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Josee was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant and one of the main antagonists as a member of The Ice Dancers with Jacques.


Josee is a Canadian figure skater whose dream was to win gold at the Olympics. When she finally got the chance, she was dropped by her partner Jacques face-first on the ice and the two became national embarrassments. They are conniving performers who signed up for the race to prove that they are still winners. They will do whatever it takes to guarantee a victory, all while flashing a show-ready smile. Josee is obsessed with gold and coming in first place way more than her partner. Josee implies that her family, especially her mother, pressures her to always win first place, no matter what it takes. Even though she smiles all the time, she is shown to be very impatient, as well as short-tempered and aggressive when things don't go her way, having a habit of throwing massive tantrums.

She is not completely fearless; however, with her Achilles' Heel being claustrophobia, as shown in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, How Deep is Your Love, and Bahamarama. As the competition progresses, she and Jacques no longer try to hide their true nature and they become more ruthless. Even willing to cheat, sabotage, and even betray other teams to come in first. She is also known to be superstitious, as she carries around a lucky rabbit's foot; Bun-Bun until losing it in Transylvania, later replacing it with a piece of volcanic rock shaped like a trophy she found in Hawaii.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Ice Dancers are introduced.

Josee and Jacques debut in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1. Josee explains that they are Ice Dancers who have done well everywhere except the Olympics due to an incident where Jacques dropped her on the ice during one of their performances, resulting in a silver medal. They first choose to ride the elevator but later switch to climbing the stairs. They are the first team to finish and are booked on the first flight to Morocco. They maintain their lead in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, being the first team to pick out their spices and ride their camels to their next destination. Josee is the one to drink the stew and gracefully does so. They race against the Police Cadets to the Chill Zone. Not looking where he is going, Jacques ends up running into a tree, allowing the Cadets to overtake them and secure second place. Josee is devastated to find out that they placed third, and throws a violent tantrum in the interview room.

The Ice Dancers constantly smile for their fans, in case they're on camera.

In French is an Eiffel Language, Jacques has no trouble at all when drawing a caricature of Josee. The Ice Dancers are then able to browse their way through the catacombs and end up in the top two with the Cadets. Both the teams find the cheese rafts at the same time and they begin to develop a rivalry as they race one another to the Chill Zone. Jacques forgets to grab the oars which result in the Ice Dancers having to paddle with their feet. Despite their efforts, the Police Cadets beat them, and they come in second place.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Jacques and Josee are among the teams that make it onto the first train. Josee is the one to retrieve the tip from the shark and does so with grace with Jacques complimenting her technique. They finish first due to the Father and Son's penalty. In Bjorken Telephone, they are once again first on the bus and finish the complete the Icelandic speaking phrase with ease. They chose the Fossil challenge, as it involves traveling through the icy interior of the cave which they have no problem with, and end up placing third.

The Ice Dancers instantly show off their Carnival costumes.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, the Ice Dancers are annoyed by not making it first in Iceland and are determined to win this leg. The delay of their flight makes Josee irritated and she takes her anger out on Jacques. Unluckily for them, they are unable to find a tip in the coconuts after numerous tries and try to steal the tip from Father and Son but wind up with a tip after Josee throws a coconut that cracks open on Jacques' head. They waste no time at all during the costume creating challenge due to having made them before the race and finish in first place.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Jacques and Josee are annoyed at losing their massive lead when they have to wait for several teams to get on the same bus with them, which results in Josee having another tantrum. On their way to the castle, Josee plays dirty and pushes Sanders down the hill. An angered MacArthur tackles the Ice Dancers because of this which puts both teams behind the others as Josee and MacArthur fight in the mud. Once they begin the challenge, Josee has to push Jacques in a coffin and does it intentionally rough, wanting to get this done before the Police Cadets. When Jacques complains about being bruised, Josee is eager to remind him how it was just like when she got bruised after he dropped her at the Olympics. She has no problem with the gymnastics challenge, thanks to her experience from ice dancing and they end up finishing first again.

Josee finds a new lucky idol in Hawaii.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Josee and Jacques drive the first carriage with the Sisters and the Reality TV Pros, During the carriage ride, Josee loses her lucky rabbit's foot which devastates her when she realizes that she can't find it. She instead replaces it with a new good luck charm, a lava rock shaped like a trophy that she found on the beach, despite the warnings of a local old man that it is cursed. The Ice Dancers then race both the Surfers and Best Friends to the Chill Zone, but they fall behind due to Jacques tripping on a rock and end up in third place.

In Hello and Dubai, Jacques and Josee are mad that they earned bronze because of it being their least favorite color last episode, and are angered when they are not allowed to enter the luxurious first class. They chose the Serve challenge, in which Jacques has no trouble at all, but Josee fails due to a seagull. As it is taking too long to wait for their next turn, they switch to the Squeegee challenge. They finish it very quickly, but not before the Reality TV Pros and Sisters finish theirs. They arrive in fourth place, after the Adversity Twins. Josee has a massive tantrum due to not placing in the top 3 for the first time in the race. Their bad luck continues in New Beijinging when Jacques's clumsy behavior results in them having to redo the first challenge much to the anger of Josee. A scorpion finds its way onto Jacques and Josee uses the opportunity to injure him so that he would not be able to taste what he was eating. Due to running the wrong way while looking for the Chill Zone, they come in fourth yet again.

The Goths tell the Ice Dancers their lava rock is cursed.

The Ice Dancers do not start off well in I Love Ridonc & Roll due to having to wear their polyester clothes in the sauna which exhausts them due to the heat. Jacques initially fails during the air guitar challenge and gets electrocuted but manages to complete the challenge after seeing Spud do it and they cry after placing fourth again. The Goths tell them their lava rock is cursed and that they need to go back to Hawaii to break the curse.

The Ice Dancers perform a ceremonial ritual in order to get rid of their curse.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, Josee and Jacques fly to Hawaii instead of Zimbabwe, to break their curse. They perform a ceremony in Hawaii and go back to Zimbabwe, starting the race in last place. They try to complete the challenges as quickly as possible; however, they are stalled by Dwayne who is looking for Junior. They race to the Chill Zone against Dwayne but the rhino turns on them and throws Dwayne onto the carpet of the Chill Zone, making them finish in last. They express sadness at being eliminated, only for Don to declare it is a non-elimination round and that they were still in. Josee and Jacques, with renewed vigor, declare that the other teams are going down and laugh maniacally.

Josee about to use a boomerang on the Cadets.

The Ice Dancers' luck turns around in Shawshank Ridonc-tion when they decided to up their game and their costumes. Being the first team to reach the Don-Box, they acquire a boomerang. Josee begins panicking while inside the jail cell due to her claustrophobia and in an extreme burst of strength, manages to find a way out. Sanders calls out for Josee and Jacques to help them, and Josee agrees if MacArthur says something nice about ice dancing. Despite MacArthur holding up her end of the deal, the Ice Dancers betray them and walk away. The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets manage to reach the Don Box at pretty much the same time and end up boomeranging one another, resulting in them being tied for last place. MacArthur forces them into a temporary alliance to break out of the jail cell and manage to succeed. The two teams quickly build their rafts and race for the Chill Zone. While riding the raft, Josee uses an oar to knock the Cadets into the water, securing the Ice Dancers' safety for the episode.

Josee and Jacques laugh in the interview after tricking the Cadets.

After having trouble with the challenge, Josee tries to find new ways to sabotage the Police Cadets in Down and Outback. She uses Ennui's makeup to disguise one of the bunnies as an albino which tricks MacArthur into chasing after it. Josee then convinces Brody that MacArthur needs his help, resulting in Geoff having to chase after him and the Ice Dancers stealing the Surfers' bunnies in the process. They then glide their way to the finish line and are the first to reach the Chill Zone, getting first place, though Don tells them their win is highly suspected.

The Ice Dancers continue their winning streak in Maori or Less. They are one of the teams to board the first train which gains them an early lead. This lead is extended even further when they manage to perform the traditional Maori dance with no problem at all, believing it to be an easier version of ice dancing. They check-in at the Chill Zone long before the other teams or even Don arrives. Their conflict with the Police Cadets continues in Little Bull on the Prairie where both teams crash into each other and are run off the road. After arriving at the ranch, the Ice Dancers do not do any better because of their weak stomachs being unable to tolerate the bean stew. Josee is irritated by Jacques's inability to ride the bull but he manages to do so on his second try, placing seventh.

The Ice Dancers trick Geoff into thinking Brody is disappointed at him.

Not doing well in the challenge themselves, the Ice Dancers try to sabotage the friendship between the Surfers in Lord of the Ring Toss by convincing Geoff that Brody thinks of him as a weak link. This plan backfires when Brody assures Geoff that this is not so and they reconcile, getting first place, which angers Josee to the level she destroys "Chilly Billy", Don's snowman. Following this episode, the Ice Dancers are angry that their sabotage did not go as planned and try to make up for it in Got Venom. Jacques does not do well in the challenge due to his clumsiness and gets too close to the Komodo dragon several times. Josee suggests targeting the goths by using Loki, however, Loki is shown to be able to handle himself. The Ice Dancers then end up taking some of the venom the Goths had collected. They then find the branded mat and get second place, which angers both of them due to having lost to the Goths.

The Ice Dancers are happy to see the Goths getting eliminated.

This conflict with the Goths continues in Dude Buggies when Josee tries several times to sabotage them. Both teams choose to do the magic show, although Josee tries and fails several times. After losing a large amount of time, the Ice Dancers switch to the dune buggies instead. While initially not being successful, Josee manages to capture all three flags on her second try and arrive shortly before the last place team. The Ice Dancers then exploit the goth's weakness in the form of Loki in El Bunny Supremo and kidnap him. Loki then manages to escape while they are riding their burros and chases them away, losing the Ice Dancers some time. The Ice Dancers then get a ten-minute penalty when they arrive without the donkeys, but still manage to get second place, losing first place to the Police Cadets. However, their plan to eliminate the Goths is successful, but Loki gives the Ice Dancers a cut-throat gesture as they leave, scaring them.

Josee and MacArthur shake hands for their new alliance, but still hate each other.

Jacques and Josee celebrate their success in eliminating the goths during Ca-Noodling but their happiness is short-lived when they come to know that they have to work with the Police Cadets during the super-team challenge. Josee and MacArthur bicker until Sanders convinces them to work together in order to beat the other team which leads to them forming a truce for sabotage. Much to the surprise of the others, Jacques is the one who catches the branded catfish which sends all three teams to the Chill Zone, despite having a dislike towards fish. They then form an alliance with the Daters and the Police Cadets although secretly plan to ditch them both when the time comes.

The Ice Dancers continue this alliance in How Deep is Your Love. Unknown to them, they also sabotage the Police Cadets by loosening the bolts of their vehicle and "accidentally" getting MacArthur's tongue stuck to a trash can. The Ice Dancers do not fare well in the challenge due to Josee's claustrophobia. Despite Jacques trying to convince her to stay calm in order to go into the cave, this does not work out and Josee ends up sabotaging Kitty and stealing her ball instead. They get a thirty-minute penalty for this but still manage to arrive in first place.

The Ice Dancers complete the challenge first, much to Don's displeasure.

Following this, they try to convince the Sisters to help them sabotage the Daters in Darjeel With It, using it as a trick to sabotage them instead. They do not feel satisfied with being in the first car of the train and deal with this by undoing the latch to the other train cars, meaning that the other teams had to end up walking to the Chill Zone. However, Don gives them a one-hour penalty for their flagrant cheating. It is only due to the Daters stopping to reconcile that the Ice Dancers manage to stay in the race.

They continue on in Last Tango in Buenos Aires in which they show exceptional skill in performing the tango much to the jealousy of the other teams. They use this lead to sabotage the Sisters by rubbing oil over their emu making it harder to catch. This plan then backfires when the polyester of their costumes is unable to absorb the oil which makes it harder for Jacques to catch their emu. Jacques overcomes this by greasing his hair in order for them to complete the challenge, which impresses Josee. They manage to secure first place yet again.

Josee finds herself trapped in an air pocket.

The Ice Dancers then get off to a rough start in Bahamarama when they lose time while trying to find the map branded with the Ridonculous Race logo. They try to steal one from the Police Cadets although this plan does not work. After finally finding the map, the Ice Dancers then take a jet ski to the next challenge where Josee's claustrophobia becomes an obstacle for them yet again. Josee is convinced to complete the challenge after she realizes that they will be able to beat the Police Cadets. Josee ends up running out of oxygen, trapping her in a small air pocket. Should they go for rescue, they would be disqualified from the competition. In a surprising turn of events, MacArthur goes back to save Josee and both teams take off for the Chill Zone. However, Josee nonetheless throws a coconut at MacArthur which makes her trip, securing second place for the Ice Dancers. MacArthur angrily confronts her about her betrayal, but Josee shows no remorse.

The Ice Dancers ram their taxi into the Surfers' taxi.

Despite being one of the first teams to take off, the Ice Dancers get stuck in a traffic jam in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars and only move on after a pathway is cleared when people hear the Police Cadets' siren. The Surfers end up taking their taxi while they are in the Empire State Building so they take the Police Cadets' taxi instead. This plan backfires when MacArthur confiscates another vehicle and uses it to turn over the taxi that the Ice Dancers had stolen which results in them having to run to the Chill Zone and they end up coming in last place. Josee initially appears to take it well, until she snaps and throws a massive tantrum, and Jacques is forced to calm her down. She regrets her behavior during the race and promises to become a better person but pushes an elderly woman into a fountain soon afterward. After their loss, the Ice Dancers are bitter about not being in the final two and believe that neither of the teams left deserves to win. Josee and Jacques also give both the finalists a 0 and are still angry when watching the finale with the other eliminated teams. They continue their angry expressions during the final group shot.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race




  • The Ice Dancers have come in first place more times than any other team, having done so eight times.
  • The Ice Dancers are the first team to be penalized in more than one episode.


  • Fresh TV confirmed that Josee's lucky rabbit's foot is from an actual pet rabbit that she had.



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