Josh is the host of Celebrity Manhunt. He is first introduced and makes his one and only appearance in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special as a host alongside Blaineley. Josh appears to be the stereotypical gossip monger who seems to really enjoy "cat fights." He loves action and any drama or fight he can get his hands on.

Total Drama Action


Josh is introduced in the as one of the hosts of Celebrity Manhunt.

Josh appears in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, as the host of Celebrity Manhunt, along with Blaineley, and is very excited about the upcoming Gemmie Awards. Josh appears to share a lot of similarities with Chris, as he loves drama and fights, especially catfights. Josh interviews Gwen and Heather, after talking about their head-on Internet blog rivalry. It appears that Josh is completely on "Team Gwen." While Josh is interviewing the two girls, they get into a catfight, to Josh's delight. He also interviews Harold, Justin, Trent, and Cody while they are in their boy band, The Drama Brothers. He tries to talk to them, but Trent and Justin are preoccupied with breaking up with their girlfriends and Harold is angry that he thinks the band doesn't like his beat boxing. Josh, annoyed, then gets an interview with Harold, who has now become "H-Bomb." He states that he is going solo, and has "$OLO" tattooed on his fingers, though the letters are backwards, so it reads "LO$O." Josh laughs when Harold announces he is leaving the band, implying that he does not think Harold will be a big hit. Josh is right, and both bands eventually hit rock bottom.


Josh is hit by a camera, courtesy of Eva.

At the end of the episode, he and Blaineley announce that Geoff, Justin, Beth, Trent, Eva, Katie, and Sadie aren't returning to Total Drama World Tour. Eva gets a tantrum due to this and Josh is eventually hit in the back of the head by a camera while he is trying to sign off. During the "Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By" screen, he is seen screaming as Blaineley is choked by the Drama Machine.




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