The final two face each other with some needed assistance across the island that had been altered by someone's hand. To further the danger, the host makes things worse by revealing damaging dirt to the previously defeated, making the finalists work their hardest to make it to the finish line or else lose the money to the losers. Ultimately, someone does finish the challenge and the season ends well for some, but not others.


Shawn vs Sky Finale

Shawn and Sky are loudly woken up in order to begin the final challenge, after a restless night.

The episode starts off with Sky trying to get some sleep, while Shawn is trying to stay awake. Moments after, Shawn falls off of the tree and Sky manages to shut her eyes. Chris sends them over to begin the finale. Chris tells Shawn and Sky that they get to pick one former contestant to act as their helper. In the confessional, Sky says her first choice would be Jasmine if she wasn't into Shawn, though taking that into consideration she's unsure of who to choose. While Shawn ranks all the contestants in terms of physical strength, and adds he would be fine with any former contestant other than Leonard. However, Chris reveals that he lied to them and that their partners would be randomly selected via slot machine. Shawn goes first, ending up with Jasmine, and decides to stick with her as his partner. In Sky's turn, the machine lands on Dave and given the awkward circumstances prior to Dave's departure, Sky asks to try one more time, but once again it lands on Dave. This forces him to be Sky's helper. Jasmine and Dave arrive via helicopter. Jasmine and Shawn are happy to be reunited, but Chris tells Dave about Sky's reluctance to have him as her helper which saddens him. Sky however, really wants Dave to help her, so she kisses him and tells him that she re-picked, because she wanted to focus on the challenge. The two seem to be happy and they begin the challenge.

The first part of the challenge involves skiing down a mountain using all kinds of junk available. Jasmine goes down on a pair of skis, while Shawn holds onto her. Due to this, Shawn gets through unharmed, but Jasmine becomes lodged in a snowbank and emerges freezing cold. Sky and Dave however, have a hard time skiing down, as they can't find good parts to ski with. The two end up crashing into a giant snowball and become trapped. However, when Sky sees the robot-cat from Scarlett Fever, she begins taunting it enough into firing a laser at them, melting the snowball and freeing the two. However, it ends up burning Dave's hair off in the process. Next, they have to go through an eight-foot deep mud pit. Jasmine agrees to walk while Shawn hangs on, a decision that he feels bad about. However, Jasmine has a hard time getting through due to her claustrophobia, and starts going backwards. Sky walks under the mud and is able to successfully catch up with Shawn. When Sky and Jasmine bump into each other, this results in Dave and Shawn getting into a slap fight. Chris declares the brawl to be boring and sends in Scuba Bear 3.0, armed with a jet-pack, which slams into the mud pit and knocks all four of them onto dry land.


Any of Dave's remaining sanity is lost after he views Sky's audition tape.

After Chef hoses them off with a fire hose, Chris decides that they need to take a break. He tells them all to sit down as he shows the helpers leaked clips of their respective partners. For Jasmine, Chris shows all of Shawn's confessionals where he explains how he doesn't want to share the money with her, and shoots down her idea for the money if it were shared. For Dave, Chris shows Sky's audition tape, where she states that, if she is to be selected for the show, she'll miss her boyfriend, Keith. Both are furious about this, and refuse to help their partners any further. Chris then gives the helpers controllers to control the island, and an ultimatum: If they successfully stop the two finalists from reaching the finish line in ten minutes, the helpers will be allowed to split the money 50-50.


Shawn and Sky struggle traversing through the island, courtesy of Dave and Jasmine.

Shawn and Sky both struggle with the challenge, trying to avoid the obstacles such as trees falling, winter conditions, and trees being fired at them like rockets. While Jasmine eventually starts to show sympathy for Shawn, Dave madly enjoys hindering Sky, wanting to burn his share of the money in front of her if he wins, out of spite. Just as they are about to reach the finish line, Dave creates a tall mountain that rises up directly beneath the finalists and traps them. Chris declares that there are only 20 seconds remaining. Shawn is happy that Jasmine will get the money, since neither will probably cross the finish line. Sky on the other hand, thinks it's not fair, repeatedly stamping her foot, and causing the mountain top to crack and create an avalanche. Jasmine shows great concern while Dave eagerly cheers, as the two finalists roll across the finish line under the snow.

Shawn's ending

Shawn wins

Shawn is declared the winner in his ending.

Just as Chris declares that the helpers have won, Shawn sticks his arm up through the snow first, holding a flower. In response, Jasmine runs off to help Shawn while Dave screams in fury. Jasmine gasps as she runs over and pulls him out of the snow before Chef tries to. Shawn is thrilled to hear that he won, and he asks her if it is still okay to split the money. Jasmine kisses him in response, indicating all is forgiven between them. Chris, Chef, the finalists and Jasmine leave the island in the helicopter.

Sky's ending


Sky is declared the winner in her ending.

Just as Chris declares that the helpers have won, Sky sticks her arm up through the snow first, and waves. In response, Jasmine runs off to help Shawn while Dave screams in fury. Chef then walks over and places her on a stretcher. She excitedly announces that she won the competition, as Chef wheels her off screen. Meanwhile, Jasmine arrives at the finish line and after digging out Shawn, she forgives him and the two share a kiss. Chris, Chef, the finalists (with the winner carrying the case), and Jasmine leave the island in the helicopter.

As Chris is ready to sign off, he feels that they forgot someone. Dave is shown to be left behind on the island, very upset about his loss, but thinks things can only go up from here. He then hears a growl and turns to see Scuba Bear 3.0, covered in mud, right behind him. Dave mutters "Of course" right before the episode ends.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
  • Chef is seen laughing and screaming; however, he has no dialogue.
  • The other ten eliminated contestants make cameos on the television screen to select a helper, but they do not appear physically or speak.

Still in the running





  • The events of Scarlett Fever are mentioned repeatedly during the finale.
    • Chris explains Scarlett's hacking of the island's computer systems caused the landscape to be rearranged.
    • Dave is the only present contestant who did not know of the truth of Pahkitew Island prior to this episode, having left mere seconds before the island went haywire.
    • The flame spitting robot cat, which Sky refers to as "Cat-bot" also makes a return.
    • The island's central computer, which is shut down after the events of the episode, is brought back to operational status to allow the helpers to manipulate the island's landscape and weather via remote control in order to hinder the final two's progress.
    • The "rocket trees" (which Scarlett fired at Chris) appear again.
  • The helpers having a chance to win the million is just like in The Final Wreck-ening. However, Chris stated that the helpers would split the million dollars, giving them five-hundred thousand dollars each if they manage to stop the final two from crossing the finish line within a ten minute time limit.
  • This is the second finale in which the season's entire cast does not appear, the first being The Final Wreck-ening.
  • This is the third finale in which two couples play prominent roles in the episode.
  • This is the third time Chris has shown clips from contestants confessionals to stir up emotions among others.
  • This is the second time Dave has been used as a sled, with the first time being Three Zones and A Baby.



  • Chris states in the beginning of the episode that either Shawn or Sky would be shot out of the cannon by the end of the episode, but the episode ends with both Shawn and Sky in a helicopter along with Jasmine and Chris. However, he may have simply meant elimination.
  • The picture of Jasmine on the monitor is different before Shawn stops the slot machine.
  • When Sky and Dave are in the snowball, Sky's earring is missing.
Dave's goof- he got hair

Dave's hair is present after being burned off.

  • Despite Jasmine being taller than Sky, the person they carried during the mudpit is about the same height above the mud.
  • When Dave slaps Shawn in the mudpit, Shawn's facial hair disappears.
  • When Shawn, Sky, Jasmine and Dave were about to sit down, Dave is shown with his hair when it should have been gone.


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