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The following is a list of minor vehicles seen and used on Total Drama.



The ambulance arrives to bring Chris's "body".

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, the ambulance arrives to bring Chris in a stretcher covered by a sheet. In Masters of Disasters, the ambulance arrives to take Owen to the hospital after his injury.

An ambulance took Izzy and Owen away, after the Total Drama Jumbo Jet crashed on top of them in Jamaica Me Sweat.

The ambulance appears again in Backstabbers Ahoy! when it comes to take Cameron to the hospital after he hits a mine.

In How Deep is Your Love, an ambulance arrives to take Sanders to the hospital after MacArthur broke her arm.

Baby carriers

Amazon Carriage

Baby carriers, also known as a pram or stroller, is commonly used to carry a baby or young child. They used in a few challenges, to transport contestants.

A baby carrier first appears in the opening sequence for Total Drama World Tour, where Tyler pushes a carrier with Cody in it on top of the Statue of Liberty, however Ezekiel who is crouched on the ground causes them to trip and sends Cody flying off the statue.

Baby carriers make their debut in the show in Broadway, Baby! Teams first had to acquire the carriers by scaling the Statue of Liberty, where their carriers were located on perilous spots on the monument. Later as part of the challenge teams had to choose one of their members to be a "baby" and push them across Central Park, New York. Cody is unanimously chosen by Team Amazon, while Noah and Lindsay volunteer for Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Victory. During the challenge Heather sabotages Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot by switching their carrier with Noah asleep in it, with a real baby’s carrier. After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot discovers that Noah seems to have regressed to a baby, before realizing their carrier has been switched. So Alejandro goes back and switches the carriers and returns the baby’s carrier while taking back their own, much to the mother's shock.


Heather switches the carrier with Noah in it, with a carrier with a real baby in Broadway, Baby!

The carriers reappear in Heroes vs. Villains where the All-Stars were to use the carriers, as a nod back to the New York challenge, and transport each member of their team from the diving cliff, to the Spa Hotel. Each team had a designated driver who pushed everyone else, Jo for the Villainous Vultures (after fighting over the position with Lightning and Scott), and Lindsay for the Heroic Hamsters who is forced by Courtney to do the pushing. Due to several unfortunate mishaps including Lindsay forgetting how to push, and Sierra jumping into the carrier with Courtney still in it which makes it excessively heavy, Lindsay becomes too tired to push the carrier and causes their team to lose.

Basket canoes


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and their canoe.

The basket canoes were the main vehicles for the second half of Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. The three teams had to hand-weave their own baskets and use them to cross the Nile River and reach the finish line. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot initially started out with the advantage, due to Sierra's expert basket-weaving abilities. However, after she and Izzy swapped teams, Team Chris had to finish the canoe themselves, resulting in the rear half of it looking terrible. But ultimately, the canoe was able to float. With Sierra now on Team Amazon, she managed to make an amazing canoe in a short amount of time, large enough for their camel, Ruby, and even with a small hut in the back. Team Victory was able to make a perfectly average canoe, as Leshawna proved to be a good basket-weaver. These three canoes were featured during the song Rowin' Time. While the canoes of Team Chris and Team Amazon ultimately managed to make it to the shore with little to no damage, Team Victory's canoe had both the front and rear ends bitten off by crocodiles, and it barely managed to stay afloat long enough for its six occupants to evacuate and run onto the beach.



One of the blimp's engines explodes.

The blimp was a smaller version of the zeppelin that appeared in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. It appeared in the premiere episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island when it was used to introduce the brand new cast of fourteen contestants as it delivered them to Pahkitew Island. However, Chris revealed that the cast would have to make an emergency exit as the blimp headed into storm clouds and one of the engines exploded. In addition to scaring the cast, this move was also done to select the teams, as the seven contestants who received a working parachute would be on one team, while those who received fake parachutes would be on the other team. All fourteen contestants and Chef managed to evacuate the blimp before it went down, presumably crashing into the sea like its predecessor.

Cameron's rocket

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (34)

Cameron completes his rocket.

Cameron's rocket was constructed in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, consisting of a single massive jet turbine engine with a chair attached to the top of it. When he stumbled upon the massive engine in the junkyard, he attached a metal rod and a joystick into the engine and positioned it in front of the pilot’s chair, with the button on top of the joystick causing the engine to accelerate whenever he pressed it. Cameron’s Rocket was the first of the vehicles to be constructed in this episode, thus winning Cameron the fog machine for the second half of the challenge. It was eventually destroyed when Cameron, under attack from some of the flying goats, crashed head-on into Heather’s hijacked zeppelin, destroying both air crafts.

Chris's blue scooter

Chris's blue scooter, a sleek, shiny, white and light blue scooter, appeared in The Big Sleep while he was riding alongside with the campers during the 20K run, telling them to hurry it up.

Cycle rickshaw

CARE1008271500006403 007 1280x720

Kitty pedals the cycle rickshaw to the Don Box.

After there are no more cabs left for the Surfers and Sisters, they spot a cycle rickshaw with a local boy driving them and take a ride, only for Emma to think the boy won't be fast enough and forces Kitty to ride them.



Team Victory (minus Bridgette) in their sled.

The Dogsleds were the main vehicles for the episode Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better. The three teams had to race their dogsleds to a finish line once again. This time, however, the three sleds were already there. The way of deciding which team got which sled depended on which team member arrived at the sleds first after jumping across the ice floes. The first member of each team would choose themselves. There were three different sleds, each in a different condition. The best of the sleds, which went to Team Victory, was a sleek sled in perfect condition, with a rounded front, black and orange paint, and a yellow lightning bolt symbol on the sides. The second, which went to Team Amazon, was in fairly good condition, with netting on the sides, and two different areas for the occupants to stand: In the front half, where the driver of the sled sat, and the rear half, where the occupants would have to stand up and hold onto a bar behind the driver. The third and final sled, which went to Team Chris, was easily in the worst condition. It was nothing more than a flat piece of wood with a curved front, and the rope tied around the cargo of the sled (two radioactive barrels and a radioactive crate) an unnecessary amount of times. Each sled had one large, fuzzy hat for one member of the team to wear. On Team Victory, it went to Leshawna, and on Team Amazon, it went to Heather. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's sled apparently had enough hats for every team member, but due to Izzy fooling around with the radioactive crate, she lost the lid of the crate, which had all five hats on top of it.

Dune buggies

Dude Buggies (6)

The teams in their dune buggies.

In Dude Buggies, the "dune buggies" challenge is to drive a remote-controlled dune buggy and collect all the flags in less than a minute. The surfers easily complete the challenge but decide to keep doing it because they had fun. Kitty and MacArthur get into a fight and make the ride rocky for their partners which makes Emma vomit sometimes.


The Gliders are only seen in Down and Outback where the teams must fly them to New Zealand. The Rockers' glider hits a mountain due to Spud's late reaction. Devin drives it down because of his anger and they hit the Pros' glider and the two teams crash on the ground where the gliders can be seen broken. The Stepbrothers find out that the kangaroo chasing them is on their glider and it breaks one of its wings which makes them crash too.

Hang glider


Dakota returns to the island using a glider in Ice Ice Baby.

Harold makes a glider out of sticks and leaves for Heather in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, but when she uses it, it falls apart and plummets.

In Ice Ice Baby, Dakota uses a different glider (this time properly made) to return to the island after being eliminated. She lands on top of Sam who happily greets her.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, hang gliders are featured as part of the All-In challenge, where the teams had to take the hang gliders and fly down from the cliff to the Chill Zone.

Hot-air mobile

Best episode pic

Cody and Sierra on their hot-air mobile.

The hot-air mobile was a crude, makeshift mode of transportation built by Cody in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. An extremely crude and impromptu design, mainly fashioned out of debris from the remains of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, it was simply Sierra’s wheelchair (acting as the basket) attached to a barrel of fuel, and then with the two tied to a massive parachute that generally hung in the same shape as a hot air balloon, with the heat from the barrel keeping it airborne. It eventually ended up crashing into telephone lines, thoroughly electrocuting both Sierra and Cody and ruining their makeshift hot air mobile. The presence of this Hot-Air Mobile in this episode was one of the contributing factors to the title of the episode.

An exactly identical hot-air mobile reappeared in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon when Cameron built it for Jo since she had selected the hot-air balloon. It was exactly the same as the one Cody and Sierra had built, right down to the gas barrel and wheelchair for a seat. Just as the challenge began and Jo took off, Fang ran by while chasing Scott, and his foot got caught in the dangling rope that had been used to tie the balloon to the ground. Jo managed to dodge initial attacks on the balloon from both Heather and Lightning until Cameron detonated the fog machine that she had taken from him, with the explosion setting the canvas on fire and causing the balloon to crash into the sea.

Hot dog car

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.23.21 AM

The Cadets driving a hot dog car.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, after the Police Cadets have their taxi stolen by the Ice Dancers. MacArthur uses her police badge to hijack a hot dog van to give chase after the Ice Dancers.

Ice boats

Nah we dont help cadets

The Ice Dancers in their ice boat.

The teams get to Siberia and need to sail the ice boats on a layer of ice. The Sisters' brake gets stuck but they manage to move it before they fall down the hall. The Ice Dancers break the brakes in the Cadets' boat and they almost fall down too because of that but MacArthur tells Sanders to tie a rope to the boat and goes out, along with her trashcan to stop the boat which she does with success.

Interns' truck

His deadly animals go too

Alejandro watches the truck from the distance.

The interns' truck was seen briefly in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. It is a medium-sized semi-truck. Right before the Civilian Train left the station, the Truck, driven by the two burly interns wearing outfits similar to Chris', backed up against one of the cars of the Train. It then slowly lifted up its trailer like a dump truck and unloaded its cargo into the Train's car. Inside were most of the animals of the series, including Sasquatchanakwa and a Panda bear. Also on board were stowaways Alejandro and Ezekiel.


Cadets VS Dancers Boat Race

The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers ride the jet-ski.

The jet-ski is a red and white vehicle that appeared in Haute Camp-ture, when Chris used it to get from Camp Wawanakwa to Playa Des Losers.

Two similar jet-skis reappeared in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. Both Chris and Chef were riding on matching jet-skis when they approached the two teams on rafts in the middle of the lake. From there, Chris gave them their first task: Find a way to get to shore first. When Dakota threatened to attack Chris, both he and Chef quickly retreated, their jet-skis returning to the island in reverse.

The jet-skis also appear in Bahamarama, as the final four teams must ride them to the island, and later to the beach after completing the challenge.

Lightning's hover-copter

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (31)

Lightning completes his Hover-Copter.

The "hover-copter," named so by Lightning, was created in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon in the vehicle-building challenge. It consists of a single large propeller tied to the underside of a motorcycle (which resembles Chef’s motorcycle from the first season). When the handlebars are twisted, the motorcycle’s engine, connected to the propeller, cause the propeller to activate and make the vehicle hover in the air. Lightning eventually crashed it right through the front windows of the zeppelin’s wheelhouse, abandoning it to fight Heather. Both Heather and the Hover-Copter were still inside the zeppelin when it crashed into the ocean.

Long Boards


DJ holds the long board.

The Long Boards are featured in Jamaica Me Sweat. They are the gray boards on the four wheels used to the bobsled challenge. In the first and third round Cody and Sierra from Team Amazon and Tyler and Alejandro from Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot raced down of the track on them into the empty pool. Courtney, Heather, Noah and Owen raced in second round. DJ, the only Team Victory member, raced down with his fish Irene in the first two rounds, but due to the accident, he didn't finish the third round.

Mine carts

Maggots ride the rails

The Mutant Maggots riding in mine carts.

The mine carts appeared in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, as the main mode of transportation throughout the mine. The first two carts were found by the Mutant Maggots, and Mike, stuck in his Manitoba Smith personality, told them all to get in, despite Scott's protests that they would be too dangerous. Mike and Cameron got in the first one, while Zoey, Anne Maria, and Scott rode in the second one. They eventually hit a junction in the tracks and split up, with the first one crashing at a dead end and hitting a rock, and the second one flying off the edge of a cliff and into a lake. Three more then appeared in the final scene, in the cave where Ezekiel and his army of mutant gophers were waiting. Lightning and Jo rode in the first one, Scott and Anne Maria rode in the second, and Cameron, Zoey, Mike, and Brick all climbed into the third moments before they started down the tracks. The three carts eventually flew right out the cave's entrance and crashed in a pile outside.


Police Cadets Ice Dancers on mopeds

The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets riding mopeds.

A moped was used by Chris in The Big Sleep tokeep up with the campers.

Mopeds are featured in French is an Eiffel Language. They are briefly used by contestants in Morocco to travel to an airport, where they will board a flight to Paris.


Alejandro theleadtaker

Five of the boats lined up (minus the yellow raft and wooden raft), with Alejandro being the first to reach one of the motorboats.

Three motorboats, all powered by outboard motors as their name suggests, appeared in You Regatta Be Kidding Me. Two of them were in sleek, fine condition - one was pink and one was red - while the third one, a much paler red color, was rusty, had several holes in it, and was sabotaged by Mike's alternate personality, Mal when he punched the controls hard enough to make it short-circuit. The boat sank shortly thereafter when Cameron and Zoey attempted to start it up. The red boat was taken by Alejandro, while the pink boat was taken by Gwen and Courtney. These were the first two groups to finish the race, and both boats survived intact, although Alejandro's ran out of fuel towards the end of the race.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, the teams need to ride the boats to Iceland. Dwayne accidentally causes two of them to malfunction and this causes the Best Friends and the Surfer Dudes fall behind. While trying to fix the boat, Brody gets electrocuted which makes the boat go faster. He does that again a few more times and the Surfers reach Iceland.

Pickup trucks


The Police Cadets and Ice Dancers in pickup trucks.

Pickup trucks appear in Little Bull on the Prairie, where contestants who have arrived in Alberta must drive them to the challenge location. The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets engage in some road rage, where the Ice Dancers ram their truck into the Cadets', causing MacArthur to retaliate by driving into the Ice Dancers and sending both trucks tumbling off a cliff.


Mal pogo

Mal uses a pogo-stick to cross the moats.

A pogo-stick first appeared in Chinese Fake-Out as one of the vehicles available to help race down the Great Wall of China. Sierra picks this, however, she ends up bouncing off the wall.

Another one reappears in The Final Wreck-ening, which Mal uses in order to get up high enough to cross over the second moat.

River boats


Chris and the contestants in the river boat.

The river boats were featured in Broadway, Baby! as the main mode of transportation for the three teams in the second part of their challenge: Racing from Liberty Island to Central Park in Midtown Manhattan. All of the boats were nearly identical in size and design, the exception being that the color of the rubber lining changed to match the color of each team; yellow for Team Victory, pink for Team Amazon, and blue for Team Chris. In addition, Chris had a river boat similar to the other three in the beginning of the episode, with a plain, tan-colored rubber and a slightly longer length than the others.


Jacques and josee motor

Jacques and Josee on the snowmobile.

Chris's snowmobile, a red color similar to the ATV, is seen briefly in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, when he rides up to Bridgette, who is stuck to a pole and asks what happened. He then tells her to perform a musical number and watches the whole thing from the snowmobile. When it is over, Bridgette asks for warm water to pour down her face. Chris says he would, but he only has one bottle of it. He then proceeds to drink the entire large bottle of warm water right in front of Bridgette, taunting her, then throws the bottle down on the ground near her. She picks it up, only to find it completely empty. Chris then rides off on the snowmobile. In that exclusive clip of The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Heather arrives with Alejandro riding a snowmobile and both of them ride it later on. In Lord of the Ring Toss, the teams are tasked to ride the snowmobiles to the next challenge. The Surfer Dudes almost run over the baby seal in their snowmobile but make a sharp turn and crash in the snow.



The speedboat with no one in it.

The speedboats were the third reincarnation of the River Boats and Rowboats, appearing in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. They were three very sleek and very fast speedboats with a long, orange hull, with white rims at the top of the orange and short windshields lining the passenger area on three sides. Ultimately, the only one of these three that survived was Heather’s, as Alejandro’s and Cody’s ended up crashing into each other, resulting in a tie.

Sports car


Chris in the sports car during Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.

The sports car is featured twice in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. The first time is when Chris is doing the recap, and he is seen sitting in the sleek car, playfully revving the engine. As he finishes the ending line, "...on Total...Drama...Action!", he ends up carelessly driving off and smashing into a fake tree, which smashes the front half of the car. The second appearance of the car is very much like the first, in which Chris drives up to the castmates on the summit of the replica of the 1,000-foot cliff, and explains the final part of the challenge to them. After he finishes his explanation, he attempts to leave the scene in style, but once again carelessly speeds off, this time crashing off-screen.

Swan boats

Niagara falls contestants land

The final seven in the two Swan Boats in the beginning of Niagara Brawls.

The swan boats were featured in Niagara Brawls. In the beginning of the episode, when the original final seven were sleeping, they were dragged down into the cargo hold of the Jet by two interns, who placed them alongside the two Swan Boats before dropping them out of the Jet and into the river. Sierra, Courtney, and Owen held onto the first boat, while Heather, Alejandro, Duncan, and Cody held onto the second boat. Soon, the cast realized that they were heading straight towards Niagara Falls. In desperation, Cody made a final plea by saying that if he lived, he’d let Sierra kiss him. Sierra, fully motivated for the chance to get a kiss from Cody, worked fast to save the cast, transferring Owen over to the second boat and grabbing a rope to tie the two boats together. She then proceeded to grab the rope with her teeth and paddle furiously back to shore, saving the entire cast and the two boats.

Totem pole

Dahbc xznc (5)

The Mutant Maggots riding on totem poles.

Totem poles are large wooden, ornamental columns that the campers had to transport across the island before the bomb that was attached to them went off in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! They were used as an improvised vehicle used by both teams throughout the challenge, with all the campers sitting on top of the poles and sliding them across the island. Ultimately the Toxic Rats make it to the finish line first and claim the better cabin, but the Mutant Maggots pole crashes into the cabin and destroys it when the bomb detonates.

Wooden rafts

The wooden rafts appeared in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean when the two teams awoke in the middle of the lake. Both rafts were of a simple design, simply consisting of logs tied together with a single mast and sail bearing each team's respective logo. When they were given their first challenge - making it to the beach first - Lightning used the Rats' mast to row while Jo got in the water and kicked. Sharing this idea, Mike, Cameron, and Scott all started kicking for the Maggots as well until they were attacked by Fang. At the same time, the Rats were attacked by a giant squid and lifted off their raft, which disappeared shortly afterwards. Soon, the Maggots were attacked by the same squid, and Cameron tricked it into slamming the raft with a tentacle, flipping all five members of the team to the beach first. The Maggots' raft wasn't seen again after this and was presumably destroyed by the squid.


Cameron, Duncan, Scott and Zoey share a raft.

A third, similar wooden raft appears in Total Drama All-Stars, in the episode You Regatta Be Kidding Me. After the two speedboats are taken by Alejandro, then Gwen and Courtney (respectively), three more were destroyed by Mal and a fourth taken by him, the only one left was the small wooden raft. Thus, the remaining four contestants - Scott, Duncan, Cameron, and Zoey - all had to use the wooden raft, which was easily the slowest vehicle. As expected, they came in last place in the challenge.

The teams need to build a raft and sail it to the Don Box in Shawshank Ridonc-tion. The Best Friends sail fast and get in first place, while the Ice Dancers and Cadets sail neck-in-neck and Josee eventually hits the Cadets off the raft and beats them to the Chill Zone.

Wooden ships


Team Amazon in their "boat."

The wooden ships were featured in Sweden Sour when the two remaining teams had to build a ship to cross the icy waters on. Team Chris (which, at that point consisted of Owen, Alejandro, and Duncan) built a perfectly functional, normal boat, complete with decorative shields on the sides and a red-and-white-striped sail. On Team Amazon, Cody simply built a wooden replica of Gwen's head. Despite some reluctance from his teammates, they managed to get it in the water after cutting the top off, to which they found that it actually floats. A small mast and sail were placed inside the hollow interior. In the second part of the challenge, Chris told the teams that they either had to retrieve their floating flag first or destroy the other team's boat first. Team Amazon went for the flag, while Team Chris went on the offensive. After a long, dramatic, and intense standoff, Owen ordered his teammates to fire himself from the cannon. He flew right at Team Amazon's boat just as they were about to grab their flag and destroyed it. It is unknown what became of Team Chris's boat.


Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (4)

The zeppelin flies over camp Wawanakwa.

The zeppelin is a massive gray airship that appeared in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon. Chris, calling the zeppelin the "McLean Mobile Air Command Center," reveals that, despite the zeppelin's majesty and massive size, he got it at the "Air Force garage sale." At the beginning of the episode, the zeppelin flies in low over the campgrounds and drops anchor, which lands on Scott’s foot, and drops a boarding ramp that crushes Cameron. Presumably flown by Chef, the zeppelin was used to introduce that episode's classic contestant: Heather. As the final five prepared to do the flaming hoop challenge, Heather hijacked it by knocking Chris and Chef out the door and taking control, preparing to fly off with the million dollars in hand. As a result, Chris quickly changed the challenge to chasing down Heather and retrieving the money by any means necessary. Most of the contestant's attacks prove useless until Lightning crashes through the front windows and into the wheelhouse. He and Heather fight over the case, causing the unpiloted airship to slowly go out of control. Just as Heather defeated Lightning and regained control, Cameron’s jet turbine crashed head-on into the zeppelin, causing an explosion that made it crash into the ocean and slowly sink, with Heather still inside.

Zoey's swan plane

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (30)

Zoey completes her Swan Plane.

The swan plane, built by Zoey in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, consists of the main body (which resembles the Swan Boats from Total Drama World Tour), a triple-bladed propeller on the front, and two wings on the side. It was eventually destroyed when Zoey pulled back too hard on the throttle and snapped it off, causing the plane to fly straight up, then turn upside-down, causing her to fall off. The pilotless plane presumably crashed into the ocean below.


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