The following is a list of minor characters on Total Drama and its spin-off series.

Abigail Paine


Abigail Paine AKA Abs is the expert Chef Hatchet hires to put the kids into shape in the Total DramaRama episode, Exercising the Demons. She is shown to be quite aggressive to the kids and even to Chef Hatchet. Her design is similar to that of Eva.



Aliens are extraterrestrial creatures featured in the Total Drama World Tour episode, The EX-Files, and also made a minor appearance in Aftermath Aftermayhem during a challenge with the eliminated contestants, who were trying to return to the competition.

Area 51 soldiers

Several Area 51 soldiers are seen in The EX-Files, attempting to capture the contestants, after they infiltrated the base. Courtney is seen hiding from several of them at one point after the alarm has been sounded. Gwen also encounters two soldiers before she bumps into Duncan. They are under the command of an unnamed colonel.


Ashton is Shelley's tennis instructor and new boyfriend. He is first mentioned by Devin in Hello and Dubai, though his name is not revealed until Shawshank Ridonc-tion. Upon finding out that Shelley had dumped him for Ashton, Devin becomes devastated.


The babies

Babies appear multiple time in the series. The first baby to appear was in Total Drama Action Alternate Realities under Gwen's segment, Gwen's home makeover show where she decorates the baby's room with a Gothic theme. In Broadway, Baby!, Heather switches Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's carriage with an actual baby carriage while the mother is on her phone. Once the mother is done, she was shocked to see Noah until Alejandro arrived to switch carriages again.

Eight babies appear in Three Zones and A Baby as the batons the contestants have to carry through the different three zones. This was actually not part of the challenge until Topher taunts Chris's hosting skills again. At the third zone, the contestants are required to return the babies back as Chris wants to prevent a lawsuit. However, Max has grown close to his baby and refuses to return it. He hides it behind his shirt but is still caught in the end.

Blaineley's super fan

After Bridgette was sent to Siberia (courtesy of Blaineley), Blaineley's fans were angry and started throwing things at her. In order to make up for their idol's absence, they force The Drama Brothers and Geoff to sing a song about Blaineley.


Brady 2

Brady is Beth's boyfriend who she met two days after Total Drama Island. She mentions him several times throughout Total Drama Action as a running gag of the season. Initially, no one believes Beth until he makes an appearance in The Aftermath: IV after the winner was declared.


Shh Owl

The butler works at the McLean Spa Hotel in Total Drama All-Stars. He serves the team or contestant who won the previous challenge by providing them with any necessities, is seen in almost every episode of that season. He has a very similar design to the guards seen in I See London....  He is seen playing a violin in The Final Wreck-ening as the island begins to sink, leaving his fate unknown.

Canadian government

Throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the federals attempt to upper hand Chris for polluting the island. They try to capture him in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, but fail as they have no evidence because Chris has destroyed all the toxic barrels in an abandoned mine. In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, they were finally able to take Chris into custody.

Canadian military

TDWT 11.8

After Izzy becomes a genius in Jamaica Me Sweat, several soldiers enter the infirmary to retrieve her.

Cody's clone


Cody's clone is an alien clone of Cody created in The EX-Files after Cody accidentally touches an alien pod in Area 51. The clone physically resembles the original but its eyes are green instead and appear more menacing. The clone also has paler skin than the real Cody. As the clone slowly approaches Cody, Sierra appears and is squeal in excitement over the presence of two Codys. As she hugged both the original and the clone tightly, the latter burst, spewing green liquid over the both of them.

After Sierra is eliminated in Suckers Punched, she ended up at Area 51 again where three alien pods open, revealing three clones of Cody. Sierra becomes excited and proceed to chase the clones around the base.


The Colonel of the US Army is an unseen character who is mentioned by and spoken to by Chris in The EX-Files. It is revealed that he let Chris use Area 51's warehouse for the challenge.

Courtney's lawyers

Courtney's lawyers are unseen characters who are frequently mentioned by Courtney. She has spoken to them through her personal digital assistant on several occasions. They are able to bring Courtney back on the show in Total Drama Action after she files a lawsuit for wrongful termination and push to grant her numerous advantages in the game. Her most prominent lawyer appears to be a man named Michael.

Dakota's paparazzi


Dakota's paparazzi made their first appear in the opening sequence taking picture of Dakota on the dock before Chris interrupts by dumping water on her. They make their first in-show appearance in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, snapping shots of Dakota while she is in a dinghy. Annoyed that Dakota isn't active in the competition, Chris orders Chef to blow up their boat. They later return during the first part of the challenge but are crushed by a tree cut down by Chris. Dakota's paparazzi once again appear in Truth or Laser Shark on a hot air balloon and because of them, Dakota loses focus on the game and causes her team's defeat. Chef once again gets rid of them by blowing up their balloon with a sling shot. For the third and final time, Dakota's paparazzi appear in Runaway Model, taking pictures of Sasquatchanakwa instead of her, much to her chagrin.

Elderly Chinese lady

China elderly woman

The elderly Chinese lady appears in Chinese Fake-Out. She appears to work in a tea store as shown when Sierra is kicked off The Great Wall of China and crashes through the tea store where the lady is found. At the store, Sierra gets a bag of Love-Me Tea from the old lady in order to solve Sierra's love problem.

In an exclusive clip, the elderly Chinese lady is shown rebuilding the roof that Sierra broke through when Courtney crashes through the roof. Courtney tries to apologize in English, but when she gets no response she says "Manman chi", to which the lady throws a hammer at her face.

Erin Taffe

Erin Taffe is a real-life fan who is animated into the series to hold an interview with Chris about the (then) upcoming Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, after winning the contest made by Teletoon. Among the questions asked by Erin includes Chris's favorite moment on Total Drama, why Chris never sang in the previous season, why he made Chef crossdress, who is it he wanted to win Total Drama World Tour, whether the original contestants will be appearing in the new season and the names of the team for season four.



The eskimo first appeared in Haute Camp-ture, falling on top of Courtney in a sled following a coconut and a mound of snow. Lindsay later asks the Eskimo whether he is Tyler or not. The Eskimo is seen once again in the Total Drama Action special, Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, as a part of the Total Drama Dirtbags cast. The Eskimo arrives in a limousine with Sasquatchanakwa, the escaped killer and several others before being let into the building where the Gemmies were taking place.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, the Eskimo appears gets found by Geoff in the snow when he searches for a ring. He later watches as Geoff tries to score. A new female Eskimo appears during the second challenge, she judges the igloo building challenge, letting the teams pass often after deeming their igloo acceptable. After the challenge, the male Eskimo from before flirts with her by giving her a flower. She accepts the gift and kisses him off screen after pouncing on him.

Family members

Throughout the series, family members of the cast are often mentioned by them or make cameo appearances.

Fireworks salesman


The fireworks salesman is currently only seen in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. Sierra tries to buy some fireworks for Cody, but the salesman refuses to. Sierra is prepared to sell her expensive locket with a picture of Cody inside to get enough money to buy the fireworks, but the salesman, upon discovering that it's for Cody, turned out to be a Cody fan and then gives Sierra a whole box of fireworks for free.



In the exclusive clip of No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, a fisherman in the Yukon is seen ice fishing when suddenly Heather popped out from the ice hole he was fishing from, much to the man's surprise.

Flight attendant

The flight attendant is seen in The Aftermath: IV. She is thrilled when she sees Chris online, who flirts with her, as she laughs at humiliating clips shown on Total Drama Aftermath.

Flight passengers

AIV - Flight passenger recognizes chris

Two flight passengers are seen in The Aftermath: IV, waiting on the line to be boarded in front of Chris. The male flight passenger is the first to recognize Chris, although the female flight passenger asks for his autograph.


The guards are seen in I See London... when Chris forces the contestants to strip down two guards in order to get a clue for their challenge. Even though the contestants are disgusted, they manage to strip them down while singing Changing Guard Mix.

Gwen's friends

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Gwen shows pictures of some of her friends from school to Trent and Leshawna. Like Gwen, they are goths as well.

Hamish MacTavish

Hamish MacTavish is a Scottish man who appears in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, claiming he saw Duncan swimming in Loch Ness in Scotland. Eva tries to interview him, but because of his thick accent, Eva is unable to understand him and loses her temper before throwing her microphone to the ground which bounces back and hits Hamish's groin.

Hawaiian natives


The Hawaiian natives appeared in Hawaiian Punch. After Alejandro or Heather win the third season, the natives appear, informing Chris and Heather about what happens when pineapples are thrown into lava. Once the volcano starts to erupt, the natives, along with Chris and the contestants are seen running down the volcano's path and trampling Alejandro.

One of the natives appear in Hawaiian Honeyruin, this time warning Josee not to take the lava rock that she finds on the beach. Josee ignores his warnings, taking the rock anyway and cursing her for a number of episodes.

Homeless man


A homeless man is seen twice in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. He first appears in the Celebrity Manhunt's intro and later, stealing Ezekiel's wallet.

In Broadway, Baby!, the homeless man is then seen once again during What's Not To Love sleeping while Owen skips over him.

In the finale of the spin-off series, the homeless man is seen sleeping in the same subway train that the Surfer Dudes are taking.


Interns are people hired by Chris and the producers to aid in the production of the show. They perform a variety of tasks, such as testing out challenges, researching info to aid in challenge set-up, and even pampering Chris.

Throughout the Total Drama series, Chris frequently mentions the interns getting injured and some even dying. A running gag throughout Total Drama is having interns test out challenges to ensure that they are safe enough, only for them to die or get severely injured during the testing. Despite this, Chris will always qualify the challenge as being safe anyway, with the commonly-used phrase "Well, that seems safe enough".

Italian monk

During the Total Drama Fugitive segment in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, an Italian monk is seen being tripped by what appears to be Duncan wearing similar robes and falling down a cliff.


Jake is Emma's ex-boyfriend who she broke up with three years before Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Not much is known about him but their break-up has caused Emma to be a more competitive person and she has a hard time trusting anyone, including her own sister. According to Kitty in Maori or Less, the reason Jake and Emma broke up was because Emma was taking things too fast, having already planned out how they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.



The janitor is first seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special trying to fix the broken Drama Machine, but once he is done, the machine explodes.

His next appearance was in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, sweeping the floor near one of the exits of the Aftermath studio next to Eva who is doing a report about the The Drama Brothers. When Eva gets fed up with Blaineley's questions, she threw her microphone and hits the janitor in the groin. He also makes a minor appearance in Aftermath Aftermayhem.

In Chris's interview with Erin, the janitor appears at the very end, farting, sickening both Chris and Erin.

A janitor with a different appearance than the one from Total Drama appears in the first episode of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. While the Fashion Bloggers are making a comment about overalls, the janitor mistook them for insulting him and dumped his mop and bucket of water at them.



Jasmine showing off her headshots.

Jasmine (not to be confused with the Total Drama: Pahkitew Island contestant of the same name), is one of Leshawna's friends back home. She is seen in Leshawna's exclusive video message from home. She mistakes the video message for an audition tape for Total Drama and proceeds to show off her acting talents by reciting one of Juliet's parts from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. She talks more about herself until the cameraman informs her that this is supposed to be about Leshawna. Confused, Jasmine asks the cameraman if Leshawna would like an autographed photo of her. Even though she auditioned for Total Drama Action, this has been her only appearance.

Noticeably, her design strongly resembles Courtney in terms of the body shape, face proportion, skin color, hair color, and hairstyle, with the noticeable differences being her nose and her lips (the latter of which resemble Katie's lips).



José Burromuerto was first mentioned in Hawaiian Punch by his younger brother, Alejandro. It is revealed by Alejandro that the two do not have a good relationship as his older brother often bullied him when they were younger and that he "always wins". Additionally, he is tormented by José who often calls him "Al," a name which would often cause Alejandro to twitch during Total Drama World Tour. José finally made an appearance in Suckers Punched when Alejandro finally tells his older brother how he feels about him, and, subsequently, stands up to him and defeats him in the challenge.



Josh is the co-host of Celebrity Manhunt, and is a stereotypical celebrity gossip show host. He wears a black tuxedo with a red bow tie and shows a somewhat immature interest in "cat fights". He also seems to be interested in other celebrity-themed activities, such as exclusive interviews and celebrity limousines. He was exclusively seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.


Joey is a friend of Noah from school who appears in Noah's audition tape. Off-screen, Joey is heard congratulating Noah on becoming class president.

Justin's girlfriend


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Justin breaks up with his girlfriend via text, who can be seen outside the window of the room. She had the same appearance as Sadie's Camp TV design.


Keith is Sky's unseen boyfriend back home who filmed her audition tape. Sky mentioned that she wanted to end her relationship with Keith before leaving for Total Drama but ran out of time. Upon discovering that Sky already had a boyfriend, Dave loses his mind and plans to burn the million dollars in front of her.



The killer is a convict who escaped from prison prior to Hook, Line, and Screamer and is armed with a hook and chainsaw. Chris uses his escape as part of the episode's challenge in which the campers are one-by-one hunted and captured by Chef dressing up as him. However, the actual killer somehow makes it to the island and meets Gwen who effortlessly defeats him. He also makes a minor appearance as one of the contestants for the fake season in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. In the premiere of Total Drama All-Stars, the killer is seen in prison, apparently having been arrested prior to the episode.

Lindsay's cheerleading squad

In Get a Clue, Lindsay mentions several members from her cheerleading squad while on the train. This includes head cheerleader, Carmelita Santos (whom Lindsay despises), Elizabeth "Bitsy" Stephanopoulos and Mrs. Whitlock, who is assumed to be their counselor in charge.


Mod's battery is getting low

Maude is the robot substitute teacher that replaces Chef Hatchet in the Total DramaRama episode, Robo Teacher. At first the kids think that without Chef, they can do whatever they want but Maude turns out to be worse.



The mime had first appeared in Phobia Factor as one of Trent's fears. He imitates Trent until he jumps into the Lake Wawanakwa and is not able to smear his make-up. The mime leaves, knowing Trent has conquered his fear.

The mime makes a brief appearance in the opening sequence of Total Drama World Tour, eating a croissant. In the exclusive clip of Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Lindsay met a mime after her parachute got tangled with a lamp post. She asks the mime to help her, but he mimics her every movement, which irritates Lindsay.

The mime also appears in the exclusive clip of Evil Dread. He tries to warn Lightning to swim away but Lightning thought the mime was asking Lightning to show him his muscles. After the swan boat knocks out Lightning, the mime teases him and leaves with an annoyed look on his face.

The mime appears again in French is an Eiffel Language while Don explains Paris to the audience. When Owen uses the bathroom, the mime smells it from the sewer and faints right away.

He reappears in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, stealing the Best Friends' tip, forcing Devin to chase after him in order to get it back.

Mr. Coconut


Mr. Coconut is Owen's imaginary friend, created by him as a result of eleven minutes of isolation away from the other contestants. It ends up being "eliminated" by Chris in that same episode due to destroying Owen's sanity. Despite this, Mr. Coconut continues to make cameo appearances in future episodes.



While looking for help in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Geoff and his rescue party stumble across two people who have been mutated by the radiation at a nuclear test site. One of them is a pudgy woman with yellow skin, four arms and gills. The second mutant is a skinny green man with three eyes, three fingers and five breasts. Their fates are unknown as the trailer they were living in was destroyed by a nuclear bomb after Geoff and the others escape.

Nikki Wong

Nikki Wong
is a former student of the Daycare. Like Jude, she is originally a character from 6teen. In Owen's flashback in Duck Duck Juice, Nikki was attacked by Chef after he went berserk from Rainbow Juice deprivation. Following the attack, Nikki and her family moved away. Nikki's appearance has change slightly, with her singlet being orange in color instead of white like in 6teen.



The ninjas are first mentioned in Phobia Factor as Harold's fear. Later in the episode, Harold is in the bathroom and encounters three ninjas once he opens the stall. Harold pulls out a pair of nunchucks in order to defend himself, but instead knocks himself out and falls into the toilet.

Police officers

Two police officers appear in You Regatta Be Kidding Me during the elimination ceremony to arrest Duncan after he destroyed Chris's cottage.

Promo Bots

Rise of the Chris's

The Promo Bots are robot replicas of Chris that are stored near the main control room underneath Pahkitew Island. Their only appearance is in Scarlett Fever, in which Chris himself explains he uses them to fulfill his appearances to promote the show. He also states that part of their purpose is to keep him safe from the fans. When the contestants are trapped inside the room containing the Promo-Bots, they come to life and charge the helpless competitors. However, Jasmine triggers Shawn with the word "zombies" to launch a counterattack. He single-handedly annihilates all of the Promo-Bots, much to Chris's displeasure. Later on, one of the destroyed Promo-Bots is used to fool Scarlett into allowing the contestants access to the control room.

Russian chef


The Russian chef is seen in the exclusive clip of Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better. He first appears congratulating his cooking staff for making the world's largest cake after years of hardship. However, Bridgette destroys the cake when she lands on it.


Shelley is Devin's ex-girlfriend who is frequently mentioned throughout Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. She was supposed to be Devin's partner for the Race but was unavailable at the time. As such, Devin chose to do the race with his best friend Carrie, but frequently mentions her around Carrie, which makes her uncomfortable. After a prolong period being away from her, Devin shows signs of obsession, frequently mentioning Shelley and wanting to meet her as soon as possible. Unbeknownst to Devin, Shelley had started dating her tennis instructor, Ashton, under the impression that she and Devin had already broken up. When Devin calls her in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, he is horrified by the news and is devastated that Shelley had dumped him. From thereon, Devin's mental state declines and soon goes into denial over the breakup. As he goes through the "Seven Stages of Heartbreak", Devin suffers from different mood swings in each episode. He eventually gets over her when he begins to like Carrie, only mentioning Shelley again during the Best Friends' farewell segment, though this may have been due to his concussion.


Izzy puts eyes on slime

Slimey makes her appearance in Too Much of a Goo’d Thing. It is created by Beth and proceeds to consume all the kids except it's creator and Gwen. They use vinegar to try and destroy Slimey but eventually get eaten. However, they find out everyone else in having fun and join in on it. But Beth accidently destroys Slimey with the vinegar.

Sumo wrestlers


A sumo wrestler is seen in Phobia Factor as a part of Heather's challenge. As he is charging towards her, Heather crouches down, causing the sumo to trip over her and proceeds to bounce into the woods. For defeating the sumo, Heather manages to earn a point for her team.

Two more Sumo Wrestlers are seen in an exclusive clip of Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan preparing to wrestle when Harold lands in one of their loincloths.

Swedish masseuse


The Swedish masseuse is a large Viking who appears in the exclusive clip of Sweden Sour. He is seen giving Alejandro a painful massage after his team won the challenge.


Thunderbolt is a nickname given to a former friend of Lightning. Not much is known about him other than his and Lightning's friendship ended after they get fed up of people calling them "Mamma Mia". This is a reference to the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as both their names and Mamma Mia are part of the song's lyrics.


Tom (not to be confused with the Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant named Tom), is the cameraman who filmed Courtney's audition tape. When Courtney messes up her audition by mixing two speeches, she asks if she can start over, which Tom refuses to do so by saying that he had to go to gym class. Courtney then takes the camera from Tom and tells him he won't be her secretary if she wins class president.



The tourists are two recurring background characters who have several appearances in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, the tourists arrive at the Chill Zone, where a confused Don asks if they are competitors in the race.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, the tourists make a cameo appearance while Don introduces Hawaii as the next location.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, the tourists are seen waiting in line at the airport, just in front of the Police Cadets and the Ice Dancers. After that, they're seen on the same plane as the teams.

Train conductor

Mexico alejandro ezekiel train

The train conductor is seen in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles and asks for tickets from Alejandro and Ezekiel.

Train passenger

A train passenger glares and rolls her eyes at Heather when she talks about Total Drama in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.


Amazon zing goddess heather

The Zing-Zings are an ancient tribe native to the Peruvian Amazon. Their first and only appearance to date is in The Am-AH-Zon Race in Total Drama World Tour. They capture Team Amazon, tying them to a tree; however, they release Heather after noticing she resembles their goddess, and replace her missing tooth with a gold one. The Zing-Zings also start off Gypsy Rap by playing guitars. At the end of the episode, Chef reveals that the Zing-Zings are actually local Peruvian teenagers hired as actors for a Shakespearean play (Macbeth).

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