The following is a list of minor songs that are sung briefly throughout Total Drama and its spin-off series.

Cody's audition song


Cody singing in his audition.

In his audition tape, Cody performs a rap song directed towards a girl. He unable to finish once his father, angered, yells at him off-screen.


Cody: Girl, you know it's true.
You make me feel so blue,
When you don't come around.
I was lost and now I'm found!
Come on!

Beth's audition song


Beth singing in her audition.

In her audition tape, Beth performs a song about boys. She stops midway after her father complains about the noise.


Beth: Skater boys are cool,
Yeah, yeah.
Wanna be with you,
Yeah, yeah.
Can you hear?,
Call me!
Cause I'll be there for you,
Call me!
For, uh, you... yeah!
And when you call me!

Trent's audition song


Trent singing in his audition.

In his audition tape, Trent sings a song about finding "that one woman" while playing his guitar in a recording studio. A string breaks in the middle, ending the song as well as the clip.


Trent: I'm just a man.
Just a one woman man.
Yeah, that's all I am.
And if I can,
I wanna find that one woman.
(a string breaks)
Aw, crap.

Screaming Gophers' travel song


The Screaming Gophers happily sing their way back to the cabins.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, after the first part of the challenge, the Screaming Gophers sing as they wheel their carts full of supplies back to the campgrounds.


Screaming Gophers: Forty-nine bottles of pop on the wall,
forty-nine bottles of pop.
If one of those bottles should happen to fall,
forty-eight bottles of pop on the wall.

Screaming Gophers' victory song


Some of the Screaming Gophers singing while celebrating their first victory ever.

After winning the challenge, the Screaming Gophers celebrate their first victory with some of them singing.


Leshawna: Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go Gophers!
Leshawna, Noah, and Owen: Go Gophers!
Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, and Owen: Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go! Go!
Go Gophers! Go! Go!

Trent's love song


Trent sings about Gwen in the talent show.

During the talent contest in Not Quite Famous, Trent is nominated by his team to sing in the show. He sings a love song which is heavily implied to be about Gwen.


Trent: They say that we've only got summer,
And I say that's really a bummer.
But we'll swim in the sun and have lots of fun.
It'll just be the two of us.
Nothing to do but just hang.
So let me say only this,
Stick around,
For just one kiss.

Owen's bean song

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Chris provides beans as the campers' breakfast. Owen begins happily singing about beans but is cut off by an unknown contestant (most likely Heather, given her past complaining) throwing a can at him and knocking him out.


Owen: Beans, beans, they're good for your heart
the more you eat, the more you-

Brunch of Disgustingness montage song

After the girls win the "French bunion soup" round of the Brunch of Disgustingness, an 80s-esque montage song plays in the background while the campers consume the next four courses.


You gotta eat! (Eat!) Eat to win!
Don't let them gross you out! (Out, out)
Don't let them push you down! (Down, down)
Stand up tall and say you can!
You gotta eat! (Eat!) Eat to win!
Ooooh, you gotta eat (Eat! Eat!) to win!

Heather's cupcake song


Heather sings about the laxatives in the confessional.

Earlier in the episode, Heather leaves Gwen a cupcake on the porch of the cabins as well faking a note from Trent, hoping she would eat it. Later, Heather sings a short song about her sabotage, hoping it would make Gwen lose the final challenge.


Heather: Fast acting for strong, reliable relief!

Chris's elimination song

Chris singing Kiss Him Goodbye

Chris singing "Kiss Him Goodbye."

At the beginning of the first Awards Ceremony of the season, Chris notices that DJ peeks at Harold's voting device, and says that if anyone does they'll be automatically eliminated, singing Kiss Him Goodbye to emphasize his point.


Chris: Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na.
Hey hey hey,

Trent's reaction song

In The Aftermath: I, in an attempt to make a point to Bridgette, Geoff notes that Gwen went behind Trent's back and had him voted off. Unbeknownst to him, Trent can hear everything going on onstage from the green room. They check on him later to see him strumming his guitar and sadly singing about Gwen's betrayal.


Trent: You went behind my back,
In the worst kind of an attack, oh.
Now you find me gone,
I'm no longer your pawn.

Trent's break-up song


Trent singing his second song of the episode.

After a "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" segment The Aftermath: I, Trent is permitted by Bridgette to sing a song that he wrote after he and Gwen broke up.


Trent: You ripped my heart out of my soul,
You never text me back anymore.
Now, I remember the nights we stared into the sky,
But now, you make me feel like dirt.
And though I never told you that summer, girl,
You were my entire world.
But now you're gone.

Chris's challenge song

In The Chefshank Redemption, Chris sings when Owen adds his dandruff to Gwen's meal that she has to eat as a part of the challenge.


Chris: On top of spaghetti,
All covered in flakes!
And Gwen has to eat it,
Cause them's just a break.

Heather's lullaby

Full metal drama 5

Heather sings a lullaby for Leshawna's "gas baby."

When Leshawna is having trouble with her "air baby" in Full Metal Drama, Heather rubs her head and sings her a lullaby to prevent the opposing team from finding them. It is a parody of the well-known lullaby Hush, Little Baby.


Heather: Hush, little baby don't you cry.
If you do, we'll surely die!

Leshawna's Screaming Gaffers cheer


Leshawna cheers about everybody.

In Million Dollar Babies, Chris has the two teams prepare cheers to end the tiebreaker. When Leshawna's team fails to come up with a cheer in time, she uses the challenge as an opportunity to redeem herself for her past actions.


Leshawna: Courtney, Courtney, she's my pal,
She loves her PDA and she's an organized gal.
Lindsay and Justin might be dumb,
But I'd be so proud if they called me their chum.
Heather, Heather, queen of mean,
She got a nice scalp for a groovin' teen.
Duncan and Beth: they're quite a pair,
He's tough, she's goofy, but they've both got flair.
And Harold's the best,
He's quite a guy; he's goofy and scrawny but he's got my eye!

Killer Grips' Chris cheer


The Killer Grips cheers for Chris.

Once Leshawna's cheer ends in Million Dollar Babies, the Killer Grips present their cheer about Chris and ultimately win the challenge.


Killer Grips: Chris! Chris! Chris! Chris!
Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!
Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!
Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!

6teen opening theme


A reference to 6teen.

In Dial M for Merger, after Chris disbands the teams, an abbreviated version of the intro for 6teen plays featuring the final seven contestants.


Life begins after school,
That's when we bend all the rules,
In a place where we belong!
I'm sixteen! Starting to find my way,
Got a new job, gonna start at the mall today!

Courtney's princess song

The Princess Courtney

Courtney sings her princess song during the challenge.

Courtney sings a song during The Princess Pride when she is selected as the princess for the challenge. Her song earns jealousy from Beth and Lindsay and makes Duncan, Harold, and Justin compete for her affection.


Courtney: When I was a little girl,
 I dreamed of my first kiss.
 It would come from my perfect prince.
 And in my dream, it went like this:
 My prince will be tall and handsome.
 My prince will be tough as nails.
 My prince will have lots of money!
 My prince will tame wild whales.
 When we kiss, my prince will be you.

Harold singing Courtney's princess song


Harold sings along to Courtney's song in the confessional.

While listening to Courtney's princess song in the confessional, Harold sings along with it (albeit with different lyrics and slightly off-key) as it reminds him of Leshawna. However, he stops singing part way through after an intern passes him a memo from Leshawna telling him to stop listening to the song while thinking of her or she would have to kill him.


Harold: My prince will buy me lots of hot dogs,
 My prince will love ponies too.

Lindsay's butterfly song

Lindsay Towel 2

Lindsay singing the wrong lyrics to a song very loudly and terribly.

At the start of Rock n' Rule, Lindsay sings a song about butterflies but gets the lyrics wrong, which are later corrected by Courtney.


Lindsay: Ooh, your face!
Ooh, in my glands.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's you and me!
And you and me makes we!
You, and me-e-e-e-e-e-e,
Like butter knives, we're free!
We're freeeee!

Courtney's cheer

Courtney cheering Top Dog

Courtney's cheer for her shark.

In Top Dog, when everyone's training their animals, Courtney performs a cheer for her shark to emulate. It is a parody of U.G.L.Y. by Daphne and Celeste.


Courtney: Here we go!
You ain't got no alibi.
You fishy, uh-huh.
You fishy, uh-huh.
Come on, get your fins up, fins up!
Come on, get your fins up!
Get your fins up!

Chris's shower song


Chris singing in the shower.

One of the embarrassing never-before-seen clips of Chris, seen in The Aftermath: IV, features Chris singing while taking a shower until someone pulls away the curtain and Chris screams in a girly voice.


Chris: I stand against the wall,
Waiting for you to ask me to dance.
My heart is in your hands.
Ooo, ooo, ooo.

When I Cry


The Drama Brothers perform "When I Cry."

After Total Drama Action has ended, Trent, Harold, Justin, and Cody form The Drama Brothers. Their only known song out-of-universe, When I Cry, was a hit which made them famous.


The Drama Brothers: When I cry,
My eye is wet,
And I swear it wasn't guy sweat.

Ezekiel's rap


Ezekiel raps in his first confessional ever.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Ezekiel uses the confessional for the first time in the series to rap. Eventually, he falls off the chair.


Ezekiel: Ho, ho, homies,
Get in focus,
And take notice.
I'm what is,
Oh yeah, that's yo biz.

Chris and Chef's Total Drama the Musical song


Chris and Chef singing the original name of the third season.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, during the last scene, Chris and Chef sing the (original) title of the upcoming season three.


Chris: See you next time on Total...Drama...
Chef and Chris: The Musical,

Total Drama World Tour song

Whenever Chris signs off the episode or goes to commercial, he sings the name of the season. On some occasions, such as Aftermaths, someone else is doing so.


Chris/Eva/Geoff/Bridgette/Owen: Total...Drama...World Touuuuuuuur!

Izzy's mummy song


Izzy sings a song about mummies.

Izzy sings a song when she finds a mummy wrap in the pyramid during the challenge of Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.


Izzy: A pyramid is just a triangle with room insiiiide!
I would be awesome as Frankenstein's briiiide!

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's Candy Fish Tails song


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot singing in their commercial.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot (minus Owen) sing for the commercial during Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.


Alejandro, Izzy, Noah, and Tyler: Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go-Time!
Candy Fish Tails, better than no, yo!
Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go-Time!
Taste so good! Wash your face!

Harold's Candy Fish Tails song


Harold singing in Team Victory's commercial.

Harold sings for the commercial during Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.


Harold: Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go-Time,
Candy Fish Tails, eat them fast.
Time is fleeting.

Cody and Sierra's Candy Fish Tails song


Sierra singing in Team Amazon's commercial.

Cody and Sierra sing for the commercial during Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.


Cody and Sierra: Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy-Go Time Candy Fish Tails!
Sierra: Eat them now, eat them then, eat them any time! Just eat them, yeaaaaah!
Cody: You ate it!

Sierra's Fametown flashback

Sierra sings Fame Town

Sierra sings Fametown's song.

In Broadway, Baby!, Sierra reveals to the cast that Chris was in an 80s boy band called Fametown. She accompanies the fact by singing a lyric from one of their songs.


Sierra: Making trouble is easy to do,
But making you love me is painful.

Trent's exclusive song

Trent tied to the front of the bus

Trent singing in the exclusive clip.

In an exclusive clip of Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Trent, tied to a school bus by his fans, discusses his band and the hardships of being famous, singing about it on his guitar. The bus then crashes off-screen.


Trent: You want there to be an us,
so you tie me to the front of a bus.

Sierra's love song


Sierra sings a song about her love for Cody.

During the second and final challenge in Slap Slap Revolution, after making a confessional about her German grandparents, Sierra jumps on a game board and sings about her admiration for Cody.


Sierra: One, two, three, slap my knee!
My husband-to-be, his name is Cody!
Four, five, six, pick up sticks!
My heart won't tick without my Cody fix!
Seven, eight, nine, straighten your spine!
Spin to see Cody looking so fine!
Ten, eleven, twelve, nothing rhymes with twelve!
Chicks want Cody but his butt's mine!

DJ's victory song


DJ singing while celebrating the fact that he might be eliminated.

During the tie-breaker challenge in Can't Help Falling in Louvre, DJ believes that he had done terribly and starts dancing and singing as his intention all along was to lose so that he would not hurt any more animals.


DJ: Mama, I'm comin' home!
Mama, I'm comin' home!
No more animals gonna get hurt,
Cause Mama I'm comin' home!

DJ's Hallelujah

While struggling to stay afloat in Newf Kids on the Rock, DJ started singing a sad song, hoping someone would bring him back to shore.


DJ: Someone get me back to shore.

Duncan's greek song

In Greece's Pieces, after the first challenge is over, Duncan sings a question to Chef.


Duncan: Dude, is it over?
So I should get back to my team,
Do you know where the exit is?

Sierra's anti-Gwen lullaby


Sierra sings while cutting a paper Gwen.

In The EX-Files, Sierra takes her hatred towards Gwen out on a paper doll cut into the shape of her silhouette. As she does, she sings a reworded version of famous lullaby Rock-a-bye Baby.


Sierra: The cradle will fall,
And down will come Gwen!

Owen's hypnosis song


Owen sings while being hypnotized.

In The EX-Files, Alejandro hypnotizes Owen into covering his face with his underwear and singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game every time he utters the word "revenge."


Owen: Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks;
I don't care if I never come back!

Courtney's hate songs

Courtney's hate song

Courtney sings one of her hate songs.

View this page for the first version of the song.

In Hawaiian Style, Courtney attempted to sing different versions of a song mocking Duncan and Gwen. She first sang it during Who You Gonna Root For? and again before I'm Winning This. In the exclusive clip, she sings another song while the couple are relaxing nearby. Duncan eventually gets fed up and throws a sandal at her.

Second version lyrics

Courtney: Oh, Oh, Oh! Duncan never uses soap,
And Gwen is so lame there's no hooope.

Third version lyrics

Courtney: Duncan's feet have seven toes,
And Gwen is so hairy she shaves her nose.

Anne Maria's audition song


Anne Maria singing in her audition.

During her audition, Anne Maria shows that the producers of Total Drama need her for another season after seeing one of those "singing episodes." She sings so out of tune that she shatters the lens of her camera.


Anne Maria: You-ou-ou, need me-ee-ee!
Like... I... need... a... taaaaaaan!

Vito's shower song

Mike in shower

Vito singing in the shower.

In a flashback during Cameron's confessional in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Mike changes into Vito in the shower, singing and fist-pumping.


Vito: Put yo hands up, put yo, put yo hands up.

Miss Canada song


Chester sings briefly in the confessional.

In Grand Chef Auto, Mike's alternate personality Chester is doubtful that Zoey will accept Mike with the knowledge of his disorder. He says Chester himself is more likely to be crowned Miss Canada, pulling toilet paper over him like a sash and singing the anthem to the competition.


Chester: Here I aaaaam.
Miss Canadaaaa.

Darwin's Food Safari theme song


Sugar sings Darwin's Food Safari theme song in a clip shown in her audition.

During her audition, Sugar shows a video of her making an appearance in a commercial for Darwin's Food Safari while singing the restaurant's theme song.


Sugar: Hungry for a tasty snack?
Zebra, tiger, dolphin, yak.
Come inside, please join me.
At Darwin's Food Safari!
Let us put a smile on your plate!
I mean, a face on your plate.
Smile on your face!

Ella's songs

Ella loves to express herself through music and dance and does so many times throughout her appearances. She insists that although Total Drama World Tour is long over and contestants are no longer required to sing, doesn't mean she can't sing at all. Her singing gets on the nerves of everyone around her, but she doesn't intend to cause harm by doing it.

Juggy Chugs jingle

Dancing queen-drag

Sugar sings the "Juggy Chug" song.

While drinking the expired Juggy Chugs in Hurl and Go Seek, Sugar remembers the jingle and jumps to sing it.


Sugar: What's made of horse meat, smells like skunk?
Comes in a jug, it's Juggy Chug!
How's your dinner? Mine's just fine!
'Cause I love the taste of rime.
Juggy Chug, the perfect meal
for any celebration.
Please ignore the warning from the Food and Drug Administration.

Chef's introduction song 

Chef introduction

Chef introduces the talent show.

Before the third challenge in Pahk'd With Talent, Chef sings a song as an introduction. Chris and the other judges are impressed by this and state that it would be hard to beat if he was a contestant.


Chef: Come close and listen hard.
It's talent time for one and all.
Will they sing, or dance, or what?
Make it good or you're a cannonball!

Sugar's craptry

Sugar Silo

Sugar performs in the talent show as her rapper alter ego, Sugar Silo.

For her performance in Pahk'd With Talent, Sugar performs a "Craptry" song, which she calls a combination of rap and country music, and performs under her rapper alias of "Sugar Silo." Her singing is so loud that it causes one of the cameras to break, a squirrel to lose its fur, sharks to leave the area, one judge to run away, and Scuba Bear 2.0's head to explode. The remaining judge is not impressed by her talent, thus causing her to be eliminated from the competition.


Sugar: Sugar Silo!
I'm wicked sweet,
I tap it when I rap it with a tasty beat!
I don't like milk from a Jersey cow!
I'm the queen of Craptry,
you all should bow!
Sugar Hollaaa!
Sugar Silo go,
dosey doe!
Sugar Silo here 'til you win the dough!
Sugar Hollaaaaa!
Like a talking horse,
the truth I speak!
I'll take out Miss Olympic and the zombie freak!
Am I tripping?
No way, I'm being for real!
I'm gonna win this million dollar deal!
Sugar Hollaaaaaaaaa!

Owen's K-I-S-S-I-N-G song

In an interview from New Beijinging, Owen sings the "K-i-s-s-i-n-g" song to playfully mock Noah for his crush on Emma.


Owen: Noah and Emma sitting in the tree

MacArthur's cheer song

Tumblr nuyec8UhRF1sqqbiho1 1280

MacArthur dances and sings her cheer song.

In My Way or Zimbabwe when Sanders takes their raft out of the water, MacArthur sings and dances instead of helping her.


MacArthur: Team popo, in the crazy house.

The Stepbrothers' theme song

Stepbrothers theme song

Chet and Lorenzo sing their theme song.

The Stepbrothers settle their conflict in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, and they create a theme song of their own. They sing it sometimes in this and the following episode.


Chet and Lorenzo: Stepbrothers,
we're the stepbrothe-e-e-e-e-ers!

Seven Stages of Heartbreak


Spud sings to Carrie the "Seven Stages of Heartbreak".

Spud states in Down and Outback that his band once wrote a song about the Seven Stages of Heartbreak whenever a person was dumped by their love interests. While trying to explain about Devin's condition to Carrie, Spud starts singing the instrumental version of the song, along with the first stanza.


Spud: Two, three, four,
Heaaart break,
Stage one!

Owen and Jude's pizza song

Pizza song

Owen and Jude sing a song about pizza.

Jude says Owen needs pizza, but Noah disagrees because it is too early to have pizza. Jude ends the argument by saying, "There is no bad time for pizza!" So they both sing a song about it.


Jude and Owen:
Pizza in the mornin', pizza at night!
Pizza in the evening--UNH!--take a bite!
Go pizza! Go pizza!
Go, go, go, pizza!
Yaaaaaay, PIZZA!
You guys are obsessed.


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