The following is a list of disgusting meals on Total Drama and its spin-off series.

Beef testicles


DJ's plate of beef testicles.

Beef testicles (censored as beef meatballs in the Cartoon Network version) are introduced in Brunch of Disgustingness as the first of ten courses served in this episode. They are made out of testicles castrated from a bull. Compared to the other nine dishes being served in this episode, they seem to taste relatively fine, as Owen eats the whole plate. However, once he hears what it actually is, he throws them up. The other guys also don't want to eat them, because they recognise bulls as their fellow men. The girls have no problem with eating them, except for Lindsay, who finds them to be gross, but bearable enough to eat completely. Bridgette originally doesn't want to eat them because of her status as a vegetarian but manages to stomach them after some counselling from Geoff, when he told her that they castrate bulls for medical purposes sometimes. The girls end up winning that part of the challenge.

Blended cockroach juice


Owen and Leshawna drink the "drinks" in the tie-breaker.

Blended cockroach juice is a meal made of eight different species of cockroaches. As Chris describes, the unlikely-satisfying blend is vitamin-rich for a balanced lifestyle. It is introduced in Brunch of Disgustingness as a tie-breaker when Bridgette and DJ refuse to eat dolphin wieners. Poured in shot glasses, Owen and Leshawna would have to drink as many glasses as possible to determine the overall winner of the contest. Owen drank more than Leshawna, resulting in ultimate victory for the guys team and earning them the weekend luxury cruise. However, the overall grossness of this meal caused nearly everyone in the kitchen to vomit, including Chris and Chef. When Leshawna vomits, it shows a cockroach that is still alive, which subsequently caused the guys to vomit.

Chef Hatchet's special


The special being served to Noah.

Chef Hatchet's special is brown gunk that Chef usually serves the campers, first introduced in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

It is unknown what the meal is, or what it was made out of, as Noah's serving tries to escape his plate by jumping upwards and clinging onto Chef's spoon. Gwen's serving crawled around until Chef smashes it with a mallet (thus making it splatter all over her), and later, one serving can be seen crawling along the floor from the Killer Bass table to the Screaming Gophers table, undetected (by the campers). It is usually referred to as "grub," inferring the possibility of the meal containing grubs, which might help explain why some servings move.



Chef's chili

The "chili" that Chef Hatchet made.

Chili is a substance containing possible ingredients consisting of fish bones, tentacles, and socks. It was served to the contestants during lunch in 2008: A Space Owen and Chef serves most of the leftovers afterwards. This meal is also what gives Owen smellier gas than usual, as his gas makes two birds faint. During the Vomit Comet rides, Duncan pukes up the chili, which forces Beth to ride in it. Chef is later seen afterwards cooking gumbo in the ride mixing carrots with the vomit, making the rest of the contestants gag.

Courtney's sundae


Courtney trying to finish her sundae while taking the Flush of Shame.

Unlike the other contestants' sundaes in Sundae Muddy Sundae, Courtney's sundae is poorly made. While she has most of the ingredients, she does not have the chocolate and has to resort to using coal from the burned chocolate sauce that Mal causes after killing the fire-breathing flower. Additionally, the coal is still warm and her ice cream starts to melt. A bird then vomits on her sundae. Courtney continues the challenge anyway, believing that the interns the contestants have to feed are not picky. However, Chris changes the rules of the challenge by telling the contestants that they have to eat their own sundae instead. Courtney is therefore unable to eat her sundae and loses the challenge. In addition, she is not allowed to eat anything else unless she finishes her sundae. She still has it with her while she is in the Flush of Shame and tries to stall by pretending to eat it. Chris, however, sends her away without another word.

Dolphin wieners


Bridgette is shocked when she realizes that she has to eat dolphin meat.

Dolphin wieners are hot dogs made out of dolphin, the final course introduced in Brunch of Disgustingness. Bridgette is horrified because she is a surfer who swims with dolphins, considering them her friends. DJ agrees and also refuses to eat the dolphin winners. Chef gets angry as he "slaved over a hot stove cooking dolphin."  A round of cockroach juice gets served instead.

Donkey meat


Cody asks if the donkey meat is roasted eel.

Donkey meat appears in Chinese Fake-Out during A Chinese Lesson. The contestants are subjected to "local delicacies" in an authentic Chinese restaurant. The first meal served is donkey meat, a meal not commonly eaten in North America. The contestants eventually force their meals down, except for Cody, as he rode a donkey which he named Ace in the first challenge and feared the donkey was murdered to make the meal.

Earthworm spaghetti


Geoff snaps when he learns that he has to eat worms.

Earthworm spaghetti is the third dish served in the Brunch of Disgustingness. It consists of a plate of live earthworms covered in snail sauce (rather than regular pasta sauce) and hairballs (instead of meatballs). Though the grossness of this dish nearly drives Geoff into a catatonic state, he is calmed down by DJ, and his team wins that part of the challenge.

Exotic Beijing street food

Tumblr nupof4z2vS1ugumzgo1 1280

Jacques being force-fed the Beijing street food.

For the second All-In challenge in New Beijinging, one member from each team must deep fry a skewer of Beijing street food, consisting of a variety of exotic animals like bats, spiders, maggots, scorpions, and starfish, and feed it to their partner. Although it is a delicacy in China, the contestants have trouble eating it, leading to most of them barfing, with Carrie suffering the most.

French bunion soup


Geoff thinks the soup is made with stuff from Chef's bathroom floor.

French bunion soup (with toenail clippings and hangnail crackers) is the fourth of ten courses served in Brunch of Disgustingness. It is meant to be a parody of French Onion soup. Chef states that he was excited about this dish since he got to make it from scratch. Geoff comments that the soup contents look like things scraped off Chef's bathroom floor. The girls win the round when Bridgette finds a funnel, which helps Lindsay finish the soup easily and quickly without even having to taste it.



Owen notes that the garbage was breakfast this morning.

Garbage, specifically "leftovers from breakfast" during the morning of Basic Straining is the dinner served to the campers after a long day of rigorous training. Each camper has to dig whatever they could find that is remotely edible out of the garbage cans if they wanted to eat. Only Heather and Courtney refuse to eat this dish.

Garbage stew


Garbage Stew in a ladle.

Garbage stew (an unofficial name for the dish, since it solely appears in a montage) is the eighth serving of the challenge in Brunch of Disgustingness. It seems to be literal garbage as the contents include banana peels, fish heads, and soda cans, among other things in a brown slop made into a stew. Neither team ends up winning this challenge.

Green chicken

Green chicken

A tray with the green chicken.

The green colored chicken is a regular chicken that is green and has some green gravy on it. The contestants are tasked to eat it and some other food in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. Owen and Heather win this challenge thanks to Owen's eating skills.



"Hey now."

Grubs are an unofficial camp meal, first appearing in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. This meal is in a bowl filled with worms and a big, talking grub saying "Hey now!" In The Sucky Outdoors, after DJ fails to find food, Courtney claims that they'd be stuck with berries and grubs to eat for the night. Grubs again appear in The Chefshank Redemption in the Gaffer's dish. It also features in the original Camp TV promo, where it is put on a wooden table by a stage hand. After the Camp TV version of Gwen questions the food, the grub subsequently says the same line ("Hey, now!") used in the first episode of the series.



A bowl of gruel.

Gruel, as it is called by various campers (such as Courtney in Basic Straining), is a serving of a goopy, sticky, white mush in a bowl. The consistency of the food seems to vary from gooey to hard. It is a staple of the camp cuisine, seen in several episodes. It first appears in Dodgebrawl where Gwen calls it Oatmeal, but does not have the same sticky consistency as it does in later episodes. In Basic Straining, Courtney offers Duncan a bowl of gruel since he was stuck in the boat house and probably missed dinner. He tries taking a spoonful, but the spoon is stuck within the gruel. Uninterested in eating it, he throws it away. It was also seen in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, where Gwen referred to it as Paste.

Gruel is served once again to the campers in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. In the latter season, gruel given to the losing team of the previous challenge, which Chef tosses into the cabins during breakfast time. Sierra and Scott are the only ones seen enjoying it.



Chef holding up the gum ball.

The gumball is a giant ball composed of several pieces of multicolored gum; it is the fifth dish shown in the Brunch of Disgustingness challenge, which the campers are forced to eat. Neither team won this challenge.

Harold's gum


Chef inserts Harold's gum into Owen's mouth.

Harold's gum is a wad of gum that had been pre-chewed and discarded by Harold. It appears in I Triple Dog Dare You! when Owen is given the dare to re-chew it, which he eagerly accepts to do. While chewing Harold's gum, Owen describes its flavor as being "full-bodied, a delicate fruity aroma with a hint of citrus, robust yet balanced, summery, and a crunchy center." The camera shot changes to Harold picking his nose, revealing what the "crunchy center" was.

Hawaiian-Italian fusion casserole


Leftovers from If You Can't Take The Heat...

Hawaiian-Italian fusion casserole appears in Who Can You Trust? It looks no different from the ordinary gray, lumpy mush Chef usually serves throughout the show, but as noted by Gwen, this particular dish was leftovers from the previous episode's cooking challenge blended - Hawaiian food (made by the Screaming Gophers) and Italian food (made by the Killer Bass).

Humpty Dumpty's Meat-shack's horse meat

Humpty dumpty's horse

"At Humpty's, all the king's horses feed all the king's men."

- Chris

Humpty Dumpty's Meat-shack is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In I Love You, I Love You Knots, the winning team earns a bag of horse meat from the restaurant. This disgusted a majority of the members of Waneyihtam Maskwak as eating horse meat is considered a taboo. Seeing how the contestants would react, Chris allows them to eat chicken cooked by Chef instead, which is implied to be Clucky from earlier.

Icelandic Thanksgiving feast

Goths At Feast

Contestants eating the feast.

The Feast challenge of "Feast or Fossil" in Bjorken Telephone, involves eating an Icelandic feast, which consists of putrefied shark, pickled herring, cured ram, broiled puffin, and singed sheep head. Most of the contestants who choose this challenge have trouble eating and end up retching, except for the Goths, who have no trouble eating the feast and easily win the challenge. The Vegans, on the other hand, have to go against their principle and eat the feast after falling behind several teams.

Jimmy's Beaks and Feet


"Our chickens walk the walk, talk the talk and now we put them in the frier."

- Chris

Jimmy's Beaks and Feet is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In I Love You, Grease Pig!, the winning team is rewarded with a bucket of chicken from the restaurant. In addition to sure edible chicken pieces, the restaurant also apparently serves other chicken parts such as the feet and beak.

Juggy Chunks

The juggy chugg

Chris serves up some expired Juggy Chunks.

Juggy Chunks are a blend of mayonnaise, meat, and eggs. According to the commercial and the song Sugar sang, the meat is from a horse. Chris reveals that he had a batch that had expired decades ago, which he had kept in a warm place (instead of throwing it out). He feeds it to the campers in Hurl and Go Seek, which gives them food poisoning, rendering them nauseated and hallucinatory. In this state, Shawn mistakes them for zombies as they teeter and groan. The food poisoning is so severe that the contestants have their stomachs pumped after the challenge.

Live grasshopper pizza


The pizza is presented to the contestants.

Live grasshopper pizza (with tangy jellyfish sauce and live anchovies) is the second of ten courses introduced in the challenge in Brunch of Disgustingness. Owen seems to be the only one who genuinely enjoys this serving, even reaching for seconds before having his hand slapped away, because the rest of his team had yet to touch their first slice. Even with Bridgette's help in getting the girls into a meditative state in order to eat the pizza, the boys prevail in this part of the challenge and earn their first victory.

Owen is briefly seen eating a slice of live grasshopper pizza in the Total Drama Online and Cartoon Network game "Oh No U Di'n't!!!"

Live mealworms


The live mealworms.

Being part of the eating challenge in Chinese Fake-Out, the contestants are forced to eat live mealworms. They are seen still moving, which increases the challenge for this meal.

Living salad

EPBW (16)

Zoey's seemingly harmless salad comes alive to attack her.

Living salad is a dish prepared by Zoey in Eat, Puke and Be Wary. After seeing the boys getting attacked by various mutant creatures, she decides that salad would be a safe option; however, the vines she uses to make the salad turn out to be alive and grapple her, forcing her to take a mallet to her dish to break free. While Zoey prepares her dish, Scott distracts her to slip in poison ivy leaves into her salad. When the contestants are forced to eat their dishes, the urushiol from the poison ivy causes Zoey's throat and tongue to itc



Samey holding a manchineel fruit, and it leaves a rash on her hand.

Manchineel, known as manzanilla de la muerte in Spanish, meaning "little apple of death," is a fruit that grows on Pahkitew Island. Like its namesake, the manchineel is a poisonous fruit that is hazardous to whoever eats it during I Love You, Grease Pig!. Even touching it gives Samey an unbearably itchy rash. In Twinning Isn't Everything, to get back at her twin sister for tormenting her for years, Samey tricks her into eating the fruit. This causes Amy's face to swell and her throat to become inflamed during the elimination ceremony. As she isn't able to speak, Samey takes on Amy's mannerisms and says "Samey" is just begging for attention, resulting in Amy being eliminated in Samey's stead.


EPBW (20)

Fried maggot.


Frosted maggot.

Maggots roam the island in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, large and with the ability to puke out slime from its mouth. Lightning tries to cook a maggot in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, but it gives him a hard time by puking slime and growling at him. At first, Lightning tries to fry the maggot but settle with putting frosting on it, while it is still alive.

Mary's Lamb Burger

Mary HAD a little lamb

"Mary had a little lamb."

- Chris

Mary's Lamb Burger is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In Twinning Isn't Everything, the winning team earns a bag of burgers from the restaurant.

Mouldy bread

Cam Scott Penicillin

Scott takes Cameron's "penicillin puree" in Suckers Punched.

Mouldy bread is served to the Villains as breakfast at the start of Suckers Punched. Scott is the only one who seems to enjoy it, referring to it as "Penicillin Puree" before eating it, much to Gwen's disgust.

Mutant turkey butter-lini

Mutant turkey butter-lini is a sleep-inducing meal served by Chef Hatchet in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. The dish contains a form of mutant turkey with spaghetti.

Mystery meat


Heather performs Courtney's dare, which is drinking a blended puree of Chef's mystery meat.

Mystery meat is served in I Triple Dog Dare You! when Courtney submits a dare where someone has to drink it. Gwen initially receives it but dares Heather to do it, who eventually completes the dare. True to its name, its ingredients are unknown.



Gwen's ceiling pancake.

Pancakes are served in the beginning of I Triple Dog Dare You! to reward the final three campers who remain on the island. Chris announces that they are genuine by-products from ingredients close to their expiration date, and they look like ordinary pancakes. One pancake is scraped off the ceiling by Chef and given to Gwen, showing that the top of the pancake is sullied by the dirty ceiling, similar to the majority of the food served at Camp Wawanakwa. Pancakes are also seen as part of Chef's gourmet breakfast in Mutiny on the Soundstage, and Alejandro serves some to Owen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, which Owen, as usual, happily devours.

In Food Fright, gigantic sized pancakes loaded with traps and nasty objects appear as part of the challenge. Things hidden inside the pancakes include fish eyes, mouse traps, fire ants, rats, crabs, dynamite, green jelly, and bees.

Petting Zoo Barbecue's Cooked Lamb

Someone else touched your dinner

"The Petting Zoo BBQ, someone else touched your dinner, we guaranteed."

- Chris

Petting Zoo Barbecue is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In So, Uh This Is My Team?, the winning team is awarded two bags of the restaurant's cooked lamb. Due to it being from a petting zoo, according to Chris, the food may or may not have been touched by another person.

Prairie Oyster Palace's nuts

Bull 2.0

"You're nuts, if you are not nuts about these nuts."

- Chris

Prairie Oyster Palace is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. For winning the challenge in Sky Fall, Shawn is rewarded with a bag of food from the restaurant.

Prison Food


Lindsay finds her food incredibly delicious.

33 gwen

Gwen puking up Beth's retainer.

The prison food (unofficial name) is seen only in The Chefshank Redemption during the first part of the challenge. Each team fixes up a revolting dish for a member of the other team to eat; Gwen has to eat a dish that the Killer Grips prepare, while Lindsay must eat the Screaming Gaffers's dish. While Gwen's dish is disgusting and includes ingredients such as Beth's retainer and leeches, Lindsay finds hers delectable because of DJ's "Momma's Spice" he had sprinkled in prior. While Gwen keeps eating her dish, she pukes up Beth's retainer. Beth then puts the retainer back into her mouth without washing the puke off, making Lindsay the first one to power hurl the food.

Rotten spuds

Chef and his rotted spuds

Chef holding a bucket of rotten spuds.

Rotten spuds appear in Camp Castaways. After Chris and Chef realize the campers are gone, Chef mentions that he had peeled a whole bucket of rotted spuds for them. When Chris asks Chef if he wanted to eat, Chef thinks he means the spuds, and calls them "slop." Chris then says that he meant their gourmet buffet. This reveals that Chef may cook disgusting food on purpose and if he cooked the buffet, he may be able to create quality meals.



The smiley face on the sandal.

Sandals with a silicone sealant smiley face drawn on it is the seventh serving in the Brunch of Disgustingness challenge, which all campers try to eat to complete their challenge. Since it was not well-explained, being in a montage, it is not certain if there are any other specific details about this dish. Neither team is shown to win this challenge.

"Scrambled eggs"

An unknown food thought to be "scrambled eggs" by the contestants in Top Dog. When Beth mentions how good the "scrambled eggs" look, Chef falls on the floor laughing; along with every other time someone mentions it being scrambled eggs.

Spoiley's Second-Hand Food Emporium's food


"Spoiley's Second Hand Food Emporium, where one man's trash is another man's tapeworm."

- Chris

Spoiley's Second-Hand Food Emporium is one of the restaurants sponsoring Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In A Blast from the Past, the winning team earns a bag of the restaurant's food. As its name implies, the restaurant mainly serves second-hand food which may or may not have parasites in it.

Starfish on a skewer


Duncan stares in disgust at a starfish on a stick.

In Chinese Fake-Out, the contestants are served roasted starfish on a skewer. Duncan is the last to finish his serving, meaning elimination from the challenge.

Skunk shakes


Lindsay's stomach can't take the skunk shakes.

Skunk shakes (unofficial name) are the sixth serving shown in the Brunch of Disgustingness challenge. It appears to be the pure essence of skunk oils liquefied, shaken, and then poured into a glass for the campers to drink through a straw. Neither team wins this challenge.

Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails


Chris promoting the new Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails.

Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails were a disgusting meal introduced in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, as a part of the challenge.

They also appear in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as the winning team's reward in Mo Monkey Mo Problems.

Toxic mushroom quiche

EPBW (22)

Cameron's toxic quiche.

Disgusting food

Scott's toxic quiche.

Toxic mushroom quiche is a dish prepared by Cameron and Scott in Eat, Puke and Be Wary. Scott's version of the dish is ill-prepared while Cameron's version seems palatable enough for Scott to trick Cameron into switching dishes. Indeed, Cameron's dish does not make Scott sick, thus illegitimately earning him the win for the cooking portion of the episode's challenge.

Underwear Sandwich


Harold discovers his own underwear inside the sandwich.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., to teach Harold a lesson for leaving his clothes lying around, DJ, Duncan, and Geoff carry out a series of pranks on Harold one of which includes offering him sandwiches made from his underwear. Harold described the sandwich as tasting of sweat and lotion, and how it was the worst sandwich he had ever tasted, before discovering his underwear inside it.

Underwear S'mores


Courtney's reaction to see s'mores out of Harold's underwear.

In Basic Straining, Duncan and Geoff make s'mores using Harold's underwear to prank him. He bites down on the s'mores to discover his elastic underwear inside. He then comes out of the cabin demanding to know who did it, before throwing the underwear on the ground, which disturbs Courtney.

Uncooked macaroni

Freaking tv y7 rating

Not realizing it is uncooked, Owen eats the macaroni.

The uncooked macaroni makes its appearance in Cuttin' Corners. Owen takes a bite and crunches loudly. Duncan then tells him it's actually uncooked. He spits it out on the house.

Unknown food

Unknown Food

The final dish in Chinese Fake-Out.

In Chinese Fake-Out, there is an unknown food, a meal Chris explicitly states that he doesn't know what it is. It appears during the final part of the second challenge. It has green gunk with a stemmed eye and two tentacles popping out. Alejandro and Blaineley are disgusted by it and puke, which makes Sierra win the challenge.
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