This article focuses on Justin's alliances, which are formed in Total Drama Action.


Due to the fact that Justin has another chance at the large cash prize on Total Drama Action, he is determined to win the season by any means necessary. He also wants to ensure that he won't be voted off, like he was in Total Drama Island (courtesy of Heather). Early on in the season, he notices that his teammates, Beth and Lindsay have huge crushes on him, and is quick to take advantage of this so that they can take him further into the competition, forming an unofficial alliance. Justin intends to win by manipulating Beth and Lindsay into voting with him, and listening to him throughout the whole season. However, even before the merge, the group begins to slowly fall apart once Beth and Lindsay are no longer affected by Justin's charms.

Total Drama Action

Beach Blanket Bogus


Beth and Lindsay desperately try to win Justin's affection over the other.

At the beginning of the episode, Lindsay and Beth obsess over Justin's good looks, so Justin starts off by acting nice and offering to sit with them for breakfast. After Beth and Lindsay help win the sandcastle challenge, Justin thanks Beth for saving the challenge, which delights her. He then asks if he could have one of her friendship bracelets, and she eagerly hands him one. In the confessional, Justin reveals he actually cares very little for Beth, and is plotting to lure her into an alliance.

3:10 to Crazytown

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Justin finds out that Trent has been purposely throwing challenges for the Screaming Gaffers.

Justin and his allies make their first official move in this episode. Beth, Lindsay, and Owen agree to vote off Trent with Justin, after he reveals to them that Trent had been purposely throwing challenges for Gwen.

The Chefshank Redemption

Justin unofficially forms his alliance, and begins using both Beth and Lindsay to further his own ends. Owen's status as a member is unclear, but he accepts Justin as his leader, and is attracted to him. They openly and gladly cooperate in Justin's plan to blackmail Gwen into throwing the challenge so that the Grips can finally win, as payback for Trent's schemes in the previous episode. Gwen gives into the pressure and allows the Grips to win, getting her eliminated that night, which Justin views as a victory.

Full Metal Drama


Justin loses his powers over Lindsay and Beth.

Justin realizes he's starting to lose control over Beth and Lindsay, so he spends most of the episode trying to regain their admiration. The girls try their best to ignore Justin, but by the end of episode, Justin gets them back into his unofficial alliance using his new hair flip, and manipulates them into voting off Izzy for saying that she never thought Justin was cute.

The Aftermath: II

Gwen's problem isn't over yet as Justin's group has heavily strained her relationship, with the other contestants who think that she sold Trent out in order to move herself further in the game. A majority of them side with Trent since the previous Aftermath. This also shows that nobody realizes that Justin has been the true mastermind behind Trent's elimination and put full blame on Gwen. It is until Trent tells the truth that Gwen is proven innocent and her trust with the others is then restored.

Super Hero-ld

In this episode, Justin makes a new alliance with Duncan and Harold, since the guys are outnumbered by 3-4. He seems to have lost hope in Lindsay and Beth, so he feels that he needs to get on better terms with the guys instead, forming the second guys' alliance. The alliance presumably ends this episode.

The Princess Pride

Justin becomes too distracted by a sudden attraction to Courtney during this episode. When he is eliminated, Justin asks Lindsay and Beth if they would protest. Neither does, indicating that they no longer care for him, nor do they find him attractive. The guys' alliance seems to be finished in this episode also.


Justin's alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
Beth and Lindsay Beach Blanket Bogus Full Metal Drama
Duncan and Harold Super Hero-ld Super Hero-ld


  • This is the first alliance to be hinted at many times, but never to officially take hold, even though Justin does often manipulate Lindsay and Beth for their votes.
  • Lindsay is the only original member of this unofficial alliance to compete in Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars.

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