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Gossip talk

Leshawna and Lindsay gossiping about Harold in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better.

Lindsay and Leshawna are not really friends in Total Drama Island, and scarcely interact, largely in part due to Lindsay being friends with Heather, who is Leshawna's enemy. On the other hand, both girls are on the same team and last long into the game, so they appear many times together and are shown to respect each other.

In Total Drama Action, Lindsay and Leshawna end up on different teams. They both reach the merge, which allows them to develop their friendship. With Beth, they are shown together many times and share the same rivalry with Courtney.

In Total Drama World Tour, both are placed together on Team Victory, and the two interact a lot more, compared to previous seasons. Leshawna is often irritated with Lindsay's stupidity during their time together, and their deterioration causes stress in their relationship, right up to Leshawna's elimination. Despite this, the two have quite a strong friendship, and are often shown gossiping or enjoying one another's company.

Total Drama Island

The Sucky Outdoors

Lindsay and Leshawna cling to each other when they are scared by the "bear".

If You Can't Take The Heat...

As Beth and Leshawna fight with Heather, Lindsay helps Leshawna lock Heather in the fridge by throwing Heather's makeup bag into it.

X-Treme Torture


Leshawna hugs Lindsay after she wins for their team.

Leshawna hugs Lindsay when she wins the water-skiing challenge for her team. Lindsay was also delighted when Leshawna kisses Harold.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Heather and Lindsay stand firm as an alliance against Leshawna and Gwen, pressuring Bridgette into choosing a side. At the end of the episode, Leshawna and Gwen lock Heather and Lindsay out of their cabin.

No Pain, No Game

While Lindsay and Heather were relaxing by the tanning chairs, she glares at Leshawna with Heather, which causes Leshawna (who was eating chips) to glare at them both. Later during the elimination ceremony, Lindsay describes Eva as being as scary as Heather, "Laquisha," and Gwen combined, signifying that she considers Leshawna scary too.

That's Off the Chain!


Lindsay bids farewell to Leshawna before she takes the Boat of Losers.

While Lindsay gets on the Boat of Losers, after losing the episode's bicycle racing challenge and being automatically eliminated, she bids farewell to Leshawna, calling her "Lequisha". Leshawna hugs her and says that if it were up to them, she would've stayed on the island. When Lindsay asks Leshawna to kick Heather's butt for her, Leshawna says it would be her pleasure for her to do so.

Haute Camp-ture

When Lindsay tries to talk about Leshawna, she accidentally calls her "La Fonda" and everyone had to correct her. Later that night, Lindsay accidentally voted for Leshawna twice which ultimately gets her eliminated despite Lindsay's good intentions.

Total Drama Action

Million Dollar Babies


Leshawna cheers about Lindsay and Justin.

Leshawna bad-mouths Lindsay by saying she has "half a brain cell max", and "only brings it to the mall" in the video that Beth demands Courtney to show. Lindsay is seen to react to this with a very angry expression, possibly being one of the angriest at her tirade against all of the other remaining castmates. In her cheer, Leshawna apologizes everyone, including Lindsay. She compares Lindsay and Justin by saying they're both dim-witted, but both are her friends.

Dial M for Merger

Lindsay is revealed to still feel bitter towards Leshawna because of the insults from the previous episode, as she and the other Killer Grips angrily glare at her at the beginning of the episode. However, Leshawna shows concern for Lindsay when she falls into a pit.

Super Hero-ld


Leshawna stands up for Lindsay against Courtney.

The hostility between the two seems to have disappeared by this episode. When Courtney insults Lindsay, Leshawna comes to her defense by calling Courtney an "aged cheddar chick". Later on, Lindsay, Leshawna, and Beth become allies and decide to vote against Duncan at the Gilded Chris Awards. However in the end, Leshawna gets voted off instead, to Lindsay's surprise. She, along with Beth and Harold, say goodbye to Leshawna as she heads down the Walk of Shame, and are saddened about their friend's elimination.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Leshawna angrily tells Lindsay what a divining rod is when Lindsay incorrectly guesses what it is.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Leshawna is unimpressed by Lindsay's idea for the second challenge, and snaps at her. After seeing their horrible video of Harold's pitch, she admits that Lindsay's idea wasn't so bad, which Lindsay angrily reminds Leshawna that she had already told her that.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Lindsay agrees with Leshawna's strategy in the beginning of the episode, after Chris announced the challenge. Leshawna and DJ find Lindsay on her way to the finish line. Both girls high five each other. As DJ drags them through the Yukon, the girls engage in "girl talk", and later Leshawna is seen telling a story about Harold, making Lindsay giggle. They both ignore DJ throughout the challenge to engage in their conversation. She joins her team and are the first to cross the finish line, which Lindsay and Leshawna seemed really excited and happy about this, though they still end up losing since they failed to pick up Bridgette.

Broadway, Baby!

Stop for the love of dancing

Lindsay yells at Leshawna and DJ for their dancing.

When Leshawna dances during the dance break in What's Not To Love, Lindsay angrily tells her, "For the love of dance, stop!" and Leshawna then awkwardly shuffles her feet. When Team Victory reaches Turtle Pond at the same time as the other two teams, Leshawna frustratingly asks why. Lindsay suggests that it could be the time it took to recover from her horrible dancing, to which Leshawna glares at her. Lindsay and Leshawna high five each other after coming in second in the day's challenge. They also celebrate the fact that it is the first time they didn't lose a challenge.

Slap Slap Revolution


Lindsay cheers for Leshawna when she beats Heather up.

Leshawna is the first person to be told by Lindsay that Tyler has "returned" to the game. Despite the fact Leshawna knows Tyler has been there the whole time, Leshawna goes along with it in a friendly way. Lindsay, along with Courtney and DJ, cheers for Leshawna when she beats up Heather. At the elimination ceremony, when Lindsay got the first barf bag, Leshawna seems slightly disappointed. When it was revealed that Leshawna was eliminated, she is shocked and tried to prove that she was "fabulous" and "seized the day", but Lindsay did not show any emotion.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

It is revealed that Leshawna made a bet with Trent off-screen that Lindsay would remember Tyler's name, indicating that Leshawna has more faith in Lindsay than most people do, even close friends like Trent.

Camp TV


Leshawna and Lindsay together in the promo.

Leshawna and Lindsay often appeared together during the promo; it is uncertain if they were to be best friends or enemies, as Leshawna appears to offend Lindsay in one scene by saying no white girl will win the competition. In another scene, Lindsay is seen painting Leshawna's toenails. However, since Lindsay was originally the main antagonist instead of Heather (who wasn't present in the original version), it is possible that Leshawna's rival was Lindsay.


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