Larry was Chris's pet Venus Flytrap. It was a normal Venus Flytrap until Chris forgets about it on the island after Total Drama Island ended. Due to the toxic waste that polluted the island, it became a giant mutant carnivorous plant with the ability to move around. It is also large enough to eat people, with a flower inside its mouth that serves as a sensory receptor. Larry appears in the last two episodes of the fourth season. Larry also makes an appearance in one episode of the fifth season, debuting in The Enchanted Franken-Forest as part of the challenge.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Chris announces that the challenge will be a race through the "Mutant Forest of Terror" to find the flower inside the mouth of a Venus flytrap named Larry. Later on, Cameron and Zoey find it at the middle of a toxic bog and start thinking about how to retrieve the flower. Meanwhile, Chris is seen remembering the good times with Larry before he sold the island to a toxic waste company, much to Chef's chagrin.

Later on, Lightning arrives at the bog and jumps inside Larry's mouth to catch the flower. However, the flytrap shuts him inside, then spits him out after he hit Larry from the inside. Cameron understands that the flower worked as a sensor and tries to catch it with the help of Zoey and a rope; however, Lightning manages to grab it first by swinging by on a vine.

Larry gets up, using its roots as legs, to chase after and grab Lightning, while Zoey takes the flower and passes it to Cameron. The flytrap manages to eat Cameron and Zoey, but fails to retrieve the flower, which Lightning grabs again and races through the finish line without being caught by it. Larry spits Cameron and Zoey out, while Chris gives its flower back and cuddles with it.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Larry shows up with the rest of the mutated creatures of the island. When a group of giant gophers attack Chris, Larry throws them away. Chris tells him to scare some loser contestants. Later on, Larry swallows Staci and grabs Jo, Brick, Mike, and Zoey. Cameron frees them by hitting Larry in the pelvic area, making the grass that covers part of its roots fall. Larry then runs away, covering its private area.

Total Drama All-Stars

After the events of the previous season, Larry is quarantined with the rest of the mutated creatures at the "Fun Zone" on Boney Island, as seen in No One Eggspects The Spanish OppositionZoey and Mike find Larry with an egg (bringing up the question if Larry is a "Laurie"; a female). Zoey steals its flower and attaches it to a flying moose, which Larry attacks. Meanwhile, Mike takes the egg, but it hatches before it can be put into his team's basket. One of the offspring has a head that remarkably resembles Chris's, who whistles nervously after Chef and him see it.


  • Larry is one of the few mutated creatures to not be an animal. In this case, Larry used to be an ordinary Venus flytrap.
  • Larry is the second mutated creature given a name, with the first being Fang and the third being Cody 1 and 2.
  • Currently, Larry is the only non-animal pet.


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