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Justin was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He was also a cast member on Total Drama Action, where he was the main antagonist for the first half of the season until Courtney's debut and was a member of the Killer Grips. He did not compete on Total Drama World Tour, but appeared in the peanut gallery on the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Justin is a supermodel of incredible beauty. He is so handsome that he can make everyone around, whether they are male or female, human or animal, stop dead in their tracks at the mere sight of him. The second he is introduced as a contestant, Chris admits to everyone that the only reason Justin was selected to be on Total Drama was because of his looks, a fact which he is perfectly fine with knowing. Justin is extremely vain and often can be found looking at himself in his mirror. Throughout the first season, Justin speaks very little, and so not much is known about him at first. When he returns for season two, a new side of his personality is seen.

He is manipulative, using his looks to get something he wants or to get out of something he doesn't want to do on many occasions. He is also a bit lazy and consistently finds excuses to get out of doing challenges, believing them to be bad for his looks. Deep down, however, it appears Justin is insecure and not as confident as he often acts. Because of his vanity, he often overreacts to even the smallest injury to his face, instantly believing himself to be hideous, and jumping to wild conclusions, such as having to join the circus due to looking like a "freak." Justin is also perfectly aware of how much he relies on his looks and isn't anything without them, knowing he lacks both the intelligence and the talent to make it in the world. Despite his faults, Justin isn't necessarily always mean-spirited and tends to be friendly and social towards most of the other contestants.

Total Drama Island

Justin arrives with the rest of the cast in "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1," where his arrival makes more than half the girls, along with Owen, gush over his looks. Chris informs Justin that he was only chosen to be a Total Drama Island contestant because of his looks, which Justin has no problem with. Justin barely speaks during his time on the island, leaving his character largely a mystery though he always remains irresistible to all the female campers, especially Katie and Sadie. He ends up being placed on the Screaming Gophers.

In "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2," Justin joins his team in the first challenge and jumps off the thousand-foot cliff into the lake. He does not land in the safe zone and is approached by some sharks. However, the sharks too are affected by his looks and rather than attacking, carry him onto land. Justin does show some underhandedness in "The Big Sleep," where he cheats by painting on his closed eyelids to feign staying awake. He is later caught and Chris disqualified him from the challenge.

Justin models for his talent.

In "Not Quite Famous," Justin is unanimously selected by his team to compete in the talent show after extinguishing a fire, then getting a letting a drop of water fall on his chest which sizzles from his hotness. In the talent show, he proceeds to pose on stage and pour water on himself. Justin fails to win immunity for his team and was voted off in this episode because Heather convinced her alliance (Beth and Lindsay), Owen (whom she bribed with cake), and Izzy to vote him off.

In "Haute Camp-ture," Justin has little involvement during his stay at Playa Des Losers other than diving into the pool. Off-screen, it appears he has developed a feud with Noah, who has taken to calling him "the anti-me." In "The Very Last Episode, Really!" Justin initially supported Gwen but switches over to Owen when he mentions he will hold a yacht party. At one point, Heather attempts to slow Gwen down, by ripping off Justin's shirt and using his "powers" to distract her. However, the plan backfires as Owen also ended up falling for Justin's good looks longer than Gwen. Trent intervenes by blocking Justin from Gwen's view and telling her to stop focusing on the "man candy," and she focuses back on the challenge.

Izzy manages to steal the suitcase from Justin in the special.

Justin's character gets more focus in "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island," where he is shown to be dishonest and has no qualms in using his good looks to his advantage, an early highlight of his antagonistic side. When the contestants begin to form teams of their own, he is partnered with his biggest admirers, Katie and Sadie. However, he grows annoyed by their chatter and abandons them in a cave. After a brief encounter with Gwen, Leshawna, and Trent, where he tricked the girls into informing him of the areas they had searched, he found the case at the hands of a group led by his ex-girlfriend, Izzy. After failing to convince them into surrendering the case, Justin removes his shirt, putting Izzy and Eva under his spell, and easily retrieves the case from them. En route to the Dock of Shame, he loses the case to Cody, DJ, Owen, and Tyler after Cody tricked him into believing that the paparazzi are here. Justin manages to charm Chef Hatchet into giving him the keys to the plane and uses it to reach where the case it. After easily taking it from Lindsay, Izzy's group ambushes him outside the communal bathroom and steals the case from him. As Justin wanders around with a bucket on his head, with his parachute tangled up in the stampede, he ends up being dragged to the dock by the other contestants. He is one of the fourteen contestants eligible for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Justin returns to Total Drama Action with a much stronger competitive drive than before.

Justin starts the season being a lot more vocal, sneaky, and manipulative than he was in his short tenure in the previous season. From the very beginning, he uses his good looks to his advantage by charming everyone around him. In the first episode, he charms the monster into gently placing him into the inflatable holding pit (instead of just dropping him like the rest of the cast). He is put on the Killer Grips, and it is here when he really starts to use his strategy to his fullest extent. Knowing how Beth and Lindsay are infatuated with him (to the point where they even fight for his affections), Justin reveals that he is going to use Beth's growing feelings for him to his advantage. After accepting her friendship bracelet, he hopes that he can lure her into an alliance to do whatever he wants. This parallels the way how Heather used them in the past. Justin effectively takes the mantle of the main antagonist for the first half of the season, giving everyone the impression that he is a nice person and looking out for their best interests.

Justin spends more time admiring himself than participating in challenges.

Despite his tactics, he is a poor performer at challenges, and half of the time, he does not even participate at all. The first example of this is in "3:10 to Crazytown," as he expresses a bunch of model rights in his various contracts, and in "The Chefshank Redemption," in which he decides to use a spoon as a mirror instead of helping his team dig through the ground. Despite his poor performance in challenges, he has a lot of power on his team. When he overhears Trent and Gwen discussing him throwing challenges for her, Justin uses this to turn the team against the two and eliminate Trent. They blackmail Gwen into making a deal with them for her to throw the challenge, which ultimately causes her elimination. Another example of him taking the easy way out in challenges is in "One Flu Over the Cuckoos," in which he takes his shirt off to get Beth to read the medical books to him instead of reading them himself.

Justin believes that he becomes ugly whenever he gets injured.

His insecurities start to show in "Masters of Disasters," when he receives a bunch of visible injuries, somberly stating that he will no longer get any more skincare line endorsements because of this. These insecurities continue to grow in Full Metal Drama, where his powers lose their effect on Lindsay and Beth, and he becomes a target for elimination after they lose. In the same episode, he asks Izzy if she thinks he is attractive, to which she says that she never got the big deal about him and his looks, which angers him. He creates a new hair flip which saves him from elimination and uses it on Lindsay and Beth to get rid of Izzy from the competition.

His role as an antagonist seemingly ends in "One Million Bucks, B.C.," after he gains a new teammate in the form of Courtney. His injuries and insecurities continue in "Dial M for Merger," in which he receives a black eye from Beth, and after looking at himself in the mirror, calls himself a circus freak. Now that the teams are merged, he has conversations with his brain, realizing that he needs to use it to get further in the game since he cannot rely on his looks anymore in the competition.

After realizing that he can count on his brain, at the beginning of "Super Hero-ld," he reveals to Harold and Duncan that he has been thinking a lot. He realizes that they need to stick together since the girls outnumber them. To balance the guys-to-girls ratio, Justin states they should form a guys' alliance, which they agree to. After the challenge is complete, Justin suggests that they should target Courtney, but since she has immunity, he agrees with Duncan to vote off Leshawna. They succeed with help from Courtney.

Justin is eliminated in "The Princess Pride."

The alliance completely falls apart in "The Princess Pride," as he and Duncan get into a heated rivalry for Courtney's affection (whom Justin recently gained a crush on). The two try to ruin each other's chances of succeeding on the first challenge, with Duncan running him into objects and Justin pointing out Duncan's cheating. He manages to gain help from Harold due to his conflict with Duncan, but betrays him shortly after. Thinking he won Courtney's heart, the two are about to share a kiss until Chris announces that he has to sword fight with Courtney to win invincibility. Justin lets his feelings get in the way and surrenders to Courtney. This winds up becoming Justin's fatal mistake as Courtney has no problem pushing him off the tower to win. As a result, his greatly admired body is damaged during the fall, putting him in a full-body cast. To make things worse, he is voted off that night. Nobody seems to care about him leaving the competition.

In the finale, the question he decides to ask the finalists, Duncan and Beth, is whether they find him attractive still. Beth admits that he still looks good, which he smiles about. At the end of the episode, Beth's boyfriend Brady comes out, and Justin is so surprised at how handsome Brady looks and is slightly bitter towards him. Justin then states that he feels like an ugly person compared to him, and scowls at Beth and her boyfriend as they hug. It is revealed in Beth's ending that Justin voted for Beth to win.

Justin breaking up with his girlfriend via text message.

After Total Drama Action has ended, Justin seems to have given up his old ways and seems to have made some real friendships, forming a band with Harold, Cody, and Trent called The Drama Brothers. The band completely takes off and becomes a success (though Justin himself admits that he does not play any instruments, but the fans do not care). However, when their egos grow and creative differences take place, they break up. It is revealed that Justin breaks up with a girl via text, Trent approves of this and has him send his message to his own girl as well. He joins the other contestants when it comes to stopping Chris's new reality show, but when their bus crashes, Justin joins Geoff and a few others to find help, which causes him to miss the chance to compete in Total Drama World Tour after Chris rescues those who remain.

Total Drama World Tour

Justin singing "Baby" with the Drama Brothers (except Cody).

Justin returns as a commentator in "Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water," now seated in the Peanut Gallery with the others who did not make it into Total Drama World Tour. When Blaineley says, "Not so cool, Ezekiel," Justin notes how hilarious it is to use "Ezekiel" and "cool" in the same sentence. Justin is also seen in one of Harold's recaps, first punching him while he is trying to pee when Harold is talking about bladder sizes. He's also seen among others lined up to beat up Harold as he calculates a long math problem. When Harold sings Baby, Justin joins his fellow band mates as back up singers for Harold. Despite being just a back up, he manages to psych out Blaineley, who is overwhelmed with excitement and screams for Justin to marry her as she faints. He then leaves with Trent and Harold, after being chased by a yellow school bus full of private school girls.

For the remainder of the season, Justin mainly sits in the Peanut Gallery and watches the events of the season unfold or plays back up with his band for some of the songs. After a successful, yet disastrous telethon in "Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon," Justin is being carried away by an intern on a stretcher. In "Aftermath Aftermayhem," Justin fails to qualify for the Second Chance Challenge.

In "Hawaiian Style," Justin initially sides with Cody but is forced by Bridgette to support Heather instead, along with Owen, Leshawna and Eva. In Hawaiian Punch, Justin watch the final challenge and regardless of the winner, he and his fellow contestants run away from the island after the volcano being to erupt. Along the way, they laugh at Chris and Chef after their boat begin to sunk courtesy of Ezekiel.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Justin is admired by Beth.

In "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!" Justin appears on the yacht, along with the other original contestants. He is seen charming Beth again, until a seagull poops on his shoulder, disturbing them both.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Justin's audition tape.

Justin in his audition tape.

Justin is shown sitting on the beach holding up a starfish, while in the background, a voice repeats his name three times. A dolphin then swims onto shore in an effort to be closer to Justin.

Camp TV

Justin's Camp TV design.

Justin was one of the eighteen characters to appear in Camp TV. His concept design is nearly identical to his final design in body shape and outfit. The only real difference is his face, which has dotted eyes and a somewhat friendlier smile.



  • Justin, along with Izzy, Tyler, DJ, Cody, Scott, Cameron, and Devin are the only contestants to be eliminated in an episode where they get severely injured in.
  • Justin is the contestant with the most suitors on the show. He is also one of the seven boys to have more than one girl attracted to him. The others are Alejandro, Dave, Duncan, Harold, Mike, and Trent.
    • He might have had a relationship with Izzy before the show, or after the both of them were eliminated in Total Drama Island.
    • Lindsay and Beth both shared a crush on him during the second season.
    • Owen has been shown to be attracted to him on some occasions. He is the only male contestant to do so.
    • Katie and Sadie were madly in love with him at the start of the series, all the way to "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island."
    • Leshawna has shown much love to him as seen in "Alien Resurr-eggtion," where she calls him a hunk and "Dial M for Merger," where she tells him that he had a beautiful smile and even calling him "hot stuff."
    • He had a large infatuation with Courtney in "The Princess Pride" (even going as far as trying to kiss her and fighting over her), but it was all a setup by Courtney.
    • He briefly dated an unknown girl while he was in The Drama Brothers, but later broke up with her via text messaging.
  • Justin was the second person (Cody being the first) that used the confessional to foreshadow an event. Justin foreshadowed him falling in the tar in "One Million Bucks, B.C."
  • Justin, along with Beth, Devin, Emma, Izzy, Sam, Sky and Trent are the contestants to have been confirmed to have dated someone not on the show.
  • Justin, Chef, Lightning, Cameron, B, Ennui, Leonard and Ryan are the only males to have prominent lips.
  • Justin, along with Trent and Geoff, are the only males to compete in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, but not in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Justin is one of nineteen contestants to have theme music dedicated to them, the others being Alejandro, Brick, Crimson, Duncan, Dwayne, Ennui, Izzy, Jacques, Jay, Josee, Lindsay, Max, Mickey, most of Mike's personalities, Owen, Rock and Spud and Sugar. In Justin's case, his music is played whenever he takes off his shirt and uses his "powers."
  • Justin is one of the four contestants that did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour that sang in the season. The others being Eva, Geoff, and Trent.
  • Justin and Beth are the only contestants who competed during the merge of Total Drama Action that did not compete in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Justin is one of the thirteen characters to have visible abs; the others being Chris, Chef, Devin, DJ, Alejandro, Geoff, Jacques, Lightning, Mike, Brody, Ryan and Don. He also mentions in "Full Metal Drama" that he has twelve-pack abs.
  • Justin and DJ are the only two characters to have visited their country/state of origin in Total Drama World Tour:
    • Justin, although not a contestant, has been present at Hawaii in the finale.
    • DJ, who has visited Jamaica.


  • Justin is indirectly responsible for Katie, Sadie, Noah, Eva, Cody, Tyler, Ezekiel, and Courtney not qualifying for Total Drama Action, and even for the case being destroyed, causing the new season:
    • He left Katie and Sadie in a cave, and flew the plane that crashed into the diving board they were standing on, knocking them into the green jelly pool.
    • He stole the case from Noah, Eva, and Izzy, causing the two former to throw fish water from the top of the communal washrooms, and could not get down in time to qualify.
    • Cody and Tyler were on top of the diving board when Justin's plane crashed into it, sending them into the pool of green jelly.
    • The parachute he used to jump from the plane covered Ezekiel, blocking his way to the dock.
    • Courtney was also on top of the diving board, and fell into the green jelly pool (though she eventually joined Total Drama Action through a lawsuit).
  • He is the first male antagonist of the series.
    • He is also the only antagonist whose relationship with everyone else is not entirely a conflict.
      • This is because only a few contestants know of his true nature, while others are too busy being attracted to him to notice.
    • Additionally, every female contestant from the original cast fell for him at least once before three of them realize his antagonistic side.
    • He is the only main antagonist of the first two generations in the series to not return for Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Justin is the lowest-ranking contestant from Total Drama Island to compete in Total Drama Action.
  • Justin is the highest-ranking male from Total Drama Action that did not compete in Total Drama World Tour.


  • Justin is one of the characters to have their ethnicity confirmed; he is Hawaiian.
  • Justin is the only character with colored eyes and pupils.
  • Coincidentally, while Justin only speaks in two episodes of Total Drama Island, he doesn't speak in two episodes in Total Drama Action.


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