Luckily, Alejandro finds the correct key, much to her relief.


Jo and Heather fight over leadership of their team.

In Evil Dread, while the Villainous Vultures are having breakfast, Jo convinces everyone to vote for Lightning as soon as they can. Throughout the episode, Heather and Jo continue to argue over leadership of their team to the point they begin to get physical. When her team eventually lose the challenge, Jo campaigns to send Lightning home. She is ultimately successful, and receives the final marshmallow while Lightning is eliminated.


Jo takes the Flush of Shame in Saving Private Leechball.

In Saving Private Leechball, Jo and Heather continue to argue over whose fault is it that they lost the challenge, until Gwen tells them to be quiet as she is trying to sleep and everyone is to be blamed. The next day, Jo feigns an apology to Gwen and hoping to stay on her good side, she plans to pull Gwen (and by extension Duncan) into an alliance with her. During the challenge, Jo accidentally fires the leech cannon at Scott, causing her teammates to be upset with her. Eventually, she is the last member of her team standing and berates everyone for their incompetence. When she finally considers eliminating Lightning a mistake while using the confessional, a per-recorded message from him suddenly pops up, taunting Jo for her mistake, to which she angrily shatters the video screen. Jo enters the cave where Courtney and Sam are hiding and eliminates the latter. Just as she is about to target Courtney, Zoey arrives and eliminate her instead, winning the challenge for the Heroic Hamsters. At the elimination ceremony, because of her constant bickering and friendly fire, she is voted off. In the exclusive clip, the Flush of Shame brings her to the sewers of Egypt, where she is attacked by a swarm of scarab beetles.

In The Final Wreck-ening, she is in a balloon along with all of the other eliminated contestants of Total Drama All-Stars, and floats away into the air with the rest of the eliminated contestants; however, it is revealed that they all escaped unharmed.


Total Drama Reloaded

Jo Original

Jo's original design.

Jo was one of only two characters whose name was changed since the days of Total Drama Reloaded; she was originally named Mary. Despite this, she had little to no changes whatsoever to her overall design, and is arguably the most unchanged character of the entire new cast. The only noticeable difference is with her hoodie since they were originally the exact same shade of gray as her pants, but have since become noticeably darker. Her pants also lack the drawstrings that were present in the original design. Her eye color has also changed from gray to purple and her shoe color changed from plain white to pale green.

Audition tape

View this video for Jo's audition tape.

Jo takes a rather aggressive approach towards auditioning for Total Drama.

Jo begins the audition by greeting Total Drama producers. She claims she should be chosen because she is "the best, the strongest, the smartest, and, by extension, the meanest." She also says that she will win the million dollars, and wants to be handed the money in small, unmarked bills. She changes her mind and says that, however, on a second thought, the money should be handed over to her right in that moment because no one can possibly be better than her. She then ends the audition saying, "That is all."




  • Jo is the first new contestant to be introduced by Chris in the first episode of season four. 
  • According to Jo in Backstabbers Ahoy!, she is a champion sprinter, shot-putter, and squat thruster.
  • Jo is the first new contestant from season four to show nudity, although it is only a silhouette.
  • According to Jo's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contestant biography, her favorite color is gray.
  • Prior to Dakota's mutation, Jo was the tallest female contestant of all the second generation contestants.


  • As confirmed by Todd Kauffman, Jo is based on Sue Sylvester from the TV series, Glee, who also has a habit of calling other characters by nicknames.
  • Jo's favorite film is called "Charlie's Devils", a reference to the crime drama television series Charlie's Angels.


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