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The following is a list of challenges on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race challenges
Episode Challenge Type
None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 Climb 144 flights of stair (Stairs) or take the elevator and do a skywalk (Scares); Ride a zip line across Lake Ontario. Either/Or
None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2 The Spice is Right: Pick 5 spices from the spice kiosk, ideally Cumin, Cinnamon, Paprika, Saffron, and Ginger; Ride a camel to a desert restaurant. All-In
Just Stew it: Eat a stew made from the spices you chose. Botch or Watch
French is an Eiffel Language Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must draw a caricature of their partner. Botch or Watch
Navigate through the catacombs and find giant cheese wheels. All-In
Ride one of the cheeses down a river and bring it to the Chill Zone. All-In
Mediterranean Homesick Blues Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must retrieve a Travel Tip from the dorsal fin of a great white shark Botch or Watch
Build a sandcastle of the castle of Versailles. All-In
Bjorken Telephone Broken Icelandic Telephone: Listen to Don speaking Icelandic on a speakerbox then run through a field of hot geysers and repeat the statement to an Icelandic local. All-In
Eat a tradition Icelandic feast (Feast) or search and retrieve a fossil in the ice caves (Fossil) Either/Or
Brazilian Pain Forest Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must retrieve a travel tip from a mitt full of bullet ants; Cross a gorge by any means necessary then find the next Travel tip hidden in a pile of coconuts. Botch or Watch
Make a Brazilian carnival costume. All-In
A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket Whoever is holding the tip must push their partner in a coffin to the graveyard, and get their next tip from a grave digger. All-In
Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must perform a split on a balance beam and then do a somersault onto a vault. Once a coach approves of their skills they must run to the Chill Zone. Botch or Watch
Hawaiian Honeyruin Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch dive into the ocean and collect a wedding ring. Botch or Watch
Walk across hot coals while carrying your partner and dressed in a hula skirt. All-In
Hello and Dubai Either return a serve from the world's toughest tennis launcher (Serve) or wash an entire column of windows on the Burj Al-Arab (Squeegee). Either/Or
Race to the Gold Souk mall. All-In
New Beijinging Skydive into the Bird's Nest Stadium All-In
One team member must eat exotic animals on a skewer, and deep fry it for their partner to eat All-In
Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch has to travel to the Great Wall of China while pulling their partner on rickshaw. Botch or Watch
I Love Ridonc & Roll Stay inside a sauna for ten minutes before crossing a semi-frozen river. All-In
Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must perform on the air guitar in front of a live audience. Botch or Watch
My Way or Zimbabwe Take a team selfie while falling over Victoria Falls; take another selfie with a White Rhinoceros. All-In
Shawshank Ridonc-tion Find a means to escape from a prison cell. All-In
Build a raft and sail to the Chill Zone. All-In
Down and Outback Clear ten rabbits from a farming field All-In
Use a glider to travel to the Chill Zone in New Zealand. All-In
Maori or Less Bungee jump off a bridge and catch a fish with your bare hands (Jump Down) or perform a traditional Maori dance (Jump Around). Either/Or
Little Bull on the Prairie Eat an entire pot of pork and beans to receive the tip at the bottom. All-In
Whoever is not holding the tip must ride a mechanical bull for eight seconds. Botch or Watch
Lord of the Ring Toss Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must find a ring in the snow and toss it accurately onto the tusk of a narwhal. Botch or Watch
Build an igloo from the snow and ice. All-In
Got Venom Get a vial of Komodo dragon saliva. All-In
Find a special "Ridonculous" rug out of a massive pile of rugs. All-In
Dude Buggies Either collect flags on remote-controlled dune buggies in one minute (Dune Buggies) or perform a magic trick (Magic). Either/Or
El Bunny Supremo One member of the team must eat a pepper while the other jumps from a cliff to retrieve a tip. The spiciness of the pepper eaten determines how high the jump in All-In
Teams must ride burros two miles south to the Chill Zone. All-In
Ca-Noodling A three-team "Superteam" must catch six catfish; if one has the Zip-It Ticket, go directly to the Chill Zone Superteam challenge
Traverse trap-filled war tunnels until you find a Don Box with a map to the exit. All-In
How Deep Is Your Love Ice sail to the next challenge site. All-In
Collect a ball in an underground cavern seven miles beneath the Earth crust. All-In
Darjeel With It Fill a basket with tea leaves and hand it to a local to receive their next Travel Tip. All-In
Ride the Darjeeling Express and get through multiple train carts to get to the front cart and get out at the station where the Chill Zone is located. All-In
Last Tango in Buenos Aires Perform a traditional tango to receive the next tip. All-In
Whoever didn't perform the previous Botch or Watch must ride on horseback and use a boleadora to tie up their team's emu and take it to the Chill Zone.  Botch or Watch
Bahamarama Search for a treasure map in a beach store. All-In
Whoever retrieve the Travel Tip must scuba dive into the ocean and find treasure using the map. Botch or Watch
A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars Drive to the Empire State Building and collect a briefcase at the top. All-In
Race to the midpoint Chill Zone at Central Park. All-In
Search for the combination of the briefcase on buoys located in a pond and race to the final Chill Zone. All-In


  • Overall, the race had twenty All-In challenges, twelve Botch or Watch challenges and five Either/Or challenges.
  • The Ice Dancers hold the record of winning the most times, having come in first in eight legs of the race.
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