The Killer Grips are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Action. Their team symbol is a beige circle containing a red fist, with a red, circular outline. The team members were chosen by the team captain, Trent, and they consist of himself, Beth, Izzy, Justin, Lindsay, Owen and later Courtney, although she is placed on this team by Chris.

Total Drama Action

Killer Grips ROS

The Killer Grips are formed.

The team suffers their first loss in Riot On Set, becoming the first team to lose a challenge in Total Drama Action, similar to the Killer Bass. In that episode, Izzy is voted off, because she loses the acting challenge for the Grips. The team goes on to lose once again in Beach Blanket Bogus, due to the fact that Trent begins throwing challenges so Gwen can win as he believes he is helping her win by doing so. This continues in 3:10 to Crazytown, but Trent is voted off once Justin discovers that he has been purposely throwing challenges for Gwen.


Trent keeps throwing challenges to try impress Gwen.

The Killer Grips finally win their first challenge in The Chefshank Redemption, due to Gwen trying to even the score with them, since Trent started throwing challenges. In this episode, Justin takes charge of the team. Izzy also returns to the team in this episode during the prison escape challenge, much to everyone's surprise. Despite this win, the Grips resume their losing streak starting in the next episode.

In The Sand Witch Project, Lindsay takes charge of the team, and she helps them almost win the challenge. However, the others see this as her being bossy and rude, landing her in the bottom two - she would have possibly gotten eliminated if DJ had not quit the game, due to his guilt. The Grips lose again in Masters of Disasters, because of Harold's efforts to save everyone from drowning. Izzy gets voted off for the second time in Full Metal Drama, due to Justin convincing Lindsay and Beth to vote her off after Izzy said that he isn't good-looking.

Killer Grips Gilded Chris Award

Thanks to Courtney's sole vote, Owen's the last Grip eliminated before the merge.

The Grips are once again on even footing with the Gaffers, with four members on each team, by Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. After they rescue Owen from his vault and arrive at the bank teller area, they are disappointed to learn that Courtney is joining their team as a consolation prize of the challenge. She immediately assumes leadership of the team, bossing them around. They almost win the challenge, but the Gaffers pass the finish line first when the Grips' "car" breaks down. Even though the Grips plan on voting Courtney off, it is Owen who is sent home due to Courtney winning invincibility due to her lawyers, since she votes for Owen and only her vote counted.

Courtney wins

Courtney becomes a great contribution for the Grips after she joins their team.

With Courtney on their team, the Grips end up winning their first challenge fairly in One Million Bucks, B.C., thanks to Courtney's bitter rivalry with Duncan. They win again in Million Dollar Babies, after they suck up to Chris during the tie-breaker of a cheerleading challenge. Courtney also seems to be getting along with her teammates better in this episode than she had in the past season and in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.

The Grips, along with the Gaffers, are merged in Dial M for Merger, with Beth, Courtney, Lindsay, and Justin going on to the merge.


Additional members

When one former contestant filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, she returned to the game with unfair advantages and is placed on this team as a "consolation prize," much to her disappointment.

Killer Grips teammates
Beth | Courtney | Izzy | Justin | Lindsay | Owen | Trent


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
E-Scope Female Returns Returns Riot On Set She lost the acting challenge for her team.
Trent Male 13th 7th 3:10 to Crazytown Justin heard that Trent was cheating for Gwen and told Gwen that she owed them. Gwen then requested the team to vote him off.
Izzy Female 10th 6th Full Metal Drama Justin convinced Beth and Lindsay to vote her off, as opposed to him, when she told him that he wasn't that cute.
Owen Male Returns Returns Ocean's Eight - Or Nine Although all Killer Grips voted off Courtney, her lawyers had made it so she could not be voted off in that episode. She voted off Owen for losing the challenge.
Justin Male 7th 5th The Princess Pride Sent home because Courtney pretended to like him to get him to throw the final part of the challenge to earn invincibility for herself as well as tensions between him, Duncan, and Harold.
Lindsay Female 6th 4th Rock n' Rule She accidently voted for herself but during the Glided Chris Ceremony while distracted by Beth, giving her the most votes in a 3-2-1 vote.
Courtney Female 4th 3rd Top Dog Fed up with Courtney's overbearing rules and control over him, Duncan voted her off. Beth also voted for her because Courtney was a bigger threat than Owen.
Owen Male 3rd 2nd Top Dog Courtney's lawyers told her and Beth about his purpose of returning, causing Chris to fire him from the show.
Beth Female 1st/2nd 1st The Aftermath: IV Beth got more votes than Duncan. Runner-up in Duncan's ending.


  • A grip is a stagehand in film or television production that mainly helps in shifting scenery, adjusting sets, lighting, and props.
  • This team may be considered to be one of the weakest teams in the history of Total Drama. Of the eleven episodes of the season in which the two teams compete against each other, the Grips win only three.
    • Thus, the Grips hold the record for the highest amount of challenge losses of any team in the series, as they lose eight times.
    • Despite the significant amount of losses; however, they manage to stay nearly even with the Gaffers in terms of the amount of members due to many episodes being non-elimination/reward episodes. In addition, two returning contestants and one member of the Gaffers quitting when the Grips are supposed to send someone home also contributed to their staying even. Team Victory, however, always came in last place in elimination episodes and have received no benefit from returning contestants or quitting contestants. Thus, they only lose six challenges (one for each member).
    • In addition, they are tied with the Heroic Hamsters for the second-lowest amount of challenge wins for any team in the series, with three each, ahead of Team Victory, the Toxic Rats, and the Pimâpotew Kinosewak, all with two each.
  • Despite being the weaker of the two teams in its respective season, three team members reach the final four.
  • Despite being parallel to the Killer Bass, the Killer Grips only have one former Killer Bass member (Courtney). Before her return, it completely consisted of former Screaming Gophers, not counting Izzy being a former Killer Bass.
  • The Killer Grips are one of only four teams to have all of its members make it to the merge at least once in the series, the others being the Screaming Gaffers, Team Amazon, and the Villainous Vultures.
  • Justin is the only male on the team to not make it past the merge in Total Drama Island.
  • This is the only team that Izzy is originally on that she didn't switch out of, although she did help out the Gaffers in The Chefshank Redemption.
  • Both of Total Drama Action's main antagonists are on this team.
  • Despite the team's poor performance, most of the post-merge challenges are won by either Lindsay, Beth, or Courtney. The only times a former Killer Grip didn't win were Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, which is won by Harold. Also, The Aftermath: IV, in Duncan's ending. They also have more members at the merge, with four and once Owen returns, five.
  • This is the only team Owen and Izzy have been on without Noah.
  • Beth is the only female on the team not to compete in Total Drama World Tour. Conversely, Owen is the only male on the team to compete in the season.


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