José Burromuerto is Alejandro's older brother, who is first mentioned in the finale of Total Drama World Tour. He makes an appearance in Total Drama All-Stars as part of the challenge in Suckers Punched.


José is similar to Alejandro, being vain about his looks, taking pride in his talents, and viewing himself as superior to everyone. He is described by his younger brother as having to be better at everything than him. He always reminds Alejandro of this and constantly does whatever's possible to provoke him. One of these things is calling him "Al," a name that infuriates Alejandro regardless of the speaker. José's bullying is partially to blame for the way Alejandro is.

Despite their fierce, competitive rivalry, both honor the family code of never striking one another in the face.

Total Drama World Tour

José is first mentioned in Hawaiian Punch by his younger brother, Alejandro before the tie-breaker between him and Cody. In the confessional, Alejandro finds it embarrassing that he tied with Cody and adds that "My brother José will be compiling his insults already." Ultimately, Alejandro beats Cody and moves onto the finals with Heather. During the challenge, Heather says "No way, José!" to him, which angers Alejandro who then reveals his hatred for his brother. Alejandro states that José would always bully him when they were younger and that he "always won." Additionally, he hates it whenever José refers to him "Al." Cody immediately realizes this and taunts Alejandro of the fact that Owen constantly calls him "Al" throughout the rest of the finale in order to distract him.

Total Drama All-Stars


Alejandro is required to fight José in Suckers Punched.

In Suckers Punched, after Courtney calls Alejandro "Al," he recalls of the nightmare he had the previous night of his "older, smarter, and better looking brother" belittling him. The challenge of the episode is for the contestants to fight the opponent that is selected after they spun the Wheel of Misfortune. However, little do they know, that Chris has rigged the wheel to stop at the slot of the person who they have problems with. In Alejandro's case, he has to fight his brother, José. During the match, the estranged brothers mostly punch each other's body parts, as it is in their family code; to never go for the other's face, which they state in the confessional. Duncan finds this strange. The battle between the two brothers is initially even on both sides, but José soon crosses the line after he reminds Alejandro of his previous defeat at the hands of his "girlfriend with an unattractive personality." He then becomes furious with José and brutally attacks José and successfully defeats him, earning a point for the Villainous Vultures.


  • José and Leshaniqua are currently the only family members of contestants in Total Drama history to use the confessional.
  • José's outfit is identical to Alejandro's, except for the over and undershirts being recolored indigo and gray.


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