Refer to this page for the list of objects that are personally owned by characters.

The following is a list of minor objects on Total Drama and its spin-off series that are either recurring or play a significant role in the episode(s) in which they appear.

Bow and arrow

Finders Crepers (41)

Izzy having fun firing suction cup arrows at Chef Hatchet in Finders Creepers.

The bow and arrow is a recurring weapon, primarily used for hunting or combat. It is Zoey's weapon of choice, as seen in Eat, Puke and Be Wary as well as The Final Wreck-ening.

In Ezekiel's audition tape, he tries to demonstrate how to catch a moose. After blowing on a kazoo to lure one over, he takes out a bow and fires an arrow off-screen with a smile. However, a woman is heard screaming as he realizes he has just shot his mother.

In Camp Castaways, Duncan makes a makeshift bow and arrow to try hunt for food, however, his aim is off and it accidentally hits Mr. Coconut, much to Owen's terror.

In Finders Creepers, at the end of the episode Izzy is shown to have tied up her arch-nemesis, Chef Hatchet, and fires sucker-tipped arrows at him.

Zoey arrow

Zoey wielding a bow in Eat, Puke and Be Wary.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, after Zoey's sanity gets pushed over the edge by Chef, she becomes "Commando Zoey" and dons a bow and arrow to get back at him. She later comes face to face with Chef where they aim their respective weapons at each other.

In The Final Wreck-ening, a bow and arrow appear on the weapon's rack as one of the choices available. It is picked by Zoey who uses it in the first challenge to shoot down Cameron and Gwen who are trapped in balloons.


Cameras are objects that usually appear being used by the interns or paparazzi. It also rarely appears being used by the contestants.

Cell phone

Several characters own a cell phone to either contact a person from a long distance or use its extra function such as a camera or surfing the net. The most known cell phones in the franchise are Courtney's PDA, Chris's cell phone, Dakota's, Sierra's, and Kitty's smartphone.



The chainsaw is a recurring object in the series, being used by several characters, mostly the killer who also wields a hook on his left arm.


The killer, wielding his signature chainsaw, prepares to attack Gwen.

It first appears in No Pain, No Game as part of Lindsay's challenge from the Wheel of Misfortune, in which she has to get her hair shaved by Chef Hatchet with a chainsaw. Frightened, Lindsay immediately runs away, failing the challenge. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, the contestants are being hunted down one-by-one by Chef Hatchet, dressed up as the killer, leaving only Duncan and Gwen, both having the knowledge to survive in such a situation. Even the sound of the chainsaw has them trembling in fear before seeing him face-to-face. Duncan decides to face Chef himself, trying to take him down by throwing several objects at him. The latter easily cuts them leaving only a fish to throw in his face. In the end, Duncan manages to break the rod of the chainsaw and uses it to cut off Chef's hook, defeating him. Meanwhile, Gwen encounters the actual killer in the kitchen. She repeatedly kicks him in the face before he has the opportunity to attack her, thus winning the challenge.

Duncan With A Chainsaw this can't be good

Duncan chooses a chainsaw to aid him in the challenge in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Duncan chooses to use a chainsaw to hunt a raccoon. When he realizes that the raccoon's friends are ganging up on him, Duncan revs up the chainsaw to fight back, but the raccoons get together to form a giant mecha.

In The Sand Witch Project, Chef uses a chainsaw in order to make Duncan, Heather and DJ scream loud enough for the scream-o-meter to fill up.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, an exclusive clip shows a bear, wielding a chainsaw, about to attack Harold alongside several campers and Chef, as he is telling them about a very complicated mathematical equation. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, the bear wields a chainsaw and begins chasing the contestants alongside Sasquatchanakwa and the baby seal. However, they are mainly targeting DJ as revenge for injuring them.

In Pahk'd With Talent, a monkey uses a chainsaw to saw the tree branch Shawn is hanging precariously from during the challenge.

Chicken hat


DJ and Courtney are both rendered "chickens" after they refused to participate in the first challenge.

The chicken hat is a hat that was designed to resemble a chicken.

The chicken hats are first used in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, where they are given to the campers that refuse to jump off the cliff into shark-infested waters. Out of the twenty-two campers, only three have to wear it in this episode. DJ and Beth are simply afraid of heights, while Courtney refuses to jump, claiming to have a condition preventing her from performing the task. Beth is not seen wearing it later in the episode while Courtney and DJ are. It is possible that as a reward for her team winning, she was permitted off-screen to remove it.


Gwen wearing the chicken hat in the final challenge.

A chicken hat is also used in I Triple Dog Dare You!, but this time, Heather has to wear it when she is dared to act like a chicken. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Chris makes Gwen wear a chicken hat before she can compete in the Rejected Olympics.

In an exclusive clip of Newf Kids on the Rock, Owen is seen pulling objects out of a pot, and one of them is a chicken hat. After finding the hat, Owen places the hat on his head and wears it for the rest of the clip.

A chicken hat makes a brief cameo appearance in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, when Zoey falls into the bottom of a gulch after being hit by Chef.

Chris dummy

TDA20-Get a Clue-Chris

Chris's "corpse" in Get a Clue.

The Chris dummy is a rubber duplicate of Chris used in Get a Clue and Grand Chef Auto. It is made to look exactly like him with slight gray coloring and his eyes closed and tongue hanging out, in order to appear deceased. The contestants view it as being very realistic, as evidenced by the fact that several people have been fooled into thinking it is actually him.

In Get a Clue, Chris fakes his own death and replaces himself with the dummy. The contestants, with the exception of Courtney, believe he has really been killed. And so, they begin investigating his "murder." The dummy disappears halfway through the challenge, much to everyone's panic. Chris later drags it behind him as he reveals the hoax after the "murderer" has been figured out. At the end of the episode, he takes it to the movies with him and flirts with it.


Chef uses the dummy for mischief in Grand Chef Auto.

In Grand Chef Auto, Chef Hatchet exacts revenge on Chris for allowing the competitors to enter the kitchen and to make use of his go-karts. He holds the dummy (now with no left arm and a spring in the right) and a recording of the latter's voice to a camera, informing the teens the three landmarks have been extended to four - the last of which is Chris's beloved Mt. Chrismore. Lightning sees this and complies, as do the other contestants. Chef blames the prank on Duncan.


Dinosaur head

Fossils of a dinosaur appeared in Camp Castaways, after the final four get washed to a different part of the island. Owen, who has spends most of the episode in the confessional, runs out and realizes he is in a dangerous territory when he sees he is surrounded by fossils.



Freebies are empty purple soda pop bottles with a green caps and labels, which were used by the remaining three Total Drama Island contestants in I Triple Dog Dare You! in order to get out of doing a dare.


Gwen and Owen celebrate a successful plan against Heather.

Each contestant has to spin a wheel and complete the dare created by the camper in which the wheel lands on. If they complete the dare by themselves, they get a freebie that they can use to get out of another dare and dare someone else. If they are dared by another camper to do a dare, then they do not receive a freebie. The first freebie is won by Owen after he re-chews a wad of Harold's chewed gum.

After many dares, Owen wins twenty freebies, enough to make music with. Then, executing a plot with Gwen to eliminate Heather, he gives half to her. Chris allows it despite Heather's protests. The final freebie of the episode is used by Gwen to get out of performing Lindsay's dare. This dare leads to Heather's comeuppance, which includes her elimination from the competition and starting to make Gwen her arch-enemy instead of Lindsay and Beth.

Gemmie Award


The Gemmie Award.

The Gemmie Award is a statuette awarded for excellence in reality television. It is the in-universe version of the Emmy Award and its Canadian counterpart, the Gemini Award. Chris is known to have won several in the past, while Blaineley was nominated for one.

They are first introduced in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, in which the cast of Total Drama is nominated for "Best Reality Ensemble." The ceremony is where they meet up for the first time since the conclusion of Total Drama Action. It is also where they come across soon-to-be newcomers Alejandro and Sierra; the former is a presenter while the latter acts as a reporter for gossip show Celebrity Manhunt. After Chris shocks the teens with the news of their replacement, they remain locked outside the entire time, waiting for validation of their fame by winning the Gemmie Award. Unfortunately for them, they end up losing to another series.

The Gemmie Award is mentioned again briefly in Niagara Brawls. While singing Blainerific, Blaineley reveals she was once nominated.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Chris obsesses over his Gemmie Awards and wonders how many he would win for that episode alone. Heather takes advantage of the statues he brought onboard by knocking Chris and Chef over their heads, tossing them out of the zeppelin. She later uses the Gemmies as projectiles to throw at the contestants chasing her.

Giant spider costume


The original giant spider costume worn by Chef during Phobia Factor.

The Giant spider costumes are large costumes of purple spiders worn by several characters throughout the series, most notably Izzy.

In Phobia Factor, Chef Hatchet wears the spider costume in an attempt to scare Leshawna who had arachnophobia.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, while searching for props for a commercial, Alejandro finds the torso part of the spider costume worn by Chef and decides to use it. For Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's commercial, Owen dresses up as a giant monster with the spider body and attacks a city.


Izzy's version of the giant spider costume.

In Finders Creepers, Izzy is shown wearing a different spider costume. This one is more realistic, actually allowing her to shoot and swing from web. Wearing this outfit she terrifies and captures most of the contestants throughout the episode, until Cameron manages to defeat her and discover her true identity.

In Suckers Punched, Izzy appears as Cameron's intended boxing opponent, once again wearing her spider outfit. However she is instead paired up against Mal, where she gets brutally beaten up and thrown out of the ring.

Green jelly pool


The contestants gathered around the green jelly pool.

The green jelly pool is a large wooden tub filled with green jelly that has a very high diving board attached to it.

In Phobia Factor, in order to conquer her deepest fear of green jelly and win the challenge for her team, Courtney has to jump into a pool full of it from a massive diving board. She is disgusted by it because she believes the green jelly resembles snot. Gwen describes the pool of jelly with many unpleasant adjectives, intentionally scaring Courtney and psyching her out. Even though her team encourages her, when Courtney looks down at the jelly, her fear gets the better of her and she is unable to jump. She finally refuses to do the challenge, causing her team to lose the challenge to the Screaming Gophers. Owen is later seen dunking himself into the jelly, enjoying its warmth, and commenting "It is warm!"

The green jelly pool makes another appearance in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. It serves as a key factor in what will ultimately be a very important tie. Through a series of events, many campers end up positioned on the diving board. An airplane flies into the support beams, sending everyone to the ground. Some fall into the jelly while others remain on the board as it slides. The rest of the contestants are pushed by it into Lake Wawanakwa. The fourteen who finish the challenge in the water advance to Total Drama Action. On the other hand, (most of) those who fall into the jelly do not compete.


Several contestants own a set of headphones in order to listen to music and to pass the time. Chef Hatchet and Chris also own their own sets with different uses such as communicate with each other or as a sound muffler. Duncan, Harold, Spud and Junior have been shown to own headphones and listened to music on occasion.

Jousting sticks

Jousting sticks, also called "dueling sticks" or "Q-tips" are a weapon used in many challenges throughout the series. They are composed of a metal bar with padding wrapping the two ends that vary in color.

In the Total Drama Action opening sequence, Heather and Leshawna are seen on platforms dueling with jousting sticks, until Leshawna knocks Heather's wig off.

In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro and Cody are pitted against one another for a place in the final three where they have to use jousting sticks to knock one another off the barge. However, Cody gets distracted by Heather, so Alejandro takes the opportunity to knock Cody into the water.

In the Total Drama All-Stars opening, most of the All-Stars stand on differing flotation devices facing each other, all wielding jousting sticks. The Villains' sticks being red, and the Heroes' sticks being gold. All of them proceed to charge at each other with Jo taking down Lindsay, Lightning knocking down Mike, Alejandro overpowering Zoey, and Courtney locking sticks with Duncan and Gwen after setting her stick on fire.

The jousting sticks are used for the challenge in A Blast from the Past. Corresponding to their team colors, Pimâpotew Kinosewak's are green and Waneyihtam Maskwak's are red. Contestants must race to the ends of their platforms, obtain a stick, bring it back to the other side, and place it on a rack until three X shapes have been formed. Each competitor is encouraged to battle their opponent with their stick until the latter is knocked into the water, thus eliminating a potential point. One of the most notable usages of the dueling stick is Max electrocuting Ella with an eel he attaches to the bar. Another is Shawn slamming Jasmine in the face after Dave tricks him into believing she has turned into a zombie.


Knives are short handheld bladed tools used for cutting things. Longer variants of knives called machetes also appear. Several characters are shown to own or use them throughout the show, most notably Duncan.

In X-Treme Torture, as Heather drives the jet-ski with Harold tailing behind, she decides to sabotage his chances of winning by taking out her knife and cutting his tether.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Beth and Courtney are sent to a kitchen full of knives, where they assume they have to use the knives to fight each other.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris uses a machete to cut a rope holding up a crate of bananas, as Team Victory's reward.

In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro and Heather, as the finalists of the season, are aided by their helpers: Courtney, Lindsay, Cody, and Harold, who use machetes to cut ropes to release traps onto the finalists.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Mike offers Zoey a slice of apple that he had cut with his knife, but only succeeds in scaring her. In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Mal uses a knife to cut a rope holding a trap, which snags Scott, giving easy access to a beating from Fang.

Love-Me Tea

Chinese woman

The elderly Chinese woman gives Sierra a pack of Love-Me Tea.

Love-Me Tea is a special type of tea given to Sierra by an elderly Chinese woman, seen exclusively in Chinese Fake-Out. The character on the tea bag is "心" ("xìn"), which translates to "heart" in Chinese.

After being kicked off the Great Wall of China by Cody's donkey, Ace in the first challenge, Sierra accidentally crashes from the sky through the roof of a hut. She lands on top of a table with an elderly Chinese woman sitting at it, surprising the woman. Sierra explains to the old woman about her unrequited love for Cody. The woman gives her a teabag, telling her the more tea she drinks, the more Cody will love her. Sierra consumes her tea throughout the episode, including between meals during the eating challenge. She also does it when Blaineley points out in anger that Cody has repeatedly tried to vote Sierra off.

Africa sierra cody first class

Sierra forces the Love-Me Tea down Cody's throat thinking he will fall in love with her.

In African Lying Safari, Sierra starts using the tea differently, though with the same intentions. She gives up drinking the Love-Me Tea herself and instead forces it onto Cody. She is oblivious to the fact that the "compliments" he gives her are simply unintelligible moans. Sierra realizes that the scent of her tea is affecting him negatively and injects him with his EpiPen to save him, mostly for her own pleasure. As Sierra continues to feed Cody the Love-Me Tea, he suffers hallucinations, one of which is Sierra as an angry polar bear, and goes into a comatose state. However, after being "kidnapped" by a baboon, Cody feels better, due to having been away from Sierra long enough for the effects of the tea to start wearing off.

Million dollar suitcase

Million Dollar Suitcase

The million dollar suitcase is a silver suitcase containing the million dollar prize. It first appears in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island when the reward officially transitions from its previous amount of one hundred thousand dollars. Chris hides the suitcase somewhere at Camp Wawanakwa for the contestants to find. Throughout the episode, a series of events causes it to bounce between groups and individual characters. In the end, the challenge is declared a fourteen-way tie, and the only way to settle it is to take the competitors and the case to Total Drama Action. From here on it is always used as the visual when the money is referenced and is what characters, winners or otherwise, hold when they are in possession of the million.


The million dollar case makes its debut in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.

In Beth's ending of The Aftermath: IV, she receives the suitcase as a result of the cast voting for her over Duncan. It does not appear in the latter's ending, however.


Ezekiel falls into the volcano with the million dollar case.

In Hawaiian Punch, as the suitcase is handed off to either Alejandro or Heather, Ezekiel shows up and attempts to claim it for himself. He either struggles with Chris (Alejandro's ending) or Heather (her ending) before falling into the volcano, still holding the case. He kept the case with him and shows it to Anne Maria in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste though the money had completely burned.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (59)

Heather resolves not to let the money get away from her again.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Chris is holding on to the suitcase until Heather knocks him and Chef over their heads with a Gemmie Award and tosses them both out of the zeppelin. She does this out of vengeance for having lost the money the previous season, determined to get what she deserves. Throughout the episode, she keeps a close watch on it to prevent the campers from taking it away from her again. Heather wrestles with Lightning for it and even hits him repeatedly with it. In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, either Lightning or Cameron hold possession of it as a reward for winning the season.


Chef accidentally drops the money in The Final Wreck-ening.

In The Final Wreck-ening, the money accidentally falls out of the case at the beginning of the episode. After either Mike or Zoey win the season, Chris is shown handing the case to them, but he ends up keeping it when the island sinks. However, Mike and Zoey are shown to have the suitcase back in the exclusive clip.

In Pahk'd With Talent, the money again falls out of the case, this time on various occasions. Chris takes joy in forcing his interns to refill the suitcase. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, either Shawn or Sky hold the case as reward for winning Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Paintball guns


Chris uses Harold to demonstrate the gun in Paintball Deer Hunter.

Paintball guns are recurring objects in the series. They are mainly used in challenges, as weapons or props for an acting scene.

The paintball guns are first seen in Paintball Deer Hunter. They play an important role in the challenge, where they are used by the "hunters" - Harold, Geoff, Bridgette, Owen, Beth, Leshawna, and Lindsay. The "hunters" have to hunt down the "deer" or every other member of the Killer Bass or Screaming Gophers. The guns seen in this episode are red (Screaming Gophers) and green (Killer Bass).


Chef and Izzy duel with their advanced paintball guns in Alien Resurr-eggtion.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, a different paintball gun is seen, this time used by Chef Hatchet as Mama Alien. His goal is to hunt down the castmates and shoot them using the paintball gun, which contains green paint to resemble alien slime. Izzy also has a paintball gun which she uses as an attempt to defend herself and fight Chef. However, he just ends up bringing out an even larger gun to shoot her. All the contestants in Total Drama Action are hit apart from Gwen and Trent, who are the winners of the challenge.

In Riot On Set, Duncan uses a paintball gun as part of his acting number as a gangster. However, he only holds it and doesn't actually use it, as the challenge does not include using it as a weapon.

In the Cartoon Network and Total Drama Online Drop of Shame game, a paintball gun is seen after one fails to complete the level and falls into a dumpster. However, this is just an appearance and the paintball gun is not actually used.


The Villainous Vultures firing their leech paintball guns in Saving Private Leechball.

In Saving Private Leechball, the advanced paintball guns are used for the challenge, but this time the paintballs are replaced with leeches. As the first team to arrive, the Villainous Vultures get to use the guns and cannons while the Heroic Hamsters have to use slingshots to fire their leeches.

In The Final Wreck-ening a leech paintball gun is seen as one of the weapons on the weapons display rack that Chris unveils to the finalists.


Yukon bridgette song

Bridgette gets her tongue stuck to a pole thanks to Alejandro's scheme.

The Pole is an ordinary pole with a flag on top of it that serves as a checkpoint in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, at which the contestants are required to pick up their teammates. At one of the poles, Bridgette and Alejandro are about to kiss when he moves at the last minute. The action causes her to get her tongue stuck on it due to the cold. Chris refuses to help when he arrives, and Team Amazon proves to not be of assistance either. Chris announces that it is time for a song, during which Bridgette is forced to sing regardless of her situation, after which Team Amazon leaves without helping her. She remains this way even after she is eliminated and thrown out of the plane. The pole prevents Team Victory from understanding her warning of Alejandro's true nature.

Beth flirts with Bridgette's pole.

This incident is shown in later episodes to greatly embarrass Bridgette. It is mentioned many times during the Aftermath shows, especially by Blaineley in order to spite her. One of the Aftermath guests also asks Bridgette to kiss a pole for him in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water. At the end of the episode, Beth is seen flirting with the pole.

In the exclusive clip of No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Heather suffers the same situation after she takes the Flush of Shame and ends up in the Yukon (although the pole is noticeably wider and actually has ropes running up its side). As she attempts to free herself, a polar bear shows up behind her and attacks her.

Princess Dolls


Chris shows the princess Courtney doll to the audience in an attempt to sell it.

The Princess Dolls are dolls modeled after Courtney and Beth, making their only appearance in The Princess Pride. As a running gag, Chris advertises these dolls as well as other Courtney-related products.

The Princess Courtney doll appears to be a voodoo doll. At the Awards Ceremony at the end of the episode, Beth and Lindsay are seen poking their dolls with needles, which has an effect on the real Courtney.

However, Chris states that since Courtney's lawyers requested eighty percent of the profit made on the dolls, and since Beth was the only remaining brunette on the show, they decided to make Princess Beth dolls instead. Beth screams with excitement about the news. She then receives her Princess Beth doll from Chris, as well as a Gilded Chris Award.
Chef plays with dolls

Chef has a war with the dolls.

Chris makes her sign a contract declaring that they do not have to give her any money that they make from selling the dolls. Beth and Lindsay can be seen playing with them and ignoring Justin as he is walking down the Walk of Shame towards the Lame-o-sine after his elimination.

Right before the credits of the episode, the Princess Beth dolls are seen again. Chris states that Chef's war-like way of playing with the dolls isn't the "right" way to play with them. Chris then makes the dolls kiss, adding his own kissing noises, stating that's the right way to play with dolls. Chris later admits that the Princess Dolls were not selling since the viewing audience was too old to enjoy dolls.

Seagull machine guns

Chris 16x9

Chris with a seagull machine gun.

The seagull machine guns are recurring weapons used in challenges. As their name implies, they are machine guns which use seagulls as ammunition.

A seagull machine gun first appears in the Total Drama Action opening sequence, where Duncan uses it shoot down Harold riding a surfing simulator.
Jo one-shot

Jo using a seagull machine gun in Backstabbers Ahoy!

It also appears in Beach Blanket Bogus, where Chris uses it to shoot at contestants while they ride the surfing simulator.

The seagull machine gun returns in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island during Backstabbers Ahoy!, this time mounted on inflatable motor boats and used by contestants to fire at the opposing team. In addition, the seagulls used for ammunition are now mutated seagulls.



Gwen smashes the shovel over Harold's head to help stall for the Grips in The Chefshank Redemption.

The shovel makes an appearance in The Chefshank Redemption. After the Screaming Gaffers win the first part of the challenge, they win a shovel to assist in digging their hole. During this challenge, Gwen grabs Leshawna's shovel and hits Harold over the head with it, smashing it in half and knocking out Harold. Their shovel is then broken, leaving them with no digging tools.

Sword of Victory


Zoey is declared the winner in her ending.

The Sword of Victory is a sword lodged in a rock, seen once. It is used for a challenge and guarded by the Mad King.

It is first seen in The Final Wreck-ening as the final part of the challenge. Chris states that the first contestant to take the sword from the rock wins the grand prize of one million dollars. In Mike's ending, he pulls out the sword. In Zoey's ending, she pulls out the sword.

Tennis Menace

Tennis meance

The Tennis Menace prepares to launch.

The Tennis Menace is a robotic tennis launcher that appears in Hello and Dubai at the top of the Burj Al Arab building. It is stated to be the world's toughest tennis launcher. It is modeled after the Daleks from Doctor Who, with the orbs on its shell replaced by tennis balls and its toilet plunger replaced with a tennis racket, and the eye-stalk replaced with the tennis ball shooting barrel. It is known for chanting "Participate" in the same manner Daleks say "Exterminate!"

The Tennis Menace is used in the "Serve" challenge of the "Either/Or", where it serves tennis balls which the contestants must hit back. During the challenge, Stephanie hits it too hard and it falls off the top of the building right onto the Sisters' platform, where Kitty defends her and Emma from the tennis balls it fires. It ends up falling off the platform along with Emma (who Noah saves) which damages the machine, making the challenge easier.

Tiki idol


The cursed Tiki Idol of Boney Island.

The tiki idol is a small wooden idol that Beth finds on Boney Island during the canoe challenge that would curse Beth's team later in Total Drama Island.

Toxic waste barrels


Several toxic waste barrels dumped on the island.

Toxic waste barrels are metal drum barrels filled with hazardous, toxic waste. They are a common sight throughout Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, due to Chris renting out Camp Wawanakwa as a toxic waste dump prior to the season.

In Ice Ice Baby, several toxic waste barrels are seen in the junk pile where the campers are to salvage material. B pulls one out and uses it as one of the components of his contraption.

In Finders Creepers, several barrels are seen in the cave that Jo encounters the skeleton in.

In Runaway Model, Dakota is seen rolling a barrel as per Chris's instructions, due to becoming his intern.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Chris sends the campers into the radioactive mine, so that he could seal the toxic waste barrels down there and conceal the evidence from the authorities so he wouldn't get arrested. Toxic waste barrels are scattered throughout the mine in the episode.


Several barrels slam into Lightning after Cameron magnetizes him.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, several barrels are seen stacked up on each other to hold up the sign. While fighting against Lightning, Cameron uses his armor to magnetize his opponent which attracts several toxic barrels and sandwiches him in.

In the Total Drama: Pahkitew Island opening sequence Max is shown having constructed a robot out of bits of junk. Its left foot appears to be a toxic waste barrel.



Duncan gets shot by a tranquilizer dart in Dial M for Merger.

Tranquilizers are normally darts filled with a form of sedative and is used to put wild animals or contestants to sleep. These darts are normally fired from either a gun or a blow pipe. One first appears in Search and Do Not Destroy in which three are used to put the bear that devoured Owen to sleep, though one also hits Owen himself, causing him to be drowsy during the elimination ceremony. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Izzy chooses a tranquilizer gun to hunt a deer. However, she ends up using the gun to shoot Chef Hatchet, a horse and a plane. Near the end of the challenge, Izzy accidentally shoots Heather in the butt after mistaking her for a deer.


Alejandro and Duncan armed with tranquilizer pellets in Africa.

In Dial M for Merger, Duncan is shot by a dart while inspecting the hole Lindsay falls into. In Top Dog, a deranged Duncan uses a blowpipe to shoot Beth with a dart after the challenge has ended.

In African Lying Safari, the tranquilizers are now in the form of pellets and are fired from slingshots. The contestants are tasked to fire these pellets at the newly feral Ezekiel and put him to sleep. However, at one point, Duncan, Heather, Alejandro and Sierra end up hitting each other, putting all of them out of commission for a while. In the end, Alejandro manages to put Ezekiel to sleep while he is busy attacking Duncan.

Trauma Chair

Scott Trauma Chair Full View

Scott seen in the trauma chair during Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown.

The Trauma Chair is a robotic containment unit that houses those who have been severely injured and rendered paralyzed. The occupant's head remains protruding, while the rest of them is contained within the suit. It moves about using four wheels, and features two lights (one green and the other red) to help the paralyzed occupant communicate "yes" or "no". Scott is put into the trauma chair after getting mauled by Fang at the end of Eat, Puke and Be Wary. He is seen in the trauma chair throughout Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown.

Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets


Chris introduces the Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets.

The Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets is a prop used in Total Drama Action, exclusively in the episode Full Metal Drama, in which castmates compete in a "capture the flag" challenge to receive or protect this treasured reward.

During the first military themed challenge, Duncan uses his "punk-rock" skills to create a fantastic explosion from a paint bomb and win for the Screaming Gaffers. Chris then gives them the reward of having the Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets, and tells them they need to protect it from the Killer Grips, who must take the trunk from them in a crazy game of Capture the Flag.

The Chest

Harold and Duncan peek inside the trunk, only to see that it is empty.

As time runs out in Capture the Flag, Chris declares the winners of invincibility are the Gaffers. Along with immunity, he also gives them a sneak peek inside the trunk. As Harold and Duncan take a look in the trunk, they find that it is empty and that the challenge was only through the cold pursuit of war. The empty trunk brings the boys to tears.

In Best. Game. Ever., it is revealed that the trunk was originally called the "Trunk of Prizes." It is held in a fortress that gets destroyed with the paint bomb testing, turning the contents to ash with it. Chris tells the intern not to let the contestants know that there was something originally in the trunk.

Uber ball


Owen shows the kids his uber ball.

Owen's uber ball makes its appearance in Venthalla. Its origin is at the arcade machine where Owen kept trying (and failing) to get his uber ball, and he finally gets it. However he's undecided if he wants to throw it or not, but only throws it once.



Unfortunately, it leads to unexpected chaos and the teacher confiscates it. D:

Vomit Comet


An exterior view of the Vomit Comet.

The Vomit Comet is a centrifugal ride that is used in 2008: A Space Owen as part of the challenge for the five remaining castmates.

The goal of the Vomit Comet challenge is to last as long as possible without stopping the ride. The cast member who rides the Vomit Comet the longest wins the challenge and invincibility. Harold is the first one to ride it. During his run, he accidentally squishes Duncan's pet spider, Scruffy. He desperately asks to leave as a result. Only lasting for five seconds, he loses the challenge and fails to impress Chris.

Owen rides next and ends up leaving early too, due to eating too much of Chef's chili, only lasting ten seconds. Owen does not vomit from the ride. Duncan is disgusted as he enters the Comet, because of the smell from Owen being in there. Duncan ends up being the first one to vomit but manages to stay in the longest so far with twenty-three seconds. However, he gets ten seconds deducted on his final time by Chris for vomiting.


Harold and Scruffy in the Vomit Comet.

Beth goes next, still upset that she is going so late and that the ride has already been soiled; yet, she refuses to stick with an alliance with Courtney and not participate at all. Beth manages to stay in the ride the longest with thirty-six seconds. Courtney is upset that Beth did not go along with her plan and ends up forfeiting herself in the challenge. Beth then earns invincibility. Chef is later seen cutting a carrot into the Vomit Comet, which he says will be the cast's dinner with the vomit, much to their disgust.

The Vomit Comet is seen again in Mutiny on the Soundstage. Duncan rides it because he does not answer a question correctly, but it is unknown how long he rides it for. As he exits the ride, Duncan vomits on Chef's shoes. Beth does not ride the Vomit Comet again because she answers a question about who was eliminated in the space challenge correctly.

Voting device


The voting device, as seen at the first elimination ceremony.

A voting device is a handheld electronic device with a touchscreen display that shows all of the remaining contestants' faces. The use of the device is to select who the contestant wants to eliminate at the Awards Ceremony, exclusively seen in Total Drama Action.


Lindsay accidentally votes herself off. Also notice that Beth's collar is of her swimsuit, instead of her usual shirt.

The devices have a fairly simple design. They are composed of a black box with a digital screen and a small red light on the top. Displayed on the screen is a scroll-through list of the faces of every currently active contestant. Prior to the merge, they are the faces of the members of the losing team. Afterwards, they are all of the remaining contestants.

When using the device, the voter taps on its screen, marking that contestant as the one they are voting for. A red "X" then shows up on the face of the person they want to vote off. Gwen and Lindsay are the only contestants to use the voting devices to vote themselves off.

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