The following is a list of songs performed by Ella. Ella prefers to express her emotions through singing and has done many times throughout her time on Total Drama.

Audition tape

Ella sings her request for the producers of Total Drama to select her as a cast member for Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.


Ella: Please pick meeee!

So, Uh This Is My Team?

After discovering her pack does not have a parachute, Ella grabs on to a tambourine and sings to a bird which carries her gently to the ground.


Ella: I'm falling on a sunny, sunny day.
Hit the ground,
I just may!

During the challenge, Ella sings to her bird friends as she goes to collect supplies for Waneyihtam Maskwak's shelter.


Ella: Well, a house is a home
and a home is a house.
This is not a dress,
it's a skirt
and a blouse.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Ella sings Leonard's tale
Leonard's story of overwhelming a monster inspires Ella to sing about his experience.


Ella: A harrowing tale of dungeons and dice,
and besting a monster that just wasn't nice!

Here Pig
Ella sings to the grease pig to get it to come to her so she can continue the challenge for Team Maskwak.


Ella: Hey there, little girl or fella,
if you came over here,
it would be mighty swellaaaaa!

With an onk and a song
Ella sings and dances with the grease pig across the tires until a honking sound made by Chris frightens it into going wild.


Ella: We're right where we belong,
with an oink and a song!
We are moving right along to the-

Twinning Isn't Everything

Ella tries to sing Shawn a song as a token of her gratitude for bringing their team breakfast is interrupted by Sugar shoving a pear in her mouth.


Ella: The fruit Shawn brought,
brought joy to the-

The water brought joy
Ella attempts to sing her previous song again, replacing Shawn's contribution with Sky's. Dave interrupts her, saying she doesn't need to do so.


Ella: The water Sky brought,
brought joy to the-

Smiles can help...
Ella wishes to "exercise her heart" with Sugar during the challenge, but the latter keeps her from continuing.


Ella: Smiles can help with trials and tribulations!

A Blast from the Past

Ella sings to calm down the vicious Scuba Bear when her safety is threatened, angering Chris due to the interruption of the challenge.


Ella: Me and my friend, bear,
BFFs beyond compare.
Dancing and swimming without a care.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Ella sings to get the bear to release Dave and come with Team Maskwak to Chris. This ultimately seals her elimination thanks to Sugar sending Chris, who forbade Ella to sing in the previous episode, a note telling him what she has done.


Ella and the bear cute

Ella: Walking with a bear,
it doesn't matter where.
The sun is out,
and I haven't got a care.

After Chris disqualifies her for singing, Ella performs one last number before her exit, to say that she enjoyed her time on the show and that she will miss everyone.


Ella's goodbye song (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Ella's goodbye song (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Chris: Huh, huh?! What the?! I didn't okay a musical bit!
Ella: My time on the show is finished and done,
but that's not to say I didn't have fuuuun.
I'll do my best not to cry.
But, now I have to say goodbye.
Chris: No! Knock it off!
Ella: I came on Total Drama and survived it just fine,
with only minor damage to the base of my spine.
I gave it my best try, but now I have to say goodbye.
I'll miss you all from tall to small,
and even this little gnome.
Max: Hey!
Ella: So long my prince,
you made my heart wince,
and now I'm headed home.
I broke the rules and now I'm paying the price,
and soon will be launched from this cannon device.
I'll do my best not to die!
'Cause now I have to say goodbye!


  • Ella has sung twelve songs overall during her time on the show, including on her audition tape.
  • I Love You, I Love You Knots is the only episode where Ella appears but does not sing.
  • Sugar is the one who interrupts Ella's singing most frequently.
  • Ella's final song is her only song to feature any speaking parts from other characters.

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