Lake Wawanakwa is a lake located somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario, a district in Canada. It is the lake that surrounds Camp Wawanakwa. The lake also contains Boney Island. The Boat of Losers is used to cross the lake in order to transport the eliminated campers to Playa Des Losers. In Total Drama All-Stars, the lake is used frequently to get to Boney Island where exiled contestants were taken to. Also, contestants that are eliminated from the game are sent directly into the lake via Flush of Shame.

Total Drama Island

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the campers have to dive from the cliff into a designated safe zone (a ring formed by buoys) located on the lake for the first challenge of the season. This lake is revealed to be extremely dangerous as it is filled with sharks as well as other dangerous sea creatures, such as an octopus.

In Up the Creek, the contestants have to paddle in canoes through the lake to Boney Island, and then come back after lighting a signal fire on the island. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, the remaining six contestants are forced to paddle to Boney Island and return Beth's tiki idol that she never returned, despite her promise to do so.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Cody, in his wheelchair, falls into the lake after receiving a farewell kiss from Beth.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Leshawna wins immunity by hiding underwater in the lake.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, the final six pair up and paddle in canoes to Boney Island again to reach the Cave of Treacherous Terror. Gwen throws Geoff 's camera to the lake out of anger and in the end of the episode when he's eliminated, she gives it back to him and says there's still a little of the lake in it.

In Camp Castaways, the final four and their cabins float off due to flooding. It is possible that they floated off into Lake Wawanakwa, and then onto shore.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Chris is thrown into the lake by Duncan, Owen, and Geoff, as payback for all the trouble he had caused them throughout the season.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the one million dollar case falls into the lake, along with fourteen contestants, and then the money gets eaten by a shark, thus leading to season two.

Total Drama Action

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Chris takes the contestants back to the island and by extension, the lake. The lake appears in the background during the sand castle building contest. Later, the Killer Grips are seen at the shore of the lake when they lose.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Courtney trains Beth for the next challenge as Beth stands on a wooden post in the center of the lake.

In The Aftermath: IV, the lake makes a brief appearance when Chris and Chef get lost, bringing them to Camp Wawanakwa.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In the fourth season, the lake is once again spotted throughout every episode, since the contestants are back in Camp Wawanakwa.

In Truth or Laser Shark, the "Getting to know you" trivia game takes place on the lake, where the teams sit in stands. Chris asks an embarrassing question and if the correct person fails to buzz in, the entire team gets dunked in the lake, which is filled with sharks and Fang.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, the ten remaining campers have to water-ski on Lake Wawanakwa as the second part of the challenge.

Total Drama All-Stars

In this season, Lake Wawanakwa becomes very prominent in that contestants who were exiled to Boney Island had to cross over the lake in order to get there. Also, the newest Flush of Shame feature sends characters directly into the lake.

In the first episode of the season, Heroes vs. Villains, the contestants had to dive off the cliff and into the lake in order to find a key that will open the door to the Spa Hotel.

In Evil Dread, the contestants had to dig near the beach which the lake can be seen in the distance.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, the contestants had to cross over the lake in order to reach Boney Island where the main challenge took place in the "Fun Zone" there.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, the contestants had to race over Lake Wawanakwa as part of the challenge. It was eventually won by Alejandro.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, the lake is seen briefly when it turned from night to morning and Cameron took the Flush of Shame into it.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Camp Wawanakwa sinks into the lake, leaving everyone and everything left on the island floating on objects that were once on the island.



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