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Kitty was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Sisters with Emma.


Kitty is almost the polar opposite of her sister, Emma. Compared to her competitive and distrustful older sister, Kitty prefers to take things slowly and sees the race as a free trip around the world, using this opportunity to enjoy herself. She gets along easily with the other teams and doesn't see them the way her sister does. In Emma's point of view, Kitty is a burden and easily distracted; however, Kitty proves to her sister that she is anything but worthless, as she completes many challenges in the race and even takes on a stricter role when Emma becomes the one who loses focus in the competition. Despite Emma's harsh words, in the beginning, Kitty loves her sister very much and is willing to help her win the race and get her into law school. Kitty loves to capture her moments she has throughout the race, Kitty carries around her phone, often taking various selfies wherever she goes, and with almost everyone she meets, and even in dire situations. Kitty, throughout the race, shows herself to be one of the more laid-back and fun-loving contestants, which makes her popular among the other teams.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Kitty takes a selfie during the Sisters' introduction.

Kitty makes her debut in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with her sister and partner Emma. In the confessional, Kitty reveals her ambitions to see the world and meet guys, only for Emma to shoot the idea down, much to her disappointment. For the Either/Or challenge, they choose "Scares" but fall behind due to the elevator taking a long time to arrive because of Dwayne accidentally pushing all of the elevator's buttons. She has a more relaxed approach during the skywalking part of the challenge, getting close to the edge, talking about how alive she feels and tries to get Emma to realize the incredible things they're doing. Emma then pulls her along into completing the challenge. The Sisters later book themselves onto the second flight in Morocco.

In the next episode, things begin to heat up after Emma refuses to let her sister help in picking the spices but later holds her responsible when drinking the stew, claiming that she was the one who picked the wrong spices. They get eleventh place which disappoints Emma who blames their loss on Kitty, telling her she has to do more, but only when she orders it.

In French is an Eiffel Language, she and her sister manage to make it to flight number two on route to Paris. During the Botch or Watch, Kitty draws the caricature while Emma reads a book on international law. This leads to Kitty asking if Emma's dating anyone, to which her sister replies that her only date is with her law studies. In the confessional, Kitty reveals her sister's boyfriend broke up with her and begins to say something else only for Emma to put her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She appears to have fun in the challenge, claiming that she can draw more than four exaggerations in her caricature. When the caricature is completed, it is an angry drawing of her sister, which gets a passing grade. The Sisters later come in tenth place on the Chill Zone.

Kitty takes a selfie with Emma while in their taxi in Paris.

Later, in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Kitty flags a taxi down and begs Emma to get at least one picture with her, roping her into a selfie despite Emma's protests. They make it onto the second train to Calanque de Maubois. Emma then gets the tip and states that if anything happened to her sister (which Kitty assumed was meant to be endearing), she will be disqualified. When building the sandcastle, Kitty suggests building a small one, only for Emma to shoot down the idea and instead build a big sandcastle. When it is revealed the size doesn't matter, Emma then orders her to build a smaller one much to her chagrin. The pair are the tenth team to reach the Chill Zone.

In Bjorken Telephone, Kitty and Emma's relationship becomes further strained, with Emma getting frustrated at Kitty for helping her in the pronouncing challenge, claiming that she could've remembered the phrase on her own. After the helicopter, they choose to go find fossils in the "Either/Or" challenge. Instead of helping Emma push the fossil to the Chill Zone, Kitty decides to take selfies in the ice cave, much to her sister's disapproval. The Sisters come in tenth place.

The Sisters talk about forming an alliance with the Adversity Twins.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, Kitty and her sister are on the second plane to Brazil with the farm animals. Once there, during the Botch or Watch, Kitty defends Mickey from Taylor when she intimidates Mickey as he is getting the Travel Tip. Feeling grateful, Mickey gives Kitty an extra Travel Tip. Kitty thanks and takes a selfie with Mickey. Kitty is then scolded by her sister and reminded to not make alliances, only for Kitty to make a jab at Emma and says that Emma doesn't trust people after her break-up. Continuing through the challenges, they cross the pit and get the tip from the coconut, moving on to the next challenge. During the "All In", Kitty tries to convince Emma to ally with the Adversity Twins when Emma denies it, saying the Adversity Twins would back-stab them. The Twins overhear this and claim that they won't, convincing Emma to make a "trial alliance" which pleases Kitty. After finishing the challenge, Kitty and her sister jump off with Jay and Mickey with their hang gliders, only for the Twins to crash into the Sisters' hang glider and the two teams land in the Chill Zone in an entangled mess. Luckily, this ties the Twins and Sister into seventh and eighth places. However, Emma terminates the alliance and for once, Kitty agrees with her idea.

Kitty takes a selfie with Geoff and Brody.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, she takes a selfie while on the shuttle bus to their next location. Kitty is in the front of the line after the Police Cadets and is seen ducking down when Stephanie flies to the front. Kitty ends up on the first flight with her sister. Seeing the castle, she clings to her sister in terror. The Sisters travel with Geoff and Brody in the castle and is having a good time until Emma splits Kitty and her from the Surfers, ending up in a temporary alliance by accident. The two continue through when Kitty and Emma fall through a trap hole. The trap hole leads them to where the Surfers were calling, Kitty and Emma falling in one of the fancier coffins. Kitty ends up carrying the coffin with Emma in it. After completing the "All In", Kitty takes a selfie with the gravedigger. She then watches Emma in the "Botch or Watch" and takes several selfies with her. She and Emma make it to the Chill Zone in third place.

Kitty tells Carrie that she should tell Devin about her feelings.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Kitty is seen playing charades with Owen, who clearly is unable to get she's taking a picture. At the challenge location, Emma pushes Kitty into the water after encouraging her, leaving Kitty upset. In the water, Kitty fights Stephanie over a ring until a shark attacks them, because of which they cling to each other in fear. In the end, Kitty manages to win the ring thanks to Stephanie punching the shark. She notices Carrie squealing over Devin cheering her on. Kitty states in the confessional that she is a master of detecting love, also adding that someone likes Emma, causing Emma to be frustrated at the fact and denies it. She tries to encourage Carrie to admit her feelings to Devin. Kitty also points out to Owen that Noah likes Emma when he sees Noah acting strangely. She is the one to carry Emma over the hot coals in the "All In" and both arrive at the Chill Zone in fifth place.

Emma talking with Noah, for the enjoyment of Kitty and Owen.

In Hello and Dubai, Kitty is first seen in the airport as she's able to get on the first flight. Moving to the regular seating, she sits next to Emma who is reading. She tries to convince her sister to form an alliance again, this time with Noah and Owen. She makes a jab at Emma when Emma calls Noah "a snarky know-it-all", remarking Emma is one herself. She and Owen talk about how alike their teammates are, with Kitty comparing their personalities. Kitty and Owen agree to work together to hook up Emma and Noah. Kitty and Emma end up doing the window challenge in the "Either/Or" as Noah and Owen do it too. Kitty plays her hand in an attempt to get her sister and Noah together. Emma, however, rejects this idea, scolding Kitty. The Sisters are working on the window challenge when their suspended scaffolding malfunctions and the two are in danger of falling, Kitty taking the blame for the malfunction. Rescued by the Reality TV Pros, the Sisters team up to finish the challenge as they use Owen as a squeegee. Kitty with her sister and the Reality TV Pros finish their challenge before the Ice Dancers do. Managing to find their way through the Gold Souk, Noah lets Kitty and Emma take first place at the Chill Zone.

With the first place lead in New Beijinging, Kitty takes the tip from the Don Box and reads the clue. She with her sister are on the first flight to Beijing, China. Kitty thanks Owen and Noah for the win. In the confessional, she tricks Emma into realizing that she likes Noah. She and her sister jump off the plane but get drifted into a gong away from the stadium. Jumping again, she lands with her sister into the stadium. In the next "All In" challenge, Kitty eats the skewer while Emma cooks. While in a confessional, she gets annoyed with her sister's reaction to Owen saying Noah likes her. She points out that Noah is really bad at flirting with Emma. She rides in the rickshaw while trying to push Emma to admit her feelings until the rickshaw's wheel is destroyed. Working together, the two teams make it to the Great Wall, pleasing Kitty to see Noah's and Emma's relationship progressing smoothly. Making it to the Chill Zone, Kitty tries to step on the carpet but Emma stops her, letting Noah and Owen take second place while Kitty with her sister take third place.

Kitty freaks out when she realizes she doused herself with Owen's sweat.

In I Love Ridonc & Roll, the Sister and the Reality TV Pros share a sauna in the "All In" challenge. She teases Emma over her sister's crush on Noah, saying that them sharing a sauna would be "hot." Emma snaps back at Kitty though without much use. Kitty pours a bucket of water to cool off only to find out it was Owen's sweat, freaking Kitty out. As soon as the ten minutes is up, Kitty quickly goes to the river to wash Owen's sweat off herself. After crossing the river, she makes her way to Oulu and has to do the "Botch or Watch". Kitty practices and asks Emma how she's doing, which Emma responds to by approving. She fails initially but then after Spud goes and succeeds, she's able to complete the challenge and gets seventh place for the Sisters. Kitty tries to help Emma prevent Noah and Owen from being eliminated. After Noah wins, Kitty and her sister laugh in joy as the two get giddy over Emma finally accepting her feelings for Noah.

Later in My Way or Zimbabwe, Kitty is seen taking numerous selfies with her sister while taking pictures in the challenges. She and her sister end up in 5th place. In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, when the Sisters are on the plane, Kitty resolves to help Carrie by pushing her to admit her feelings for Devin and does the same to Emma so that she admits her love for Noah but Emma responds by telling her that she will put away her feelings until after the race. Locked in the cell during the "All-In", she and her sister break into the Reality TV Pros cell. She, with Emma and the Pros, travel in the sewers as she's disgusted with the smell of the sewer due to Owen using it earlier. After building the raft with her sister, the Sisters row their raft to the Chill Zone and made it in fourth place. Following up in Down and Outback, she and Emma complete the challenge and make it to the Chill Zone in fifth place.

Kitty tells Emma to focus on the game, which turns the tables on their relationship.

In Maori or Less, Kitty runs with Emma and the Reality TV Pros in the beginning up the hill. Kitty is excited for Emma getting together with Noah but becomes concerned about Emma possibly rushing things. Taking the third train, she tries to keep Emma focused on the game while she is constantly distracted by Noah, slightly annoying Kitty. She tries to convince the Sister-Pros alliance to take the "Jump Around" challenge in the Either/Or. However, due to the indecisiveness Emma has while Noah argues for bungee jumping, the train arrives which forces Kitty to compromise to bungee jumping. She tries to figure out what is taking Stephanie and Ryan so long only for her to be frustrated over Emma's feelings for Noah, comparing the two. She realizes trying to hook the two together during the race was a bad idea. She puts Emma back in place as the two race the Pros to avoid elimination and manages to get second-last place.

After the events of the last episode, Kitty tries to get Emma to wait for Noah and Owen in Little Bull on the Prairie. Emma, however, forces Kitty into the taxi. She groans and goes along. Kitty gets onto the second flight with her sister, the Pros, and the Father and Son. Kitty is a bit worried about how Emma is dealing with her relationship with Noah, but Emma reminds Kitty that love makes her a nightmare. They manage to arrive at the ranch shortly after the Cadets and Ice Dancers. During the "All-In" challenge, she sighs as Emma panics over Noah being in a state of shock due to what happened in the previous episode. Kitty ends up riding the bull and completes the challenge with ease, impressing Emma. They make it to the Chill Zone and finishes this leg of the race in sixth place.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, Kitty helps her sister retain focus on the challenge after Emma gets distracted by Noah. The Sisters get third place in this leg of the race. Later in Got Venom, Kitty and Emma share a taxi with the Pro's. When they come at Flores, Kitty asks her sister if they can do the challenge alone, due to Emma's distraction in the form of Noah to which Noah agrees. At the end of the challenge, the Sisters arrives in the Chill Zone in fourth place but Emma is devastated due to the elimination of the Reality TV Pros.

Kitty and MacArthur clash during the challenge.

In Dude Buggies, Kitty helps Emma keep her concentration on the game, slapping her whenever Emma thinks about Noah. During the dune buggy challenge, Kitty and MacArthur form a brief but bitter rivalry. It starts when Kitty cuts off MacArthur, resulting in a heated feud when Kitty tells her to 'let it go', which angers MacArthur greatly. The reason for Kitty's aggression is for her very competitive nature when she plays video games. In the end, the Sisters come in the fourth place. Kitty has to eat the chili pepper in El Bunny Supremo. She eats the pepper of medium heat, which causes her to run around and scream because of the amount of heat packed in the pepper. They come in third place in this leg of the race.

In Ca-Noodling, the Sisters make a super team with the Best Friends and the Surfer Dudes, and then make an alliance with them once the Cadets, the Ice Dancers, and the Daters form the Axis of Evil. During the cave challenge, they talk about that alliance with them, but Emma falls into a trap and Kitty tries to save her. Much to her shock, she's saved by Brody. They end up coming in fourth place. Along with the Best Friends, they are reluctant to split the money with the Surfers once they got eliminated.

Josee sabotages Kitty, starting their conflict.

In How Deep is Your Love, Kitty talks about helping their new friends, Carrie and Devin, but Emma still thinks that they will try to betray them. During the cavern challenge, Kitty falls victim to Josee's cheating when Josee busts her light and steals her ball. Later, Carrie give Kitty her helmet, helping her to find a new ball which makes Emma changes her opinion about the Best Friends. She also sees Sanders falling into the cavern, and during the Interview, she and her sister looks visibly shocked about it. They finish the challenge in fourth place.

In Darjeel With It, the Sisters are sabotaged by the Ice Dancers. The Ice Dancers deceive them by pretending to want to sabotage the Daters with them, which Emma initially refuses, only for the Sisters to realize at the end that their baskets were opened by the Ice Dancers, causing them to do the whole challenge again. Despite this, they manage to take the fourth train wagon to the Chill Zone and when Jacques and Josee separate the first wagon of the train from the other wagons, the Sisters and Best Friends jump on the roof of the first wagon before it wanders too far away from the rest of train. However, the Police Cadets arrive to see the train separation, accusing the Best Friends of separating the train and giving them the nickname of their worst enemies, making Carrie depressed who stands alone on the other side of the train. When Devin comes back to find Carrie, the Sisters criticize Devin for not caring about Carrie. When Devin finally confesses his love for Carrie to the Sisters, Kitty slaps him and Emma later tells him about Carrie's feelings for him. Thanks to the Ice Dancer's penalty, the Sisters arrive in first place.

Kitty takes a selfie with the emu as they slide down the mountain.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, the Sisters have problems dancing in the tango challenge, despite the fact that they danced with each other when they were younger, much to Emma's embarrassment. Despite this, they are the second team to complete the dancing challenge. Kitty performs the Both or Watch, but she has struggled to capture her emu, since Jacques had put grease on it earlier, to make it harder to catch. This frustrates Kitty and in the end, she finally loses her patience and tackles the emu, causing her to fall down the mountain with the emu, taking a selfie during the moment. Emma later follows her, and visibly worries about the safety of Kitty, hugging Kitty which surprises her. With the help of her sister, she finally captures their emu. During the final part of the race to avoid elimination, they are beaten by the Best Friends. While the Best Friends check in, Emma accidentally falls on the ground. In addition, Kitty is unable to steer her emu, causing the emu to push Devin off a cliff, resulting in a major injury which forces the Best Friends to quit, bringing back the Surfers into the race. In the confession room, Kitty feels incredibly guilty and shocked about it, even with Emma trying to cheer her up by the fact that it's a non-elimination round and that they get to stay in the race.

Kitty gets wedged between some rocks.

In Bahamarama, Kitty and Emma are the first team to find the map for the second challenge. Kitty performs the "Botch or Watch", and even though the Sisters have a huge lead, they are struck by a series of misfortunes. An anglerfish ends up eating her flashlight and swimming away with it, to which Kitty holds on and gets wedged between two rocks. Running out of air, Kitty abandons her scuba-diving gear and fresh air tank and swims up to the surface, managing to survive. Despite being eliminated in the end, Emma is proud of Kitty for working hard in the race, and they share a hug.

Emma and Kitty appear in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, watching the finale alongside Owen and Noah. They are later seen in the final group shot with the rest of the teams.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race



  • Kitty, along with Emma, are two of four characters to have their ethnicity confirmed as Asian, the others being Devin and Heather.
  • She and her sister Emma can be compared to Amy and Samey from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as both pairs consist of sisters who are total opposites, with the older sister often criticizing the younger sister; however, unlike Amy and Samey, Emma does ultimately care about Kitty.


  • Kitty's voice actress, Stephanie Anne Mills, voices Kirsten in Total Drama's sister show 6teen, a character who often annoys Nikki, who is played by Emma's voice actress Stacey DePass.
  • Kitty mentioned in Bahamarama that she almost drowned at Emma's seventh birthday party after getting her bikini strap caught in the pool drain.


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