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Justin and Owen hug each other after learning that they're safe from elimination.

While most of the male campers do recognize how handsome Justin is, Owen is the only male who is affected by Justin's powers in the same way as the females. A prime example of this is in the final episode of the first season when Heather attempts to distract Gwen by removing Justin's shirt, only for both Gwen and Owen to be struck immobile by his powers. While Justin is usually indifferent to Owen's reactions, sometimes not being aware of his attraction, he appears to be fond of Owen in a platonic sense.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

What a pants!

Owen admires Justin and his pants.

Upon Justin's arrival at the island, Owen is immediately enamored with him. He welcomes Justin to the island and nervously compliments his pants and asks if the rips were a part of the design. Justin replies that he merely had them for a while; Owen then slaps his forehead, calling himself stupid for asking such an unusual question.

Not Quite Famous


Justin and the other guys are impressed by Owen's talent.

After Owen burps the alphabet, Justin cheers for him along with the other male campers, having been impressed. Upon witnessing Justin's modeling talents at the talent show, Owen compliments his hotness in the confessional stall. According to him, there are two syllables for hotness: "Jus" and "tin.” He then exclaims that he is so hot he could kiss him. Upon realizing what he just implied, Owen tries to correct himself by saying that it's because he's a good teammate. He then criticizes himself for blurting out that suggestive remark.

Despite this, Heather successfully convinces Owen that he should vote off Justin, just by using a piece of cake to bribe him into voting against him.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

Owen is apparently gay

Owen admires Justin's wooden carving.

During the last challenge, Owen talks about how Justin's wooden carved head looks smoking hot, which disturbs Heather. He attempts to correct himself, but then goes on to talk about how Justin has chiseled features. These comments freak out Heather again, and Owen tries to correct himself again.

The Very Last Episode, Really!


Both Owen and Gwen are distracted by Justin.

Justin initially supports Gwen, but later switches to Owen's side after he announces that he will throw a party if he wins the season. During the challenge, when Owen and Gwen are coming back with the eagles' eggs, Heather uses Justin to distract Gwen so that she will fall into the river with the sharks. Justin's torso affects both Gwen and Owen, who is closer to Justin that Gwen is. Hence the fact that he is distracted slightly longer than she is.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

When Owen is given his check, Justin is seen cheering for him in the beginning. However, later on in the special, Justin comes over to the first group with the case (Cody, Tyler, DJ, and Owen), DJ claims they won't fall for his powers, specifically calling out Owen. Owen responds, while dreamily staring at Justin, but then snaps out of it and becomes more serious.

Total Drama Action

3:10 to Crazytown


Owen fanning Justin during the heat wave.

Owen is seen fanning Justin at the beginning of the episode. Owen says that Justin is hot, but he is hotter because of the heat. At the end of this episode, after receiving their Gilded Chris Awards, Justin and Owen hug. After realizing what they were doing, they get embarrassed, and quickly let go of each other and apologize.

The Chefshank Redemption

When Owen pretends his knee is hurting to get out of pushing the cart, Justin looks fairly concerned, until he realizes Owen is faking.

Masters of Disasters

When Chris announces the obstacle course challenge, the two high-five. Later, Justin shows concern as Owen is carted away in an ambulance after Chef accidentally breaks his jaw. Justin is angry at Chris for showing no sympathy for Owen.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Courtney eliminated Owen

Justin is opposed to Owen's elimination.

Justin seems concerned when Owen is weak from hunger, and insists that they need to get food into his system fast. He gives Owen all of his leftover breath mints. When Owen is eliminated that night thanks to Courtney, Justin is vehemently opposed to it, saying it is "bull." He even votes off Courtney even though she is immune that night due to the terms of her lawsuit, against the rules. Before Owen leaves, Justin gives his Gilded Chris Award to Owen alongside Beth and Lindsay, as they know how much he loves the chocolate from which the awards are made.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

After Justin says that he would plan on getting back to modeling after everyone gets blocked out at the Awards Ceremony, Owen tells him that he has a "nice butt", disturbing Geoff and Duncan.


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