The four remaining teams head for Argentina to partake in a challenge filled with tango and rodeo. One team continues their nefarious ways in messing with another team in order to continue their winning ways, while one's continued attempt to be less aggressive is furthered along with another's encouragement. After going through too many trials of their own, someone finally confesses their love for another, but the final race to the finish leads to a problem caused by another to throw them off a mountain; forcing new lovers out of the race but bringing back two others in their place.



Buenos Aires is the next destination.

The final four receive their tips and head for their next destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Devin is convinced that nothing will go wrong, causing Carrie to worry that he may have jinxed them. At the airport, Kitty manages to convince the ticket holder to book the Ice Dancers and the Cadets in the seats next to the restrooms, causing the two teams to swear revenge on the Sisters later on for doing so. Devin, once again, tries to confess to Carrie about his feelings, only to chicken once again as he drops hot tea on himself. Once in Buenos Aires, the teams face an All-In where they must perform the tango at a local dance academy to receive their tip before taking a cab to a ranch. The Ice Dancers easily complete the challenge due to being dancers, easily taking the lead while the other teams complain about how unfair it is. The Police Cadets are too aggressive with their dance and fail. For the Best Friends, Devin has taken tango lessons with Shelley and is confident he will be able to profess his love for Carrie, but ends up injuring her during their dance. The Sisters are the second team to finish and head for the Don Box. The next challenge is a Botch or Watch where one team member must ride a horse and use a boleadora to tie up their team’s emu, and take it to the Chill Zone on Mt. Aconcagua.


Kitty and her emu slide down the mountain.

In revenge, Jacques sabotages the Sisters by coating their emu with vegetable oil, but ends up spilling some of it on himself too. Meanwhile, back at the academy, the Cadets finish their tango, leaving the Best Friends to fall behind. Carrie becomes upset at Devin for repeatedly injuring her. When Devin mentions Shelley, Carrie gets frustrated and takes charge, allowing them to finally complete the dance. At the ranch, both Kitty and Jacques struggle during the challenge due to the oil. For the Cadets, MacArthur’s horse refuses to move after she keeps yelling at it. Sanders comes over and calmly soothes it, putting the Cadets in the challenge. Kitty becomes frustrated after her boldeadora keeps slipping off and tackles the emu, sending both of them down the mountain (though she snaps a selfie), followed by Emma, who is concerned about her sister. Jacques gets the oil off his hands by rubbing it in his hair, allowing him to tie up his emu.


The Best Friends share their first kiss.

MacArthur manages to capture her emu next, and the two teams race for the Chill Zone. In a close footrace, the Ice Dancers manage to beat out the Cadets for first, much to Don’s amazement. The Best Friends are the last at the ranch. Devin manages to snag his emu, but notices they are the only ones there. Carrie gives up hope, and Devin finally tells Carrie that he’s in love with her. The two embrace and have their first kiss, before noticing the Sisters heading up the mountain. Realizing they are still in the race, they head for the Chill Zone. In order to catch up with them, Kitty ties herself to the emu. In another close footrace to the Chill Zone, the Best Friends barely manage to beat the Sisters and take third. However, Kitty, unable to steer the emu, crashes into Devin, sending him over the cliff’s edge. Kitty is wracked with guilt, but Emma assures her it's a non-elimination round, meaning the Sisters are still in the Race.

Devin Carrie out

The Best Friends leave the Race after Devin is too injured to continue.

Devin is too injured to continue with the race and is evacuated by helicopter in a body cast. Before the Best Friends depart, Don tells them they must choose one team to return to the competition in their place. Carrie chooses the Surfer Dudes, as they helped the other teams win back in Vietnam. The producers call Brody and Geoff, who are hanging at the beach, having them come back to the show. As the Best Friends leave via helicopter, Carrie reminisces over the good times they had during the race and professes her love for Devin. However, she hears a muffled Devin mention “Shelley” one last time and tells him to stop talking.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Jeff Geddis Devin
Stacey DePass Emma
Scott McCord Jacques
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Nicole Stamp Sanders
  • Brody and Geoff appear; however, they have no dialogue.
  • The paramedic who takes Devin away speaks; however, it's unknown who voiced him.

Still in the running

Tennis Rivals
Fashion Bloggers
Mother & Daugther
Adversity Twins
Father & Son
Reality TV Pros
Best Friends
Ice Dancers
Police Cadets
Surfer Dudes



  • Those who compete in the Botch or Watch are Jacques, Kitty, MacArthur, and Devin.
  • This episode was supposed to be a non-elimination episode, but since Devin sustained major injuries, he and Carrie were removed from the race.
  • As of this episode, every team from the original final five has been saved by a non-elimination round at least once.
  • Even if the Sisters had reached the Chill Zone before the Best Friends, they would have been penalized as Emma helped Kitty in the Botch or Watch.
  • Devin putting a jinx on his team foreshadowing their fate seemingly parallels what Dwayne did in Little Bull on the Prairie.
  • Unlike Total Drama, there is no "three against one" pattern for Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.


  • The Rob Ford look-alike from None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 appears as a passenger walking out of the lavatory.
  • When Don requests the Best Friends to choose one team to bring back, they pick the Surfer Dudes to repay them for sacrificing themselves to let them stay in the game in Ca-Noodling.



  • The cast on Sanders's left arm disappears several times in the episode.
  • The Argentinian birds are incorrectly referred to as emus. They are actually called rheas, which are closely related, but still distinct from emus which are native to Australia.
  • In several instances of the episode, Buenos Aires is shown to be situated by the Andes. In reality, the city is located in a geographic area known as the Pampas.
  • When the helicopter is flying away, only Josee's hair is seen blowing, while the other contestants' hair remains still.
  • The Ice Dancers are not penalized even though Jacques didn't catch his emu on horseback.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Don says all three teams are headed to the airport for their tip, but there are four teams in play.


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