Kelly was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Mom & Daughter with Taylor.


Kelly is a rich trophy wife focused on her looks and desperately clinging to her youth with cool clothes, cool "jams," and being a "cool mom." Though she means well, her parenting has caused her daughter, Taylor, to be spoiled rotten and ungrateful towards her. Kelly's sweet nature; however, prevents her from standing up to her daughter and instead be extremely patient with her. When other people question Kelly's parenting style, Kelly tends to lash out, believing she is a good mother. In Hello and Dubai, she realizes the error of her ways and finally puts her daughter in her place. What she lacks in stamina as far as running is involved, she is shown to have a surprising amount of upper body strength, to which even Taylor is impressed by.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


"People always mistake us for sisters!"

- Kelly

Kelly debuts alongside her daughter Taylor in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1. She states that she is a "cool mom" and Taylor's friends love hanging out with her, to which Taylor is confused by. She then states that sometimes people mistake her and her daughter for sisters, which horrifies Taylor. It is evident early on that Kelly is profoundly disrespected by her daughter Taylor, who endlessly complains and blames her for everything.

Mum and daughter sand

Kelly working on her team's sand castle.

In French is an Eiffel Language, Kelly is impressed by her daughter's caricature, wanting to keep it for her plastic surgeon. However, when Taylor boasts about her art skills, Kelly tries to mention her experience in Art School, only to be scolded by Taylor for making everything about herself. In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Kelly works on her team's sand castle while Taylor does nothing. Kelly slowly grows tired of her daughter's mistreatment in Bjorken Telephone, where Taylor forces Kelly to go through the geyser field by herself to hear the Icelandic phrase again. She is shown to be annoyed after Taylor gives her a backhanded compliment. When they finally make it to the Chill Zone, they receive a one-hour penalty. The reason for the penalty is that Taylor did not thoroughly complete the challenge with her mother; however, Kelly is still blamed by Taylor for their misfortune. After some tense moments, their penalty expires, and they finish in thirteenth place.

Kelly tells Taylor that all her awards and achievements are fake.

Kelly carries the load once again in Brazilian Pain Forest and starts to take charge of her daughter during the challenge. She impresses Taylor with her upper body strength when crossing the gorge and the two perform exceedingly well together, placing in the top three for the first time. However, this teamwork does not last, as Kelly finally has enough of Taylor's arrogance in Hawaiian Honeyruin. During the diving challenge, she hints that Taylor's skills may have been exaggerated, evident by Taylor's subpar swimming abilities despite Taylor's claim. Kelly carries Taylor through the hot coals and finishes in twelfth place. At that moment, Kelly finally snaps at Taylor after she berates her for her lack of competitive spirit. She reveals that all of Taylor's trophies, achievements, and even beauty pageant wins were nothing more than lies bought by her daddy's money and bribery. As Don comments on the coldness of Kelly's words, Taylor is distraught after finding out the truth.
Dwayne and kelly moment by nikki1975-d9ac4ja

Kelly seeks parental advice from Dwayne.

In Hello and Dubai, Kelly feels terrible for the events of the previous episode. After Taylor gives her mom a "time-out," she sits next to Dwayne and confides to him about her parenting troubles. Dwayne suggests it might be that Taylor does not have proper boundaries. However, he inadvertently offends Kelly when he also says Taylor could just be "born rotten," causing her to throw his water in his face. Upon arriving at the hotel, she and Taylor choose Squeegee for the Either/Or challenge. Still angry over Dwayne's comments, Kelly attempts to parent Taylor, but Taylor's disrespectful attitude begins to wear on her again. After completing the challenge, Taylor discovers bird poop on her boot and wipes it off on her mom's sleeve. This finally crosses the line and causes Kelly's to snap. She responds by suspending Taylor in the air using the window lift, giving her a "time-out" and demanding an apology. After Taylor stubbornly refuses, Kelly shows her the next tip, telling her they could be shopping in a mall full of gold instead of arguing. After hearing this, Taylor halfheartedly apologizes, which Kelly accepts it, lovingly catching her daughter in her arms. The two then go shopping in the mall but forget to check in at the Chill Zone. As a result, they arrive in last place and are eliminated from the race. As they head for home, Taylor demands an increase in her allowance, only for Kelly to say she's cancelling Taylor's allowance.

Kelly reappears with Taylor and the other eliminated pairs in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, watching the finalists race to the finish. She seems excited by the finale and tries to pump up Taylor who is scowling through the whole episode. After the winners are declared, she joins the others in the final group shot.





  • Kelly's relationship with her daughter mirrors the relationship of Regina George and her mom in the movie Mean Girls, as both are rich mothers who have great patience with their daughters and see themselves as a "cool mom," as well as sharing some physical features.


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