The Lame-o-sine is one of the many vehicles used throughout the series, and it serves as the Total Drama Action counterpart of the Boat of Losers. It is a limousine used to pick up castmates who are voted off or eliminated. The eliminated castmates must ride in the Lame-o-sine after they walk the Walk of Shame. The Lame-o-sine is an old, poorly-maintained limousine, riddled with rust and some engine problems. Despite this, it can still drive. The driver of the Lame-o-sine is unknown.

Total Drama Action


The Lame-o-sine is seen during the opening sequence of Total Drama ActionGwen is seen sitting inside and rolls down the window. Trent holds the door for her and they are surrounded by photographers and presumed fans.

The Lame-o-sine is first shown to the castmates in Monster Cash, and the exhaust from it makes them cough and gag.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Bridgette and Geoff have the unfortunate distinction of being the first ones to ride the Lame-o-sine after their double elimination for constantly making out. They still do this as they walk down the red carpet, into the Lame-o-sine, and ride off to an unknown location.

In Riot On Set, E-Scope (Izzy under a different identity) is the third contestant to ride the Lame-o-sine, and has to be escorted there by a pair of mental health guards due to her unpredictable nature.

Lame-o-sine Inside

A view of the Lame-o-sine's interior.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Trent is the fourth person to ride the Lame-o-sine, for causing his team to lose challenges just so Gwen and her team could win. He begs to say goodbye to Gwen first, but is carried away by Chef and thrown into the Lame-o-sine.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen is the fifth person to ride the limousine, after her elimination for owing the Killer Grips. She is handcuffed by Chef until Duncan jokingly tries to take her place. Gwen grabs the handcuffs and tells Duncan that he isn't going away that easily, and she walks to the limousine herself.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Leshawna and her cousin Leshaniqua ride in the Lame-o-sine together for her reward.

In The Sand Witch Project, DJ is the next person to ride the limousine, when he waves to the rest of the contestants as he gets in. Owen tries to stop him because of all the food he cooked for them, but fails.

In Full Metal Drama, Izzy is once again the next person to ride the Lame-o-sine, after Justin convinces Beth and Lindsay to vote her off instead of him after she told him that he isn't that cute. As Owen leans in to give Izzy a kiss, Chef Hatchet grabs her and brings Izzy into the limousine off-screen.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Owen is the ninth person to leave, but is not shown entering it onscreen.

In Million Dollar Babies, Heather is the tenth person to ride off in the Lame-o-sine, after her elimination in Million Dollar Babies. It is before she boards the Lame-o-sine that she and Leshawna finally come to agreeable terms with each other after a long and bitter rivalry.

In Dial M for Merger, Courtney and Lindsay ride in the Lame-o-sine together to go to a cheese factory for their reward.

In Super Hero-ld, Leshawna rides the Lame-o-sine again after Harold, Duncan, Courtney and Justin all vote for her. Leshawna tells Harold to kick Duncan's butt as she is about to head off in the limousine.

In The Princess Pride, Justin is the thirteenth castmate to ride off in the Lame-o-sine, after he falls for Courtney's charms. As he tries to get in the limousine, he knocks his head on top of the door while being in a body cast after getting injured from losing the fairy tale challenge. However, in the recap shown in the following episode, Justin is seen inside the Lame-o-sine, holding Courtney's glass boot from the princess-movie-based challenge.

In Rock n' Rule, Lindsay is the fourteenth person to ride off in the Lame-o-sine, after she carelessly votes blindly, accidentally casting a third vote for herself and being eliminated. Beth gives her a goodbye as she enters the limousine.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Harold is seen washing the Lame-o-sine during a training session with Duncan.

In 2008: A Space Owen, Harold is the fifteenth person to ride off in the Lame-o-sine, after he gets voted off due to various reasons. Before he walks in, Harold runs and pulls Duncan's pants down until Chef drags him and throws him in the limousine.

In Top Dog, Courtney has to ride Lame-o-sine again after she is voted off. She is so angry at Duncan for voting her off, that she breaks up with him. Owen rides the Lame-o-sine with Courtney seconds later when Chris fires him because everyone found out that he is a traitor.

AIV - Lame-o-sine in traffic

The lame-o-sine is stuck in traffic in The Aftermath: IV.

In The Aftermath: IV, Chris and Chef Hatchet ride in the Lame-o-sine as they hurry back to the abandoned film lot.

In the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, multiple limousines similar to the Lame-o-sine appeared and drop off the cast at the Gemmie Awards. One also appears in the opening montage for Celebrity Manhunt.


  • Everyone who has been voted off has had someone walk with them to the Lame-o-sine, excluding Justin.
  • Izzy, Leshawna, Lindsay, Courtney, and Owen are the only contestants who have all been in the Lame-o-sine more than once.
  • Leshaniqua is the only non-contestant to ride the Lame-o-sine.
  • Duncan and Beth are the only contestants to never ride in the Lame-o-sine, as they were the finalists of the season.


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