A primary focus of Total Drama is their portrayal and parodying of popular stereotypes. Most of the characters lampoon or reference tropes in popular culture. This article lists the character labels by season.

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  • Beth: The Wanna-be
  • Bridgette: The Soulful Surfer Girl
  • Cody: The Geek
  • Courtney: The Type-A Force to be Reckoned With
  • DJ: The Brickhouse with Heart
  • Duncan: The Delinquent
  • Eva: The Female Bully
  • Ezekiel: The Home Schooled Guy
  • Geoff: The Funnest Guy Around
  • Gwen: The Loner
  • Harold: The Dweeb with Mad Skills
  • Heather: The Queen B
  • Izzy: The Psycho Hose Beast
  • Justin: The Eye Candy
  • Katie: The Sweet Fun, kind of out there girl
  • Leshawna: The Sista with Attitude
  • Lindsay: The Dumb Princess
  • Noah: The Schemer
  • Owen: The Crazy Party Guy
  • Sadie: Her Best Friend (they share a brain)
  • Trent: The Cool Guy
  • Tyler: The Jock who Sucks at Sports

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  • Anne Maria: Tanned Attitude in a Can
  • B: Big, Burly, Brilliant Guy
  • Brick: Plays By the Rules Army Cadet
  • Cameron: 98 ½ Pound Braniac
  • Dakota: Superstar Wanna Be
  • Dawn: Ethereal and Mysterious
  • Jo: Heartless Tomboy
  • Lightning: Uber Jock
  • Mike: Has a Great Personality and then Some
  • Sam: Ultimate Gamer
  • Scott: Dirt Disturber
  • Staci: Miss Chatterbox
  • Zoey: Sweet Small Town Retro Girl

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