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Leshawna is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Leshawna is portrayed quite differently in this series. While her original counterpart has no love for people who are bullies, she acts as one in the spinoff, spending an entire episode forcing the other kids to treat her like a queen and another episode trying to steal someone else's toy. Spoiled and vain, Leshawna sees the world revolves around her and cares more about herself than her friends. Ironically, this makes Leshawna more like her older's self archenemy instead of herself. Like her older self, Lehsawna has a rather sharp tongue, likes to take leadership, and enjoys seeing the downfall of others, especially those who wronged her.

Total DramaRama

In Cuttin' Corners, Leshawna along with Duncan and Beth desire to eat the cake that Izzy brought to daycare. To do so, she and the other kids plot to pretending to be best friends with Izzy so that she'll share the cake with them. They go about this by spending all their time with Izzy during playtime, to which Izzy is delighted. However, they hadn't anticipated just how dangerous Izzy's idea of fun is, resulting in severe injuries on the other kids' part. When it's finally cake time, Leshawna and the others get excited over getting to eat, only to be shocked when Izzy starts giving the cake to other kids who are nice to her. Now thoroughly disappointed that their hardwork was for nothing as the other kids proceed to have a food fight with the cake.

In Germ Factory, Leshawna is the only kid absent for the day, having come down with a cold. While recuperating, she is able to enjoy being away from class, watching TV all day and getting to eat ice cream. Under Bridgette's suggestion, her classmates contacted her via video chat in order to know how is she doing. The next day, Leshawna is fully recovered and returns to class only to find herself the only kid present as the others have become sick.


Total DramaRama season 1

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  • Leshawna's shirt has three kumquats instead of four like her older self.
  • She wears a different type of earring in this series.
  • She has a red hairband instead of a brown one like her older self.
  • Leshawna is missing the mole her older self has underneath her right eye.
  • Leshawna's hair color was black in the original series, whereas it's more of a dark brown here.


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