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Lindsay helps Trent onto his feet during the challenge.

Lindsay and Trent appear to get along well over the course of Total Drama Island. It is hinted that Lindsay is attracted to Trent as she is shown flirting with him several times, but he does not return these affections due to being in love with Gwen at the time. In the next season, the two of them continue their friendship with Trent choosing Lindsay to be the first member of his team but purely out of jealousy after Gwen chooses Duncan first.

Total Drama Island

Up the Creek

Before Trent has a chance to approach Gwen, Lindsay and Beth quickly approach Trent and ask him to be their canoe partner for the trip to Boney Island. While riding in their canoe, Lindsay leans back and puts her head on Trent's lap suggestively, asking him if he would mind if she worked on her tan instead of paddling. Trent smiles and replies that he doesn't mind at all. Later, when Trent gets trapped in the quicksand pit, Lindsay rushes over to rescue him. Trent warns her not to, but unfortunately, she ignores his warning and ends up getting trapped in the quicksand pit along with him, cheering that they're trapped together. Trent saves Lindsay and himself when he grabs onto a vine that Cody swung on in an attempt to save them and pulls them both out.

Who Can You Trust?

Lindsay and Trent are chosen by Chris to be partners in the Extreme Cooking Challenge. Lindsay asks "Todd" to let her be the cook and Trent allows her, as Trent trusts that no matter how unintelligent Lindsay is, he believes that no harm could be done in cooking. Unfortunately, Chris announces that the contestants are preparing sashimi out of fugu, the world's most poisonous blowfish, which makes Trent nervous. He asks Lindsay in a panic state if she's taken biology and is relieved by her nodding. However, Lindsay reveals upon Trent's consumption that she only took biology and didn't pass. Because of her improper preparation of the fish, Trent is severely poisoned and is incapacitated for the rest of the episode, making her concerned but also asks someone clean up his puke.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Despite her friendship with him, Lindsay assists Heather in breaking up Gwen and Trent. She lures Trent to the Dock of Shame in order for Heather to kiss him, which is what later causes his elimination.

Haute Camp-ture

Lindsay is seen standing behind Trent, with her hands on his shoulders when they eavesdrop on Courtney saying she wants Duncan to win. When the group is gathered around the pool, and Cody says he wants Gwen to win, Lindsay asks him why he still wants her to win after she rejected him for Trent, describing him as "cooler, hunkier, and more stylish" than Cody.

Total Drama Action


Lindsay is happy when Trent chooses her on his team.

Riot On Set

Lindsay is the first person that Trent picks to be on his team, during which he addresses her as "the beautiful Lindsay", which she is excited about only doing this as bitterness to Gwen after picks Duncan. After Trent picks Lindsay, Lindsay asks him to pick Tyler, not realizing he's not competing, annoying Trent. When Trent falls over while carrying equipment, Lindsay helps him up.

Beach Blanket Bogus

When it is time for the teams to do a dance off as a challenge. Lindsay picks Trent to face off against Leshawna, since her and the rest of team think he is a good dancer. She also cheers for him during the challenge, telling him to shake his "lady lumps."

3:10 to Crazytown

Gotcha Cowboy

Lindsay playfully ropes Trent in the final challenge.

Lindsay and Trent work together to round up the Screaming Gaffers during the Cattle Roundup Challenge. In a moment of confusion, Lindsay ropes Trent, and he frustratingly informs her she's supposed to chase after cattle. She laughs and calls him funny, having misinterpreted that remark. Like everybody else, Lindsay is shocked to learn that Trent was cheating so that Gwen could win all the challenges, and questions why he would. She is also upset to learn that Gwen broke up with Trent. Although Lindsay votes off Trent that night, she is noticeably extremely nervous and upset while casting her vote for him.

Camp TV

It is possible the two had a conflict in the unfinished prototype of Total Drama Island, as Lindsay is seen glaring at Trent when he is introduced, along with everyone else.


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