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Lindsay and Tyler making out at Playa Des Losers.

Tyler and Lindsay first meet in Total Drama Island and become attracted to one another in the very first episode of the season. Their relationship blooms quickly after that, despite being on different teams. They became the first couple to be formed on the show, as well as the first to be separated. After her elimination many episodes later, the two are reunited, only for her to quickly forget what he looks like.

In Total Drama Action, they do not interact much, due to Tyler not being in the competition. As a running joke, Lindsay constantly mentions Tyler, often getting his name wrong and suggests that he helps out in the challenges. Someone else then has to remind her that he's not in the game anymore. She eventually ends up getting the message.

In Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay still has a hard time even remembering who Tyler is, even though Tyler is in the competition this time. Lindsay keeps on forgetting Tyler's name and thought he is someone else. Despite this, Lindsay knows she has a boyfriend, but thinks that he is not coming back. However, in Slap Slap Revolution, she finally remembers him, allowing their relationship to continue. However, it does not last long, as Lindsay is eliminated two episodes later in Can't Help Falling in Louvre. Tyler still thinks about Lindsay after she is eliminated, and remains loyal to her (despite Courtney's flirting). The two of them are eventually reunited once more, and this time, Lindsay still remembers him, and they continue their relationship.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


Lindsay and Tyler's first interaction with each other.

Tyler and Lindsay first meet each other when Lindsay begins to scream in fear of a cockroach in her cabin, which Duncan kills using a hatchet. Tyler leans in and tells her to let him know if she ever sees another cockroach again, adding that he could've done what Duncan did. This phrase is commonly used throughout the rest of the series, as Tyler would like Lindsay to like him more than she does already. Lindsay smiles and makes her big puppy-dog eyes in response, to which Duncan responds by rolling his eyes and muttering that girls like Lindsay "always go for the jocks."

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2


Lindsay's reaction to Courtney's suggestion to vote off Tyler.

When Courtney suggests voting Tyler off, after the Killer Bass lose the first challenge, Lindsay, overhearing this from the Screaming Gophers table, stands up to scream in protest of the suggestion. The Gophers stare at Lindsay confusedly, so she hastily covers up her emotional outburst by explaining that this was due to there being no salt at the table. Tyler smiles quickly when Lindsay objects, but his smile fades once she covers up, which she most likely did to hide her crush on him.

The Big Sleep

Heather initiates the first Total Drama Island alliance and recruits Lindsay and Beth into said alliance. Lindsay turns around in Tyler's direction after she is told the process (which she is not paying attention to,) and confides in her new alliance-mates that she finds Tyler to be really cute. Heather then forbids her to date him, with the reasoning that it is against the alliance rules to become involved with someone from the opposing team. Lindsay is left by herself, looking sad. Tyler then looks over at her and waves with a smile. Lindsay smiles back and later justifies in the confessional that although Heather said she couldn't date him, she never said she couldn't like him.



Heather disrupts Lindsay and Tyler's moment together.

When Lindsay gets out in the dodgeball game and walks back to the benches, Tyler waves at her and she waves back, until it catches the attention of Heather, who intentionally throws a ball at Tyler. Later, Tyler hits Lindsay in the face with a dodgeball by accident. Upon noticing, he screams out and runs to help her up. When she recovers, he tells her that she still looks great (even though her face is greatly bruised,) and then asks Lindsay if she wants to go for a walk. She agrees, and the two disappear for the rest of the challenge.

When Heather later comes to find them, she catches them under the dock, due to Lindsay's giggling. Tyler had a canoe thrown at him to interrupt their moment, and both were separated by their bossy leaders for the rest of the episode. Since then, they had been meeting in secret because Heather didn't want Lindsay seeing Tyler and Courtney didn't want Tyler seeing Lindsay. At this point, both teams were afraid that Tyler and Lindsay would give away each others' team's weaknesses, giving the opposing team the upper hand. Lindsay would commonly bail on her alliance duties to be with Tyler, despite Heather's objections.

Not Quite Famous

Lyler making out

Lindsay and Tyler making out, while being tied up by Tyler's yo-yo.

Lindsay blows Tyler a kiss across the stands. Tyler catches it and winks at her. Lindsay smiles and points affectionately to him, but notices that Heather has been glaring at her, so she nervously puts her hands behind her back. Lindsay is assigned to watch Gwen to make sure she isn't up to something. Lindsay becomes bored with her task very quickly, and through the binoculars, sees Tyler, who is being constricted by a yo-yo. She takes special attention to his butt, seeing it as the only interesting thing there.

Eventually, Lindsay pursues Tyler and they somehow end up being tied up together, making out in the bathroom where Heather and Courtney aren't looking. Later that day, Bridgette attempts to handstand for twenty minutes, but her stomach becomes uneasy and she begins to barf everywhere. She then slips and lands in Tyler's arms. Lindsay runs in from the side and yells at Bridgette to "puke on her own boyfriend," obviously jealous at the scene even though there were no romantic implications whatsoever between Bridgette and Tyler. Although she is caught by Heather in the act, Lindsay quickly amends her previous statement by claiming that she never even said the word "boyfriend."

Phobia Factor


Lindsay says goodbye to Tyler, and blows him a kiss after he is eliminated.

When Tyler is voted off, Lindsay doesn't take it as hard as most couples do. All she does it blow him a kiss goodbye in the confessional, and says that she'll never forget their time together. She accidentally messes up his name, calling him Taylor before correcting herself.

Haute Camp-ture

When Lindsay is voted off the island and goes to Playa Des Losers, they continue their relationship again. Tyler is seen with Lindsay sitting on his lap at the beginning of the episode, while they are being interviewed by Chris. Lindsay talks about how it's great to be with Tyler again. They kiss, though she's still confused to which camper is Tyler. She later asks many people, including Eva and an eskimo, if they're Tyler. Later, when the eliminated campers are sitting together by the pool to vote off someone, they are seen holding hands.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

In a wide-screen shot of everyone celebrating Owen's win, Lindsay and Tyler can be seen kissing and smiling at each other in the background. When everyone waits for Chris to give Owen the last marshmallow, Lindsay and Tyler can be seen smiling at each other. In Gwen's ending, Lindsay cries on Beth while Tyler unhappily watches Lindsay.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Throughout the episode, Lindsay mentions Tyler. First, she tells Trent to choose him for their team, and later, suggesting getting Tyler to help move the trailer up the hill. Both times, she is reminded by the other contestants, much to her dismay, that he is not in the game.

Beach Blanket Bogus

When Beth makes a comment about Trent's recent behavior, Lindsay mistaken him for Tyler and become excited that her boyfriend is here. Beth once again has to remind her that Tyler is not in the game anymore, leading Lindsay to believe she has a "dental" (though she means mental) block on the subject.

The Aftermath: I

Tyler is now a regular guest on Total Drama Action Aftermath, Total Drama Action's new talk show segment. When co-host Geoff notes his presence, he jokes that someone should tell Lindsay about her boyfriend's whereabouts.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Lindsay mentions Tyler while brushing her hair, though she once again calls him by the wrong name, calling him Tyson. Beth and Heather had to correct his name for her.

Rock n' Rule

When Chris announces that a contestant will be returning, despite her already seeing Owen earlier in the episode, Lindsay hopes that it is Tyler that is returning. She also gets Tyler's name right for the first time since Beach Blanket Bogus.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special


Lindsay and Tyler try to high-five, but end up smacking each other.

Lindsay and Tyler tried to high-five each other in celebration when they passed the "Total Drama Dirtbags" bus; however, they miss, leading to them accidentally smacking each others' foreheads. Both Lindsay and Tyler qualify for the next season.

Total Drama World Tour

Opening sequence

Lindsay is shown staring at a photo of Tyler, looking confused, but then throws down the picture and runs away when she sees what seems like a polar bear.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Tyler offers to be a cute mountain goat for Lindsay.

Although she is still with Tyler, Lindsay is shown to be attracted to the new guy, Alejandro. While Chris is showing the contestants first class seats, Alejandro happily flirts with Lindsay. Tyler sadly watches them, and tells DJ that "Lindsay's supposed to like me!" suddenly getting protective of Lindsay. Tyler then calls out to Lindsay and tells her he can do a handspring, then fails miserably. Lindsay feels sorry for him, until she accidentally calls him Alejandro (probably because she finds Alejandro attractive and is talking to him at the time).

Later, Tyler follows Lindsay to the pyramid, but starts to regret not going with the others, and going under the pyramid. Lindsay tells Tyler that Alejandro's doing alright and looks like a cute mountain goat. Tyler tries to impress her, saying he can be a goat, but Alejandro helps Lindsay and Bridgette get to the top of the pyramid. Tyler looks really upset and attempts to follow, calling for Lindsay to wait, but fails to follow them because he fell down the pyramid, due to being stung by a scorpion, then knocked down by Bridgette later on. The two of them ended up on different teams for a second time, with Lindsay in Team Victory and Tyler in Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better


Lindsay bursts in on Tyler's confessional, apologizes, and calls him "Noah".

During the first part of the challenge, after Tyler slips into the water, Lindsay passes by him and calls him "Noah." Tyler attempts to correct her by saying, "I'm Tyler," but Lindsay thinks he's referring to her and says, "No, I'm Lindsay!", which Tyler is clearly upset about. In his first confessional of the series, Tyler expresses his frustration about being the least popular contestant in the series, and how Lindsay fails to remember his name. Determined to grab her attention, Tyler realizes that he must do well in the challenge. In the end, Tyler's hard work pays off, and he manages to help his team win for the first time. However, while celebrating in the confessional, Lindsay barges in and accidentally calls him "Noah" again, much to his disappointment.

Broadway, Baby!

Lindsay and Dave

Lindsay calls Tyler "Dave."

Tyler sits next to Lindsay in the raft before they land in New York City, and when he tries to start up a conversation with her, she forgets his name and calls him Dave. Later, when Lindsay says she loves it when people call her "baby," Noah tells Tyler to make a mental note of that, but he tells Noah that he doesn't have a pen.

Slap Slap Revolution

Eine Kleine 16

Lindsay embraces Tyler after she remembers him during Eine Kleine.

When the contestants land on the Alps, Lindsay waves to Tyler and says, "Hi, Daryl!" At this point, Tyler tries to remind Lindsay that they were together during the first season. However, Lindsay believes that he might have confused her with someone else, and sadly states that the only person she was ever into on the show was Tyler, who was "never coming back." While the contestants are singing Eine Kleine, Lindsay finally remembers Tyler and hugs him tightly. Excited that Lindsay finally remembers him, Tyler screams with joy, causing an avalanche. Lindsay later tells Leshawna and DJ in excitement that Tyler is back, even though they are aware that he was there the whole time.

The Am-AH-Zon Race


Lindsay is happy that Tyler is still around.

In the economy section, Tyler tells Noah that lower class has "some perks," as Lindsay waves to him. When they reach the Amazon, Chris reveals they need to choose between two different ways to reach Machu Picchu. Lindsay chooses for Team Victory, while Tyler, hearing this, chooses the same way for Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. When Chris is on the walk-talkie with Gwen, Tyler picks up their conversation, and Lindsay, hearing Tyler is there, shouts towards Chris' walkie-talkie, "Hi Tyler!” Tyler then breaks the fourth wall by waving at the section of screen that she is on, despite her technically not even being there. In the end, after Team Victory wins and is allowed to go to the first class cabin, Lindsay asks DJ if she could invite Tyler to join them, and he agrees. She then goes to get him.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre


Lindsay and Tyler in Paris.

Lindsay tells DJ how she can't wait to see her boyfriend, but before she can say his name, DJ tells her "his name's Tyler," to which Lindsay replies happily that she knows. Tyler is shown in the economy-class section complaining about how he misses Lindsay now that she's in first class, though he's glad she's finally won. When the two meet once the plane crashes in Paris, Lindsay tells everyone there's only one guy she wants to share this with, and that's Tyler, who she's "been dreaming about since they've been apart." Tyler then appears and greets her, to which she questions whether it's Tyler, telling him he looks different in her head. Lindsay then wonders whether he always wears a tracksuit, but then says it doesn't matter, because they're in Paris together. Tyler begins to profess his love to her, but she cuts him off, instead yelling that they can go shopping.


Lindsay and Tyler talk before the former's elimination.

Later, once all the teams are outside, Tyler asks Lindsay if she's okay carrying the pieces of statue on her own, then asks where DJ is. When Team Victory lose and Lindsay and DJ have to have a walk-off, Lindsay straight-away chooses Tyler as her model. Tyler doesn't like the hairstyles she gives him, telling her about what his hockey team will do once they see him. Lindsay then moves on to wardrobe and shows Tyler a drawing of a little girl with red dress carrying some balloons, asking if it is "manly" enough for him. Tyler doesn't look too happy about modeling, but Lindsay nevertheless cheers enthusiastically for him. When Lindsay's design loses, Tyler goes to bid farewell to her, and reassures her that the judges wouldn't know fashion if it smacked them in the head, to which Lindsay compliments him back, calling him "nice, even if he's a bad walker". Tyler boasts how at least his hockey team saw him with a "cute girlfriend for twenty minutes." Lindsay then asks for one quick kiss before she goes, but Chris stops them and says that they are running out of time. Lindsay stops at the doorway and tells Tyler before she jumps to "win for us," and once more tries to blow him a kiss, but Chris stops her, complaining about the time again.

Newf Kids on the Rock


Tyler imagines kissing Lindsay in order to complete the cod-kissing challenge.

In the beginning of the episode when Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot is trying to make an alliance with DJ, Tyler yells at him for not losing because Lindsay had to leave. When Tyler has to kiss a fish, Alejandro tells him to think of Lindsay. Tyler says that he misses her a lot and when he kisses the fish, he imagines it is Lindsay he is kissing.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

After the studio is damaged by the escaped animals, Lindsay was looking around, asking where Tyler is, while a monkey kept hitting her head. She calls out Tyler's name, saying everyone is stealing her lip gloss nd she seemed to want him to help her, even if he is still in the competition.

The EX-Files

At the beginning of the episode, Tyler is seen complaining to Owen and Alejandro about what Duncan did, claiming that he'd "never cheat on my Lindsay the way he hurt Courtney.” Later, Courtney flirts with Tyler in an attempt to make Duncan jealous, Tyler doesn't notice it until Alejandro points it out and tells him that Courtney is interested in him. Surprised, but not willing to betray Lindsay, Tyler just said, "I will never do that to my Lindsay." In the deleted clip, he sends a message to her while taking the Drop of Shame and ask her whether she remembers him this time.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

When Tyler injured himself, Lindsay calls out his name in concern screaming, "Oh my gosh, Tyler!,” showing she still remembers his name several episodes later (Leshawna even bet Trent that she would remember Tyler's name this time). While sitting next to each other, Lindsay takes over nursing duty over Tyler before they are both chosen for the second chance challenge, and her duty was taken over by Trent. During the second chance board game, one of Lindsay's challenges was to eat peppers with milk, while watching clips of Tyler getting injured, all without laughing. Lindsay wins the challenge, saying she could never laugh at her boyfriend. Once it was Tyler's turn, she encouraged him and shouted, "You can do it, Tyler!" and was shocked and worried when he fell down a trap.

Hawaiian Style


Tyler and Lindsay making out.

In the beginning of the episode they are seen making out, and for the rest of the episode they are seen next to each other. Both of them choose to side with Alejandro instead of Cody or Heather. In a deleted scene from the episode, Tyler and Lindsay, along with Harold and Leshawna and Duncan and Gwen, are seen together, relaxing on the beach.

Hawaiian Punch

The couple sat next to each other during the tie-breaker challenge between Cody and Alejandro. When Tyler was hit by a golf ball thrown accidentally by Heather, Lindsay looks worried. Later, Lindsay tries to wake him up as he was chosen to help Alejandro as his helper, but she ended up knocking him unconscious with a single punch. Lindsay, with a worried expression, says that "He'll be so mad about this tomorrow."

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


Lindsay and Tyler making out on the yacht.

The two make a brief cameo appearance at the start of this episode and are seen making out together on the yacht en route to Camp Wawanakwa.

Camp TV

LindsayTylerRoughBlog 0

Lindsay and Tyler in Camp TV.

During the show's beta phase, when it was still called Camp TV, Lindsay and Tyler were both characters still present at this stage. While Lindsay had very few physical changes between then and the present, Tyler's design got a complete overhaul. Nonetheless, they were both still depicted as being in a steady relationship, meaning it is the only relationship that remained the same in both Camp TV and Total Drama Island. Their relationship is like Bridgette and Geoff's, as they are seen making out several times in the promotional trailer.


  • This is the first couple to ever be established, separated, and reunited in the show's history.
  • This is the first couple in the series to be separated by seasons, and were the only couple separated in Total Drama Action.
  • This is the only couple from Camp TV that remained the same in the final version of the series.
  • This is the only couple from the original cast in which the two members were never on the same team together.
  • This couple has lasted longer than any other relationship, as it started at the beginning of season one and is still active through season five with absolutely no break-ups or confrontations between either of them during that time.
    • Ironically, they were separated for a longer period of time than any other relationship. As of Heroes vs. Villains, they have been separated (with either Lindsay in the competition and Tyler isn't, or vice versa), for forty episodes.
  • This is one of only two couples that started in Total Drama Island that is still going strong as of Total Drama All-Stars. The other being Bridgette and Geoff.
    • Coincidentally, both couples are separated in one or more season as the male did not compete while the female did.
    • Additionally, the female member from both couples makes an individual cameo in the fourth season while the male doesn't.
  • Both were the sixth contestant eliminated from a season.
  • Tyler seems to be more loyal in this relationship than Lindsay, as Tyler was seen rejecting Courtney when she was flirting with him in The EX-Files, while Lindsay was seen flirting with other guys such as Justin, Alejandro, and Trent likely due to having forgotten about Tyler at the moment, due to lack of intelligence, or because she believed that he was not in the competition at that time.
    • Tyler did however call Gwen hot behind Lindsay's back in The EX-Files.
  • This is the one of the two couples to not have any romantic interactions in the opening sequence, the other being Harold and Leshawna.
    • Coincidentally, both couples consist of a female Screaming Gopher and a male Killer Bass.
    • This is the only Gopher/Bass couple to not have both members competing in all of the first three seasons.

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